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It is the time. The city of the heroes has opened. And the adventure is approaching, with unlimited possibilities.
MyHeroesSEA (Or MHS, for short) is a mobile classic pixel-style barrage shooting ARPG game developed and published by Reality Squared Games, or R2 games, for short. Gameplay involves moving with a joystick, and 6 other buttons, which you use to activate Sprint, Skills 1-3, and a reusable healing potion. And you kill enemies. That's kind of it. Outside combat, you upgrade weapons, harness the souls of your enemies, fight dangerous bosses, and support idols.

The game was released on December 16, 2020 for Global, and also has a CN edition. Official Website

MyHeroesSEA contains examples of:

  • Archaic Weapon for an Advanced Age: In a time where there are clearly guns and flying boats, people still choose to use bows. Not that you can blame them, as many bows somehow punch more holes in enemies than guns do.

  • Battle Aura: Ranger's Jungle Soul skill. It creates a foliage aura around you that boosts your offensive and defensive abilities.

  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: As an MMO, MHS has its share of microtransactions and features currencies and a battle pass you can sink your money on. The Razer weapon, included as a part of the Razer Gold partnership, can only be obtained by purchasing gems from their website. Doubles as an Allegedly Free Game.

  • Color-Coded Elements: Like all classic game designs, MHS contains 3 elements. Fire is red, Water is blue, and Wood is green.

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  • Color-Coded Item Tiers: Played Straight. Like all other common MMOs, MHS item tiers are the classic White Common(C), Bright Blue Uncommon(UC), Magenta Rare(R), Super Rare Gold(SR), and Red Ultra Rare(UR).

  • Elemental Motifs: Every monster has one, except Solomon (Whose element is undead, which has no strength or weakness), and King Mirage, who only appears in the arena and does not have a life bar to determine his element. Each witch also has an element.
  • Stolas, Crocell and Leraje are Water

  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: Fire beats Wood, Wood beats Water, and Water beats Fire. Certain classes have more strength with certain elements, which determine their overall playstyle. Except Undead, which isn’t affected by elemental weakness.

  • Evil Sorcerer: Solomon's Arrogance. He only appears as a boss in the Hunting Grounds and is elementless. While he is pretty powerful, you have the option to weaken him by killing 4 witches situated in the preceding rooms. He wields a sword to become invincible and plunge down on you, causing flames to shrink the room. Otherwise he simply uses projectile attacks.

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  • Fantasy Character Classes: The 5 classes currently in gamenote  have similar traits to typical RPG classes, where Warrior is Fighter, Ranger is archer, Priest is white mage, Mage as Black Mage, and Ninja is... ninja.

  • Guns Are Useless: Averted. In MHS, Ranger's Witchgear is a combination of both bows and guns. This includes Marax's Peacemaker and Leraje's Zephyr.

  • Idol Singer: What the Witches become In the Witches Night Event. Remember that guard outside the guild hall? The one who says witches are cute? Well he must've squealed in joy when the devs decided to make an event where all the witches were idols and players could vote for their favorite witch. Funnily enough, one way to get cheering sticks, which are used to vote for witches, can be obtained by killing a witch from a secret chamber, even the one you vote for. Cue players slaughtering countless witches by the hundreds to acquire cheering sticks to vote for Leraje in an idol costume, despite the great difficulty she’s given players.

  • No Plot? No Problem!: The game has little to no plot at all, and most of the lore is spread across the items. Starting the game immediately plops you into the action and there is nothing more to be said. At least for now…

  • Our Demons Are Different: The game's main bosses are demons taken from the Ars Goetia. While in the original Ars Goetia, all the demons were male, MHS went a step further and genderbent, called them Witches, and made them resemble horned humans instead. This makes for some pretty interesting story integration.

  • Shaping Your Attacks: While most of the basic attacks in the game are often sword waves, flashy projectiles, or rapid strikes, Leraje's fighter weapon causes a large wolf to bite enemies after 4 swings of Hysterical Strike (Leraje's R skill). The bite deals 1000% of a normal strike's damage, making it the prime single hit burst option for fighters. Some attacks are also magic versions of normal weapons, like Priest's Banehammer, and Ninja's Yuijan Art and Death Star.

