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Nightmare Fuel / The Battle Cats

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Jesus Christ......

  • Many of the enemies themselves can be this, with their tendencies to show some Body Horror or More Teeth than the Osmond Family whenever they attack.
  • The Face pulls off a rather... disturbing expression when he attacks. It's even worse with his alien variant, I.M. Phace, who attacks by opening his mouth, allowing the head on his tongue to extend and bite his target.
  • Dark Emperor Nyandam appears to be sitting on a throne carried by deceased souls. His attack animation is also nightmarish, with him summoning a dark portal, from which souls claw their way out of to strike your cats.
    • His Alien counterpart, Galactic Overseer Nyandam, is said to have "the nightmarish power to direct all your future emails to another address". While this may not sound scary now, imagine if that was also for other forms of communication, like texts or phone calls. Like his description says: "You'd never know why all your friends forgot about you."
  • THE SLOTH just looks like an average, if really big, sloth... until he attacks, at which point he opens his mouth way too much, giving it a Nightmare Face for a really brief moment.
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  • The very fact that Bahamut caused the first apocalypse. Awakened Bahamut is explicitly stated to have the power to destroy the world on a whim. Good thing that he's helping you.
  • Whatever the hell the Nekoluga are. Otherworldly, Eldritch Abominations with horribly disfigured bodies, designed to invoke Body Horror. The game doesn't even know whether to call them cats or not. It's a good thing that they're on your side, and even better that most of them are insanely powerful.
    • Balaluga is the worst offender, having a permanently eerie expression, disjointed body parts held together by mysterious orbs, and having a torso that's melting around another orb. You want to know how it's ability works? The light from its orbs causes enemies to freeze from fright. Just what is this thing attacking with?
  • The nature of the Crazed and Manic Cats. Nobody even knows where they came from, it's just known that they're insanely powerful variants of the normal cats given Power Born of Madness. They permanently have a blank, dead expression on their faces, blackened body parts, and it's explicitly stated the reason they're so powerful is that they've been driven completely off the deep end.
  • The Zombie enemies can be this. In true zombie fashion, they all appear to be rotting and have blank expressions on their faces. In addition, many of them have exposed bones and body parts, further supporting their undead appearance. Fortunately, Body Horror aside, they're still not immune to the slapstick comedy subjected to all the other enemies in their descriptions.
    • ...Except for Zir Zeal. He appears to have bone shards sticking out of impossible angles from his body, and is one of the strongest zombies in the game. His description isn't funny like the others. It sounds like something from a horror story.
    Through the morning mists, I beheld a Seal. He called me to join him in a voice neither living nor dead, beckoning me to join him on the distant shore of an uncanny world...
  • It gets worse with the Daboo of the Dead. A massive zombie that looks like someone hastily stitched it's corpse back together, holding a book with pained-looking faces engraved on it and a loosely-attached head that sometimes shudders uncontrollably. It's the true definition of Implacable Man, being immune to all debuffs and boasting immense health. When he attacks, he summons a dark sphere of nightmarish faces to blow up your cats.
  • The Cyclones. Massive, powerful enemies that may as well be forces of nature given life and a single, unyielding eye. They're possibly the strongest enemies in the game, with impossible amounts of health, damage, and attack speed. The Ominous Latin Chanting in the background doesn't help at all.
    • The Zyclone is the worst of them. A vengeful storm composed of the souls of all the enemies you've defeated that have amalgamated and come back to life in a final bid to destroy you. In addition to arguably being the most frustrating Cyclone to beat, it acts incredibly unstable and deranged, as shown by its eye constantly trembling and looking around wildly. And to further prove its physical and implied mental instability, its core is cracked and damaged, with various other eyeballs staring out of it.
      • The Japanese description implies that it draws its ability to revive indefinitely by consuming living beings.
  • Of all the Legend Cats, Red Riding Mina is the biggest potential source for this. She starts off pretty cute, and then comes her attack animation, in which she pulls out a bazooka and shoots the enemies with it. The creepy part is the expression she makes when she does so... It doesn't help that her True Form description states that if you touch her animal friends, you're basically dead.
  • The true forms of the Dragon Emperors are rather unnerving to look at, with their blackened scales that seethe with a lava-like substance, and their absolutely manic eyes. The cat emblems are also crazed, for good measure.


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