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Rainbow is a fan of Sailor Moon, Harry Potter, My Little Pony, Tokyo Mew Mew, Azumanga Daioh, Pretty Cure, and likes a lot of other anime that would be too long to list here. She writes her own fanfiction (about Harry Potter, Pretty Cure and Sailor Moon) and can be found at under the name "Rainbow169." All of her stories have Loads and Loads of Characters, the majority of which are female. Another quirk of her stories is that she actively tries to make sure that all her main characters (a set of 12 would be small) get equal "page time" and thus her stories rarely, if ever, have a single main character as the focus. She also has three Pomeranians, Luna, Lily, and Lyra. She used to have a Keeshond mix named Aggie and a Norwegian Elkhound named Diana who both had to be euthanized because of old age issues in Aggie's case and an aggressive sinus tumor in Diana's, and both of them have tropes listed as well.


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Tropes that apply to Rainbow:

  • Big Little Cousin (I'm an inversion of the trope. Of all my cousins, I'm not only the oldest, but also the shortest.)
  • Boyish Short Hair
  • Brutal Honesty
  • Canine Companion (I LOVE my dogs a lot, as one can tell from my user page.)
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  • Country Cousin (I have 2 cousins (a pair of sisters) who actually do live on a farm, while I live in a more urban area. The older of the two is probably the one of my cousins who I am closest to, as well.)
  • Everything's Better with Rainbows (If it wasn't obvious by my username, I love rainbows and rainbow-colored things.)
  • Hates Being Touched (More like "hates being suddenly touched from behind")
  • Hates Small Talk
  • Literal-Minded (I do understand figures of speech and metaphorical speech, but I tend to assume people mean what they say and it's often difficult for me to tell if someone is being serious or if they're joking.)
  • Older Than They Look (Mainly because I'm short. My Country Cousin who likes anime even said that I "look like a chibi" once, which I found amusing.)
  • Soapbox Sadie (Mainly about social justice/discrimination issues)
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  • Spoiler Hound (This is mainly because I don't like getting nasty surprises, so I usually like to know ahead of time if a story is going to have something potentially upsetting in it or a Downer Ending since I usually avoid stories with that type of ending.)
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality (This not only applies to my personality, but also my tastes in fiction. While I generally prefer stories that are on the idealistic side of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism, I also love cold and unemotional characters.)
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Your Tomcat Is Pregnant (In my case, more like "Your female mouse got the other female mouse pregnant." When I was 6 or so, I got pet mice, and I thought I was getting two females, so I named them Jenny and Mary. Then Jenny turned out to have baby mice, which resulted in the realization that "Mary" was a male mouse and so "her" name was changed to James.)

Tropes that apply to her dogs:

