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  • Any moment with Kagami while he's not on the job.
  • Hiyori's deadpan "Why me?" every time she gets asked to do something to her dismay.
  • Ultimate Supreme Make-up
  • Tsurugi with his "I will stand at the top of _____" speeches and "My best friend Kagami".
  • Every time Renge clumsily trips.
    Episode 4: Love Explanation!! 
  • Jyuka telling Souji "Quiet, you!" when telling Kagami to come back to their place anytime. Keep in mind, Souji's the very older brother figure Jyuka's supposed to greatly admire.
    Episode 6: My Flower 
  • When Souji told Arata to do something like go to Tokyo Tower (where Souji originally promised to go out with Hiyori), he only remembers that, a few hours later.
    Episode 7: No. 2 Appears 
    Episode 9: The Bee's Insanity 
  • Due to being injured from being defeated by Yaguruma, Tendou ends up being in the hospital. As Kagami, Hiyori, and Jyuka check up on him, it turns out Souji was fine while he was socially lecturing his doctor.
    Episode 11: The Party Burns 
  • The women in the group dating Arata and Souji, including Daisuke, were all Worms. Souji sarcastically said Arata had a weird taste of dating women and claimed to Daisuke that he did not suffer from humiliation just because those women are mimicked worms.
    Episode 12: The Makeup Thousand-Man Cut 
  • Daisuke putting on make-up treatment to numerous woman to gather a group against Tendou, even including one of his close friends. When they encounter Tendou, however, all but one immediately switch to his side, answering to Daisuke that they acknowledge Tendou even better.
    Episode 15: The Monster Noted Doctor!? 
  • Kagami gets Daisuke's ultimate make-up treatment it's even funnier when he admits to kind of liking how fabulous he looks after.
  • Wakabayashi (or rather each one of the three Worms impersonating him) asking one of the nurses to slap him every time to get on board with him being focused on his surgery operations.
    Episode 16: An Unthinkable Storm 
  • Tendou revealing himself to Kagami and Misaki as Shadow's leader as part of his infiltration to ZECT.
  • Tendou patronizing Kageyama for him to be loyal to him.
  • When Kagami tried to get a check up with Wakabayashi as part of his undercover operation, Tendou then reveals himself to be the doctor and had Kagami undergo surgery before stopping the surgeon, stating that he "misdiagnosed", to Kagami's chagrin.
    Episode 17: Restored Memories!! 
  • Arata boasting his supposed epic moment of taking down a Worm to Souji and Misaki, to their dismay. Misaki then had to shush him every time he tells it to her again, while having heard it 8 times. Later in the van, he does it again but with Tadokoro this time, the latter having heard the story 4 times, while Misaki tells him that she's heard it now 12 times.
  • Daisuke enters female bathroom only to get running away after a woman gets her cell phone and calls the police. The funny part is that we can hear Faiz sound effects while she's dialing.
    Episode 22: Birth Of A Special Compilation 
    Episode 24: The Ramen Way 
  • Jyuka tonguing at Tsurugi's ramen line.
  • Tsurugi's reaction towards the "Hawaiian-style La Men."
    Tsurugi: *beat* Next.
    Episode 27: Me!? A Murderer 
  • For a rather serious moment, the fact that he learned from Gon that all of his inherited fortunes have somewhat begun Tsurugi's descent into gradually being a Plucky Comic Relief.
  • While trying to hide from the policemen searching for him, Daisuke then receives soba noodles from none other than Tsurugi, who makes soba delivery as his first job to get donations for his descendant fortune. Keep in mind, this is one of the only times Daisuke and Tsurugi interact, plus after receiving payment, Tsurugi adamantly and desperately demands him more money to add to the donation.
    • Then those policemen arrive, with Tsurugi being flabbergasted with the situation, as he went from being in the room to having received the soba back from a cop as Daisuke ran from them.
    Episode 28: Why!? Death 
  • In an otherwise serious moment, Tsurugi responds to Kagami's distress call that he doesn't know who Daisuke is, being unaware that that was the name of the customer he gave soba noodles to while being wanted by the policemen.
    Episode 29: The Dark Kitchen 
  • Whenever someone eats the Culex Worm's food (they don't know he's a Worm), they get... Out of Character, complete with fake wings and and a floating halo. Kagami's father reaction to the Chef (and later on, Tendo's) cooking is downright hilarious, given that he's a stoic father.
