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Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider Kabuto

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Kamen Rider Kabuto is a part of a massive franchise created by Shotaro Ishinomori (who also created Cyborg 009) and produced by the Toei Company. Sure, you might have people wearing bug-suits to kill Worms, but trust us, there are moments that are guaranteed to make you bawl. Need an example of depression from toku? Look no further than what happens on Kamen Rider Kabuto:

  • The truth about Kagami's younger brother in episode 4 in which it's revealed that he been dead for over two years and his appearance was mimicked by a Worm. In the end, Kagami breaks down in tears at losing his brother yet again.
  • The entire parting between Daisuke and Gon in episode 18 is merciless. Not only has the show just spent two episodes on a whole betrayal and reconsilation arc between the two after they have a falling out and Daisuke rescues her from ZECT... we then actually find her mother. Daisuke fights to save them from a Worm, and after defeating it, stops by while in Clock Over mode to see Gon (Yuriko) tearfully happy to see her mother - and actually catches one of her tears in Clock Up mode before he just turns and leaves them. And then a few days later, he meets them on the street, and Yuriko doesn't recognize him. Her mother tries to remind her, but Daisuke just says that there's no need, and she was simply so cute he couldn't help but call out to her, trying one of his many compliments again... and being unable to finish it without her helping him. It's heartbreaking all around, even if you are happy to see her reunited with her mother.
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  • Episode 22, when Makoto sacrificed himself to protect Kagami from ZECT detonating Worm eggs. I can't imagine how Kagami felt after watching a six-year old boy die from the blast. Well... he is actually a Worm, but that's beside the point.
  • Daisuke Kazama is forced to kill Rena Mamiya when she reverts to the Uca Worm and threatens to kill Gon.
    • One can argue that Rena's "performance" in front of an empty house in Episode 40 is mind-numbingly depressing as well.
  • When Tendou finds out that his sister Hiyori is in fact a Native that prefers to be with Souji Kusakabe (Dark Kabuto, he draws dangerously close to abandoning his battle against the Worms altogether.
  • Kamashiro Tsurugi (aka Kamen Rider Sasword) turning into the Scorpioworm in front of Misaki in Episode 45 was not only scary but also depressing when you realize that this killed any hopes for him to get the girl.
  • Speaking of which, the scene from episode 46 when Tsurugi tells Misaki his dream date with her is absolutely gut-wrenching.
    • The worst part? This heartbreaking monologue came just as Hyper Kabuto (Tendou Souji) was preparing to finish Tsurugi despite Misaki's pleas to keep him alive. God damn you Tendou for killing the best character in the entire series.
    • And last, but certainly not least, Tsurugi dies in his butler Jiiya's arms. The last exchange between the two? "Is it okay if I go to sleep?" "Of course. Please don't worry about a thing. Jiiya will always be by your side." Fuck...
      • And the nail in the coffin? This episode aired on December 24th. Imagine, so many Japanese children going "Oh boy, Christmas Eve! Time to watch the new Kabuto episode..." and then watching all of the above happen.
  • Episode 48... oh boy, Episode 48... sniff...
    • First, we get flashbacks that show Dark Kabuto being converted into a Native and forced into brutal experimentation WHEN HE WAS JUST A YOUNG BOY.
    • And when you think it couldn't get any worse, Kageyama kicks the bucket promising to be by his Aniki's side... Damn.
      • It's even more depressing when it was Yaguruma/Kick Hopper that had to kill Kageyama with his Rider Kick when Kageyama's necklace turns him into a Native.
  • Souji Kusakabe's Heroic Sacrifice in the finale... Japanese households must have ran out of Kleenex when the kids watched that scene on TV Asahi's SUNDAY KIDS BLOCK. Made worse by that fact that it was totally pointless, since Negishi was just a regular Native and the Riders could have easily destroyed him. Then Firdge Horror kicks in and you realize he was basically just committing suicide.
  • The MOVIE of all things when Hiyori dies just after she and Kagami had been announced to be wed. Both Kagami and Tendo suffer from an enormous Heroic BSoD from this.
    • This loss is what drives Tendou through the rest of the movie, as he plans to kick Kamen Rider Caucasus' ass, take the Hyper Zecter that guy uses, then use it to travel back to 1999, destroy or diminish the meteor, give the Earth more of a chance to fight the Worms, save Hiyori, and motivate his past self to earn the Kabuto Zecter and prevent this tragedy from happening.

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