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Bears' ages and timeline
Now Grizz was shown stuck in a tree as a young cub in "Burrito". Looking at his size he was definitely less than two years old. And when we get to "The Road", he still looks less than two years old, but is a little bigger and had met Ice and Panda. Even allowing for discrepancies for species when you factor in their age order they all look to not be more than a few months apart. Then when they first found the cave five years ago they all look like adults. If we use sexual maturity as adulthood and make them all six years old (the youngest that Ice could be and still be an adult) that would mean that they are at least eleven years old in the show. Now going back to them being cubs, what could have happened in less than two years that allowed them to meet? Grizz was so young it makes sense that they might send him to a zoo, but they would most likely be in separate enclosures and since they are already very close by the time they are shown "The Road" one would expect that they lived together. And in "Bear Cleanse" the bears seemed to not even recognize their own natural diets, not something one would expect if they were raised in a zoo. A polar bear and grizzly bear might be fed something else, but a panda would definitely be fed bamboo. But what place might have had animals, but fewer scruples about keeping their treatment natural?

A circus. It would explain why they might be kept together, how they bonded so fast, why they are so acclimated to humans and human culture, their poor diets, and why they escaped and weren't searched for. After all, a circus that treats their animals so poorly is probably shady and what shady circus wants to admit that their animals escaped? It would probably bring in an investigation. The one question that remains is how Grizz got to the circus, but that could be explained by him being taken in transit.


We Bare Bears and Regular Show live in the same universe
In a world where animals are human-like, sasquatches exist and children going to college, this would make sense.
  • Although Word of God stated in this universe sasquatches are still cryptids (at least to humans).

The show will undergo Cerebus Syndrome in later seasons
Like with Adventure Time and Steven Universe.
  • I argue that it won't as it already has. The "cerebus" exists as an undercurrent, taking the relationship between the bears backstory and their real life counterparts:
    • Since Grizzlies depend on their mothers and family to help them learn essential skills like climbing, you are forced to ask why Grizz was alone in a tree when he was a cub.
    • Pan Pan's yearning for a romantic relationship and fears of being alone are a reflection on the fact that pandas are an endangered species.
    • We've yet to discover Ice Bear's trauma. However, given the trend set by the last two, we can assume some sort of abandonment or deep loss in his past. His stoic behavior probably has its origins there.
      • Sir, I clap for you. I truly do. You got the essence of Ice Bear's backstory 100% right.

The bears will eventually undergo Character Development as the show goes on.
Notice that Reality Ensues happen not very often, so the more they all get hit with this, the more epiphanies they have about themselves.
  • Grizzly will undergo a severe Break the Cutie moment when he realizes life is not always about fun and games and also forced to acknowledge the fact that some people are irredeemably evil no matter how much of a Nice Guy he is or at the very least ruin some random person's life without meaning to but unable to do anything about it because of the law and the person becomes unforgiving and undyingly hateful towards him, becoming less of a childish Keet and more of a responsible adult and downplaying his idealistic characteristics.
  • Panda might have some kind of identity crisis, questioning his purpose in life if he can't ever find love and go into therapy, eventually deciding he doesn't need to be loved to feel special about himself and becoming a better person while also be rid of his phone addictive tendencies for good, if not also meeting the true love of his life, a female panda whom he has much in common with in terms of personality.
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  • Ice Bear will be more emotionally open, and become more talkative while still retaining his Third-Person Person one-liners, as well as being able to actually RAISE HIS VOICE. And Grizzly and Panda will be more sociable with him to the point where they start calling him by name more frequently as well as the other way around too, hereby averting Hey, You! with other people too. He might also Took a Level in Badass by having more actual Fight Scenes and become more action-y.

The show will introduce an antagonist who's speciest towards bears.
  • It would be interesting to have episodes where the protagonists face discrimination from society. And what better way to do that than to introduce an antagonist (possibly a powerful individual) who tries to ruin the bears' lives by promoting speciesm against them. This character would bring up past events where the bears acted like major nuisances to the public (Shush Ninjas, Waffle Sandwiches) to convince the people to exile the bears from San Francisco.
    • Such a character would be a Knight of Cerebus and a villain who fits within the context of the setting.

