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The school and town we explore is just the school from Jimmy's memories.
The whole story is told from Jimmy's recollection at an old age, so the school and town rendered is the same. The real Bullworth has far more students, and the town has far more people. This explains the discrepancies with interiors not matching exteriors, the lack of sleeping quarters for most of the students, and the lack of residence for Prefects and little kids. We only have four cops patrolling the entire city of Bullworth because those are the only cops Jimmy remembers. Same with the prefects and all the clique members.
  • That's a disturbing explaination about why the Girls Dorm seems way bigger than the Boys'.

Jimmy Hopkins was the first successful experimental subject for the Soliton radar
One of his many step-fathers was a less than scrupulous tech developer. Hence, Jimmy sees a map of the surrounding area and hostile lines of view at all times in his head. He's been conditioned not to talk about it. After this experiment, it was given to government agents such as Solid Snake.
  • Jimmy Hopkins attended school with a younger Mei-Ling prior to the events of Bully. Jimmy charmed Mei-Ling into giving him the prototype of what was to become the Soliton Radar.
Jimmy will be a future GTA protaganist.
C'mon, this isn't even that wild a guess.
Gary has Malignant Narcissism
He's repeatedly called a sociopath, but he is capable of long-term planning, something most sociopaths are not capable of. His ability to network and create social bonds despite his paranoia is more characteristic of Malignant Narcissism than any other diagnosis.
  • You know there's alrealy a trope name for that.
    • I was thinking that there was some Borderline in there too. Would explain why he suddenly turns on Jimmy.
Gary grows up to become a Magnificent Bastard.
Just how magnificent he ends up being, though, is anyone's guess... at least until we get a sequel...
Jimmy is James Earl Cash.
Bully is set sometime in the 1980s. When Jimmy grows up, he ends up starring in Manhunt.
  • This has been proven false.
  • Alternatively, Cash is his uncle or somehow otherwise biologically related to him.
James Earl Cash is Jimmy's biological father.
Jimmy is a Mutant.
He beat up an entire school at one time; and in one mission, you can easily have him fight 17 armed trained boxers with no visible fatigue. It's the only explanation. He's got enhanced stamina, strength, and durability.
  • He could be a robot.
Pete Kowalski is a younger regeneration of The Master waiting to take power.
Throughout the game, this supposedly meek and mild character has Jimmy's ear on just about any topic; he guides him towards acceptable courses of action, he makes plans, and by the end of the story, he's been promoted to Head Boy on Jimmy's recommendation- an unexpected behind-the-scenes manipulator, just like the Master in his subtler days. More to the point, very little is mentioned about his parentage and past: evidently, the Master's memories are once again stored away in a pocket watch, just waiting to return...
  • And so it came to pass that the Jock clique fell, and Bullworth was no more, and I looked down upon my new dominion as Headmaster of all... and I thought it... good.
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  • From this tropers point, Pete may very well have been the Man Behind the Man. Not being present outside of a few cutscenes, he could still have pulled his strings on Gary. A reveal, that had to wait for the sequel.
The leaders of Bullworth's Cliques and factions will soon be facing mutiny.
After the events of the game, it's likely that the members of each clique will start to view their leaders as unreliable at best, due to their defeat at the hands of Jimmy and their actions throughout the game: Derby Harrington of the Preppies treats his fellow members like slaves; Johnny Vincent of the Greasers keeps getting his members in trouble over his girlfriend's unfaithfulness; Earnest Jones of the Nerds almost got his entire clique killed because of the "nude photos of Mandy" issue; and Ted Thompson, humiliating defeat aside, now has at least one ambitious lieutenant that's stronger than him. The resulting internal Enemy Civil War will be the topic of the next game.
Gary Smith will be a future GTA antagonist
Following from a previous WMG, Gary, expelled from school, will use his knowledge and ambition to fund a type of criminal empire and may attract the services of the next GTA protagonist. Midway through, though, two scenarios may take place
  • Gary'll order the hero to wreak vengeance on Bullworth,possibly by bombing the place or shooting it up, but after seeing the innocent schoolchildren there (Well, as innocent as Bullworthians get), the hero will betray Gary and decide to get back at him
  • Gary'll backstab the hero due to his ambition, much like he did to Jimmy. Most of the game will be spent making Gary pay for this.
  • Garry will be a Big Bad Wannabe, who only appears in a few missions, in earlier in the story. He will be Wrong Genre Savvy, and will try to use whatever power he has to get back at Bullworth Academy, he will be killed only because his plans slightly interfered with the protagonists goals.
Failing that, Gary will be a GTA protagonist
Perhaps Gary could be the most amoral and evil of GTA's [rotagonist, willing to betray his own family to fulfill his ambition. He will make a ton of enemies throughout his career, finally earing the ire of everyone in the ity until he takes control of it in some way
  • If not that, then in some contrived circumstance, something will happen which will turn Gary into The Atoner, willing to give something back to the people for all the shit he pulled.
Gary goes on to become the leader of both mafias in Mafia I & II
If he can convince an entire school, including its staff that he's not a bad guy, then what's stopping him from starting gang wars? He even started one at the end of Bully!
The prefects are not students, but Private Military Company trainees hired by Crabblesnitch.
Dr. Crabblesnitch allows up-and-coming young mercs from companies like Blackwatch to patrol the corridors, which explains, among other things, why they use the same violent submission tactics that the police do. Further evidence they are not students: they never appear to go to school at all, it is impossible to appease them in a friendship, and their pictures do not count in the yearbook photo sidequest.
  • Actually, it is possible to appease them. Get a nice haircut and wear the Orderly uniform and they'll be friendly to you. ~~~~

