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  • One song that you can set up in the in-game jukebox is named "Believe in Me Who Believes in You".
  • The "Fedora with perfume and a plum" is a reference to one drink served by Moe in the "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" episode of The Simpsons. Similarly, you can serve a "Flaming Moai" named after the Flaming Moe.
  • Dorothy initially planned on calling herself Dolores Haze but she found it to be as subtle as a brick.
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  • Dorothy is a DFC model. "DFC" is a slang term used by 4chan and other imageboards that stands for "Delicious Flat Chest".
  • The scrolling text that appears whenever Streaming-chan shows up is right from Nico Nico Douga.
    • One of the messages in the stream reads "Anime was a mistake". This is a reference to a misquote of Hayao Miyazaki from an interview where he criticized the anime industry.
    • Streaming-chan also claims that a fan-made a VR model of her in Niku Niku Dance
    • During a conversation with Streaming-chan, Jill tells the story of a Lilim on the verge of death known as a DRK-S0L.
  • Gillian is named after the protagonist of Snatcher.
  • A couple of Augmented Eye and Danger/u/ threads mention the hit anime Yooroo Yooree, with one poster commenting on her favorite character Shina Tsu.
  • Art von Delay looks a lot like George Costanza and at one point even tells Jill that he seriously hopes she doesn't do something. His name is even taken from Art Vandelay, George's Go-to Alias and Jill even almost calls him that.
    • Jill comments that he looks like the kind of guy who would celebrate Festivus, the fictional holiday that George's father invented and makes his family celebrate.
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    • When asked (jokingly) about whether or not her breasts are real Alma responds with: “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”
  • One of Jill's "distracted" thoughts when making a drink is wondering if the order was a rabbit.
  • A few characters know Dana by the moniker "The Red Comet", apparently from a wrestling career she had in the past. To further drive the point home, when Jill asks her 'why red?', Dana answers "That way I was three times faster!". She's also known as "The Undefeated of the West". Dana loves her Gundam references.
    • The first thing the game asks you to save money for is a renewal on Jill's subscription to a porn site called "Shining Fingered".
    • Related to her wrestling career, at one point she reprimands Jill for a comment by telling her "now I have to break Gil's back, and make you humble", which is a clear reference to one of the Iron Sheik's famous promos... Poor Gillian.
  • In one conversation, Dana says that she's "eternally seventeen years old".
  • In the same conversation as above, she says "a cat is fine too".
  • Both the name and the description of the Bad Touch are a reference to an iconic song from the band Bloodhound Gang.
  • Nacho Tumbleweed Jr, with his eyepatch, calling his subordinate dogs "soldiers" and his descriptions of "creating a heaven on Earth," is a clear Expy of Big Boss.
    • Similarly, Rad Corgi sports sunglasses and is sometimes called "J."
  • One of the drinks is "Frothy Water".
  • Virgilio is pretty much a whole-character reference to Jim Sterling's character Virgilio Armandio from his Destructoid days. Although in his ending he is seen wearing glasses that line up more with Jim's more recent persona on the Jimquisition something that ties in nicely with Virgilio Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • Jamie is basically Adam Jensen in what appears to be Vaas' vest. His design is also reminiscent of Kano's from the more recent Mortal Kombat games
  • One of the first news articles is about the show "Cyborgs in Heels" directed by Quinton Hayter. Jill even comments with a line talking about the "Rules of Nature".
  • When given the opportunity to save away from Jill's apartment, the screen before is accompanied by a chime that's similar-sounding to Windows 95's startup chime, and the screen after is reminiscent of when it would tell you that "It is now safe to turn off your computer" when shutting down.
  • The term boomer and the last names Stingray, Asagiri, Romanova and Yamazaki are all references to the cyberpunk anime Bubblegum Crisis
  • Sei Asagiri is a personality-reversed expy of Rei Ayanami. The reference becomes more obvious after the Apollo Trust incident when she becomes a Bandage Babe and shares Rei's iconic eye bandage.
  • At one point Jill rants about a real estate company Realty Nua, particularly how after several huge successes early in their life they basically started out-sourcing work to other companies while they themselves did little, and despite this, they are still regarded highly.
  • Two separate characters, for reasons totally unrelated, rip off The Rock's catchphrases almost verbatim.
    ???: My name is...
  • Dana refers to a bear named Bosco.
  • The jukebox's start-up shows that it was made by the "KeereeJoe Group".
  • Get Streaming-chan drunk in her first appearance and she'll declare that she's feeling "palms sweaty, knees weak, arms spaghetti."
  • The VA-11 HALL-A universe is filled with video games such as YIIK: The Final Remaster, Hatsoonay Meeko: Project (R)emaster, Sting's;Face: Remastered, Water Pro-Wrestling G, and Dang It, Roun Paul.
    • In fact: Yiik A Postmodern RPG (pronounce Y-2-K and centering around a paranormal Alternate History version of the titular event) gets namedropped quite a bit (being from the same publisher as VA-11 Hall-A probably helped). It apparently hit Cult Classic status before the 2070s leading to it getting a LOT of ports, you can buy a figurine of main character Alex from the JC Elton's ('His beard grows in real-time!') and a group cosplaying as characters from the game end up in the bar on Mega-Christmas Eve (they got lost on the way to a fan convention).
    • The constant references to YIIK may also serve as a "Funny Aneurysm" Moment considering the game's constant delays (referenced as released in 2016, in reality in 2019), eventual mediocre reception, and the controversies sparked by its creator.
  • At one point, Dorothy enters the bar yelling NOBODY EXPECTS THE DOROTHINQUISITION!
  • When talking about relationships, Deal starts rambling off the names of Betty's exes, which sound familiar to a number of girls mentioned by Lou Bega in a mambo... or five.
  • When Alma complains that Jill doesn't say "Hello" anymore when she walks in, a series of events play out that ends with Jill rambling off a slightly altered version of The Raven.
  • One of the shop items is named Joker Cyclone - makes one wonder how many are own by Shoutaro and Phillip.
  • When asked if she speaks French, Jill replies "Mon aéroglisseur est plein d'anguilles."
  • The red jacket-wearing biker Mario bears a striking resemblance to Shotaro Kaneda, additionally, one of the songs in the jukebox is titled "Good for Health, Bad for Education".
  • Ingram is named for the Ingram Smartgun, a staple weapon in Shadowrun, which is itself named after the real-life creator of the MAC-10.
  • Jamie talks about a bounty hunter called Jet James Black
  • Dana refers to Alma as "Armitage", which could be a reference to the character from Snow Crash, Jake Armitage from Shadowrun, or the real life hacking tool of the same name.
  • Sometimes in the game, the television in the background says I'D BUY THAT FOR A DOLLAR.
  • Kiririn Light is a reference to the real-life beer brand Kirin.
  • In the screen, sometimes Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki, the protagonist of the Show Within a Show of the same name from Yandere Simulator, can be seen.
  • *Kira* Miki's songs named Shine Spark and Sunshine Stone are references to attack moves from Getter Robo, namely the "Shine Spark" and the "Stoner Sunshine".
  • An idol duo that *Kira* Miki has met are named b-LINK (made up of Suzu and Aina) who are mentioned to have doll-like appearances, dressing in Victorian faction, a reference to 80s idol duo Wink (consisting of Shachiko Suzuki and Shoko Aida).
  • The Zaibatsu Corporation may be a reference to the identically-named Mega-Corp from Grand Theft Auto 2. In particular, both versions of Zaibatsu are noted as having made great strides in pharmaceutical development.

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