The Bears will be revealed to have extremely depressing backstories.
  • Partially confirmed with Grizzly's backstory involving him being stuck in a tall tree during a thunderstorm.
    • And the fact that they were abandoned in a cardboard box as cubs and all they've really known is each other.
      • I got a theory about Grizz: While on the run from hunters, he and his mother find a certain tree as their only escape route. The then young and inexperienced Grizz is urged to climb the tree by his mother. But she sadly is shot before she could get away, leaving Grizz stuck and alone until the fireman later rescues him. It's Bambi Up to Eleven.

Ice Bear's real name is Polar Bear
  • It is one of his many secrets.
    • His name is actually "Polar" in the French dub, I believe. Or maybe not the French one but somebody from outside the US mentioned that in their review of the show,
      • "Polar" comes from the Latin American and Brazilian dubs actually.

Ice Bear is the Protagonist
The series takes place in a video game with Ice Bear as the protagonist. The reason nobody ever calls Ice Bear by name is because the player can choose his name. Therefore, the name Ice Bear was not recorded in the voice acting. This is also the reason why he doesn't talk much.
  • Does that mean Isaac is another player?

Panda was abandoned at birth
Following the theory above, in the wild, when panda mothers have twins (which is actually quite often) they will usually only raise the healthier twin and abandon the other one. Keep in mind that, as far as we know, Panda has nut allergies and bad eyesight.
  • Potentially jossed. Panda was raised in an animal sanctuary, though it's possible he was born in the wild.

The reason for Grizzly's exuberant personality:
With "Burrito" revealing that Grizzly suffered a traumatic experience, it might be possible that he suffered more trauma than that. Out of all the bears, he had the roughest childhood. Grizzly went through a lot of depressing events as a cub but now that he is older, he wants to let go and forget about the past. Grizzly is a survivor and he doesn't want the past to weigh him down so he vows to live life to the fullest. It works and he is very happy and he has forgotten most of the trauma, but a little bit of it catches up to him sometimes.

We Bare Bears exists in the same universe as Shirokuma Cafe
Given that this is a world where animals are civilized and can assimilate into human society, why not?

Panda and Ice Bear are victims of animal-smugglers
Because polar bears and pandas aren't native to San Francisco. Then again, grizzlies have been extinct in California for years, although there are plans to bring them back.

Nom Nom will be revealed to have a multi-layered Jerkass Façade
At first glimpse he seems to be just a cute little koala who stars in adorable viral videos but is really a big jerk. There may be more to him than meets the eye, however, and there's a good chance his "breakdown" in the upcoming episode "Nom Nom" may be related to being alienated from the millions of fans he was bragging about in "Viral Videos". At the very least, Nom Nom might grow to envy the friendship/brotherhood between Grizzly, Panda, and Ice.

  • I feel like Nom Nom is going to be the rival who is a Jerkass Woobie. He is "fine" not having friends, but he actually has the mentality of "I don't need friends because no one wants to be my friend" because he doesn't realize his jerkish attitude is what drives people away. He will be a Green-Eyed Monster and envious of the bears' closeness. Maybe he sees Chloe and how she gets along with them and Nom Nom gets upset.

    • Maybe he's got a Freudian Excuse note . My theory: he was found as a baby in an Australian bush fire. A few rangers found him adorable and posted videos of him on the web, beginning his career as an internet star. In other words, he could become the foil to Grizzly; both were abandoned as infants and rescued by humans, but while Grizz maintains a positive attitude, Nom Nom uses a Jerkass Façade to hide his insecurities.

There will eventually be a fourth bear, a black bear

Panda and Ice Bear met each other before they met Grizzly.
Possibly supported by "Burrito" and the cute little story, "Panda and Polar Bear", inspired me as a possible backstory when they first met.
  • Perhaps Grizz was brought to a zoo and met the two there.