Bully 2 will be set in a university.
And introduce the "Frats" clique. Self-explanatory.
  • Possibly Jossed , Bully 2 is called Senior Year. So It's most likely back at Bullworth or a similar school.
    • At the bottom of that page it says that " is the most notorious fauxtire entertainment website". Also, Rockstar themselves haven't announced a new Bully, so that's probably not true.

Bully takes place in the mid-to-late 80's.

All the nerds are addicted to Dungeons and Dragons, arcade machines are still common as dirt in more than a few public places, and even the cars plus the personalities imply that this game goes pretty far back.

  • There are a few available shirts that have the number "68" on it. The arcade games could just be an anachronism, judging by the old-timey police officers and focus on the "cosmonaut" type of astronaut (height of the space race with the cosmonaut being quite more notable until the moon landing in '69)

  • I thought that too, but then I remembered about the english teacher talking about the internet.

  • The Other Wiki states that it's set in The '90s.

  • The Canon explanation is that the Dev Team merged aspects of every era from the '60s until today, so that the school environment would feel at least somewhat familiar to both teen and adult gamers. Hence the mixture of a strong Greaser clique, the computers and the, for the time, modern pop-culture references.

Jimmy never went to Bullworth Academy
  • In fact, Jimmy was abandoned as a child by his neglectful mother and ran away from home, the whole game is just the story of a 15 year old homeless kid running around an abandoned warehouse imagining the whole ordeal.

Jimmy and Gary are the same person
  • Gary is Jimmy's schizo repressed side who surfaced because his mother abandoned him and he wants attention.

Jimmy is part Silence.
  • This is how he manages to escape punishment so easily. Once he's out of sight of the prefects/teachers/police, their memory of his crimes only remains for a moment before vanishing ("I'll get you later, Hopkins!"... *walks away*), so the next time they see him they act as if he hasn't done anything wrong. Only Crabblesnitch has managed to get past this thanks to a series of hidden cameras constantly keeping watch on Jimmy, and he deals out detentions accordingly.

