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Tear Jerker / Wayside

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Class Cow
  • The whole class (Except Todd) Crying when their substitute teacher Mrs Bellamy leaves. Ms Bellamy was just a cow that randomly wandered into the classroom but still.
    • Also Todd’s speech which crosses with Heartwarming.
    Todd: Oh uh, Mrs Bellamy? I uh can’t explain it but our Class, It’s...It’s now so different. Everyone seems so much more awake, and confident, Even more well balanced emotionally. Some are even kinder. I mean for the first time, Maurecia had a chance to punch me before and didn’t. Mrs Bellamy, Somehow you really made a big difference around here. Before, I thought you were just some cow that wandered into our class but now I realize You’re a cow that wandered into our hearts.
Meet the Pets
  • It’s revealed that Todd’s Goldfish “King Arthur” died and he always blamed himself for not taking care of King Arthur and never felt good enough to take care of another pet.
  • Ms Jewls later takes the other children out to the playground and leaves Todd to take care of the pets but Todd accidentally startles the animals and they run away causing him to scream out a big No
  • When Todd keeps failing, He ends up giving up in a bathroom stall until King’s Arthur’s ghost emerges from the toilet and tells Todd his death wasn’t his fault.
    Todd: I was right all along, I really can’t take care of a pet. I’m not responsible enough. Those poor helpless creatures, What if they end up just like King Arthur?
    King Arthur: Todd, (Emerges from the toilet) It is me, Don’t give up.
    Todd: King Arthur?
    King Arthur: Todd, I have come to tell you that my death was not your fault.
    • King Arthur then tells him he always took care of him and fish don’t last long.
  • Todd thinking Miss Mush turned Stephen’s Orange into juice. Fournately, she just left it alone.
Honours Class
  • Maurecia accidentally gets promoted to Honours Class in the 29th floor which is taught by Miss Mush but she ends up missing Ms Jewls’s Class.
  • Mauricea telling Todd she hates her new class, followed by Todd comforting her.
Cabbage My Boy
  • Todd wishing he wasn’t an only child.
  • Myron brings a cabbage to school and uses it as his Baby Brother “Leafy” but it slowly starts to wilt and Todd tells him to put it away which causes Myron to run off. Dana and Maurecia call him out and ask what’s his problem.
    • Later, He finds Myron sadly sitting on the 30th story stairway.
He Is It
  • When Myron is tagged and uses his status of “It” to make everyone do whatever he wants, The kids try breaking his rules and Dana tries to tag him and chases Myron to the Playground but Myron ends up crying which causes Dana to realize what they’ve done.
    Myron: Yeah, but that was before you wanted to be it.
    Dana: Now look at us, We’re fighting.
Best Friendzzz
  • Dana and Myron ends up having a falling out and Myron decides to replace Dana with Shari while using a “brain listening glass” to communicate with her until Dana shatters it with her voice. Myron then cries and says nothing will be the same between him and Shari. Of course, his crying was fake and he and Dana make up.
Channel Kidswatter
  • Todd advertises some of his trinkets that he invented himself to some of his classmates but fails to interest them.
  • Kidswatter hijacks the school television channel to air his own shopping channel so Maurecia and Jenny heads out to the roof to break the satellite while Todd goes to to the Principals office to stop him. Kidswatter later convinces Todd to advertise his trinkets but he only shows off a few products before Maurecia and Fluffy manage to knock the satellite off the roof, losing the T.V signal in the process.
Todd Falls in Love
  • When Todd declares he would do anything than be Maurecia’s boyfriend, he decides to prove it by eating Miss Mush’s mushroom surprise which makes him fall in love with Ms Jewls. Maurecia ends up being dejected and tries to punch Todd only to not bring herself to do it and gives up.
    Myron: Hey, Aren’t you gonna punch him?
    Maurecia: No, I-I can’t. He’s hurt me too much for me to hurt him today.
Music Lessons
  • Myron finds a Nose Flute called the Strumplefloozle that can control other people but Kidswatter hears it and tells him to stop as it makes the cows tear up the school. Kidswatter tries to play the song the song that stops the cows but fails and the cows end up eating the entire school. Fournately Myron mournfully plays the Strumplefloozle which ends up being the fix-it song that restores Wayside to normal.
Todd & Bull Story
  • A small one but Mr Kidswatter crying on the P.A every year on “La Boca Loca Day” which was the anniversary of when he lost a bullfighting match.
My Fluffy Hair
  • Maurecia’s porcupine Fluffy running away after Maurecia replaces photos in an album of him with Todd.
    • and right after he leaves, Maurecia puts up a new photo album to put his pictures in only to realize he’s missing.
  • Maurecia failing to find Fluffy and returning to the classroom crying.
My Biggest Fan
  • Myron realizing that Mr Kidswatter doesn’t really know his name.
Kidswatter the Movie
  • Mr Kidswatter assigns Mrs Jewls’s Class to make a movie about him with Todd as the lead role but he starts acting too much like Kidswatter and fires the film crew which leaves him all alone in the set.
    • Then there’s this exchange.
    Mr Kidswatter: Papaya Pink.
    Todd: Huh?
    Mr Kidswatter: Papaya Pink, It’s my favourite colour.
    Todd: Oh, I didn’t know that.
    Mr Kidswatter: See? You know nothing about me, or anyone else in this school for that matter. (Walks out of the room.)
Be True To Your Elf
  • Stephen reading Mr Kidswatter’s note claiming that the students want him to be normal.
Wayside Christmas
  • Myron buying two gifts for himself instead of buying one for Bebe as a Secret Santa. Bebe then gives him a drawing of her face with a single tear. Myron realizes how upset everyone is and runs away.
  • After some hijiinks, Myron thinks he’s stuck in the Christmas Carol and ends up in the empty classroom which he mistakes for the Future. He then blames himself for his lonely future.
Snow Day
  • When the Classroom ends up being snowed in thanks to the malfunctioning air conditioner which traps the students in the room, The class split into two groups led by Todd and Maurecia respectively. Maurecia and Todd later fight each other by rolling up in giant snowballs and destroying Myron’s “Snowfriends” before he tells them to stop. He was talking about his Snowfriends but still.
    Myron: Stop, What are you doing? You’ll destroy us all!
Kidswatter’s Opus
  • Kidswatter substitutes for Mrs Jewls when she is absent until she returns to take her class back but as soon as they leave, He starts missing them and paints a picture of him teaching them while crying.

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