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  • During the last part of the game, Russell is a walking Moment of Awesome. First, he takes off on a stolen police motorcycle and drives it straight through a barrier into the Townie hideout. A bit later, he says "Russell... likes to HURT people... for PEACE." He then rams the gates to the school campus open with his head (commenting that it "kinda hurt") and he finishes it up by scaring the hell out of the Prefects and chasing them away.
    [after being asked for help] Only if Russell gets to destroy.
  • Jimmy and Zoe trapping Mr. Burton in a port-a-potty and pushing it down the hill with a riding mower.
    • Considering that Mr. Burton has made Jimmy steal panties from the underage girls in the dorms, got Zoe kicked out of school when she tried to report him for sexual harassment, and generally is a dick it's so fitting. At the very end, Jimmy tells Principal Crabblesnitch about Mr. Burton's sexual harassment of Zoe, getting him fired as well.
  • Chapter 3 had this awesome Gang War between the Greasers and Preppies, on bicycles, with firecrackers.
  • It's pretty sweet seeing Jimmy and his nerd teammates beat the Preppies, Greasers, and then the Jocks in dodgeball during gym class. There's something oddly gratifying about Algie or Bucky leaping up in the air and creaming each jock over the head with one brutal throw after another.
  • Jimmy vs. Gary on the roof. It has to be played to be truly savored. Finishing the fight with a Groin Attack makes it even better, since your last strike collapses the scaffolding and drops the two of you through the school building's skylight!
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  • Jimmy getting Mr. Hattrick fired for selling tests to students.
  • Hell, just kick back and watch a random fight happen sometime. If one of the opponents are bigger than Jimmy, they can usually pull off incredible moves that Jimmy could never hope to do in this game.
    • Special mention goes to Russell, who can powerbomb his opponent so hard, the impact will raise a wave of dust.
  • Nothing is more satisfying than taking down the prefects. These guys will find any excuse to pursue you; they'll give chase if you stay out too late, skip class (which makes things even harder if you do a mission during class time), heck, you can't even toss a snowball without getting in trouble for "violence". Fortunately, not even these guys are immune to a little punishment. You can stuff prefects into lockers, give them a swirly, toss them into a trash can, pop them with your spud gun and rocket launcher, pummel them with the Super Spud Gun, tackle them, bash their family jewels, and if you're extremely lucky, you could give 'em a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown (all you need is a good strategy). You could also take down the cops, although they're much stronger (it's best to hop onto the roof of a car and attack them with your projectile weapons).
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  • Once you level up your social skills through English class, you could actually gain the ability to scare away the adult townspeople through verbal insults. Just insult them one or two times, give them a shove, and in a matter of seconds, they'll be running for the hills. That's right, a plucky 15-year-old kid could scare off people that are twice his age.
  • The duel with Edgar Munsen. To put it simply, Jimmy and Edgar clash pipes in a caged arena surrounded by toxic waste.
  • The last two missions in Chapter 4. Disguised as the school mascot, you and the Nerds sabotage the football team with deliciously-cruel pranks such as rigging a football with explosives, urinating in their drink cooler, and of course, hacking the message on their scoreboard to say "JOCKS PLAY WITH THEIR BALLS". Then there's the battle against Ted Thompson and the entire football team, which is basically a Battle in the Rain on the football field (during the big game, mind you) where you have to pummel the Jocks with your exploding footballs. Taking down Bullworth's toughest clique in front of the entire school is quite an extraordinary victory indeed.
  • The Chapter 4 mission "Defender of the Castle" has you defending the Nerds' observatory from the invading Jocks. Armed with a spud gun, you charge towards the invaders alongside the armed Nerds, resulting in a massive battle at the barricade. Afterwards, you have to gun down the oncoming forces with the Super Spud Gun.
  • Near the end of the game, Jimmy finally calls out Dr. Crabblesnitch on how ineffective he is as a Principal and how much Bullworth Academy sucks as a school. He's about to be expelled, so he has nothing to lose.
    Jimmy: I'm not the one who's funny. You know what's funny? You! You're a joke, you old creep! You and your stuck-up, lame-ass school, with its bullies and sex-pest teachers. This place is a dump and you're a big-nosed freak! This school rewards losers and bullies, I just stand up to them!
  • The mission where Jimmy has to defend himself, Algie, and Chad, from firecracker-wielding Greasers on the bikes using his slingshot.
  • A meta example. On February 24th, 2018, a fan-made multiplayer mod for Bully has finally been released to the public. This is an awesome moment for the fanbase, as those who do modding for Bully know how extremely difficult it is to mod the game. This is both an achievement for said fanbase and a letter to Rockstar Games that proves to them that the Bully community is still very much alive.


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