The events of the game are not what actually happened.
  • The entire game is simply an exaggerated retelling of the legend of Jimmy Hopkins, possibly as 'remembered' by Pete Kowalski or Jimmy himself. This would explain how Jimmy is capable of superhuman feats at times and why some of the missions get away with being so outlandish. The last two deserve special mention here. While Jimmy was no doubt reinstated as a Bullworth student, as was Zoe, and Mr. Burton was still fired and Gary expelled, it's highly improbable that the actual events of Complete Mayhem and the Final Showdown are the epic ending that was played through ingame. That kind of damage would have shut the Academy down for months, the riot police would have been called, and no principal is going to fire a teacher based on a student's unverified claim. It would also explain Gary's Idiot Ball distribution capabilities, as he's being made to look a lot more Obviously Evil than he really might have been. Something similar may have happened with Jimmy at Bullworth, but it's been hyped up over the years to resemble the awesome tale we play as the game.
    • That could explain why it's an anachronism. The story of the great Jimmy Hopkins, king of bullworth, has become something of a legend at Bullworth, and while it happened in the 50s, gradually as the tale has been told and retold by various groups, such as the nerds and preppies, the 'peaks' of each cliques history has become recognized by the students at bullwoth as canon. It would explain the computers, arcade machines, cars, greasers etc. anyway.
Jimmy is dead, and Bullworth Academy and its environs are a purgatory-like state of afterlife.
  • Bullworth and the surrounding city are completely cut off from the outside world, and the student body is made up of kids from different time periods (which is why the 80's-themed Nerd clique can co-exist with the 50's-era Greaser clique) because, being dead, they really exist outside normal time. The goal is to graduate after gaining the approval and respect of the school and thus having a satisfying, meaningful youth. This is why the rules are easy to break, the punishments are light, the class schedule is easy, the prefects don't attend class, and the staff can be so oblivious. It also explains how the Head Boy can have so much power: it means gaining a position of authority under the divinely-empowered upper-echelons of the staff.
    • Additional theory: Jimmy was murdered by his mother and her new husband, who then dumped his body in a river somewhere before heading off to their cruise.
    • Graduate after gaining the approval and respect of the entire school? Considering how vicious the cliques are to each other, only exceptional people like Jimmy would be able to pull that off.

In Bully everyone is...
Jimmy is the dude in purgutory as I stated previously, Gary is the devil trying to destroy Jimmy and make him abandon his conquest for redemption and possibly to send him to hell; The prefects, police officers, teachers and other authorities are the guards in the purgotory, the girls are just female angels that decided to vacation there as residents to witness the drama there; basically it's like a soap opera to them, the random adults are residents only there, while it's purgotory to Jimmy it is the home of those adults (angels) that hobo was there to teach Jimmy a thing or to while giving him chances to do good deeds so he can be closer to heaven, when his part was done aliens didn't abduct him that was an allusion but rather he simply went back to heaven because his job was done, the other hobo is the spirit of a real dirty stinking hobo forced to stay there and symbollicaly suffer a fate of drunkeness and basically living like a stray dog like all other hobos do, however he's actually comfortable with his new eternal lifestyle and doesn't really see it as a punishment. Last but not least Dr.Crabblesnitch is the King of that whole entire purgotory of sin.

Beam Cola is more than an old fashioned soda pop.
It's some advanced futuristic health drink that apparently has the same property as senzu beans.Why else does it provide sustenance to keep you from getting hungry, and replenish health. Maybe there is more to Bullworth then what meets the eye. This could be one of the keys to Jimmy's strength.