"Losing Ice" will go into Ice Bear's backstory.
  • Jossed. It will be about Ice Bear being hired as a restaurant chef and his brothers trying to find a replacement.

Ice Bear is from the Arctic Circle, and was separated from his family.
Possibly an iceberg drifted away with him on top. His family could only watch helplessly as their cub was taken away from them.
  • Confirmed in "Yuri and the Bear". However, it is implied that his mother was killed by hunters and his only family is a Russian man named Yuri.

Ranger Tabes will be...
Ranger Tabes will be an enemy to the bears. He'll think that they shouldn't act like humans and will try make them act that way anyway he could. Stop them from going to the city, make them lose any connection to humanity and may even separate the bears to their respective habitats.
  • Really really jossed. Tabes is actually a Hot-Blooded woman who becomes friends with the bears and never has anything against them.

There's something wrong with Ice Bear's voice
In the middle of the episode Nom Nom, Ice tries to yell for his brothers as they walk by the trap he fell into, made by Nom Nom. When he tries this, his voice becomes raspy and hoarse so instead he speaks at his usual low-volume voice. When I say there's something wrong, I don't mean he has a cold. I mean, there is a permanent (maybe long term) problem with his larynx.

Ice's voice wasn't damaged. It's raspy and hoarse because he has a voice box that's more bear than Grizzly or Panda's

Ice Bear, normally The Quiet One, will get an epic monologue before the series is over.
Most likely he'll either be calling out Nom Nom as a phony, bucking up his brothers by assuring them that they've got quality over quantity when it comes to friends, or some combination of the two.

There will be a We Bare Bears and Steven Universe crossover.
Episode title: "The Bare Bear Bunch"

  • Possible synopsis: Chloe and the Bears are out in the San Francisco woods for Chloe to do research on a project because she loves to study and observe animals in the wild. Grizzly wanders off and finds a gemstone on the ground that breaks into three pieces, getting absorbed into the bears' bodies. And since there are multiple Warp Pads in the world, they find one that is inside of a cave. The shattered gemstone pieces inside the bears activated the warp and the three bears along with Chloe get teleported to the alternate universe and into the Crystal Gems' house in Beach City. Of course, the Gems are hostile and ask them how they got in the house and how they used the warp pad. They calm the situation down with Steven's help, the Gems find out that Chloe is a human and the bears are... real bears. They have a rocky start because of the gemstone pieces inside the bears but then bond over the episode and maybe even throw in a couple songs by combining the casts! (Fun fact: Charlyne Yi is a singer too), Then they throw a concert and all the characters sing together! Maybe even both the theme songs or combining the theme songs! (We (B)are the Crystal Bears) And most of all, the bears' gemstone pieces attract a monster which they all team up to fight them, even being able to use gem powers, especially fusion. Afterwards, the gemstone pieces are removed from the bears' bodies and they go back to their universe along with Chloe and destroy the warp.
    • And the Steven Universe characters will appear in We Bare Bears animation style, despite both universes being alternative.

We'll learn that the firefighter that rescued Grizzly ended up adopting him
It would be rather appropriate. And provide a slightly lighter tone to the whole 'foot stuck in a tree' situation - Grizzly was trying not to embarrass his dad (or panic him or what not).

There are other talking bears that are part of the bears' family.
Why they seem to be the only talking animals is probably because bears learned to speak or maybe the three bears and other bears were part of some science experiment. A lab where they wanted to create talking animals and scientists handpicked a bear of each species from their homes and brought them to the lab. Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, and other bears as well. They met as cubs because they were separated from their birth families.Other possible bears include:
  • B., B.B., a Black bear brother who is older and stronger than Grizzly.
  • Kermode, Kerri, a Kermode bear sister who is around the same age as Panda. He/She could also be named Spirit because the Kermode is also known as the "Spirit bear".
  • Sloth, a Sloth bear brother who is around Ice Bear's age and is curious and playful.
  • Sun Bear, Malaya, a Malayan Sun Bear. Also, Honey, they are known as "Honey bears".
  • Spectacle, a Spectacled bear. Also, Andy or Andes because it is also known as an "Andean Bear", or even the native people to the Andes named it "Jukumari" in their native language. (Aymara)
  • Cinnamon, a Cinnamon bear.
  • Kodi, Kodiak, a Kodiak bear.

