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The game's filled to the brim with these! Some things are obviously based off something, some are a tad less visible shoutouts.

  • Delinquent Cat is a reference to Jotaro Kujo, even using a Stand-like attack.
  • Catman is obviously a shoutout to Batman.
  • The Wild West-themed Cat Gunslinger evolves into Cat Eastwood upon reaching level 10.
  • The evolved form of Kotatsu Cat, Sadako Cat, is a plain reference to Sadako Yamamura from the film adaptation.
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  • All evolved Nekoluga family cats' names reference a Japanese belief about Kesaran Pasaran, a spirit inhabiting a flock of weeds.
  • Awakened form of the Dom Cat prefers the Dark side of the Force. Also evolved Princess Kaguya is called Death Moon and is of very familiar appearance, along with Cats in a Box's True Form, Heavy Assault C.A.T.
    • Adding onto this, the Cat version of Dark Lazer has a blue lightsaber, just like how the films show good characters with blue lightsabers and evil characters with red ones.
  • Some cats are referencing classic RPG games classes and their traditional evolution as magic Swordsman Cat evolves into long-haired dual-wielding flame swords Sword Master Cat, and a classic knight Brave Cat evolves into Dark Cat, complete with black spiky armor.
  • Croco enemy description references Crocodile Dundee.
  • The penguin enemy that loves kung fu movies and is a serious kung fu enthusiast is named Jackie Peng.
  • The Teacher Bear enemy is a clear shoutout to Pedobear, both through his looks and description.
    Teacher Bear. A kindergarten teacher. He LOVES children. Not related to a certain other bear. No one knows his real name.
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  • J.K.Bun Bun's description includes his books Punishment and Prejudice and Les Pénitents.
  • A crowned Alien variant of Pigge is named Elizabeth the LVIth.
  • An alien variation of a Bore has Spock's trademark haircut and is named Nimoy Bore. You couldn't make it any more transparent.
  • The stage where you battle the Metal Cyclone is called Attack on Titanium.
  • Similarly, the Zyclone's stage is named The Rolling Dead.
  • Rain D. enemy, a Christmas reindeer that "hates Red", is probably a reference to Rudolf.
  • Director Kurosawah is known for copying the very famous movie director.
  • The enemies based off of sea angels both have references to Neon Genesis Evangelion. In fact, the English name for one of them is 'Cruel Angel Clionel', a nod to the theme song of the anime.
  • Among other things, you have Thor Cat, Cupid Cat, Valkyrie Cat, Bahamut Cat, Bodhisattva and Avalokitesvara Cats, Angelic Sleipnir for an enemy, and a set of cats based on Japanese mythology, various other myths, and war history.
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  • Apple Cat's True Form is the iCat, and the cat inside who pops up when attacking is dressed like a certain software pioneer.
  • Catasaurus, the True From of Jurassic Cat, rides a familiar-looking dinosaur that it met " a magical land of fungi". It even does the flutter kick when it attacks!
  • Daboo of the Dead bears a striking resemblance to Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • The Hermit Cat from the Heavenly Tower event resembles a certain character from Dragonball.
  • The appearance of Kasa Jizo’s evolved form, Jizo’s Moving Castle, is based of off Howl’s Moving Castle.
  • There is a Cat Combo named Jibbly Studio and the cats found in the combo are The Flying Cat (Who, by himself, already references Castle in the Sky), Mythical Titan Cat and Witch Cat.
  • The last stage in the Walk of Fame Subchapter is called Multiversal Studios
  • There is a subchapter named Mouseyland, which is a reference to Disneyland.
  • D’artanyan’s name is a reference to D’artagnan. The same case also goes for D’arktanyan.
  • The attack animation of Mr. Mole looks suspiciously like a Shoryuken. Also, Shoryuken translates to Rising Dragon Fist in English, while the technique used by Mr. Mole is called Rising Mole Fist, further solidifying the reference.
    • The enemy Corporal Weyland is an Alien type variant of the earlier enemy Mr. Mole. The former is a reference to a character from Alien, as well as taking a jab at the Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy trope, while the latter is possibly a nod to Mr. Resetti from Animal Crossing.
  • The doll that Puppetmaster Cat carries in his True Form looks a lot like Chucky.
  • All of the Nekoluga’s true forms are this:
  • The face of Elder Sloth looks quite similar to the face of the River God
  • All of Cat God’s poses all reference a piece of art. Interestingly enough, he only references works made by Michelangelo
  • The machine that Time Traveller Cat is using is very similar to Doraemon’s own time machine.
  • All of the Galaxy Gals, save for the Twinstars and Headmistress Jeanne, all reference something.
    • Thundia and Windy reference Raijin and Fujin respectively. To add to the reference, Thundia has a circular contraption behind her, which is supposed to symbolise his drums and Windy’s vacuum cleaner is supposed to be Fujin’s wind bag.
    • Kuu, Kai and Coppermine all reference characters from Journey to the West. Specifically, they reference Sun Wukong (She wields a pillar that can change size, rides on top of a mechanical cloud and has a circlet on her head), Zhu Wuneng (Rides a mechanical pig and that’s it) and Sha Wujing (The U.F.O-like object on her head is supposed to be like the plate on top of a Kappa’s head) respectively. There was also a now deleted combo featuring the three of them named Journey to the West.
    • Kalisa’s design is quite similar to Hatsune Miku’s.
  • Beefcake Cat’s description mentions something about how the legs he pairs up (which is a clever way of with design-wise “can float like a butterfly, really stings like a bee!
  • Evil Cat’s japanese name is “Wagahai wa onidearu”, which references I Am a Cat.

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