Contradicting my previous theory Bullworth is hell.
Just like the Dragon Ball Z's universe hell, not everyone is tortured there like every other depiction of hell. However not everyone is pampered and treated like gold like in DBZ Hell and it doesn't possess a good side or a bad side. Like other depictions of hell everyone is punished according to how they were in there past life. Similar to the legendary creature(who's name I inconveniently forgot) who touches newcomers and instantly find out how there were and sends them to the perfect symbolic punishment. Who is supposed to represent that creature in that game you might ask. "Dr.Crabblesnith", that's why he's reading all the bad things he done like he's gone to prison. This hell is different then any depiction of hell ever(or at least all the depictions I know of). In here you live in a a hopeless dead end society that is similar to "Lord of the Flies" with the exception of the hell guard demons(authority figures such as prefects, and police officers) to keep those monkeys in check. That's why every time you get knocked out (really killed) you respawn to live another day in hell. When you are apprehended by authority you are given boring labor to do. When I stated earlier you are sentenced to a fate to match your life of sin this is what I mean. You are put in one of the numerous click categories forced to suffer that and enjoy a few perks as well. Being a prep is punishment too, being a child of incest and having the flaws of a child as such whether it be apparent or not is punishment. The nerds were crooks that schemed there way to intense fortune and more then like committed the "sin of intellect" and if you don't know what that is look it up, and now they are forced to live the life of a unpopular dork. The Greasers were gang members and street trash and will continue to live like that even in the after life. I can't think of a reason of why the jocks are there or even what there punishment is supposed to be, but I'm pretty sure is something. The Bullies were angry sinners in their past lives and are now forced to live violent afterlives.Eunice was either a fat ugly whore who slept with anyone or a beautiful mean woman who looked the complete opposite as she currently does who abused drugs and alchohol and probably wore too much makeup who still whored herself out and the luster out of her and looks like that not because of genetics but because of intense sin, and is now forced to live the life of a fat ugly female that no one is attracted too, you can say she looks the same way on the outside as the inside.The little kids you see are young sinners probably. Finally Gary is the devil making life worst for everyone just like the lucifer in hell.In this hell you can apparently get an education evidenced by the classes you can take, hey it's got to have it's benefits too. You can play games and have a little bit of romance, I don't think spirits have sex drives because they don't have bodies so I don't think you can have sex. But Jimmy is the like "the newbie in prison" in here and the reason why he catches so much hell is because he was obviously quite naughty in his human life, but he ironically beats Gary (Lucifer) and now he is like another king there.

Gary Smith grows up to be Leo Kasper from Manhunt 2.
Just like Danny Lamb not being David Joiner's real name Leo Kasper might not be possible future Gary Smith's real name. It's possible the project organically programmed killer instincts in Gary's mind and erased his memories also. That's probably why Leo's(Gary) early life isn't mention despite him being renouned.Other besides that who else believes Gary and Leo Kasper look alike. Sometime in the future Gary could of did something so bad he had to leave london and move to San Andreas.

Bully is a spiritual successor to The Confusions of Young Törless
  • Musil, the author of the latter, was a wrestler and a boxer as a student; presumably so is Torless, as an Author Avatar. Jimmy is himself a fairly accomplished pugilist — they're both not very tall, but built. Gary, with his megalomania, pretensions to being a scheming Magnificent Bastard, SS uniform on Halloween and general creepily-predatory air, is Beineberg and Reiting. Petey — slight, awkward, mildly femme, and with a whiff of homosexuality about him not so much from his own proclivities as from his friends' — is Basini.

Gary's plan would have prevailed if he didn't run his mouth to Jimmy during the fight.
Mr.Crabblesnith said "he heard every word", and that's what really got Gary in trouble not him losing the fight. Dr.Crabblesnitch must have a good ear or Jimmy & Gary's conversation must of been echoing like crazy, so that would explain how the principal heard there whole fight and dialect from over a mile away. If Gary would of just shut his mouth and either won against or get defeated by Jimmy then he would of won either way. Dr. Crabblesnitch didn't half like Jimmy after Gary got done slandering his name so if he didn't know what was really going on do you think he'd still expel gary? We the viewers are pretty sure that him explaining the mechanics of his scheme where it could be heard to Jimmy during the near end wasn't part of The Plan of "taking over the school".

