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The Film

  • Hostility on the Set: In a case of sad irony, in 2017, Daniel Franzese, who played Derek Dvirko in Bully which was based off of the real-life murder of Bobby Kent who was killed due to his alleged bullying, revealed that co-star Bijou Phillips, who played Ali Willis, subjected him to a lot of homophobic and fat-shaming bullying while they were on the set, saying that she kept trying to goad him into admitting that he was gaynote  and that she laughed at his appearance when he removed his shirt at a pool party and had even twisted one of his nipples. Even more troubling, he said the producers just looked the other way on the behavior (potentially due to the fact that she came from a famous family; her father was "Papa" John Phillips from The Mamas & the Papas and her older half-sisters were actress Mackenzie of One Day at a Time fame and singer Chynna of Wilson Phillips fame and he was just an up-and-coming actor) but said that his fellow co-stars Brad Renfro, Michael Pitt and Nick Stahl (who portrayed Kent himself) openly and repeatedly defended him and the latter, who was dating Phillips at the time, even tried to convince her to apologize to him. After going public with his story, Phillips subsequently reached out to Franzese and apologized, which he accepted.

The Game

  • Banned in China: Bully was banned in Brazil until 2016 for depicting school violence. This rule also affected the Steam edition.
  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • Immediately after the game was announced, Moral Guardians took to everywhere to try get the game cancelled. This was due to the belief that it would actually promote and justify school bullying at best (which it does not, although the title was what caused this stigma, to the point the game was given the title Canis Canem Edit in Transatlantic regions), or be a "Columbine simulator" at worst (while Jimmy can knock people out, murder is impossible). When the shock value died down, the game has since grown past the controversy.
    • Several supplementary materials, such as the Facebook pages and manual for the game, have a handful of incorrect information regarding the game's lore. For example, Melvin is described as the second-in-command of the Nerds while the game states that Earnest rules them all with an iron fist.
  • Dummied Out: Quite a lot of dummied out content in this game:
    • Hattrick Manor's indoors. Apparently, early on in the game's development, Jimmy was going to have to break into the house. That idea was scrapped, but they left what little of the inside of the house that had been finished, in the game. It can be accessed by jumping with a bike and falling through the roof.
    • There was a dummied out mission in Chapter 3 that involved Lola bringing Tad to New Coventry and Jimmy having to defend Tad by sniping Greasers with his slingshot.
    • There was a part of a mission in Chapter 5 where Jimmy was going to make a bunch of townies pass out by releasing Ether gas. His audio for it is still in the files. Another Chapter 5 mission involved Jimmy stealing Dr. Crabblesnitch's paddle and planting it in Damon West's gym bag to frame him for it.
    • Some weapons didn't make the final cut as well. Some are understandable (BB gun, Police Baton), while others (Joke Candy, Devil's Fork, and a Super Spud Gun) make you think why they cut it out.
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    • Gloria Jackson was originally intended to be an older girl and a potential girlfriend for Jimmy. Her flirting and kissing dialogue lines are still in the data files.
    • There were two shopkeepers (named Nate and Floyd) who worked in music shops that were cut. It's believed that they may have been used for uploading music to the game - a function not supported by the Wii, but that would have been by the Xbox. However, the Xbox version of Bully was cancelled and so Nate and Floyd were removed.
    • Several missions were dummied out of Bully. Most of the "bonus missions" for Scholarship Edition were dummied out missions that were added back in.
    • Out of all the teachers introduced in the original Bully, Neil the shop teacher, is the only one who doesn't appear outside of his class, which is weird since he has a full set of dialogue. It's possible he was removed because he has lines about fascism and politics.
    • According to these unused audio files, the "Halloween" mission was going to be quite different. Originally, Jimmy's Halloween pranks included tossing a dead rat into the girls' dorm, feeding Edna a piece of vomit-inducing joke candy (an item that was also dummied out of the game), placing a "Kick Me" sign on a nerd, and hitting Mr. Burton and Dr. Slawter with itching powder while they were distracted by Petey. Also, the final version cuts one of Petey's lines in half, since it contained dialogue about the cut pranks, along with a rather strong profanity.
      Petey: Wha-what the hell?! I've been kicked in the balls, reported to the principal, and you guys are messing around with dog shit?! I'm outta here!
    • There's some audio in the game's files about Jimmy failing to land a skate trick, indicating that there was going to be a skate park in the game at one point.
    • A cutscene where Jimmy briefly talks to Petey about taking down Edgar Munsen and the Townies was cut, along with a scene that took place before the Edgar battle, in which he and Jimmy verbally confronted each other before fighting.
    • Game files include models of Pedro De La Hoya and Sheldon Thompson (the two boys among the little kids group) wearing pajamas, but they never spawn in the boys dorm, while the three younger girls in pajamas can be encountered when trespassing in the girls dorm. Since prefects never enter the boys dorm, Pedro and Sheldon have probably been removed from the place to make sure it's impossible to abuse them without facing consequences.
    • There is a partially-unused winter model for Zoe intended for Chapter 3. While most of the Townies do spawn as early as Chapter 3, Zoe is not one of them, and can only be seen in races, where the model is used. The model isn't even remastered for the later editions of the game, which causes a glitch with the eyes appearing solid white.
    • Bob only appears in one scene in the game - the cutscene at the beginning of The Gym is Burning. Despite this he has a unique fighting style and a full set of dialogue programmed. More curiously, his dialogue set contains the same lines as clique leaders rather than regular students.
  • Money, Dear Boy: The game was developed to pay off Rockstar Games' lawsuits concerning Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Despite this, it is still regarded as one of Rockstar's best games.
  • Name's the Same: Three examples:
    • Bo Jackson shares the name of a multi-sport athlete. Since Bully's Bo Jackson is also a football player, this was probably deliberate.
    • Christy Martin is also the name of a fairly famous female boxer.
    • Trevor Moore is also the name of an actor who wrote a song about bullies.
  • Orphaned Reference:
    • Gloria's sheer intelligence, as shown in her quotes, may have been a leftover from when she was a much older girl who was able to make out with Jimmy. This is further shown by the fact that her deep voice and mannerisms contrast heavily with the more childish Karen and Melody.
    • Peanut's Napoleon Complex seems rather odd since he's of average height, much taller than the very short Jimmy. Some concept art show that at one point in development, he actually was short.
    • A cutscene was removed which depicted Jimmy finding out about Edgar and needing to speak with him to settle things with the Townies. In the final game, it's still his objective to get to Edgar, but it comes out of nowhere due to the scene being taken out.
  • Reclusive Artist: Molly Fox, Zoe's voice actress, is nearly impossible to find, with the game being her only known role.
  • Shrug of God: Regarding the character Clint (aka Henry). Apparently, he managed to have two different names far enough into development that by the time the developers realized their error, it was easier to just credit him as "Clint (aka Henry)" than try to dummy out mentions of one of the names.
  • Uncredited Role: To this day, many of the voice actors featured in the game are unknown due to not being listed in the credits. This includes Gordon Wakefield, Ethan Robinson, Seth Kolbe, and several of the townsfolk.
  • What Could Have Been: See here.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Bully Wiki.


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