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  • Pretty much anything Ice Bear says in his comically serious and stoic tone. It's why almost every one starts with a list.
  • Reading the original comics after watching the show is a guaranteed laugh, given how the characters have changed. It almost seems like a Black Comedy parody at times, like when the bears thugged a talking cactus.

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    Season 1 


Our Stuff

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
  • When Panda gives Grizzly his cell phone, Panda calls it his life and soul in rectangular form.
  • The entire basketball game where the bears just completely fail at basketball and moments include:
    • Grizzly throwing the ball way too high and hits a car.
    • Ice Bear motionlessly staring when his basketball skills get interrupted.
    • Panda calling for the ball only to be hit and calling a "time out".
    • Grizzly throwing himself at the ball and knocking things over.
    • Grizzly telling Ice Bear to "Pick and roll!" where Ice rubs on Grizzly's opponent and rolls away, leaving Grizzly and his opponent staring in silence.
    • They celebrate after making their first shot and they are 20 points behind, and they celebrate by carrying and throwing Panda in a fountain.
  • This exchange.
    Grizz: Wait a sec. Did we forget something?
    Ice Bear: The backpack.
    Grizz: The backpack! My wallet!
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear's ninja stars.
    Panda: (laughs) I thought for a second there you said we left our stuff back at the court because my phone is in there, and if I lost that, I would totally freak out.
    Grizz: We left your phone.
  • Grizzly using somebody's parking ticket as an FBI badge by writing "FBI" on it and drawing a circle around it. By the end of the episode, the police tells the bears to not cause trouble again and he unknowingly tears up the parking ticket.
    • Grizzly using the FBI badge to get a taxi ride only for him to kick them out.
    • To the waitress at the restaurant to keep her away.
  • The bystanders listing everything bad the bears have done throughout the whole episode.
    Bystander: Those guys have been running around the city destroying stuff!
    T-Shirt Vendor: They ruined my t-shirt stand!
    Waitress: Those guys came into my restaurant and ordered only ice water!
    Grizzly: Hey, we tipped!
    Waitress: Yeah, with a table mat drawing! (Holds up a drawing of Panda with his signature.)
  • The revelation on who stole the Bears' stuff: the "Pigeon Cartel". The pigeon that was giving the Bears directions earlier was actually an undercover agent for the police.

Viral Video

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear charges extra."
    • "Ice Bear will hunt them down."
    • "#icebearforpresident."
    • "Ice Bear enjoys basking."
    • "Ice Bear should have trained before coming."
    • "Ice Bear has been sleeping for fifteen minutes."
    • (hugs and judo flips Grizzly) "Don't ditch Ice Bear."
  • While Ice Bear is cooking breakfast, a lobster claw slowly rises out of the pot. He responds by casually searing it with a blowtorch.
  • "People always say they're gonna come over, but they never do. I think we need a bigger TV."
  • Ice Bear cutting his food with an axe.
  • Gluten Cat.
  • "C'mon, Grizz! We've had enough! You're being kind of a...dingle!"
  • When Grizz apologies for the way he acted over the episode, Ice Bear comes in for a hug...and then body slams him.
    "Don't ditch Ice Bear."
  • Someone finally commenting on the Bears' video. It's spam, but they're still excited anyway.

Food Truck

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear is tired of staring at this guy's butt." (Guy in question moves away from the bears.)
    • "Goodbye cruel world." (collapses and causes the bears to fall down)
    • (spits out ramen taco) "Ice Bear regrets eating that."
  • Grizz aggressively offering free samples to the people and remaining calm and apologizes when they reject the samples.
  • Panda failing at sign twirling and it ends with him hitting himself with his own sign.
  • The animals acquiring money to pay for the bear's calzone by stealing money from the humans, a squirrel sneaking inside a vending machine to take the money, and a deer destroying an ATM machine.
  • Grizz making it rain on Panda. And Ice Bear rolling on the money with a straight face.
  • When the animals go on a rampage, two opposums steal two of three calzones laying on the window of the bears' food truck. Ice Bear manages to save the last calzone after failing to catch the others...only to see a wolf swiping sausages from the truck's kitchen.
  • During the panoramic shot of the animals causing chaos to the food trucks, a rabbit can be seen with a cup of coffee, eyes bloodshot. Clearly he had one too many.
  • When the bears and Food truck owners were in trouble from the animals, one of the food truck owners explains,:
    "I lost my family in that Food truck. I shall never see them again.(owner's wife and kid suddenly come into the picture. The owner then smiles) Oops. Nevermind, there they are!"


