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  • Actor-Shared Background: The role of foster mother Joanne Simpson reflects on her portrayer Jenny Agutter's real life charitable services that involves helping children, which includes the Diabetic Association and NCH Action for Children, a charity which provides home and other help for homeless children, with which Agutter has been involved for five years. The role also reflected on Agutter's real life aspects that were recent at the time she filmed her role as Joanne including Agutter's then-latest marriage and her expectance of becoming a mother for the first time to her then-unborn child Jonathan who was later born on the same year Child's Play 2 was theatrically released, which is considered ironic as Agutter's character in the film was unable to conceive children of her own while Agutter herself was able to so.
  • Billing Displacement: Jenny Agutter is given second billing in the second movie, despite her role to be nothing pivotal and more of an irrelevant Innocent Bystander who ends up an Asshole Victim after she shortly Took a Level in Jerkass by finally taking Phil's somewhat inconsiderate recommendation to send Andy back to the orphanage, while Christine Elise, who plays Kyle and is given fourth billing, is the true Supporting Protagonist next to Andy. Same goes to Phil, who's given third billing, but is not as important as Kyle's or Andy's roles and he ends up an Asshole Victim as well.
  • The Danza: Grace Poole, played by Grace Zabriskie.
  • Deleted Role: Chris Sarandon was originally going to reprise his role as Det. Mike Norris from the first film, but his scenes were cut from the film due to budgetary issues.
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  • Fake American: British actress Jenny Agutter as American foster mother Joanne Simpson in Child's Play 2.
  • Old Shame: Jenny Agutter regrets having done the film (likely due to how her character was Demoted to Extra in the theatrical cut, while the deleted scenes that were later Re-Cut for TV fleshed out her character more along with her co-star Gerrit Graham's character), saying "It was much less than the script I read."
  • The Other Darrin: In the Brazillian dub, Renato Márcio replaces Júlio Chaves as the voice of Chucky.
  • Playing Against Type: In genre films before, Jenny Agutter is known for playing Ms. Fanservice characters, however, due to Agutter around the time likely undergoing a midlife crisis, this role was part of a mark of the beginning for her to play conservative characters who can count as the Token Wholesomes on her acting resume.
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  • Production Posse: In a reversal sense, Gerrit Graham playing the Obstructive Bureaucrat foster father in the second film would be his first collaboration with the franchise's producer David Kirschner and a couple years later would work with him and the franchise's distributor Universal again on a short-lived television animated series of the An American Tail franchise, Fievel's American Tails, as The Other Darrin for John Cleese's character from Fievel Goes West.
  • Refitted for Sequel: The death of the teacher and the factory finale were both intended to be featured in the original.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The original script had an opening scene of a court hearing dealing with the events of the previous film. Catherine Hicks was to reprise her role of Karen Barclay in this sequence but it was cut before filming began. Elements of this scene appeared in a similar courtroom scene in Curse of Chucky.
    • Don Mancini stated in an interview that a locker scene was originally supposed to be in the film but it was cut and used in Bride of Chucky.
    • Karen Black and Mary Steenburgen were considered for Grace Poole.
    • Originally, Phil and Joanne were named George & Mildred.


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