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Accidental Centaurs is a webcomic created and drawn by John Lotshaw. It debuted on January 15th, 2002.

The strip follows the ongoing adventures of Alex and Sam, two scientists from Earth who had been working on a teleportation system. During testing, the system explodes, opening a wormhole to an alternate universe. There, they find themselves transformed into centaurs (or, more accurately, transformed into something so strange that their minds perceive them as centaurs to protect their sanity). Their arrival is noted by the W!rxn, (The "!" is pronounced as a click of the tongue) a race of omniscient beings that watch over the parallel universe, who believe them to be fulfillment of an ancient prophecy. They are given a ring which contains Lenny, a djinn who is supposed to be their guide and protector (but usually ends up insulting them more often than not).


The story has undergone several re-imaginings since its original launch. The most recent launch has rendered the original stories non-canon.

Sam and Alex's relationship is contentious, with each blaming the other for being stuck in this new world. They appear to have no romantic interest in each other at first and are quite hostile and sarcastic around each other. Lenny has shown a darker side as well on some occasions, and it's clear that his part of the prophecy is against his will as well.


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