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Ice Bear will relive these particular adventures.

All spoilers are unmarked!

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  • "We Bare Bears" - Grizzly and Ice Bear try to comfort Panda after being dumped by his Internet "girlfriend", crashing a birthday party.

    Season 1 
  1. "Our Stuff" - The Bears look all over town for their disappeared belongings.
  2. "Viral Video" - The Bears decide to become the next Internet phenomenon by entering a competition, where one of the judges is viral super-star Nom Nom.
  3. "Food Truck" - Tired from the shabby service offered by food trucks, the Bears decide to jump on the bandwagon themselves.
  4. "Chloe" - The Bears make friends with Chloe, a Korean child prodigy who is doing a college project about bears. Finding it to be quite dull (and unflattering), the trio decide to jazz things up in their own way.
  5. "Panda's Date" - Panda falls for Lucy, a pretty greengrocer who saved his life. Unfortunately for him, she likes to spend more time with Grizzly and Ice Bear.
  6. "Everyday Bears" - An ordinary day at home for the Bears turns troublesome when Grizzly gets stuck in a tree, Panda struggles with a mouse in his room, and Ice Bear tries to wrangle an unruly robot vacuum.
  7. "Burrito" - Grizzly develops an unhealthy bond with a giant burrito.
  8. "Primal" - An ad inspires Grizzly to live in the wilderness, dragging his brothers with him.
  9. "Jean Jacket" - The Bears find a denim jacket that gives the wearer incredible luck, but it also threatens to break them apart.
  10. "Nom Nom" - After an incident on TV, Nom Nom takes shelter in the cave and asks the Bears to help him with a comeback, but Ice Bear is suspicious of his motives.
  11. "Shush Ninjas" - Tired of noisy moviegoers, the Bears decide to keep people at the theater quiet, ninja style.
  12. "My Clique" - The Bears help Chloe make friends by throwing a party at the cave.
  13. "Charlie" - The Bears try their hand at online hospitality, their boarder being an elusive and annoying Sasquatch named Charlie.
  14. "Brother Up" - After scaring a pack of wolves away, Panda becomes "top bear", leaving Grizzly feeling humiliated.
  15. "Occupy Bears" - When development threatens the cave, the Bears reminisce the time they moved in while searching for a way to save their home.
  16. "Panda's Sneeze" - Panda's peculiar sneeze becomes viral, much to his embarrassment, sparking a "cuteness battle" between him and Nom Nom.
  17. "The Road" - The first full-episode flashback with the Baby Bears shows the threesome attempting to sell themselves on the road, ending up in a warehouse full of boxes. Soon, they fight about which of them makes a better "box fort".
  18. "Emergency" - The Bears suffer a series of mishaps while taking Ice Bear to the hospital after Captain Craboo, Grizzly's new pet crab, pinches his ear.
  19. "Tote Life" - In hopes of becoming popular, the Bears join the "reusable bag" bandwagon, but it doesn't take long before things spiral out of control when the Bears start hoarding the bags.
  20. "Charlie and the Snake" - While trying to throw the Bears a party as an excuse to hang out with them, Charlie befriends a snake.
  21. "Video Date" - Panda has a "video date" with Celine, a pretty French girl, but he's too nervous to speak to her. So, his brothers try to make him look good, but the whole affair snowballs very quickly when all three of the Bears fall in love with her.
  22. "Pet Shop" - The Baby Bears attempt to appear on a TV ad for the pet shop they're residing in, in hopes that someone will adopt them.
  23. "Chloe and Ice Bear" - While Grizzly and Panda spend the day on a gaming binge, Chloe takes Ice Bear through town, looking for something the stoic polar bear will enjoy.
  24. "Cupcake Job" - When the laptop goes bust, the Bears get jobs at a cupcake shop for money to repair it. However, none of the bears seem capable to do their assigned tasks.
  25. "Hibernation" - Looking for something to make him stand out from his brothers, Grizz obsesses over hibernation after reading a book on the subject.
  26. "Charlie Ball" - After Panda is sidelined, Grizzly and Ice Bear call in Charlie to replace him on their basketball team.