  • Added Alliterative Appeal (The three Pomeranians are named Luna, Lyra and Lily)
  • Afraid of Needles (Luna, who is normally fearless to the point of foolishness, is terrified of getting shots at the vet, and she'll even start screaming in anticipation before the vet gives her the shot. Understandable given her small size, as the shots possibly hurt her more than they do the other dogs.)
  • Aloof Darkhaired Girl (Diana, definitely. She's an aloof Tsun Dere dog who is somewhat taller/bigger than the average Elkhound, darker fur on her head, and a lot of people think she's beautiful and want to pet her but she doesn't like people she doesn't know well touching her. Even before I knew about this trope I called her my "aloof beauty dog.")
  • Big Eater (Aggie once ate half a chocolate cake without even getting sick, and she also once ate a whole container of dog biscuits. She was the most food-motivated of our dogs in general, and got herself in trouble sometimes because her eagerness for food would lead her to take risks she wouldn't otherwise take.)
  • Big Friendly Dog (Luna inverts this trope, since she is a Tiny Friendly Dog with a similar "jump on your lap and kiss your face" personality to the big dogs described by this trope.)
  • Cute, but Cacophonic (Both Pomeranians can fall into this trope at times, although Lily is actually the one who barks more than Luna. This is probably because Luna is more relaxed and confident, whereas Lily gets easily startled and is more likely to notice noises and things she sees outside. Lily's bark is also louder than Luna's and is rather piercing and shrieky-sounding.)
  • Cuteness Proximity (Luna often causes this to at least some degree in most people who meet her, aside from die-hard dog phobics. She even gets me doing baby talk to her, and I used to HATE baby talk because I thought it was demeaning to children (although Luna isn't a human child and being a dog, would pay more attention to tone of voice than exact words). It also helps that Luna's personality is as cute and sweet as her appearance.)
  • Fear of Thunder (Diana was terrfied of thunder.)
  • Fearless Fool (Luna is like this most of the time, aside from her fear of getting shots at the vet. She's always ready to go have an adventure anywhere and meet anyone.)
  • Friend to All Children (While Luna likes pretty much anyone, she especially gets excited about greeting young children and toddlers, probably because their voices tend to be higher and they're smaller so she can reach their faces to lick easier.)
  • Inkblot Cartoon Style (Luna is about as close to this as a real-life dog can get. She has mostly black (dark gray) fur with a white muzzle, a round black button nose and white legs/paws and chest, and her head is rather big for her body, too, and she even has big eyes.)
  • Ironic Name: Before I adopted her, Lily the Shrinking Violet had the name "Sassy" listed on the adoption website, although I'm not sure if that's a name the shelter gave her or a name she had before then.
  • Meaningful Name (Diana was named after the goddess of the hunt because when I was learning about Elkhounds, I heard that they were a moose hunting breed. Diana fits this very well, although since there are no moose where I live she mainly hunts bunnies and squirrels. This isn't necessarily with our permission. Also, Luna fits her name very well in her appearance, given her black (actually called "blue" but looks more like very dark gray) and white fur that fits a half or crescent moon. However, this is just a lucky coincidence because I planned to name my Pomeranian "Luna" before I even decided on a specific dog, just that I wanted a Pom.)
  • Multicolored Hair (All my dogs have at least two different colors in their fur, if not more. Diana, Aggie, Lyra, and Lily have what dog breeders would call "sable" coats, so they all have fur with black tips on their backs, on their heads and on their tail tips, and all three of them also have lighter-colored fur on their undersides as well. Diana's fur is various shades of gray and black, while Lily, Lyra and Aggie have various shades of brown. Luna is unique in my dogs in that she has solid colors in her fur, with most of her fur being a dark gray "blue" with white markings on her face and underside.)
  • Panty Thief (Luna is a more innocent version of this, as she prefers licking underwear to any other type of dirty laundry, and she has been known to pull underwear through the holes of laundry baskets. Luckily, she's never actually chewed on underwear like some dogs might do.)
  • Perky Goth (Luna could count as this, given her fur colors and the fact that she has black lips. Her personality is anything but dark and spooky. I think she kind of looks like a gothic lolita dog because she has the black and white gothy colors, fluffy fur for the frilly part and she's small and looks young.)
  • Raised by Humans (Aggie is the most notable example of this of my dogs, because the people who we got her from sold their puppies too early (she was only 5 weeks old when we brought her home), she forgot how to socialize with other dogs. This lead to her not understanding Diana's attempts to play with her, and is part of the reason why she and Diana never got along, because she had forgotten the language of her own species.)
  • Reality Is Unrealistic (Luna has been mistaken for a stuffed toy sometimes, mainly when she's being very calm and quiet and her head is sticking out of a front pouch I used to carry her in.)
  • Shrinking Violet: Lily, who is shy and easily scared by sounds and sudden movements. She's very friendly with me and my family though, and loves to play with Luna.
  • Tareme (Aggie and Diana have this, especially Aggie, who was always known for her "sad eyes" look.)
  • Theme Naming (While Luna was specifically named after the cat from Sailor Moon, both she and Lily share names with prominent Harry Potter characters. Lyra doesn't fit that pattern, but Luna, Lyra, and Lily (as in the background pony Lily Valley) are names of characters from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.)
  • Tongue on the Flagpole (Aggie did this when she was a puppy. It wasn't a flagpole, but she did get her tongue stuck to something metal when she was out in the cold once.)
  • Tsundere (Diana, who switches between being cuddly and growling, often without warning. She also alternates between bullying Aggie and attempting to play with her, which doesn't work because Aggie never liked her from the start. Diana also fits the original definition of a Tsundere as someone who becomes gentler over time, since Luna joined the family, Diana has even learned how to be kissy and cuddly and she rarely growls anymore now that Aggie (the main target of her "tsun" behavior) is dead. Unfortunately, Diana has become a bit more growly as she's gotten older and her eyesight has gotten worse, since she's easily startled and reacts by growling.)
  • Tsurime (Luna's eyes kind of look like this.)
  • Vocal Dissonance: Aggie was the most obvious example of this with my dogs. She was on the smallish side of medium (smaller than Diana) and had a deep, growly, ferocious-sounding bark that sounded like it should come from a much bigger dog. She also was one of the most extremely sweet, gentle and non-aggressive dogs I've ever met, but her deep, scary bark combined with her tendency to jump up on people when she was younger probably made her seem scary to some people meeting her for the first time. Diana also has a bit of this trope because her bark can be surprisingly high-pitched sometimes, especially when compared to Aggie (Diana isn't that big, being a medium-sized Elkhound, but she's big for an Elkhound and is bigger than Aggie was). Her bark isn't quite a "toy" breed's yap but it's certainly higher-pitched (more of an alto bark) than one might expect from her. Her voice is higher than most Elkhounds, at least going by the videos I have watched of other Elkhounds barking.

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