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The troping begins!

  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • The Face and Dark Emperor Nyandam are both relatively easy to defeat for beginners, mostly due to being damage sponges with pathetic movement and attack speed, more than overcompensating for their devastating long-ranged attacks. Nyandam can become very painful if you can't destroy his One Horns quickly, though.
    • If the player has Octopus Cat or another unit that can nullify shockwaves, then Crazed Gross Cat goes from being among the hardest Crazed Cats to beat to a borderline Zero-Effort Boss. The same applies to its Manic form.
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    • Among the Cyclone stages, The Perfect Cyclone (fought in Red Sky At Morning) is among the easiest to defeat, despite being hyped up as a Category-5 hurricane that swallows up lesser cyclones. Cats with high HP can easily get into its blind spot and inflict severe damage on it, and it only comes with weak Doge Darks and Trolly Bloggers as backup. While the Trolly Bloggers can push your strong Cats into the Cyclone's attack range, the Cat Cannon can easily dispatch them, and possibly interrupt the Cyclone long enough to sneak a Fragile Speedster into the eye of the storm. It's reduced to an utter joke if you happen to have a high-levelled Kotatsu Cat. Note, however, that this only applies to the initial stage — while Wrath of Red Sky is nearly as easy as the original, Revenge of Red Sky qualifies as the opposite trope.
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    • Although the Cat God puts up a satisfying fight in his first two encounters, his final fight is much easier than you might expect. Final Boss Giga-God himself may have a nearly One-Hit Kill attack, but before using it, he warps Cats nearby with a long wave attack, which can actually save them from the dangerous final hit. While his support is fairly strong, consisting of Demonic Spiders like General GreGory and Mesocosmocyclone, it’s weaker than in the first two chapters — and since you need anti-Alien treasures at near maximum to even get to him, they’re bound to be near their minimum strength level. It’s likely that the player will build up a huge stack of damage-dealing Cats and destroy him in a few minutes.
    • Filibuster Obstructa, who occasionally invades levels in Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 3, seems intimidating at first. It has 2,000,000 health and 1,000,000 attack power (and since it's a starred Alien, its stats can be up to 1500% higher without treasures), and with its ludicrous maximum range of 4000, it can hit the Cat Base from anywhere by virtue of being a Long Distance enemy. Thankfully, it attacks very, very slowly, but if it gets an attack off, the Cat Base will not survive. However, it's become one of the most mocked bosses in the game, because any form of knockback will completely reset its almost minute-long attack animation. Because of this, there was a strategy, prior to Version 8.3.2, that used the Sniper the Cat power-up and exploited its once small minimum range (50~4050) which allowed it to go in front of Kid Tappa if there were no cats in the field and, because Sniper the Cat attacked faster than him, Stun Lock him until he dies. Even with the increase of its minimum range, it’s still easy to beat; only one enemy comes out at a time, and even Bun Bun Symbiote and Bore are easily handled since, by this point, you probably have some Cats that can beat them without any problem. At least it has a cool battle theme.
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    • Despite being the final boss of Stories of Legend, Mecha-Bun is a surprisingly simple fight. While not exactly easy, it mostly just boils down to stacking Necro-Dancer Cats at the beginning, then trying to permafreeze the boss and rushing it down before it breaks free. A later update made Mecha-Bun even easier to beat by reducing the Splash Damage range on its attack, letting it be affected by Sanzo Cats and harmed by Cameraman Cats.
  • Author's Saving Throw: When it was first introduced, the advent stage for Evil Emperor Cat was widely mocked due to being a pathetically easy stage, considering that it had the Merciless difficulty. A later balance patch greatly buffed the stage, both increasing the boss's Surge range and adding more Capies and Sir Rels. While still considered fairly easy if you're using Idi:N or a Rich Cat, it's a much better challenge than it once was.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Mola King. Is he a passable Uber Rare for his range and recharge time, or is he garbage for his bad health and damage?
  • Best Boss Ever: Despite its difficulty, fans have grown to love Hermit Cat's boss stage, Floor 30. Without abusing specific Ubers to remove most of the stage's difficulty, it's a tough affair that requires legitimate skill to defend your anti-shockwave attackers and handle the ever-growing amounts of Demonic Spiders the stage sends out as support, and you earn that victory in the end.