    Season 2 
  1. "Yard Sale" - The Bears take home some odd things from a yard sale.
  2. "Slumber Party" - Chloe stays with the Bears during a big storm.
  3. "Bear Cleanse" - The Bears have to undergo a detox diet; Grizz has to eat salmon and berries, Panda has to eat bamboo, and Ice Bear has to eat a seal.
  4. "Nom Nom's Entourage" - After being overshadowed by a trolling prankster, Nom Nom enlists the Bears' help to regain his spot at the top.
  5. "Ranger Tabes" - After their internet delivery fails to arrive, the Bears try to investigate, with the strong-willed Ranger Tabes answering their call for help.
  6. "Rooms" - The Bears decide to switch rooms: Grizzly takes Ice Bear's fridge, Panda takes Grizzly's pad, and Ice Bear takes Panda's room. They all end up finding things they never knew about their brothers (and their thoughts on each other), leading to an argument.
  7. "Losing Ice" - Fed up with being ignored, Ice Bear decides to leave and become a professional chef. Grizzly and Panda then attempt to fill the void by enlisting a mousepad salesman named Darrell.
  8. "Cellie" - After being banned by Panda from using his phone, Grizzly and Ice Bear buy their own phones, but Panda soon feels envious of his brothers' more advanced phones.
  9. "Fashion Bears" - The Bears buy some clothes so they can get into a boba shop with a strict "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy, and their outfits gain them some attention in the process.
  10. "Baby Bears on a Plane" - The Baby Bears cause trouble trying to catch a plane to Sweden, but end up saving the day.
  11. "The Island" - The Baby Bears are stranded on an island, where they meet fellow castaways Karla and Dave, the latter of whom may have not washed up by accident...
  12. "Bear Flu" - The Bears get sick after swimming in a dirty lake, and Chloe volunteers to care for them. But Panda's fear that he might have "bear flu" causes things to spiral out of control.
  13. "Chicken and Waffles" - Panda prepares to meet his brothers at a new restaurant where they have reservations. But after his contact lenses break, Panda is forced to rely on Charlie to help him get there in one piece.
  14. "Audition" - The Bears' favorite cereal holds auditions for their new ad campaign, offering a lifetime supply.
  15. "Captain Craboo" - In their first full-length adventure, the Bears reunite with Captain Craboo (though Ice Bear is wary of him). Unfortunately, the crab attacks Nom Nom, who takes the Bears to court. After Craboo is deemed guilty, the Bears go on the run from the police to release him into the ocean.
  16. "Yuri and the Bear" - This episode depicts Ice Bear's life as a cub in the Arctic, where he is rescued by a mysterious Russian hermit named Yuri.
  17. "Icy Nights" - Ice Bear wanders through the city's dark places looking for his stolen vacuum.
  18. "Everyone's Tube" - This episode takes a look at some videos the Bears have uploaded.
  19. "Creature Mysteries" - The Bears try to protect Charlie from Ranger Tabes, who has been looking for the eccentric Sasquatch ever since she was a kid.
  20. "The Library" - The Bears join Chloe at the library, and do everything they can to help her study for a big test, from trying to get the last copy of an important textbook to wrangling with an outdated computer to keeping her supplied with snacks.
  21. "Grizz Helps" - Alone at home and with nothing else to do, Grizz decides to spend the day helping anyone who needs it.
  22. "Christmas Parties" - The Bears try to have quick Christmas parties with their friends before they attend Nom Nom's big party.
  23. "Subway" - After missing their train, the Bears have some misadventures at the subway while waiting for their next train.
  24. "Panda's Friend" - Panda finds his human doppelganger in the shape of a young man named Tom. They become fast friends, but Panda then wonders if Tom is getting too obsessive.
  25. "Neighbors" - Grizz suspects the elderly couple that has moved in near the Bears might be trying to hunt them.