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear has too many secrets."
    • "Ice Bear has never seen a smaller human."
    • "Ice Bear believed in you."
    • "Ice Bear smells like clean babies."
    • "Ice Bear settled that out of court."
    • "Bears are smart. Congratulations, bear."
    • "Ice Bear feels shame."
    • "Ice Bear will share his secrets. About other bears, mostly."
  • Before Ice Bear can torture Chloe by scratching a fork on a chalkboard, Ice Bear wrote his food specials on it including spinach quiche, goat cheese omelette, and jam on things.
  • When Grizzly asks for a high-five from Ice Bear, Ice Bear responds by tapping his head on Grizzly's hand.
  • The bears enjoying Chloe's honey wasabi gummies, even though they cause tears and snot to run down their faces.
  • As Grizzly and Panda slowly approach Chloe after she broke into their home, Ice Bear abruptly bursts from the fridge wielding an axe and briefly sports a wide-eyed look.
  • The bears' over-the-top rewriting of Chloe's report. At the end it appears to crash her laptop and puts it through a blue screen of death; the log suggests this was because they put too many fire gifs up at once.
  • The fact that according to Chloe's original presentation, the amount of destruction Ice Bear causes each day has a sharp spike upwards immediately BEFORE he wakes up... mornings must be rough for the bears.
    • Even better, there's still an increase before that.
  • As the bears go through Chloe's report, one slide has a picture of Ice Bear about to take an axe to a fish display.
  • When the bears get the idea to "fix" Chloe's presentation, Grizz and Panda laugh evilly while Ice Bear gives a Fascinating Eyebrow and an evil smile while rubbing his paws together.
  • Before the bears gave Chloe back her laptop, the bears were hiding in the bushes in their bearstack and Chloe failed to notice them until Grizz had to get her attention.
  • The bears blending in with the students at the presentation just by wearing street clothes.
    • Also, when Panda and Grizz are fumbling to remove their disguises, Ice Bear's just... falls off.
  • "Are bears dogs?"

Panda's Date

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear is going to fill stomach like piñata."
    • "Ice Bear requires booster seat."
    • "Ice Bear made her a pashmina."
    • "Ice Bear would've been less charming."
  • When the bears are getting free peach samples, Grizzly takes two, Panda takes one, and Ice Bear takes the entire tray of peaches.
  • The bears hanging out with Lucy has a few funny moments.
    • Panda invites Lucy to ride in the swan boat with him. Unfortunately, Grizz and Ice Bear dive into the boat, causing it to sink on the spot.
    • Lucy encourages Panda to roll down the hill, after she and the other two bears have a blast doing so. Panda goes for it, only to roll off in the direction of the forest and wipe out.
    • Grizz and Ice Bear take a selfie with Lucy, with Panda in the back jumping behind them to get into the picture. He comes out blurry, and the phone's autocorrect function removes him completely.
  • Panda traps Grizz and Ice Bear in the closet, so he can try to win over Lucy without them around, while telling them it's a game. Grizz actually goes through with counting to a thousand, as Panda said, and panics when he realizes he and Ice Bear are late to meet Lucy. He hurriedly asks Ice Bear for a coat hanger to create a makeshift lockpick. Ice Bear just elects to kick a hole in the closet door.
  • Grizz and Ice Bear inadvertently become waiters when they try to meet up with Panda and Lucy in the restaurant by going through the back kitchen door, and Grizz serves a patron a steak...which he took a bite out of.