  • Breather Level:
    • After the tough stages (for early Stories of Legend) in Squishy Cave and Volkanos Volcano, the level design suddenly becomes much easier in Neverending Cat Story and Castle of Fish. Only one new enemy is introduced in the next 4 subchapters, and some stages are even harder clones of earlier ones. Things start to get more challenging and interesting again around the end of Parthenon.
    • Due to the way anti-Alien treasures work, subchapters released when not all of them were out yet are not balanced around having all of them. As such, if the player completed more of Into the Future or Cats of the Cosmos than expected at that point, Scars of War and Area 22, respectively, become far easier than their neighbouring subchapters. This also applies to the following subchapters for each, but not as much.
    • After you get past the Guide Dang It! of the sub-chapter, Grotesque Gallery is a rather pathetic challenge compared to IT Catacombs.
    • After the first few hectic Crazed Cat stages, Head Shaker (Insane) comes across as a nice breather. Each individual Crazed Cow is rather weak, and although facing a Zerg Rush of them seems daunting, the fact that they all spawn bunched up together makes them vulnerable to strong area attacks. Fish Hell (Insane) is also a Breather Level, for similar reasons. However, while Manic Lion Cat is still fairly easy compared to the others, Manic Island Cat is much more of a challenge than Crazed Fish Cat.
    • While the Li'l Cat awakening stages for Cow and Fish are much harder than the Crazed ones, Li'l Gross Cat's (Tiny Creeper) is universally considered the easiest of the lot. The Li'l Macho Legs Cats are so weak, Awakened Bahamut can kill them all without taking any damage himself if attack CatCombos are in effect, easily beating the stage.
    • Among the Advents:
      • Queen's Coronation (Honey Trap) is still tough, but not as bad as some of the other advents. Queen B's support isn't as tough as the others; while THE SLOTH guards her blind spot well, the Kroxos aren't too bad, and there are plenty of good burst damage options to deal with the Brollows. At launch, it was still very hard, but it's suffered badly from Power Creep — strong rushers like Fishman Cat can easily get into Queen B's minimum range and deliver massive damage to her, and tankers like Zamboney Cat can keep THE SLOTH at bay. Her rematch stages are also easier than some of the others.
      • Deeply Dreaming (Bombergirl) is a downplayed example — while it's still quite tough, it's not nearly as bad as most of the others. The Bores in the stage can be defeated easily by powerful anti-Red options like iCat, and Bakoo's low HP and stamina make it easy to trap her in a Cycle of Hurting. Like the Perfect Cyclone above, however, Bakoo puts up much more of a fight in her rematch stages, and also when fought alongside Queen B in the Heavenly Tower.
      • First Errand (Baby Fake) is perhaps even easier than Deeply Dreaming, despite its Merciless difficulty. Fittingly, the boss, Doremi, is a variation of Bakoo. The level's startoff has a limited amount of enemies, and the presence of Alpacky makes it easy to stall and build up as much money as you need. Then, when Doremi appears alongside Director Kurosawah when the base is hit, it's easy to lure her to your base, then use Awakened Bahamut to keep knocking her back before she can attack while rapidly wearing down her HP. The only real threat lies in the Trolly Bloggers and Mr. Angels wearing down your base before Doremi dies — a threat that can be nullified with base HP CatCombos and careful positioning of A. Bahamut.
    • There are a few within the Heavenly Tower:
      • Floor 22 is a simple fight against a strong Flying Ninja Cat and a horde of Brollows. Strong anti-Floating Cats, like Cameraman Cat and Sanzo Cat, easily trivialise the stage. It’s a nice breather after the hectic Floor 21, and before the decently tough Floor 23 and challenging Floor 24.
      • Floor 35 is fairly simple, simply spamming Crazed Fish Cats and Trolly Bloggers with occasional Dolphinas. It’s easy to overpower them all with strong area attackers like Cyborg Cat, and it overall puts up much less of a fight than the tag team of Ururun Wolf and Cosmic Cyclone on Floor 34, and the horde of Zombies with Crazed Lizards on Floor 36.
      • While all of the floors past 40 are brutal, Floor 42 is generally considered to be the least so. Taking on almost all of the Cyclones at once may seem like a daunting task, but the first three are pretty unthreatening due to their low HP and range, and Divine Cyclone can be rendered just as easy with Sanzo Cat’s talents unlocked. The biggest threats are running out of money before killing Red or White Cyclone and Cosmic Cyclone sniping your status units, but both are fairly easy to play around. Take a breather, because Floor 43 is one of the most brutal levels in the game.
