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  1. "Wayside: The Movie": Todd transfers to Wayside School and finds it very strange.

Season 1

  1. "Pull My Pigtail / Class Cow": It is Valentine's Day and Dana tries to force Todd and Maurecia to fall in love, while Mr. Kidswatter thinks Myron his his guardian angel; The class mistakes a cow for the substitute teacher.
  2. "Meet the Pets / Oh, Great Leader": Mrs. Jewls orders Todd to watch over all the class' pets to learn responsibility, but they escape; The kids try to throw Mr. Kidswatter a surprise birthday party, but he thinks they are trying to get rid of him.
  3. "Honors Class / Cabbage, My Boy": Maurecia is promoted to Honors Class and hates it, while Dana desperately wants to join; For a project involving families, Myron pretends a head of cabbage is his baby brother, while Todd doesn't know what to do as he is an only child.
  4. "Mascot Madness / He is It": Todd is reluctant when the school decides to make him the new mascot; Myron becomes the most powerful person at Wayside School after being tagged "It" by Todd.
  5. "Best Friendzzz / Kindergarten King": When Myron and Dana break up their friendship, Myron attempts befriending Shari while Dana befriends Todd; When Todd saves a kindergartner's toy, the kindergartners idolize him.
  6. "Myron vs. Normy / Age of Aquarium": Myron pretends to have a twin brother named Normy in an attempt to get out of trouble; For a "field trip", the class is flooded with sea life, but Todd can't participate because he didn't get a permission slip signed.
  7. "Channel Kidswatter / The Elevator": Mr. Kidswatter runs a home-shopping channel and forces the students to work on it; Todd and Mr. Kidswatter get trapped in the school's hidden elevator.
  8. "Mad Hot / Mamaland Blues": Mr. Kidswatter hires Todd, Dana, Maurecia, and Myron for his dance team to compete against a rival school; Dana finds evidence that she is related to Miss Mush.
  9. "Principles of Principals / Teacher's Parent Conference": Todd wins the Principal for a Day contest and uses his time to fix up the school; When Todd gives Mrs. Jewls a bad review on her performance, her father shows up and threatens to take her away.
  10. "Rat in Shining Armor / Mrs. Gorf": For a costume dance, Miss Mush puts her dead rat Sammy in a suit of armor and Maurecia falls for him; The kids tell Todd the tale of their evil substitute teacher, Mrs. Gorf.
  11. "Todd Falls in Love / French Fried": Todd falls in love with Mrs. Jewls after eating the Mushroom Surprise and Maurecia desperately tries to win him back; The students like Le Chef's cooking better than Miss Mush's cooking, making her jealous.
  12. "Music Lessons / Todd & Bull Story": Myron finds a strange instrument called the Strumplefloozle, but playing it has consequences; Mr. Kidswatter is depressed over a bullfight he lost, while the kids mistake a pile of props for a wishing well and Todd tries to make the wishes come true.
  13. "My Partner Gets All the Credit / Daring Love": Maurecia gets angry when Myron gets the credit for winning athletic competitions even though he isn't doing anything; Maurecia and Jenny keep doing athletic stunts involving Todd, making him think they are both in love with him.
  14. "Louis Gets Some Class / My Fluffy Hair": Louis is put into Mrs. Jewls's class when Myron finds a file that states he never graduated; Mr. Kidswatter mistakes Maurecia's pet porcupine for a new wig.

Season 2

  1. "Dana Checks Out / My Biggest Fan": Dana is bored of Mrs. Jewls' class and decides to explore the entire school; Myron is heartbroken to learn his idol, Mr. Kidswatter, doesn't even know his name, so he decides to find a new idol.
  2. "Kidswatter: The Movie / Safety Monitor": The kids make a movie about Mr. Kidswatter and Todd is cast as him, but gradually starts to take on Kidswatter's personality; Myron and Maurecia both want to be safety monitor, but they take it too far in different directions.
  3. "Sideways Protest / Be True To Your Elf": The students in Mrs. Jewls' class try to protest when Mr. Kidswatter suggests to move the school, but no one seems to understand how to protest; Stephen tries to become normal when Mr. Kidswatter hands him a note that says his elf costume looks ridiculous.
  4. "Oh, Brother / Snow Day": Dana's brother Goon is a fugitive because he never completed an assignment; The air conditioner malfunctions and turns Mrs. Jewls' class into an icy wasteland.
  5. "The Rat Truth / Free Stewy": Miss Mush ask Dana to watch over Sammy and soon the class starts using him as a truth stick; The students try to save an octopus from Miss Mush's kitchen.
  6. "Extra Curricular Riddicular / Wayside Christmas": After Mr. Kidswatter switches class and extra curricular activity hours, Todd becomes popular after starting a science club, making Myron jealous; Myron selfishly doesn't get Bebe a Secret Santa gift, then becomes convinced he is living through the events of A Christmas Carol.
  7. "Le Race / Imperfect Attendance": Le Chef arranges a parkour tournament where the winner will own Wayside School; Dana tries to beat the school's perfect attendance record, but everyone asks for her help on the way to class.
  8. "Kidswatter's Opus / The Three Erics": When Mrs. Jewls isn't available, Mr. Kidswatter becomes the substitute teacher; Eric Bacon is tired of never being noticed next to the other two Erics, so he changes his name to Myron.
  9. "Miss Fortune / The Note": Miss Mush prepares bowls of Mushroom Surprise that reveal the future of anyone who finishes them; Maurecia tries to pass Todd a love note, but it ends up around the class, and every student wishes to add to the response.
  10. "Myth Of Nick / Dr. Dana": Todd tries to disprove the existence of a kid named Nick he's heard about in several stories; Dana holds an advice show for the rest of the school, but things go wrong when she loses her voice and Myron takes over.
  11. "Slow Mo Mo / Joe 'N' Fro": Mr. Kidswatter bans all circles and demands they all be turned into squares, which angers Maurecia because she can't skate; Mr. Kidswatter's yard project displaces the animals, so Joe gives them shelter in his huge afro.
  12. "Upside Down John / The Final Stretch": John does everything upside down and asks his friends to help him get right side up; Mr. Kidswatter demands to know who wrecked his office and stole his rubber band ball.

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