Everyday Bears

  • Ice Bear preparing his bath, pouring ice cubes into the tub, then putting on goggles and a swim cap.
  • Ice Bear's little vacuum bot begins to malfunction. His solution? Grabbing a hammer and beating the crap out of it and taping it back together.
  • Grizz tells a butterfly to go get help. It ends up flying into his mouth.
  • Panda in general freaking out over the mouse on his keyboard, especially at how it accidentally makes embarrassing posts, leading him to be unfriended online.
  • The fireman still trying to get Grizz to take his hand, even though he's now safe in his home. Ice Bear gives the fireman the mouse instead.
    "Someone get me a small stretcher!"
  • In the end, Ice Bear has somehow trained/programmed the vacuum to carry him around.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (covered in crumbs) "Ice Bear will have more free chips."
    • "Ice Bear wants separate checks."
    • (after sniffing the rotten burrito) "Ughh. Ice Bear feels nauseous."
    • "Ice Bear sees where this is going."
    • "Ice Bear demands that everyone showers."
  • The epic preparation of the giant burrito. The waiter and waitress use a cat-shaped klaxon (going with the whole cat theme of the restaurant, "Purrito") to signal the kitchen crew, who proceed to drop everything and focus all their efforts on making the burrito.
  • After Grizzly runs out of the restaurant with his giant burrito, the waiter gives Panda and Ice Bear their check and demands cash only, leaving Panda and Ice Bear with an Oh, Crap! reaction.
  • When the bears are trying to see a movie with the giant burrito, the ticket cashier makes them also paid for the burrito to see the movie.
    Panda: (looks in his wallet, to the ticket cashier) Uh, any discounts for the burrito? (beat) Fine.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (after Grizz throws his food off a cliff) "Ice Bear will never share again. Due to gravity."
    • (Grizzly sneezes) "Ice Bear will not bless you."
    • "Ice Bear will miss yoga today."
  • The hilariously over-the-top video ad for Badger in the Wild that kicks off the whole plot.
  • Ice Bear with his face covered in butterflies.
  • Ice Bear's reaction to getting covered in fire ants: "Ouch."
  • The bears rolling down the hill while still in their bearstack.
  • Grizzly stubbornly trying to fish for salmon in a lake and fishing up nothing but litter.
  • Panda's manic speech on dumplings.
  • Panda and Ice Bear hallucinating a frozen yogurt dispenser.
  • As his brothers try and attack him and each other, Grizzly gets into a car and drives to a fast-food restaurant. As the car hurtles over a short cliff, Grizzly fastens his seat belt in epic slow-mo.
  • When Grizzly gets to the Burger Boy, the employee at the drive-thru window has no problem deciphering Panda and Ice Bear's frenzied growling into an order. She then gives them their food without reacting at all to the fact that the car contains three bears, two of which are viciously mauling each other. Her dull expression and monotone voice clearly indicated that nothing phases her anymore.

Jean Jacket

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear found comb."
    • (when a dance class coupon flies into Ice Bear's face) "This is the best thing to happen to Ice Bear".
    • "Ice Bear needs it for everyday hustling."
    • "Ice Bear needs to see proof of ownership."
    • (in response to Grizz's lopsided decision wheel) "Ice Bear highly doubts that."
    • "Jean jacket is mean jacket."
    • "Ice Bear cried. But just inside."
  • The bears' street performance consist of Grizz beatboxing, Panda playing the tambourine, and Ice Bear playing the bagpipes.
  • Ice Bear miming.
  • The bears upset their money cup and the one quarter they've made rolls down the gutter and stops short of falling down a grate. Then Panda, who had been stuck in gum, frees himself, only to stumble and fall on Ice Bear's bagpipes, blowing the coin into the drain.
  • "It's some kind of jacket made of jeans. It's a pants jacket!"
  • Ice Bear finding a comb in the dumpster and parting his hair with it.
  • When the bears test the jacket's luck at the supermarket, they find pizza bagels at a discount. When they wait in line, their cart is full of nothing but pizza bagels.
  • The Bears strutting with the jean jacket, doing hip-hop moves. Ice Bear... just walks normally and waves at someone.
  • The Bears' Decision-Maker... which is a spinner that is roughly 75% Grizz, 17% Pan, and 8% Ice.
    Grizz: Ha ha! Whoo! Probability, am I right?
  • When the bears throw the jean jacket out the window, it flies back, trailing dozens of dance class coupons along with it. Ice Bear stands there wide eyed before shaking it off.
  • As the bears try to wrestle the jacket back into the dumpster where they found it, it gets caught on the wind and flies around wildly... and ends up slapping Panda on the butt in the process.
  • The fact that Panda and Ice Bear treat Grizzly climbing into the dumpster with the jacket as if he was performing a Heroic Sacrifice.

Nom Nom

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear hates butts."
    • "Ice Bear wants no part of this."
  • Ice Bear makes many comical expressions throughout the episode.
    • When Grizz defends Nom Nom for his actions, Ice Bear just rolls his eyes.
  • Ice Bear's reaction to seeing a tearful Nom Nom sitting on their doorstep? He slams the door in Nom Nom's face without a single word.
  • When Ice Bear accidentally tosses Nom Nom into a wall, Nom Nom squeaks like a dog toy.
  • Ice Bear sleeping in the fridge and cuddling his axe like it was a stuffed animal or something.
  • The mailman who is ridiculously nonplussed about falling in a Pit Trap and being caught by Ice Bear.
    • The mailman offers his box-cutter but Ice Bear pushes him away and simply uses his claws to open the package.
    • Also, his reaction to seeing the remote controlled helicopter.