  • Character Tiers: The English community maintains one for all of the Uber and Legend Rares. The Japanese and Korean playerbases have their own tierlists, which can lead to some Ubers being better- or worse-regarded.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • Most players only spin the Rare Cat Capsule 11 times when there's a guaranteed event going on, to maximize their chances of getting an Uber.
    • Due to its long range and ability to slow powerful enemies from a distance where they can't fight back, Cyberpunk Cat is one of the most commonly used Cats in the game on late-game stages.
    • Awakened Bahamut. Due to his insane speed, equally insane damage, and being able to be used on four star stages, expect to be having him on your lineups for a long time.
  • Difficulty Spike:
    • Into the Future is significantly more challenging than Empire of Cats, especially in the sequel episodes.
    • Version 6.5 introduced the third set of story chapters "Cats of the Cosmos," which is a good deal harder than the Into the Future stages.
    • Upon completing Stories of Legend, you are able to access Uncanny Legends which has much more difficult stages and introduces the Relic enemies.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Memetic Loser:
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Saying that Archer Cat is the best Cat ever. Explanation 
    • Treating Kasa Jizo like the best Cat ever. Explanation 
    • Calling Hermit Cat "The Lorax", or saying that he destroys gacha. Explanation 
    • "Almighties True Form when?"/"Almighties True Form never". Explanation 
    • "Togeluga best waifu" Explanation 
    • "Moves fast, attacks fast, and spits acid." Explanation 
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The noise of a Zombie enemy being Killed Off for Real by a Zombie Killer unit. It's a purifying bell sound that not only sounds pretty, but notifies you that the enemy is dead.
    • The noise of a Savage Blow happening is a sharp whip-crack sound which fits perfectly with one of your Cats unleashing a tremendously strong hit.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Yulala, the second exclusive Heavenly Tower boss, doesn't have many fans at all, in stark contrast to Hermit Cat. Although Floor 40 is nearly as hard as Floor 30, it's hard in a way that relies more on Fake Difficulty, like RNG determining when his tough Angel Mooks spawn and the need for nearly frame-perfect stalling. Additionally, the Cat version of Yulala suffers badly from Redemption Demotion, being easily replaced by other Cats and not worth the effort needed to get him. Until update 9.6 hit, Yulala served as the Final Boss of the Heavenly Tower, making his stage a case of Disappointing Last Level, as well.
    • The collaboration event with Pikotaro was a rare case of a Guest Fighter ending up as this trope. The collab event wasn't well-liked to begin with; all it featured was two nearly useless units and one easy stage, and fairly poor rewards. However, what compounded issues was the timing of the event. While the English world was stuck with Pikotaro, the Japanese version instead got a Puella Magi Madoka Magica event, with far more useful Cats to collect and challenging stages to play. As such, there was a sizable backlash against the event — and tellingly, Pikotaro has never returned. Since then, most collab events that were once Japan-exclusive have made the jump to the English world.
    • One of the most despised Ubers in the entire game is the Moon Operators, from the Neon Genesis Evangelion collaboration event. They're a variant of Princess Kaguya (herself already fairly weak as Ubers go), but with worse stats all around, no spammable first form, and target types that are either overcrowded (Red) or not suited for it (Zombie). While this would normally just be another bad Uber, what makes the Moon Operators so hated is that the set they're in is otherwise full of great Ubers that will serve you well throughout the entire game, turning them into an Undesirable Prize.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Treasures, more specifically getting the individual pieces to activate or upgrade a treasure. While the treasures themselves are super helpful and are required to get anywhere in the game, actually getting them is a slog; it’s completely random if you'll get a piece of the treasure set at all. There are cases where one has played the same stage for a long time only to get the Inferior rank of the piece (the most common treasure rarity you can get). While you can ignore some until you really need them (Anything related to the Cat Cannon, Cat Base health, or increased XP drops), some are so important These include  that missing even one Superior in an all superior set can mean the difference between losing the stage and winning it.
    Lucas IV: [Treasure] is both the blessing and the curse of this game. Mostly the latter.