Gary would've been screwed even if Jimmy didn't make him run his mouth off during the fight
At that point, Gary had Principal Crabblesnitch Bound and Gagged, while sparking a full-fledged war raging all over Bullworth Campus, and even though Crabblesnitch didn't exactly notice Gary for who he is, he wouldn't really be stupid enough to trust him after THAT happened. The only thing that was changed by Jimmy defeating Gary is that he made Gary admit he had Jimmy be the victim of a Frame-Up, and allowed Jimmy to clear his name, and also got the cliques to stand down once they realized Gary had played them for suckers from the start of the game.

If this WMG is correct it would serve as one hell of a surprise.

Gary didn't just get expelled - he got sent straight to Happy Volts Asylum due to his violent sociopathy
  • Gary's quite obviously the sociopath. Since he's proven to be violent and corrupt as well by the end of the game, it's not that much of a stretch to imagine him being sent to a mental institution.
  • This would make some excellent Nightmare Fuel due to the prospect of a genius sociopath escaping from the institution to get his revenge.
  • Gary doesn't wake up after crashing through Dr Crabblesnitch's glass ceiling with Jimmy. Assuming that he didn't get fatal injuries, he might be left a vegetable or at least institutionalised for the effects of severe brain damage.

Bullworth is Silent Hill.
A less traumatizing supernatural, hellish and deathful version of course. With challenges to judge one's character rather than life or death fate test.

Jimmy goes on to lead The Third Street Saints
]]They're both reckless, but badass leaders. Him and the boss are somehow capable of making authorities pursuing him calm down WHILE pursuing him. A large portion of their stories is based around taking over the Cliques/Gangs. They are both Made of Iron and capable of doing superhuman actions. And finally, when they actually battle their primary adversaries, the fight is pretty one-sided.
  • The final battle against Zinyak disputes this "one sided fight" theory, but this also does explain how The Boss can gather an entire crew of racially and socially diverse people and get them to not only work together, but develop friendships. His loyalty to his allies is a key plot point in SR 4 and results in the good ending-a lesson learned at Bullworth. And since magical haircuts were already around in Bully, who's to say magic plastic surgery wasn't invented by the time of SR 2?

Jimmy Hopkins is actually Bruce Willis as a young man
The final battle at the end made him famous, and eventually landed him the leading role in the will-be popular tetralogy "Die Hard" when he went to seek his career as an actor.
  • Also, look at his face! The way it is when you first see him, I think the resemblance is uncanny. Coincidence?
  • It's highly likely Jimmy was designed after Butch from Pulp Fiction as the main trope page notes: The tan jacket, logoless white shirt and heavily faded blue jeans plus the bald as possible default haircut. Just buy and wear a gold watch along with the default outfit and there you have it!

The next "Bully" game will be on PS4.
The PlayStation 4 has been officially been confirmed to be in the works and is guaranteed to be released in the near future. Rockstar will release the new Bully game on the PS4 to get even more people to buy it. Rockstar had a chance to release it on the PS3/Xbox 360 but didn't because they want gamers to spend a whole bunch of money on the PlayStation 4. One more thing to back this up, the first and original Bully correct? was made exclusively for the PS2, then in 2008 a remaster of it come's out for what? Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii no scholarship edition for PS2, PS3 or even PS1, meaning that everyone who was acquainted with and loved the original Bully will have to buy a whole other console just to play the remake and not even the sequel. So it's safe to conclude that Rockstar's playing the money game as well.

Bully was inspired by Ed Eddn Eddy to an extent.
Bully was made in 2006 and Ed Eddn Eddy was still airing during that time and before that obviously enough. The E En E movie wasn't made until 2009 so during the time Bully was being made the Eds caught it tough because Ed Eddn Eddy is infamous for all of its Downer Endings. Like everyone or almost everyone the creator of Bully liked that show but couldn't do anything to change it's plot like everyone else, unlike everyone else however he could base a piece of work off of it. While the game and that show we all love aren't the same and don't take place anywhere near the same universe etc, they possess a lot of similarities such as.....

