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Nightmare Fuel / Child's Play 2

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When we last left our killer doll...
WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • Chucky's unadulterated Uncanny Valley face in the darkness when he first attempts to possess Andy's body after immobilizing him. The whole fact that Chucky gagged and tied Andy down to his bed and is standing on top of him evokes the image of a Sleep Paralysis Creature.
    • And then there's the matter of what has to be going through Andy's mind at that moment. Not only is the doll that ruined his life Back from the Dead, he's even more determined to possess him than he was before, and with Karen and Mike out of the picture, the odds are improbably against him.
  • The sequence of Andy desperately trying to escape his classroom as Chucky demands to be let out of the closet, the killer doll growing more and more furious as Andy doesn't comply.
    Chucky: Let me out, you little dick! LET ME THE FUCK OUT!!
  • Everything about Mrs. Kettlewell's death. Her being an Asshole Victim doesn't make this moment any less horrific. Between Chucky walking towards her with a Slasher Smile, Graeme Revell's Creepy Circus Music-like score, the camera angle making it almost look as if we're seeing him from her POV, and her screams as Chucky bludgeons her to death with a yard stick, is it any wonder why many consider it to be the Nightmare Fuel peak of the series?
    Chucky: You've been veeery naughty, Mrs. Kettlewell...
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  • Phil's fate isn't as visceral as most of the others', but that doesn't make it anything to slouch at, even with the amusing Incredibly Lame Pun to compensate for it. The look of utter terror on his face as he learns Andy was telling the truth the whole time, topped off with Chucky promptly dropping Phil on the floor causing him to break his neck, and Joanne mourning for him in the aftermath make it one of the most unsettling (and saddest) moments in the series.
  • Grace's death, partially because of how out-of-left-field it is and partially because of the camera zooming in on her bleeding chest as Chucky stabs her repeatedly.
  • Chucky's Villainous Breakdown after finding out he's doomed to spend the rest of his life in the Good Guy doll. No small talk, no quips—just the animalistic rage of a man who truly is a monster no matter what form he takes. Brad Dourif's voice acting in this scene, in particular, is an Oscar-worthy performance up to par with his actually nominated supporting role in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, capturing not only Chucky's rage at failing to possess a human soul in time, but also the rage of Charles Lee Ray realizing that he is now trapped inside the Good Guy doll forever.
    Chucky: You little SHIT, do you know what you've done?! It's too late! I've spent too much time in this body! I'M FUCKIN' TRAPPED IN HERE!!!
    • When cornering Andy later on, Chucky has this to relay:
      Chucky: GOT YOU NOW, ANDY. And you know what I'm gonna do to you?! I'M GONNA CUT OFF YOUR LEGS, TOO!!
  • The Good Guy doll factory. Aside from the labyrinth of boxed dolls, confusing assembly line, lack of human presence (there's only one guy in a control room), and over-the-top colors like something of out of the interior of a Toys "R" Us store that give it an unnatural look, it's a gargantuan safety hazard where machines can easily maim and/or kill you (or, for some godforsaken reason, have a button that makes the machines turn a doll into a horrific molten mess), there are leaks of scorching molten plastic, and the emergency exit door is faulty. To top it all off, a living killer doll is after you in this colorful hell of a setting. Roger Ebert himself found this setting and the entire climax taking place in it particularly Nightmare Fuel-inducing, as he described his disturbed feelings towards it in the Siskel & Ebert review.
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  • While chasing down Andy and Kyle, Chucky has a gate slammed onto his hand. So what does he do? Rip it off and jam his knife onto the bloody stump in place of his missing hand. The close-ups on Chucky's hand as it tears away combined with his grunts and screams of agony add to the uneasiness of it.
  • The factory worker getting doll eyes stabbed into his sockets can either be darkly funny, or utter Judge Doom-looking Nightmare Fuel.
  • Melted Chucky. It isn't long before he's blown sky high, but good luck trying to keep him out of your dreams!
  • The alternate ending used consistently by network airings of the movie. A description for those afraid to click the link: A piece of Chucky's face is shown to have landed in the vat of molten plastic, and it goes under. A couple of moments later, a compartment opens to reveal a newly-formed Good Guy doll head without eyes or teeth or any other descriptive features, and it smiles evilly right at the camera.
  • Fridge Horror: If we consider the first movie's rule that Chucky must be hit in the heart to be 100% killed, and also consider the opening of Child's Play 3 which shows that blood is indeed still coursing through his carcass, it could mean that what Andy and Kyle actually did was leave Chucky stuck glued in hardened molten plastic in a And I Must Scream state for eight years. And when he finally gets a new mouth in the opening titles of 3, the first thing he does is to scream.