    • Z-Medals, obtained by clearing Zombified versions of Empire of Cats stages, are a unique case: they were intended to make treasures less annoying to get, but ended up becoming a Scrappy Mechanic themselves. On paper, the idea sounds nice — beat Zombies to get Z-Medals, and collect all the Z-Medals in a set to boost the treasure chances on the stages they affect. However, there are some serious issues with them. The Zombies appear in random stages, so it's unlikely that you'll get the full set of treasures needed to boost the treasure drop rate until you already have the treasures themselves. Also, considering that most Zombie enemies are massive Demonic Spiders, a new player without many treasures may be unable to defeat them and get the treasure for the infected stage — the exact opposite of the effect that they were supposed to have. About the only good thing about them is that they give 10 free Cat Food when first cleared and a +50 increase to your max energy should you clear all of the zombified versions of a story chapter's stages.
    • The Dodge ability on enemies, which the special Doges in the Miku Collab gave players a taste of. Unlike cat units whose dodges are limited to certain enemy types, an enemy with the Dodge skill can trigger it on any attack it takes. This means that there is no way to avoid possibly triggering the dodge and giving it total invulnerability for a few seconds, and if the player is unlucky they could potentially just trigger this dodge again and again, indefinitely. While the Miku Doges fall under Goddamned Bats due to them being just weak Mooks without their Dodge, the prospect of this ability being added to more dangerous enemies in the future is frightening, to say the least.
    • Similarly, the Surge ability on enemies. Enemies with Surge will create a giant wave attack a distance away from themselves every time they hit and the ability activates. However, unlike with shockwaves, the surge appears a random distance away from themselves, and enemies with the ability usually hit much harder than enemies with shockwaves. A single Surge in the wrong place can spell the end for any Cats unlucky enough to be hit, and it's completely out of the player's control to stop it. Units that can No-Sell Surges are much rarer than ones with Wave protection, too — and even if they themselves don't die from the Surge, the meatshields surrounding them will, which could make them easy prey for other enemies.
    • The stages that pit you against the same set of enemies over and over at increasing strength levels, like Baron Seal and Le’Grim, aren’t well-liked by the playerbase. In addition to being repetitive, the concept is seen as a dumbed-down Heavenly Tower — and, unless you’re packing strong Ubers or willing to stack max-talent Cyberpunks for a long time, good luck beating the final stages. To make matters worse, there’s a 30-minute cooldown after you win one of the stages. The 60 levels are split into 3 maps that don't share the cooldown, meaning you can technically play 3 of the stages at once, but beating all 60 stages still takes a long time to do.
    • Talent Orbs. Getting one in the first place is no mean feat — you need to spend large quantities of energy in Stories of Legend (or try farming Isle of the Map Lord, which is no pushover itself) to unlock an Enigma Stage, and hope that it's one that drops Orbs instead of one for some other reward. There are 3 stages for each type of Orb, ranging in difficulty from "beatable by players around mid-SoL" to "extremely difficult even for endgame players". However, even the hardest stages have an extremely low probability to drop any sort of good Orb, so you'll need to play the stages many times and merge your weak Orbs into stronger ones. Even if you do have a high-rank Orb, their effects are quite underwhelming, with even the S-rank Orbs only giving 20% more HP or a flat boost of 5 times the unit's base attack stat in power against a single enemy type. While they're free to equip, removing one from a unit also costs NP.
    • The Cat Shrine isn't very useful for most players outside of the endgame. Sacrificing XP to the shrine can give useful items, like Catseyes, base materials, and even Rare Tickets, but the prices in XP are exorbitant; 100,000 for base materials, 1 million for Catfruit (seeds and occasionally fruits), 3 million for Catseyes, and 5 million for Rare Tickets, Leaderships, Treasure Radars, and Catamins. Additionally, which item you get from the shrine is completely random, so it's possible to sacrifice 5 million XP for a Catamin A that could be easily obtained elsewhere. Finally, the shrine can disappear at select time intervals or when enough XP has been sacrificed to it.
