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Trivia / The Battle Cats

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  • Development Gag: Before releasing The Battle Cats on iOS devices, PONOS released it on mobile phones, along with a Mission-Pack Sequel focused on bears called Kumanchu Royale. Footage of the game shows that some units had similarities to ones that were eventually used in the later game; the Tank Cat replacement was adapted into Wall Cat, while the Gross Cat replacement bears some similarities to Stilts Cat. Meanwhile, its Titan Cat replacement has more than a passing resemblance to Dark Merchant Babil.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Since there’s no real term for these kinds of stages, any stage that includes a unique boss (Clionel Ascendant, River Styx, Queen’s Coronation and Dead on Debut, to name a few) are referred to as Advent stages, with the bosses in them being referred to as Advent bosses.
    • While the official name for it is Chain Attack, most players refer to this ability as Multi Hit.
    • The event stages that pit the player against the same stage 20 times in a row with stronger enemies each time, like Baron Seal or Le'Grim, have no official name. The common name for them is Baron stages, named after the first set of them, but the Wiki instead calls them Gauntlet stages.
  • Name's the Same: Cala Maria. Are we talking about the angelic squid sent by Cat God or the giant mermaid?
  • The Wiki Rule: The Battle Cats Wiki.


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