Shush Ninjas

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear demands his money back."
    • "Ice Bear heard wrappers. Not hip hop."
    • "Ice Bear will shush unshushable."
    • "Ice Bear believes."
    • "Ice Bear completed mission. Sort of."
    • "Ice Bear refuses praise."
  • Ice Bear walking into the theater wearing two pairs of 3-D glasses, and holding a third in his paw.
  • The "Feature Presentation" credits for the bears' movie. They have the standard "be quiet and shut your cellphone off" statements, but there's small text under two of the screens that read "Don't pirate this movie" and "Please don't pirate this movie."
  • Everything about the Twilight parody, but especially the character who's supposed to represent Bella. Her blank, vacant stare is priceless.
    Panda: {enraged} Here's what I think about your precious Jared! {rips a fangirl's poster of the Edward Cullen Expy in half} Team Christopher forever!
  • During Grizz's speech about the movies, a montage plays of the bears acting out roles and scenes from various films. This includes Panda as Ariel in "Part of Your World", the three wildly thrashing about the Monolith, and Ice Bear and Panda clinging to the giant, Totoro-like Grizz.

My Clique

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear will make them love Chloe."
    • "Go for their legs."
    • "Ice Bear will make Chloe look like a grandma."
    • "Meet Chloe. She's very old."
  • The Bears and Chloe playing charades.
    • Chloe having difficulty trying to guess what Ice Bear is trying to act out. Ice Bear's face while he is moving around is hilarious also.
    • Grizz and Panda both having trouble trying to guess each other's movements.
    • Ice Bear correctly guessing all of Chloe's actions, no matter how improbable.
      Ice Bear: Boat. Pizza. Statue of Liberty. Snowman. Whale. Spider monkey. Richard Nixon. Old Faithful. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.
      • At the end of the episode:
        Ice Bear: Chloe's going to biochemistry at 11 AM.
  • Chloe playfully tossing boba at Grizz.
  • Panda being Panda:
    Panda: And let me take this phone number of Amy's, in case she ever calls me-I mean, if she calls Chloe!"
  • All three bears successfully teaching Chloe on how to make friends:
    • Grizz thinks that being big, scary, and noticeable will make her friends.
    • Panda believes that planning out a Meet Cute / Crash-Into Hello moment will help her meet someone and make a friend. It actually ends up working for Chloe (although unintentionally).
    • And instead of teaching Chloe on how to make friends, Ice Bear teaches Chloe on how to fight her enemies.
      Chloe: I thought this was about making friends, not fighting enemies.
      Ice Bear: All Ice Bear's friends are future enemies. (kicks a human punching bag's head off)
  • The Bears meeting Chloe's parents.
    • Ice Bear greets Chloe's mom in Korean, to the shock of his brothers and they clumsily try to greet Chloe's mom in Korean, too.
    • Chloe's dad's description of Panda (in Korean): "He's the one who always gets kicked around by girls."
    • Chloe's parents talking in Korean about Panda, who's standing besides them feeling self-conscious.
    • Grizz says hello in Korean when saying goodbye.
    • And Ice Bear's overly-formal way of saying goodbye: "I wish for you to have a very good night".
  • The bears, for reasons known only to them, decided to nail a Christmas tree to their ceiling for the party. It falls down after everyone's left.
  • When Panda accidentally plays dance music at the party and everyone starts dancing, Grizz tries to stop them and gets frustrated when he sees Ice Bear also dancing.
    • The guests dancing close to Grizz and Panda and Ice Bear joins in promptly.
  • Ice Bear makes a cake for Chloe's "mature" party by writing "Happy 50 Chloe!"
  • Chloe manages to confess to one of her classmates that she's tired of always being thought of as "the prodigy":
    Chloe: Why can't I just be called, "The Awkward Korean Girl Who Will Never Be Tall Enough to Ride a Roller Coaster"?