    • While Talents are an overall well-regarded mechanic, getting the NP needed to activate them falls into this. It's tedious to get large quantities of NP, as the only ways to get it are by exchanging Cats rolled from the gacha or Orbs. The exchange rates on gacha Cats are pretty bad: 1 NP for Normal and Special Cats, 5 for Rares, 15 for Super Rares, and 50 for Ubers, when most useful talents require anywhere from 100 to 200 NP to fully upgrade. Outside of exchanging items, there's no other way to farm NP, which makes Cats that rely on their Talents to be effective more trouble than they're worth at times.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge:
    • A popular challenge players give themselves is to do levels No Gacha, which means they cannot use any units which they got from the Rare Cat Capsule.
    • Similarly, some players will purposely leave their Normal Cats underlevelled until reaching specific points in the game, as they consider them to be broken at their maximum level.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning: Until Chapter 3 Moon, Empire of Cats is slower-paced and much more dull than the rest of the game. It doesn't help that, if you want to get anywhere in the game, you'll need to get nearly all the treasures. Tellingly, there's a pack sold to returning players that lets them skip over Empire of Cats... for a price.
  • That One Achievement:
    • The Meow Medals for clearing the Advents, especially the Merciless ones.
    • Year-Round, obtained by clearing all of the Total War events. Not only does it take a long time (a year at minimum) to get, but the stages are no joke to beat, especially Dance of Winter.
    • The One Percenter medals aren't difficult to obtain, just extremely tedious. To get the last one, you need to generate 200 million cents across all of your battles, which will take an eternity to do no matter what. Getting it is the only thing Killer Cat is useful for outside of combos.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Among the Normal Cats, Bird Cat is the least well-received. While Axe Cat is a Crutch Character that serves well at the beginning of the game, and the others can all perform nicely throughout the game, Bird Cat, as a short-ranged Glass Cannon, doesn't do very well against anything outside of Empire of Cats. Its Crazed version is better due to its additional range, but is outclassed by other units with more range, better survivability, and cheaper prices. Cow Cat also falls off in use later in the game, being outclassed by its Crazed version and other rushers in just about everything.
    • Prior to the 10.0 update, most of the Special Cats that were purchasable with Cat Food qualified, due to their Absurdly Low Level Cap and fairly useless abilities gained in their True Forms. Among them, only a few (Sumo Cat, Boogie Cat, Dom Cat, Kung Fu Cat, and Skirt Cat) had niches past the early-game... when their stages were so hard, you needed Cats better than what you'd have in the early game to get them in the first place. Their greatest use was for CatCombos (which made Ninja Cat, Samurai Cat, Zombie Cat, and Mr. worth buying), but some didn't even have that. Fortunately, the 10.0 update served to rescue a lot of them from the Scrappy heap, granting them Talents that give massive stat boosts and some powerful special abilities... but some, like Pastry Cat and Skelecat, are useless in combat even with their Talents.
      • Much the same applies to the Monthly Rare Cats, which even evolve in the same way. While most of them are at least usable in their True Forms, some, like Doll Cats, Koi Cat, Madam Bride, Vengeful Cat, and Sports Day Cat, still fall into this outside of CatCombos.
    • As detailed on Awesome, but Impractical on the main page, Filibuster Cat X is among the worst of the Legend Cats, and is a disappointing reward for completing Cats of the Cosmos. Although its ability to freeze White enemies for a long time with each attack sounds powerful, its combination of an Overly Long Fighting Animation paired with slow attack speed, its overall low stats, and the fact that it takes so long to recharge make it less than impressive in practice. Units like Glass Cat or Lone Cat and Kitten are much more efficient at the job Filibuster Cat X is supposed to do.
    • Among the gacha Rares, one of the least-used is Tin Cat. Its ability to knock back Black enemies is a Useless Useful Spell, since they're easily knocked back anyway, and it's a single-target attacker with an ability against enemies that always come in huge hordes. Even discounting this, there are many, many Cats that target Blacks and do a far better job of it, even on 4-star difficulty. Its Talents are also close to useless, especially the one for knockback immunity. Its only real use later in the game is as a long-ranged attacker, as Robocat has surprisingly good stats, but even at a very high level, it's only slightly better than Macho Leg Cat at the job.
    • By and large, the Cats obtained from yearly holiday events aren't very strong, due to suffering from the same problem as the purchasable Special Cats: low stats and weak special abilities. While Food Stall Cat is decently usable, the rest run the gamut from middling (Awa-Odori Cat, A Gift of Cats) to bad (Marshmallow Cat, Pumpcat) to almost unusable (Eggy Cat).
