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Accursed Dragon is a fantasy comic created by Ryan Smith that began on October 5th, 2009. The story is set in a realm engulfed in a century-long war between the Parliament and Seditionists. Far from the main battle, a small town is saved by a hero who is revealed to be a man saying he must perform good deeds to remove a curse that turned him half dragon. This is where the comic begins.

Spoilers follow here. It's worth reading the comic first before reading the rest.

The cast of characters include:

  • Coven, cursed 125 years prior to the events in the comics, wanders the continent trying to accumulate the good needs required for the curse to be broken. He's not very good at it.
  • Rawn Daphne Braden, a charming young woman with amateur magical powers. Filled with the spirit of helping others, Rawn accompanies Coven on his quest.
  • Servant of Magicka, a phantom-like ally who materializes when a friend beckons. Servant is an inquisitive being whose powers include shape shifting, mind reading and phasing through solid objects.
  • Wizard, the initial antagonist of Coven and Rawn. Wizard is a selfish, misogynistic creep who is only happy when getting what he wants. Magic is his primary passion and he is adept in its many forms. Everyone addresses him as "Wizard" except Humpbrett, who refers to Wizard as "Master".
  • Humpbrett is the diminutive assistant to Wizard. Unlike his master, Humpbrett is generally kind and helpful to others. His loyalty lies exclusively with Wizard, however. Humpbrett loves cats.
  • Sansregret once acted as a lieutenant in the Corvus army until joining team Wizard. She is very malicious, conceited and seems to get along perfectly with her new partner. Sansregret has no memories of her past, thanks to Lord Dudgeon, but has access to a powerful arsenal of spells from the magic helmet she summons.
  • Wylla was a singer in a town called Sunrose until discovering Coven during a mission. Determined to write the empire's next hit song, she follows the dragon to record his exploits. Her pushiness makes it difficult for others to like her.
  • other characters who appear:
    • Romyn Braden, Rawn's older brother who fought in the Battle of Vangarde and lost his arm to a golem.
    • Lord Dudgeon is the acting Lord of War of Corvus (formally the Eastern Province) who spearheaded the war against the Parliament.
    • Doctor Sharpe acted as the town doctor in Elgin (Rawn's home town) and now teaches at the Lavenham University. Doctor Sharpe considers Rawn family and acts as her mentor.
    • Damskov is another of Lord Dudgeon's lieutenants. He is a master strategist and is famous for the helmet he forever wears.
    • Lalancette Danton, also known as Earl Danton, or Lance. As his father, the Duke of Castle Morden, engages in affairs with the Parliament, Lalancette rules over Castle Morden and safeguards the Southern Province from Seditionists.
    • Scarrow, the ranger who does whatever you need for the right price.
    • Doctor Sian is a professor at Lavenham University who specializes in the human psyche.
    • Samuels acts as Chief of Security in the city of Lavenham and is good friends with Lalancette Danton.
    • The Governor keeps the city of Lavenham under strict Parliament rule, with very little tolerance for anyone magically gifted.
    • Noella maintains Manastyr Manor and dutifully serves Miss Helaine. She happily welcomes any guest in need.
    • Pidherny Sophasath is an enigmatic elder who seems to know much more of what's happening in the realm than anyone else.
    • Vilhelm Figgens appears to be a younger version of Pidherny Sophasath, except this time he's a wandering minstrel.

Accursed Dragon contains examples of: