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Awesome / Kamen Rider Kabuto

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  • Everything Tendou does tends to be awesome. Even cooking.
    • Even his Badass Boast regarding his name (used in a transliteral way) and his grandmother quotes.
  • Kagami becoming Gatack when his Zecter accepts him. Then full-on Curb-Stomp Battle against Makoto's (the kid Worm) Worm mooks.
  • Tendou Rider Kicking Caucasus so hard, he flies into a space ship and explodes, taking out the space ship with him. He then goes back in time, taking a giant meteor and smashing it with the other meteor, the one that would destroy the earth. This causes the chain of events that led to the TV series.
  • Kagami cutting the Big Bad with his swords in the finale when Tendou's Infinity +1 Sword can barely scratch him. Yes, someone one-upped Tendou for once.

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