    • While all of the Cats from Deadly advents are at least usable, several of the Cats obtained from Merciless advents are disappointingly weak. Cossack Cat is only good against Oldhorns, not having enough speed, range, or HP to fight off any other Relics. Medusa Cat is extremely unreliable when it comes to stopping Relics. Rugby Cat's stats are far too low to let it fend off the late-game Black enemies it's strong against, let alone anything else, and Phantom Cat suffers from the same problem. Bakery Cat's ability to Curse Angels, Aliens, and Zombies isn't very useful most of the time.
    • For a long time, Oda Nobunaga was among the worst Ubers in the game, to the point of reaching Memetic Loser status. While his ability was incredibly powerful — freezing Black enemies for a long time with each hit, enough to trap ones with few knockbacks in a Cycle of Hurting — it was negated by the fact that his other attributes were terrible. His survivability was extremely poor due to his moderate HP, poor range for an Uber, and only having one knockback, and his DPS was laughable compared to most Ubers considering these shortcomings. It got even worse when Bombercat was implemented, which could also permanently freeze Black enemies, but much more easily and reliably, while not being an Uber. While Nobunaga's True Form with Talents still isn't a very good Uber, it's at least much better than he once was — having much better HP and damage, lethal strike survival to improve his survivability, and the ability to No-Sell Curse to counter Blacks supported by Relics.
    • Mizli, more specifically her Evolved/True forms, Marinmizu and Mizuririn. While having the ability to always Knockback and Slow down Aliens on every hit sounds nice, it’s actually terrible as many Alien-heavy stages utilise backliners; her abilities mean that she’ll push the Aliens deep into a backliner’s range, where in they’ll be able to kill any attackers that you may have out on the field or, given enough time, Marinmizu herself. While she does have her very rare moments where her ability set actually helps, she’s not seen in a very good light because of this on account of her potentially making stages harder than they should. What’s more, due to her status as a support unit, her generalist value is downright awful, being replaceable by your average generalist Uber, of which there are many.
      • For the same reason, basically every unit whose main selling point is that they knock back enemies aren’t as well received as others, even more so if they can Slow/Freeze enemies as that allows them to linger in a backliner's range and thus make accidentally leading your attacker stack to their deaths much easier. Exceptions are made for a select few, such as Kubiluga and Kasli the Scourge, because they knock back the backliners alongside the frontlines.
    • Despite their popularity, many of the Nekolugas (with the exception of Tecoluga, Togeluga, and Legeluga) are quite weak for Ubers, due to their terrible survivability, general use, and recharge time. However, the ones that get it the worst are:
      • Nobiluga is one of the few Ubers that has the "prestigious" rank of D-tier, the worst tier in the tierlist. He’s supposedly the ultimate sniper unit on account of him having very high piercing range (500, which few Long Distance Ubers have) which allows him to hit backliners with ease, having his attack reach up to 1000, allowing him to hit most, if not all, backliners in the game, and having immunities to Status Effects and Waves. The problem is that his stats just suck; his damage/DPS is bad, even with the reason that he can snipe things with ease, his inner range (the area between the range where he starts to attack and where his blindspot starts) is minuscule, with even a slightly strong push from the enemies allowing them to get into his blindspot and having said blindspot be able to fit in a large variety of enemies. What’s more, his immunities can hurt him; his Knockback and Warp immunity means that he has no way of repositioning himself back to safety. And just to rub salt in the wound, his True Form doesn’t even try to fix his problems in the slightest, with it only halving his deploy cost and reducing his cooldown from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
      • Papaluga is another Uber found in the D-tier. While his ability to Curse all types of enemies sounds powerful when combined with his decent DPS and range, it can't make up for his shortcomings of terrible survivability, slow attack speed, having too short of a Curse time to permanently Curse his targets, and being too expensive and slow-recharging for what he is.
      • Summerluga is the third and final Nekoluga found in the D-tier. Her Surge attacks can deliver massive damage to any enemies they hit... if they hit, since her Surge area is so wide that the Surge will usually spawn away from the enemies that it needs to hit. Discounting her Surge, Bikinilan Pasalan's stats are completely pathetic, being the same as Unknown Cat's (already a weak Uber) without the knockback ability.
