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Almost the entire score of Bully is an Earworm and everything is beautifully composed, taking in a wide variety of styles which fit moods and places very well.

  • Every single one of the boss themes from Bully is awesome:
    • Russel In The Hole, played during the boss fight with the Bully leader Russel.
    • Dishonorable Fight, played during the boss fight with the Preppies leader Derby Harrington.
    • Fighting Johnny Vincent, whether during the Bicycle segments or the Stationary segment which as the title tells you, is played during the boss fight with the Greaser leader Johnny Vincent.
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    • The Big Game, played during the boss fight with the Jock leader Ted Thompson.
    • Showdown at the Plant in two parts, played during the penultimate boss fight against the Townie leader Edgar Munsen.
    • Finally, The Final Showdown, played during the final boss fight against the Big Bad Gary Smith.
  • Can't we just say the whole soundtrack is great, original and iconic? Hell, just listen to the walk theme. It's catchy as hell!
    • Busting In's soundtrack gets your blood pumped, hearing it in-game or not, but it's specially better in-game, since you're breaking into a power plant to find the leader of the Townies to beat him into respecting you.
    • Extermination, the song that plays when you're getting rid of rats that invaded the library. Everything about it is catchy, the beat, the banjo, the bell and not to mention that it fits the tone of the mission perfectly. This was also intended to be the theme for Final Showdown during development.
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  • "Wildstyle", the theme that plays during both graffiti-based missions. Not only is it catchy, but it's a hip-hop tune that is suspiciously similar to "Another One Bites The Dust".

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