  • Both of the protagonist(s) are bald
  • The main character(s) live in a universe where all Kids Are Cruel and to [[Exaggerated add up to that]] every single person is out to get the heroes
  • Both hero(es) live in a world where Adults Are Useless
  • Both character(s) perform out of the ordinary task for money. The Edd's conduct scams and Jimmy performs odd task for numerous people.
  • Both of their individual universe's possess a watered down version of The Smurfette Principle.
  • Both world's have a trademark junk food. Bullworth's (Bully's) is beam cola and E En E's is jawbreakers.
  • The two individual works of fiction emphasize on stereotypes.
  • The two different worlds manage to perfectly blend overwhelming violence with innocent slapstick comedy.

Alternately, Bully is the world after the fall of the Codename: Kids Next Door.
Having defeated the KND, adults took over the entire planet and now enforce the strictest, most forceful laws on all children in order to continue to breed the perfect, boring adult world. Notice the police have nothing better to do than chase a kid who just bumped somebody with his bike? All resistance to the world has been pacified, with the exception of young people and the continually rebellious, such as Mr. Galloway.

Bully 2 will deal with Cerebus Syndrome
Considering how seriosuly people are taking Bullying, one of these will be subjected into the story of the sequel.
  • Part of the protagonists backstory will be that he was molested.
  • The Big Bad will be a cyberbully who drove a few students to suicide or a Columbine type mastermind.
  • A plot point about two gay students afraid to come out of the closet due to the hassels of a homophobic bully.
  • At one point, a female friend and possibly the love interest will be raped, bonus points if it leads to Teen Pregnancy and more if the topic of abortion is discussed.
  • The games versions of the Townies will be played as a violent street gang.
  • Gary's backstory will reveal that he was beaten by his father and forced to have medicine tested on him for money by his mother.
  • There will be a group of Skinheads who committ hate crimes.

Possible cliques for the sequel:
  • Nerds- But this time the clique has grown bigger including your sterotypical nerds from the 1st game, nerds who are part of band and gamers.
  • Goths- Hang around the coffee shop and the boiler room
  • Jocks- same as the first game except for some basketball and baseball players, swimmers and track runners thrown into the mix as well football players
  • Punks- There were gonna be in the first game and did appear in the comic, but got omitted and turned into the Townies
  • Townies-Only now they've seperated into two gangs, one group lead by Gary wants to destroy Bullworth, the other led by Edgar wants to protect the school.
  • Bullies- with a female member thrown in(who's likely The Amazon)
  • Greasers
  • Preppies

Bully Sequel will be released on the last days or months or years of the Seventh Generation of Video Games on Xbox 360 and PS3:
Since the first Bully was released on PS2 after the release of Xbox 360 and the impending release of Nintendo Wii and PS3 on the same year of its release, it's reasonable to assume that Rockstar will do the same with the sequel.

Although the big two of the Eight Generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have already arrived, assuming that the Seventh Generation, the Xbox 360 and PS3 to be exact, still have a lot of fire to keep them going before inevitable dying out, Bully 2 (Or whatever it's going to be called), will be on Xbox 360 and PS3, not PS4 and Xbox One.

The next game will be in a public school with twice as many students and double the map size.
With each clique going into subcategories:
  • Nerds - Techies, Gamers, Goths, Drama club
  • Jocks - Football, Cheerleaders, Wrestlers, B Ballers
  • Preppies - Socialites, Hipsters, The In Crowd, Yuppies
  • Greasers - Punks, Stoners, Skaters, Musicians
  • Bullies - Bullies, Trailer Park kids, Gangstas, Fight club
  • And Rockstar will take advantage of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 consoles power to make it double the map size, student size, etc. This would prevent it from being on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 along with the Wii unless they somehow got a brand new dev team to make it.