    Season 3 
  1. "Grizzly: The Movie" - Grizzly gets a role in a big Hollywood movie, but worries that the movie might give bears a bad reputation.
  2. "Anger Management" - In order to score a guest spot on The Corgis, Nom Nom needs Grizzly's help in taming his temper.
  3. "$100" - The Baby Bears find a hundred-dollar bill, and end up hoarding it when they can't bring themselves to spend it.
  4. "Professor Lampwick" - The Bears help Chloe deal with an intimidating teacher.
  5. "Ralph" - Charlie and the Bears meet a Yeti named Ralph who's as different from Charlie as can be.
  6. "Planet Bears" - With the addition of a nature documentary narrator, the Bears' trip to the grocery store becomes a misadventure.
  7. "Coffee Cave" - The Bears open their own coffee shop, but Ice Bear overworking himself has disastrous consequences.
  8. "Charlie's Big Foot" - When Charlie's foot gets injured, the Bears try to smuggle him into a human hospital so he can get treatment.
  9. "The Demon" - Chloe and Ice Bear try to retrieve Chloe's favorite hoodie from the clutches of a neighbor's ill-tempered dog.
  10. "Panda's Art" - Panda takes an art class, and finds an unlikely muse in the form of Charlie.
  11. "Poppy Rangers" - Grizzly joins Tabes and a troop of Poppy Rangers on a trek through a cave.
  12. "Lucy's Brother" - Panda tries buttering up to Lucy by looking after her eccentric little brother.
  13. "The Fair" - The Baby Bears try to get adopted at a carnival, and end up busking for a carnie's ball-toss game.
  14. "Private Lake" - When the Bears get tired of the lakeside being overcrowded, Charlie shows them his own private swimming hole.
  15. "Lunch with Tabes" - Ranger Tabes tries to figure out who stole her sandwich.
  16. "Road Trip" - Ice Bear tries to take charge while driving his brothers and Chloe to the site of a meteor shower.
  17. "Summer Love" - Panda tries to track down the girl of his dreams when he sees her drop her cell phone.
  18. "The Kitty" - The Bears take in a stray kitten that turns out to be a mountain lion cub, whose mother's pack takes over the cave.
  19. "Crowbar Jones" - Grizzly screens his newest Crowbar Jones movie.
  20. "Kyle" - Nom Nom reunites with his long-lost brother Kyle, but Kyle may not be who he seems.
  21. "Citizen Tabes" - After accidentally injuring an animal she saved, Tabes is ready to give up being a park ranger.
  22. "Dance Lessons" - Panda hastily enters a dance contest with Lucy, only to discover she's a horrible dancer.
  23. "Icy Nights II" - Ice Bear must rescue his old friend Yana from the clutches of his arch-enemy Barry.
  24. "Dog Hotel" - The Bears need to find a place to stay while their cave is fumigated for an infestation, but the only place in their price range is a hotel for dogs.
  25. "Bear Lift" - The Bears join a ride-share service to help their friend Darrell keep his business afloat.
  26. "The Nom Nom Show" - When Nom Nom's variety show goes off the rails, the Bears offer to help out by performing.
  27. "Ice Cave" - Ralph freezes the Bears' cave and takes over, leaving Charlie to save the day.
  28. "Spa Day" - The Bears enjoy a day at a Korean spa, but an unfortunate mix-up leaves Grizzly deep in debt.
  29. "Charlie's Halloween Thing" - Charlie regales the viewers with a pair of spooky stories about haunted dolls and a were-bear.
  30. "Bunnies" - The Baby Bears are side-tracked on their quest to get to a chocolate festival by some bunnies who need help defending their crops.
  31. "Pigeons" - Grizzly befriends a flock of pigeons, but his new friends turn out to have ulterior motives.
  32. "Panda 2" - We see how Baby Panda, raised in captivity for most of his life, first became curious about the outside world thanks to a new "friend".
  33. "Tubin'" - The Bears take a wrong turn on a river-rafting attraction.
  34. "Lazer Royale" - The Baby Bears compete in a ruthless game of laser tag in order to win a free sundae.
  35. "Ranger Games" - The Poppy Rangers (with the help of Grizzly) take on their rivals, the Ivy Rangers, in a game of kickball.
  36. "The Perfect Tree" - Chloe and Ice Bear try to find the perfect Christmas tree, while Panda and Grizzly help decorate the Park family's house.
  37. "Bearz II Men" - The Baby Bears help an aspiring teenage hip-hop singer get his big break in a talent contest.
  38. "Bro Brawl" - Panda and his brothers compete against Tom and his roommates on a game show.
  39. "Hurricane Hal" - The Bears and their friends have their own misadventures that turn life-threatening when a big storm hits the Bay Area.
  40. "Vacation" - An overworked, stressed-out Nom Nom needs Grizzly's help getting to a spa resort for a badly-needed vacation.
  41. "Beehive" - When a beehive is found near their house, the Bears become obsessed with the hive's honey, and it's up to Tabes to snap them out of it.
  42. "The Park" - The Bears have a day in the park, where Grizzly's workout at the gym leads him to get entangled with DVD bootleggers, Panda gives being a caricature artist a try, and Ice Bear becomes a martial arts sensei at the playground.
  43. "I Am Ice Bear" - A sharp blow to the head causes some serious changes in Ice Bear's lifestyle.
  44. "Baby Bears Can't Jump" - The Baby Bears take on some street urchins in a game of basketball for pizza.

