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Ever wondered what a foursome of film students with the trend to fall into bizarre situations would do if they accidentaly tossed their TV out of the window? No? Then watch this series to know that thing you hadn't thought about.

'''Un Año Sin Televisión''' ("A Year Without Television", also called "UASTV", also called "Four Blokes Without Telly") is an Argentinian Web Original Youtube series, in which their four main characters have to survive the extreme situation of living without the comfort of TV.


The first episode saw the light in 5/13/2011. The series finale, a "Chrismas Special Episode," was uploaded Chrismas 2011. The series have a fair known fanbase, and they became small Internet celebrities in their hometown, being theirs the first web series from La Plata (and really the first Argentinian taken seriously, both from the fans and the production side of the series). The series is produced by Tangram Productions.

They have a web page and a Facebook page.

Note from the troper: This trope originaly was going to have the same title as the series, but given that Internes does not accept the "Ñ" character in hyperlinks, the title would have been "Un Ano Sin Televisión," which is the Spanish translation for "An Anus Without Television."




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