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Recap / We Bare Bears S 1 E 15 Occupy Bears

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When the bear den is threatened to be torn down to make way for a cell phone tower, the bears must not only fight back, but find proof they've lived there for at least five years in order to claim the land as their own.


  • Community-Threatening Construction: The cell tower being built on top of the bear's den.
  • Flashback: Every now and then the story cuts to five years ago, detailing the bears' attempts to find a house.
  • Follow the White Rabbit: The bears chase a raccoon that stole their dreamcatcher, which leads them to the cave that will become their den.
  • Funny Background Event: While Grizz and Panda look for evidence of them living in the den for five years, Ice Bear can be seen outside the window trying to stall the construction crew.
  • It Came from the Fridge: In the second apartment the bears look at, Ice Bear peeks inside the fridge and sees something breathing inside.
  • Mistaken for Quake: Grizz mistakes the arrival of the construction crew for one.
  • Performance Anxiety: Panda gets stage fright when the interviewer mentions the thousands of viewers watching him.
    Panda: Um...
    Reporter: Sir?
    Panda: (blushing, trailing off) We are just... trying to save our home...
    Reporter: Excuse me?
    Panda: (blushing intensifies) (silence)
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  • Reality Ensues: For all their anthropomorphism, the bears still wound up living in a cave because the Bay Area housing market gives no mercy.
  • Shout-Out:
    • When a news crew interviews the bears about the eventual loss of their home, we get this from Ice Bear:
    • Among the bears' trash thrown out by a construction worker is a Tamagotchi, most likely belonging to Panda.
    • The rat coming out of the showerhead may be a reference to the Frank Zappa album Waka/Jawaka, which has a sink on the cover with the faucets marked "hot" and "rats".
  • Through a Face Full of Fur: An extreme example when Panda not only blushes, but has his entire head turn red when he realizes that he's being interviewed on TV.


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