The three bears are suffering from autism
  • The bears are having trouble fitting in to society.
  • Grizzly has a form of ADHD, Panda has bad social anxiety, and Ice Bear has Dissociate Identity Disorder.
    • I don't know about you but I see NO sign of Ice Bear having dissociative identity disorder anywhere in the series.
    • None of those are actually a form of autism. Social Anxiety is an Anxiety Disorder, Dissociate Identity Disorder is on the same spectrum as PTSD, and although they have a lot of the same symptoms, ADHD isn't on the autism spectrum.
      • The closest we see to Ice Bear having DID is in "I am Ice Bear", though despite several similarities, there are differences, the show just calls it 'amnesia', and "Ice-B" is highly unlikely to return.

The bears will go primal in "Bear Cleanse"
  • Anything involving them attempting to act like real bears can't end well, especially if it ends up altering their eating habits.
    • This has been jossed now that the episode has finally come out. The episode was just about the bears being put on a diet (where they can only eat food that they would eat in the wild) by a doctor. Good guess though.

We Bare Bears takes place in the future/an alternate universe where bears have become (mostly) accepted in human society
  • With the exception of the occasional speciest prick.

The bears were Monsters that came out of Mt. Ebott
  • The bears walk in a stack. Real life bears don't walk that way. So they might be Monsters.

The bears will meet their gender counterparts
And they'll be biological sisters. They'll all be American black bears, with different phases.
  • Cinnamon to counterpart Grizz.
  • Black or glacier for Panda.
  • White for Ice Bear.

A future episode will involve the bears meeting hunters
Unlike the other humans on the show, they don't accept the bears as "people". The trio will be on the run as the hunters intend on making rugs or coats out of their skins. And it will go down as one of the darkest episodes in the series.
  • Additionally, related to two WMGs above, the hunter(s) are the same ones who killed Grizz's mother and is determine to find that cub.
    • Kinda confirmed for Ice Bear on "Yuri and the Bear".
    • Partially confirmed again in "Neighbors". Though, the twist is that they're actually crafters.

In a special episode or even a possible movie...
The bears will be separated for the first time. What happens is that the bears are found by an Animal Wrongs Group, then subsequently tranquilized and moved to their "natural" homes (Grizz in the deep woods, Panda in the mountains of China, and Ice Bear in the arctic). The bears will begin an epic journey back home in hopes of seeing their cave in San Francisco, and each other, ever again, avoiding various obstacles along the way.

"The Island" will involve Alcatraz Island
Since the series takes place in San Francisco. My guess: The bears go on a tour of the island until getting lost in the infamous, apparently haunted Alcatraz prison.
  • Jossed

The Bears could have gotten rid of the cursed jacket by taking it to Uncle's shop and having him exorcise it.

There will be a crossover with Teen Titans Go!
It will consist of this: Robin kidnaps Panda and forces him to shake his butt in Raven's face because she ate the last of the leftover cake from a party they had and wants to annoy her. Raven inexplicably loves watching Panda shake his butt in her face, prompting jealousy from Beast Boy. Beast Boy then turns into a panda bear and begins shaking his butt in her face as well. Cyborg sings a song about how awesome it is to shake your butt in girls' faces and to force other people to do it to. Starfire puts a video of Cyborg's song online and it instantly causes Ice Bear to appear and try and save Panda. The Titans all attack Ice Bear but he easily beats them all into pulps and he carries away a crying Panda into the sunset.

Aw Damn...that's something they would actually do.....

  • And where's Grizz in all this?
    • Making a new Crowbar Jones movie at Chloe's house.

The grizzly bear on the California state seal is one of Grizz's ancestors.
Just because it would be cool, although having a famous family could also explain some of his ego.