    Episode 30: Miso Soup Ascension 
  • Even Tadokoro falling vicitm to the Culex Worm's culinary charms.
  • The businessmen in Kagami Sr.'s meeting also being Out of Character, with the man himself with a maid by his side every time it happens.
  • Jiiya's lookalike denying each of Tendou's attempt dishes.
  • When attempting to rebuke Tendou's delicious radish soup, the Culex Worm falls victim to the divine deliciousness of the soup.
    Episode 33: The Sprouting Adjutant 
  • Tendou, after joining ZECT, staging a challenge to the ZECTroopers plus Kagami, Misaki, Tadokoro, and Kageyama. Even after all the traps, both Kagami and Renge reach to the end, with the former and Kageyama dismayed of Tendou's snare.
    • As Renge is introduced, she then shows herself to sling Kagami before moving on to Kageyama, telling the latter that his neck would be next.
  • Tsurugi tells a group of Worms that he will show them the magnificent shining blade of his family sword, Discalibur! He then pulls it out, only for the blade itself to be missing. He makes the natural (For Tsurugi) assumption that the blade simply shines too brightly to be seen, and swings the empty hilt at the Worms anyway.
    Episode 34: Breaking Super Evolution 
  • Tsurugi going off on his journey to know the "common man" life, which starts by having him trade his fancy clothes with a seller in exchange for adult-sized schoolboy uniforms, scaring some people out as he walks.
  • Tsurugi attempts to fight a man just to get some sweets without paying, predictably ending with the man winning and Tsurugi proclaiming that he wouldn't've lost if he wasn't hungry.
  • Mishima angrily throwing his glasses on the ground from seeing Tendou with the Hyper Zecter winning.
    Episode 35: The Hellish Brothers 
  • Tsurugi taking a bath with Kagami, to the latter's chagrin, while also scrubbing his back.
  • Tadokoro being Drill Sergeant Nasty on a few customers.
  • Both Renge and Kageyama doing favors for Tendou, to Jyuka's happiness. Once Renge accidentally trips, breaks the dishware she was holding, and cries of her injuries, Tendou kicks her and Kageyama out of the room. Then the two argue with Kageyama stating Renge's reason due to defying Mishima, while she states the former's reason due to wanting to get Tendou to give him back TheBee Zecter. Kageyama then cursed Renge for that.
  • Tendou having Renge and Kageyama compete to be his Number Two. He then declares Renge the winner, especially due to Kageyama's dish having the flavors of a few of the highest restaurants he knows, then inferencing that he bought the recipe instead of making it himself. Kageyama attempts to persuade him again, only for Tendou to attempt to call either of the three restaurants. Kageyama then cries, stating that all he wanted was to be Tendou's friend. Tendou calls him out on it, tells him to leave, and emphasizes on how his actions would never put him in the "Path of Heaven", causing Kageyama to state that he always hated him and departs.
  • Kageyama attempting to kill Daigo before being interrupted/shot by one of his ex-comrades.
    Episode 37: School's Ghost Story 
  • Kagami's chagrin at having to be with Renge, leading to the two to argue.
  • Jiiya offering to help Tsurugi who was also being a student in the classroom, only to be dragged out of the room every time, even to the point where he and Tsurugi end up holding buckets in the third time due to Tsurugi stating that Jiiya's answer to the equation is also his.
  • Kagami complaining on why he has to be a rugby coach while Misaki is a teacher.
    Episode 39: The Powerful Black Opponent 
  • Souji and Jyuka are having a dinner with hotpot. Jyuka receives a call and after she hangs up, she tells him it was about love. Souji completely loses his composure and demands the guy's identity. Jyuka then corrects him by telling him one of her friends was asking for relationship advice.
  • Misaki and Arata pretending to be a couple. That is all.
    Episode 40: The Saddest Battle 
  • Tsurugi's many silly and futile attempts to woo Misaki count as this and the results. Like when Misaki has enough and lies about her and Kagami being together to get Tsuruji to leave her alone Tsurugi dresses like a cupid and showers them with confetti and congratulates them on being a couple infront of everyone.