    • Dioramos is another Uber considered to be extremely underwhelming in terms of power, even in his True Form. While he does have some useful traits — huge HP and a 100% chance to knock back and slow Angel enemies and break Barriers — they can't make up for his many weaknesses. He's slow to move and attack, he costs the most of any Uber to deploy, his DPS is above-average at best, his range is surprisingly short, his recharge is slow, and his 2 knockbacks give him deceptively poor survivability, despite his high HP. Additionally, his ability to knock back and slow Angels suffers from the same problem as Mizli's; he can end up luring your other Cats into the range of a backline enemy that will kill them and open up Dioramos to take a lot of damage. While his Talents introduced in 9.10 do help him a little, especially his Strengthen and attack boost, they're not really enough to improve his viability much... and outside of those, he's cursed with useless Talents like Freeze and Weaken Resist.
    • Many of the Ubers from collab events are quite weak, though there are several that are fairly strong. However, some of the weakest are:
      • Mola King, from the Survive! Mola Mola collab, is a divisive example. Some consider him to be usable, due to his long range and fast recharge time; other consider him one of the worst Cats in the game, due to his glass health and poor DPS. Either way, he's found in D-tier on the tier list, and is a Memetic Loser among the fanbase.
      • Most of the Metal Slug Defense Ubers range from mediocre to terrible, due to being released early in the game's life and not having true forms, but the worst of them is HUGE HERMIT. Despite its high DPS, especially against Aliens, it's rendered useless by its poor HP for a tank Uber, slow speed, high cost for what it is, and very short range. It's also not immune to Warp and can't break Barriers, so it struggles to do anything against the starred Aliens that it's supposedly strong against.
      • The Ubers from Street Fighter V are also mostly below average, with the exception of Blanka and Ryu, but Dhalsim and E. Honda are the weakest among them. Dhalsim has good HP, but bad range and DPS, along with low uptime on his Weaken, and he's not good at controlling White enemies due to his short range. Meanwhile, E. Honda's ability to knock back Angels isn't particularly useful, and he has poor DPS for a rusher, even when compared to some Cats of lower rarity.
      • The first wave of Ubers from the Neon Genesis Evangelion collab were a marked aversion, with all of them save Moon Operators being powerful. However, the second wave, based off of the Angels instead of the heroes, wasn't so lucky, with only Night Oracle Rei and (less so) the 9th Angel being any good. The 4th Angel has terrible DPS for an Uber, even against the Black enemies it deals massive damage to, and its ability is both very niche and overshadowed by Pizza Cat. The 6th Angel is a Glass Cannon with terrible attack speed, and it mostly relies on luck to decimate Floating enemies like it's supposed to. The 10th Angel is far too weak for an anti-Angel attacker and has a weak freeze ability, overcompensating for its splash damage and (inaccurate) Surge. All of them also recharge at a terribly slow speed, which just makes their gimmicky abilities even riskier to use.
    • While none of the Legend Rares are considered outright bad, High Lord Babel is considered to be the worst. His HP and attack stats are both tremendously high, but everything else, from his cooldown to his attack animation and range, is mediocre or just straight-up bad. Many Uber Rares are considered far more viable than he is.
    • Among late-game players, Cyberpunk Cat is perhaps the only example of a Cat hated for being too strong. Due to its ability to break stages wide open when stacked by permaslowing all the enemies from a safe distance, it's often the only option for beating endgame stages (2-star Uncanny Legends and high Heavenly Tower floors) without resorting to Ubers. However, while Cyberpunk is powerful, it's also extremely Boring, but Practical, and clearing most stages with a stack of them usually takes a massive amount of time, both to stack them and to slowly chip away at the enemies.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Hannya is officially female, but is usually referred to as male by players, due to being a variant of Shy Boy. Cameraman Cat is also sometimes referred to as male, due to her Gender-Blender Name.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Don't let the game's concept of cute cats taking over the world fool you. This game has quite a few characters that drink alcohol, make a reference to flashing people for their attacks, and look less like cats and more like almost naked humans. Just because it says "Cat" in the title and looks cute doesn't mean you should let your kids play it.
  • Woolseyism: The Awakening stages for purchasable Special and monthly Rare Cats are just called "Road to [cat name] Evolution" in the Japanese version. The English version instead changes them to more creative names or puns on the unit's name, which gives them a bit more personality.


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