The sequel will have radio stations
  • I am not OP! My take on this: The radio stations will feature parodies of artists of today and yesterday in some fashion. Bonus points if Bully 2 has a mission or missions dedicated to helping out a DJ or if the DJ is or becomes a Butt-Monkey

The sequel will be set solidly in the modern era, with many characters returning as adults
Jimmy will serve as The Mentor to the new player character (often reminiscing about stunts he pulled in the first game), Petey will be the new Principal of Bullworth (who is trying to be a Reasonable Authority Figure, but has his hands too tied up to effectively tackle bullying, especially with new breeds of it like cyber-bullying and the like), Zoe will end up being Jimmy's wife/girlfriend, etc. This will also extend to side characters; for example, Derby Harrington will be mentioned as becoming a congressman (since a bit in the original game had Jimmy state Derby would eventually go on to be one), some of the Greasers will end up working in the Auto-Shop or Junkyard, and rumors will continue to fly about Gary's ultimate fate; most of them will likely conclude he's either a a homeless bum, a convicted criminal/serial killer (possibly even Manhunt 2's "Leo Kaspar", based on appearance and his personality), or an urban legend that haunts the school grounds (taking the rumors from the original endgame that Gary is lurking around the school's bell towers).

Bully 2 will be about a new protagonist or Jimmy's kid.

The ending is Jimmy's Dying Dream
Everything which happens until conclusion of the final fight against Gary really happened. Then, after falling from an urealistic height (and through glass), Jimmy walks unharmed (while Gary is lying unconscious on the floor), is forgiven by Crabblesnitch while Gary is expelled (Crabblesnitch is, somehow, able to hear Gary's confession from his office despite the scene happening out of the building, during a storm). He also obtains the firing of Mr. Burton and the return of Zoe in the school, without any proof than he was telling the truth. Then, Jimmy leaves Crabblesnitch's office and is congratulated by a crowd of fellow Bullworth students, including Derby Harrington (very uncharacteristic) and Zoe (who now wears a school uniform, despite having reintegrated in the school less than a minute ago). The logical explanation is obvious: Jimmy's fall from the scaffold inflicted him a mortal wound, and the rest of the cutscene is a hallucination created from his agony, showing him the perfect ending he would have liked to see to this adventure. The fact that the post-game takes place in an 'Endless Summer' further supports this; it's actually the afterlife.

Gurney is The Postal Dude
Gurney is a Townie who has a small role in the late part of the game: he's the one who sets the gym on fire. Physically, he is a redheaded with a goatee. He also seems to have some pyromaniac tendencies, and, when Jimmy is chasing him in the gym, he yells that he "regrets nothing". The clues are obvious: he's The Postal Dude when he was a teenager.

Bully 2 is one of the projects Rockstar is working on.
According to this post Rockstar is working on a new project or two.

Bully 2 will adopt the three-protagonist system that Grand Theft Auto V had
  • One protagonist would be an ex-juvie convict trying to reform from his criminal history. One of the cliques would be the gang he used to hang out with. He'll specialize in brute strength.
  • A nerd that wants to stand up to the bullies. He'll specialize in tactics and weapon crafting.
  • A Goth girl who is victim of cyber bullying and cruel rumors. She'll specialize in weapon accuracy and will have the special advantage of assaulting girls without having her wanted level shoot up.

Drivers Ed will be a class in Bully 2
It will allow fast traveling, since it would be impossible to have a game where you could perform vehicular manslaughter without getting an M-Rating.
  • Considering that Jimmy is 15, he'd be too young to drive. Suggestions have been made for use of go-karts or scooters, however, the former is rarely used as transport in real life and the latter requires theft from an adult. There is already a school bus that gets students back to the gates of Bullworth Academy, so it would be more realistic to simply allow students to catch a bus to any of the set bus stops.

Most, if not all, Bullworth Academy students come from a broken home
Many of the students have families who live in Bullworth. Why must they send their kids to board at school if the school is so near? Perhaps then Gary and Jimmy aren't the only ones from a broken home. Perhaps the culture of bullying at Bullworth Academy is because the broken homes gave every student a freudian excuse. Perhaps it's an anvilicious message about how you can be rich enough to send your kids to a private boarding school, yet still be a very unhappy family. Some students don't even talk about their family - could this be that they are trying to block out the unpleasant memories?


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