  • Gon's Big Damn Heroes moment when she used a fire extinguisher on the Hopper Riders.
  • When offering his services to defend her, Yaguruma receives a backhand from Rena, screaming as he is sent flying.
    Episode 41: The Strongest Defeated 
  • Tsurugi going through a Heroic BSoD when Kageyama and Yaguruma finds him. Next scene they into a 2-on-1 brawl, in which Tsurugi getting punched into a carwindow with his legs sticking out straight.
    • After getting punched into the car Tsurugi then for some reason starts hanging out with Kageyama and Yaguruma calling them his brothers while walking down the street with them claiming he will "stand at the top of going to hell" while wearring a top hat and black tailcoat (keep in mind the Hopper Brothers dress like homeless bikers).
    Episode 42: Worst Terror VS Worst Fear 
  • Tsurugi, Yaguruma, and Kageyama fail to defeat Nogi due to his time-stopping abilities. And while Tsurugi lands on a pile of garbage, Yaguruma and Kageyama land on...a moving pickup truck carrying furniture.
    • As he got tossed down, Tsurugi screamed for his "brothers" and winds up with his ass stuck in a garbage can and when Tendou finds him, he says "I will stand at the top of failing, actually I might already be there".
  • Souji who was holding a bowl of tofu, makes some for Tsurugi. The latter comment it was delicious and took the bowl of tofu Souji had for Misakinu (Misaki). Since everyone is aware that Tsurugi addresses Ramen and Tofu as La Men and Tufu respectively. Souji's reaction to the act:
    Souji: Looks like I'll have to get my tufu somewhere else again.
  • Tendou forgetting he challenged Yaguruma into making Tofu when them on the street on the next scene. Tendou goes "Never mind".
    Episode 43: That Which We Aim For 
  • Souji Kusakabe acting amiable to Kagami, Tsurugi, and Renge. They then notice that Tendou would never act that way with the two of them and realize the one they encountered as his doppelganger.
  • When Kagami asked Tendou if he is the real Tendou after running into Tendou's imposter earlier, Tendou started doing his catchphrase and pointing to the sky with Kagami interrupting him by grabbing his hand and pulling it down and saying he gets it.
    Episode 45: Christmas Earthquake 
  • After being recruited into ZECT, Tsurugi makes the ZECTroopers under him as a defense team for Misaki, to her bewilderment, ranging from them catching her after she fell to returning a DVD for her before the deadline. Once they got to searching for one of her shoes, one of the soldiers told Tsurugi that they can't follow him anymore.
  • Tendou and Kagami recruit the Hopper Brothers for their help against the swarm of Worms. They then reveal their restraints they put on themselves so that they can stay in the darkness. Tendou then retorts that asking them was a waste of his time before he and Kagami leave.
    Super Hero Time 
  • Satoru Akashi visits Bistro La Salle because he thinks the deliciousness is truly a Precious. Souji said Satoru was being arrogant and just serve him beans, only for the latter to eat it passionately, much to the former's surprise.
    Satoru: (With a happy face from eating the beans) PRECIOUS.
    • Satoru only cares about the stone that Hiyori held is a Precious he wants to obtain, so Souji responded by calling Sakura to complain about it.
  • Pun Jokes between Satoru and Souji.
    Satoru: Kabuto, Attack! (Snapped his fingers)
    Souji: What?
    Satoru: This guy truly doesn't want to join (nori) in
    Souji: Nori (Seaweed). Takes out a seaweed paper and eat it
  • Arata and Souji playing old maid using poker cards. Souji had to pick between Ace and Joker, which he does not know the position. How did he win? Using Clock Up to cheat. Arata isn't amused and Souji just laughs arrogantly.
    Kamen Rider Kabuto: Birth! Gatack Hyper Form!! 
  • Kagami trying to be Tendou is priceless.
  • When Kagami tries to go "Grandfather said this", it also shows him in a grandfather suit telling him on why doesn't he call him.
  • Kagami trying on an elephant, penguin, cheetah, and sumo constumes.
  • Tendo writes Kagami a Badass Boast for him to use by the literal meaning of his name (Arata = Washed. Kagami= Mirror), only for Kagami himself stating it sucks, and Tendo's reaction when he thinks Kagami doesn't wash up.


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