  • Socketed Equipment: Starting Tier 20, gear will sometimes drop with rune slots. Two types of slots exist, Core Runes and Aux Runes. Core Runes are powerful runes that provide a significant bonus at 3 and 6 slots. Core slots will buff a certain certain element and Witch, often resulting in game breaking combinations, like Leraje's auto-cast for Fighter and her auto-attacks with Ranger. Aux Runes are smaller, but equally important runes, which can be slotted up to 3 times on a single gear. Aux runes provide more diverse effects such as armor pierce, elemental resistance, HP boosts, shield boosts, elemental attack, shield pierce, and flat attack buffs. Aux Runes are integral to your build because they provide the coveted Elemental Energy which provides a ginormous percentage based boost to certain skills and basic attacks when you reach 400 and 800 energy, with energy being soft-capped via aux rune level limitsnote . For some context on the usefulness of energy, a Fire Warrior using Fiery Spearnote  with 400 Fire Energy deals 120% more damage via Fiery Spear than a Fire Warrior without energy with the same stats sans the energynote . And that's not counting the passive bonus of the Fire Core Rune for warriors...note 

  • Soul Eater: What the Leraje Priest essentially is. Leraje's R and SR skills are Evil wave and Banquet, respectively. Evil Wave causes an outburst of souls that will blast nearby enemies with water damage and recovers some of your HP. Banquet summons an Eldritch Abomination that reaps enemies and restores Stamina and large amounts of HP if the enemies hit are killed within 3 seconds. Brought Up to Eleven with the Core Rune set bonus, where you get a large damage buff and gain the abilities to stack souls through dealing damage, at the cost of enemies no longer dropping Hearts and Stamina

  • Floating Continent: Implied. The Hell Isle is a location where you can grind for pretty much any material you need, except soul shards and diamonds. The fact that the stage icons appear to be floating on rocky foundations may suggest that the Hell Isle is indeed located in the sky. This has never been truly confirmed however, but common sense suggests that it might as well be.

  • Level Grinding: The game is full of it. From Soul Shard grindnote  ,Gold coins, Diamonds, EXP, Runesnote , Sanguinitesnote , Gear ash and Seednote , Elemental Catalystsnote  to the less payed-attention-to materials such as Hamon stonesnote , Refining Stonesnote , Chaos stonesnote , Elementite and Elemental essencenote , and Abyss Shards. Luckily, the grind is pretty fast and most of the materials above are obtainable via Hell Isle and its counterpart location, the Treasure Cellar. You are gated by Airship energy in Hell Isle however, but you can recharge 40 energy ten times per week through batteries obtained in the Treasure Cellar.

  • Loot Boxes: MHS features a gacha system that you can use to get new weapons. Weapons have rarities from UC-UR and are associated with either fire, water, or wood. UR Weapons are all witchgearsnote . You can use common gold tokens to get UC-R weapons and Gold tokens, which you can use to acquire UC-UR weapons. During limited time events, there can also be a Limited Event chest that you can use to get a special limited weaponnote .

  • Boss Battle: Every battle you do is almost always going to end up having one. Layers, Secret Chambers, Hell Isle, Treasure Cellar, Soul Hunter, Hunting Grounds, Skill Trial, Night Raid and World Boss all include a boss fight. Up to Eleven with World Boss, where players from the entire server band together and try to slay a significantly buffed edition of a Witch. Night Raid is a smaller-scale world boss, where all the members of a guild must slay a moderately buffed version of a bossnote  within 15 minutes. The guild with the fastest time and highest difficulty beaten gets a large amount of treasure at the end of the week.

  • Contractual Boss Immunity: For every boss. Each boss spawns with a buff called "Mettle" that renders them immune to Stuns and Freeze. On certain bosses like Andromalius, Armii, and Crocell, they have a phase in their attack pattern that lets them shrug off all damage for a short amount of time; Andromalius's shield, Armii's invincibility frames, and Crocell's Ice Meteor attack animationnote . Occasionally in World Bosses, where bosses can spawn with a buff that grants them a shield that blocks all damage and grants them an attack buff after the shield breaks.


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