Charlie will eventually meet a human he can trust
And that human will happen to be Chloe.
  • Jossed as of "Creature Mysteries", where Ranger Tabes becomes the first human he encounters and trusts, as he saved her life and she is grateful of him. Jossed again by the end of "Rescue Ranger", where she becomes his friend after she returns the favor.
    • Further jossed in "El Oso", where the titular character is revealed to be his very first human friend.
    • It is still possible for Charlie to meet Chloe though, probably with an episode that says "Chloe Meets Charlie".
      • Charlie ends up visiting the bears at the same time Chloe is, accidentally meeting each other and Chloe ends up taking a picture of Charlie and posting the photo online out of fascination, causing a bad impression between the two of them when she chases him around the cave trying to take more pictures until the bears stop her, calm down the situation, and are forced to introduce them to each other. However, Charlie distrusts Chloe, Chloe returns the feeling, and both of them are angry with the bears for keeping their respective friendships with themselves a secret from each other, causing a Friendship Favoritism situation. Eventually, they warm up to each other and discover they are Not So Different in terms of personality and Chloe ends up having to convince the media that the picture she took of Charlie was fake. Afterwards, she and Charlie end up on good terms.

Nom Nom has super strength
No, seriously. In "Nom Nom" Ice Bear (who can carry around both of his brothers with no problem) tries to get a bottle of ketchup away from him. Nom Nom pulls back and actually makes Ice Bear struggle to get the bottle. He then lets Ice Bear fling him into the wall and is not actually hurt from it. Then, in "Captain Craboo" he manages to shove Ice Bear off of his feet and is later in a crashing helicopter that blew-up upon impact and he survives it COMPLETELY UNSCATHED. Sure he got hurt when Craboo pinched his ears, but so did Ice Bear. No matter how tough you are, getting your ears firmly pinched by a crab probably really hurts. It is also possible Nom Nom himself is not completely aware of this since he tends to act like a wuss a lot.

The island Craboo went to was the same one the Bears were on in "The Island"
And he will end up meeting Dave, who has gone through Sanity Slippage after being stranded alone on the island for who knows how long, swearing vengeance on the bears.

Ice Bear has Post-Traumatic Stress and will snap one day
In "Primal", Ice Bear has a brief vision of his paws becoming fierce and clawed as well as the sound of roaring. Then as we see his backstory in "Yuri and the Bear", a hunter is shown with a polar bear pelt with claws intact, and also what appear to be claw marks on his face.
  • "Icy Nights" helps support this theory by showing just how violent and unstable he can get.

Nom Nom was the one watching the bear videos in "Everyone's Tube"
Whoever the viewer was sure wasn't fond of Grizzly, but in the end became the first subscriber on the bears' social channel. If it was indeed Nom Nom, that could support him slowly coming to like the bears, similar to the ending of "Nom Nom's Entourage".
  • Jossed in the Sequel Episode, "More Everyone's Tube", where the viewer turns out to be Tom, Griff, and Issac.

Yuri's family isn't dead, his wife just divorced him and got full custody of their daughter.

  • "Icy Nights 2" ends with Ice Bear finding a copy of Yuri's family photo in Yana's locket, which seems to support this theory.

Yuri lost his family at sea.

The show is only surviving being Screwed by the Network due to deliberately staying "wholesome"
Considering that it still gets no reruns or promotion of any kind, I don't think it's working.

One or more future episodes, possibly the Grand Finale, will have the Bears reuniting with some of their old friends from the "Baby Bear" episodes.
Possible candidates include:
  • The hitchhiker from "The Road" (and at least one of the bears will still be mad that he stole their box)
  • The pet store owner from "Pet Shop"
  • Karla from "The Island"
  • Yuri from "Yuri and the Bear" (and it will almost certainly be the most emotional Ice Bear has ever gotten)
  • The actor from "Baby Bears on a Plane"
  • Lewis from "The Fair", who lost his shady job at the Boise Carnival but managed to turn his life around and now makes a modest living posting song parodies on the Internet.
  • The zookeepers from "Panda 2"
  • Nate from "Bearz II Men"
  • The Ragtags from "Baby Bears Can't Jump"
  • Ronnie from "Teacher's Pet"
  • One of Grizz's old co-stars from "Family Troubles", or maybe a Loony Fan who remembers when Grizzly was on the show.
  • Rodolfo from "Escandalosos"
  • Charles Worthington and Carl the gorilla from "Adopted"
  • The thief from "Christmas Movies"
  • Kazumi from "Ramen"

Ice Bear is terrified of losing his brothers like he lost Yuri.

