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Recap / We Bare Bears S 1 E 21 Video Date

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Panda is an avid e-dater, and when a lovely French woman matches with him and agrees to a video chat date, Panda and his brothers engineer the situation so Panda is able to show the best side of himself on the video chat, even if that side of him is completely exaggerated.


  • Big "NO!": Grizzly lets out one when Panda's distraction causes them to lose the rowing video game they're playing.
  • Big "YES!": Panda lets out one when he first gets a message from Celine.
  • Brick Joke: When Grizz imagines himself with Celine, he imagines a concert since he has no idea what Paris looks like. At the end, when the bears are playing the rowing game and make it to Paris, he comments that "New Jersey" looks amazing.
  • Cringe Comedy: The latter half runs on this as Grizz and Ice Bear pretend to be Panda for the date.
  • Emergency Impersonation: When the Quote Mine fails, Ice Bear disguises himself as Panda and continues the date. Then he falls for Celine and is similarly left speechless, so Grizz takes over. Hilarity Ensues when Grizz, too, predictably falls for her.
  • Everything Sounds Sexier in French: All three bears fall for the girl with the sexy French accent. Invoked by Celine, who messed up her profile then rolled with it.
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  • Not So Stoic: When Ice Bear starts falling for Celine, he gets just as tongue-tied as Panda.
  • Playing Cyrano: Grizz and Ice Bear to Panda, first by telling him what to say, then by pretending to be him. It gets out of hand when both of them fall in love with Celine.
  • Rhetorical Question Blunder:
    Panda: You guys, guess what happened just now!
    Ice Bear: You stopped rowing, canoe started spinning.
  • Shout-Out: The bears are seen at the beginning and the end of the episode playing a Nintendo Wii-like system, complete with Mii-like avatars for the bears.
  • Quote Mine: When Panda starts to choke, Grizz sets up an electronic piano to play sound bites of Panda while Panda lip-syncs. It works up until Celine asks what he feels his greatest weakness is, at which point Grizz can't find a proper response.
  • There Was a Door: When Panda tries to lock the door to keep his brothers out, Ice Bear chainsaws his way through a wall.


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