    Season 4 

  1. "Go Fish" - A fishing expedition leads the Bears to encounter a giant goldfish.
  2. "Teacher's Pet" - The Baby Bears spend a day at school.
  3. "Googs" - Panda and his brothers take a tour of the famous Googs headquarters.
  4. "Paperboyz" - The Baby Bears get a job delivering newspapers.
  5. "Bear Squad" - Ranger Tabes recruits the Bears in tracking down a thieving fox in the city.
  6. "Lil' Squid" - The Baby Bears help a baby squid find a new home at the aquarium.
  7. "I, Butler" - When the Bears get behind on cleaning their cave, Ice Bear builds a robot butler.
  8. "Family Troubles" - Baby Grizzly becomes a TV star, but his position is threatened by a hip new kid character.
  9. "Best Bears" - The Bears try to help their friend Darrell get ready for his wedding day.
  10. "Crowbar Jones: Origins" - Grizzly tries to recruit Nom Nom to make a guest appearance in his new Crowbar Jones movie.
  11. "Hot Sauce" - The Bears take on the pigeon cartel's hot-sauce smuggling operation.
  12. "Mom App" - The Bears sign up for a "rent-a-mom" service.
  13. "The Limo" - Grizzly and Ice Bear try to cheer up Panda, who is devastated over Lucy's new boyfriend, with a limo ride.
  14. "More Everyone's Tube" - The Bears and their friends show off more web videos.
  15. "Money Man" - The Bears help Chloe try to impress a professor for a science contest and beat her rival.
  16. "Rescue Ranger" - Ranger Tabes and the Bears try to save Charlie from a ruthless trapper.
  17. "El Oso" - In Revolution-era Mexico, Charlie befriends a bandito, but the locals confuse the sasquatch for the Chupacabra.
  18. "Charlie's Halloween Thing 2" - Charlie presents more spooky stories to the audience, including zombies, the Baby Bears' encounter with some monsters, Chloe fighting a literal Internet troll, and Charlie making some ill-conceived wishes.
  19. "Escandalosos" - After accidentally injuring a luchador-in-training, the Baby Bears offer to become luchadores and take his place in a big tournament.
  20. "Pizza Band" - The Bears stand-in for the animatronic band at a pizza joint, and end up becoming famous.
  21. "Adopted" - The Baby Bears are taken in by an eccentric millionaire, but have to live with his roughhousing pet gorilla.
  22. "Wingmen" - The Bears help a bird find love.
  23. "Braces" - Panda gets dental braces that accidentally give him super-powers.
  24. "Christmas Movies" - The Baby Bears spend Christmas Eve trying to thwart a thief at a video store.
  25. "Imaginary Friend" - The Baby Bears' new imaginary friend causes some very real trouble.
  26. "The Mall" - The Bears and their human counterparts have a hectic day at the mall.
  27. "Tunnels" - The Bears investigate a mysterious series of tunnels under their cave.
  28. "Ramen" - In Japan, the Baby Bears help a ramen chef with her recipe.
  29. "The Gym" - The Bears have a crazy day checking out a new gym.
  30. "Bubble" - When Panda's sudden fear of germs drives him to live in a bubble, his brothers and Charlie try to help him face his fears.
  31. "Baby Orphan Ninja Bears" - The Baby Bears learn ninjitsu from a mouse master in the sewers of New York City.
  32. "Fire!" - After stopping a forest fire, Grizzly is named an honorary fire marshal, but he soon goes crazy over fighting fire.
  33. "Ranger Norm" - Ranger Tabes goes to a convention, but her replacement Ranger Norm is not what he seems.
  34. "Shmorby" - The Bears get a home assistant, but soon become couch potatoes.
  35. "Snake Babies" - Charlie adopts some snakes, much to the Bears' concern... mostly because they don't think their friend is ready to raise them.
  36. "Sandcastle" - The Baby Bears build a giant sandcastle as their new home.
  37. "Bros in the City" - The Bears begin living with Tom, Griff, and Issac in a reality show.
  38. "Cousin Jon" - Chloe's mischievous cousin, Jon, causes trouble for her, prompting her and the Bears to get back at him.
  39. "Lord of the Poppies" - The Poppy Rangers camp at an island. But with no food, Grizzly takes charge, leading to disaster when the Poppies succumb to hunger and try to eat him.
  40. "The Mummy's Curse" - The Baby Bears discover a mummy, and must bring it back to a museum before they're "cursed forever".
  41. "Band of Outsiders" - A direct sequel to "Yuri and the Bear", Baby Ice Bear finds himself alone in a small town where he copes over the recent loss of Yuri and meets a juvenile gang of delinquents who slowly send him down the path of darkness.
  42. "Tabes & Charlie" - When Tabes's dog, Kirk, suddenly goes missing, she enlists the unlikely help of Charlie to find him.
  43. "Panda's Birthday" - For Panda's birthday, the Bears try to help Panda meet his favorite K-Pop band, Monsta X.

    TV Movie 



Season 1

  1. "Bear Cleaning"
  2. "Nom Nom vs. Hamster"
  3. "Panda's Dream"
  4. "Log Ride"
  5. "Goodnight Ice Bear"

Season 2

  1. "Potty Time"
  2. "Panda's Profile Pic"
  3. "Grizz: Ultimate Hero Champion"
  4. "Dreamium"
  5. "Charlie's Opus"

Season 3

  1. "Bear Stack"
  2. "Frozen Ice"
  3. "Assembly Required"
  4. "Cooking With Ice Bear"
  5. "The Cave"


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