Charlie and Ralph are members of an alien race
It is revealed in "Charlie's Big Foot" that Charlie has blue blood. Plus he and Ralph look somewhat unique compared to the rest of the cast.

There will be a "Female Bears" one-hour special event in future episodes.
It will be about three adult female bears who are complete strangers to each other and the same species as the main trio, serviced by the government and sent to San Francisco to find the three bear brothers and interact with them as their mission. And their names will be Kiki, Adelaide, and Noelle, with Noelle being the oldest, Adelaide being the middle, and Kiki being the youngest.
  • Kiki the panda bear will be a much more sensitive and Prone to Tears than even Panda is, and has spent her life in an illegal breeding captivity, where cruel humans taunt her and use aggressive male pandas spurned by aphrodisiac drugs to constantly force themselves onto her against her will. She will also have severe trust issues and an intense fear of reflections because of every time she is forced to do something, humans would mercilessly taunt her with mirrors and forcefully showing her own humiliation. She will also be constantly wearing a hoodie on top of a long sleeve shirt, pants, and underwear all because of her Dark and Troubled Past.
  • Adelaide the grizzly bear will be a stoic and pessimistic Empty Shell/Straw Nihilist who spent her life in the wilderness in solitude, knowing all the negative traits about being a bear and negatively putting down about how pointless life is and how reality is always a misery. Is also apparently a Death Seeker by trade, conflicting with a recently traumatized Grizzly over his struggling optimism as she also always resigns herself into becoming primal by the slightest hunger without any regards of killing people as she had sometimes done before.
  • Noelle the polar bear will be a motherly and empathizing All-Loving Heroine and a habitual singer with a beautiful voice and two cubs of her own from a previous partner who is dead and still grieving from it, longing for another to love again and a father figure for her cubs. She will bond with Ice Bear more quickly, exposing her empathetic side onto his stoic behavior. However, her children are weary of Ice Bear and it becomes a Parent with New Paramour situation.
    • It would also be deconstructed when their Fatal Flaw of being Innocently Insensitive end up severely damaging their genuine relationships with the brothers and compromising their mission as Kiki's trust issues end up abusing Panda by accident and destroying his precious phone because of her fear, Adelaide's uncaring cynical attitude and resigning to becoming primal end up worsening Grizzly's recent trauma, and Noelle's All-Loving Heroine personality doesn't extend to Friend to All Living Things as she eats seals and feeds them to her cubs like it's no problem, disturbing Ice Bear because of his friendship with one in "Bear Cleanse".

Possible Wham Episodes
And all of them in a row.

Tabes is Karla's Sister
Just a little guess, nothing else, they do have a similar hair color.

Amanda Will Return
Just a hunch.

The mad scientist from "Grizz Helps" and "Summer Love" will show up in an episode revolving around Ice Bear.
It might be a sequel to "Icy Nights" where he's somehow been forced to put his mechanical expertise to use fixing up battle-bots for Barry and his "bro-grammer" cronies.

Possible solo cub episodes
All occurring after Cerebus Syndrome starts.
  • "Birth of a Bear": A Documentary Episode and Origins Episode featuring a newborn Grizzly and his mother, with the narrator explaining the natural life of a grizzly bear all throughout the episode, up until the tragic death of Grizzly's mother by hunters witnessed by Grizzly and ends with Grizzly himself getting stuck in a tree crying in a thunderstorm which the narrator solemnly comments on how sometimes Humans Are the Real Monsters.
  • "Polar Bear and the Past": A Breather Episode and Bottle Episode Interquel to "Yuri and the Bear", featuring only baby Ice Bear and Yuri spending the entire day inside Yuri's tent after a long and hard work yesterday composing a musical piece involving violin and harp music, with a brief cameo of adult Ice Bear in the beginning and end of episode reminiscing inside his fridge. Only Demetri Martin and Darin De Paul being credited.
  • "Twins of Panda": Panda's Origins Episode on his birth and how he was taken away from his mother prior to "Panda 2" .

Nom Nom finding his family will be the final step in his redemption arc.
  • The bears could find out about this situation somehow, giving them something to actual relate to. Not to mention he played the role as a face in "Kyle" which is what introduced this.

Panda was abandoned by his original family
Fact is when giant pandas give birth to two cubs, they are usually only able to care for one and so the weaker cub ends up being abandoned. Panda himself has quite a few allergies and isn't as physically fit as his brothers. What's more, the synopsis for "Panda 2" seems to entail exactly this.
  • This fact may mean that Panda's mother is forced to give him away to the researchers as he is too weak to be cared for, even if she wanted to raise him herself, probably begging not to take her baby away and crying over her loss. The panda twin grows up to be Panda's Polar Opposite Twin, an assertive and outgoing Chick Magnet who has a female panda as his mate.

Charlie and Ralph are from the same species as The Lorax
Just look at their designs.

Miki-Chan (Panda's body pillow) is the civilian identity of the Magical Girl from Panda 2.

Grizzly and Panda will meet Yuri without Ice Bear
They won't know who he is and will likely just brush off their encounter with him.

Nom Nom will treat the Bears' friends like dirt
With the way he treated the bears, who knows how he'll treat Chloe, Charlie, Ranger Tabes, Lucy, and the Poppy Rangers.

The 100th episode will be about how the bears met each other
Cartoon Network likes to do special events when a show reaches 100 episodes (they did this with Teen Titans Go and Steven Universe), and We Bare Bears is almost at 100 episodes. A cool idea would be if they showed the full story on how the bears met each other. We've seen each of their individual backstories, how they formed the first bear stack, and how they came to their cave. The only real mystery to solve for the show is just how they all met.
  • Joseed. Episode 100 is "Paperboyz".

A future Baby Bears episode will show the first time Ice Bear ever spoke around his brothers
When Grizzly asks why Ice Bear never said anything before if he could talk the whole time, Ice Bear says something pithy like "Ice Bear is a man of action."

Barry's father owns Googs and Ari Curd is Barry's girlfriend
As of "Googs", it may be that Barry was secretly behind all this, exacting revenge against Ice Bear for his defeat of "Icy Nights II" through Ari and traumatizing him and his brothers is the best way to do it. Notice how Ari displays Innocently Insensitive behavior over the Bears' situation, or even a complete Lack of Empathy over it.

A red panda will appear at some point
There's already a giant panda. Perhaps this red panda character will show up to rival Nom Nom as the latest animal celebrity.

Yuri and Yana will reunite in a Christmas Episode
It will involve Ice Bear once again stopping Barry, who once again tries to get revenge on him and Yana. Grizz and Panda also have a comedic subplot looking for gifts - going with an above guess, they'll have a brief run-in with Yuri, who they mistake for Santa Claus. Throughout the episode we will see glimpses of Yuri's family backstory. In the climax, Yuri ends up joining his daughter and Ice Bear in the fight against Barry. It will end with Yuri and Yana exchanging hugs, then dropping by the Bears' cave to give them presents...Ice Bear's gift being a wooden toy horse (a call back to "Yuri and the Bear").

Ice Bear Wants Children
This theory began with the line from the episode "Occupy Bears" when Ice Bear wishes for a home with a good school district in a flashback. That could just be attributed to Ice Bear's typical weirdness, but when combined with how protective he is of his young friend Chloe, and how he programmed his robot butler to think of him as a father, it becomes clear that Ice Bear wants a future for himself where he has children of his own. D'aww...

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