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • [wearing an apron and headband] "Ice Bear woke up like this. But why."
    • [In response to Grizzly's home-made pillow] "Ice Bear wouldn't show that off."
    • "You don't speak for Ice Bear."
  • Ice Bear's Death Glare towards Charlie for ruining the soup he made for everyone by sprinkling cheese poofies in it and stirring the soup with his finger.
  • During the pan of the swarms of Sasquatch hunters outside the Bears' house, you can see a plate of seeds left out as bait and a crude Box-and-Stick Trap labelled "Not A Trap".
  • Charlie forgetting Ice Bear's name and the fact that that nobody, besides Ice Bear, has ever said Ice Bear's name in the show.
    Charlie: You guys, I just wanted to say, Grizz, Pan-Man, (to Ice Bear) and, uh... you.
  • Ice Bear spritzes the paparazzi with a spray bottle to instantly get their attention.
  • In order to drive the paparazzi away, Grizz claims that the other person in the cave with them is Panda's "girlfriend," Princess (earning a Flat "What" from Panda). Cue Charlie coming out wearing a dress, a mop on his head, and cheese poofies smeared on his face for makeup.
  • While Grizz and Ice Bear hug Charlie goodbye, all he and Panda can manage to do is a fist bump and a very awkward hug (since Charlie was just pretending to be Panda's girlfriend).
    • Once he leaves, Grizz immediately tells them to lock the door.

Brother Up

  • Ice Bear's quotes:
    • "Ice Bear could go for a hundred [miles]."
    • "Ice Bear sees bunnies." [Points to the pack of wolves]
    • "Ice Bear wants to be top bear now."
  • Charlie the sasquatch appearing out of nowhere and wanting to hang out with the bears. Then he does it again when Panda starts admiring his reflection in the bathroom window.
  • "I've heard of strange things going on in these woods... vicious animals, hunters, raves..."
  • Grizz's Humiliation Conga at the mall.
  • "People made fun of me! In Korean!"
  • Panda babying Ice Bear by tucking him into bed, and Ice Bear clearly being unimpressed.
  • Panda and the alpha wolf getting into a stacking contest, with the wolf standing on his pack-mates and Panda standing on Ice Bear and every bit of furniture Charlie can find. Throughout, all the wolves mantain a smug expression, up until the very last wolf on the bottom who instead has a stressed expression from the weight of all the wolves on top.
  • Ice Bear convinces his brothers to let him be in charge. What does he want to do all day? Stand in a meat locker.
    Panda: I think Grizz should be on top...

Occupy Bears

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear sees many code violations."
    • "Ice Bear dreams for a good school district."
    • [Staying in the cave for shelter and water drips on him] "Ice Bear does not approve."
    • [While being interviewed] "Ice Bear likes turtles."
  • When Grizzly is first awoken by the construction crew, he thinks an earthquake is happening and runs to grab the "essentials"... an armload of toilet paper and his brothers (with him carrying Panda over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes).
  • The website for the municipal government conveniently has a short video demonstrating to the bears what they need to prove ownership of the house.
    Grizzly: I like that it was a cartoon.
  • During the flashback to the loft apartment, when Ice Bear sees the massive refrigerator in the kitchen he just gives it a big old hug.
    • The bears trying to pay for their first rent with $11.76 and a recyclable water bottle (Ice Bear was the one with the water bottle).
  • Ice Bear messing with the foreman and stealing all the construction worker's helmets while Grizzly and Panda search through a trunk.
  • In a darkly comic sort of way, the flashback to the Bears' second attempt at finding a home involves them checking out a ridiculously dilapidated apartment in a bad neighborhood, run by a grumpy short guy of vague ethnicity. There's a cat squatting in the living room, something BREATHING in the fridge (that earns a hilariously horrified face from Ice Bear), a toilet in the middle of the room ("You can put up curtain, for privacy") and a rat in the shower ("RAT? Cat, why you not do your job?!") that proves to be a deal-breaker for the Bears.
    • The landlord seems overly fond of threatening to kick people out. Even the cat. "I kick cat out if you don't like!"
  • Panda suffers an attack of camera-shyness when the news reporter tells him about her "thousands of viewers". He blushes so brightly, his entire head turns red.

Panda's Sneeze

  • At the start of the episode, Ice Bear is reading a book in the pizzeria - "How To Build A Robot Clone." Later, when he's building a robot arm, the arm starts to go haywire, and Ice Bear casually smacks it to make it stop. Then, while backstage on the talk show, Ice Bear has the robot under a tarp; a few scenes later, the robot is gone and there's a hole in the wall - complete with a perfect Oh, Crap! face. Finally, at the Cute-Off, Ice Bear is seen reading a newspaper, with the headline "Robot Bear Rampage". Then, Ice Bear does a quick suspicious glance, and starts reading the paper again.
    • After the Cute-Off, Nom Nom thinks the bears have come back to the Cute-Off. It's the robo-Ice Bear, which casually smashes the Cute-Off statue, and hugs Nom Nom. And then smashes through a wall.
  • While the bears are in the pizzeria, Panda is looking at a wall of celebrity pictures and points out one of Nom Nom. Ice Bear promptly takes it off the wall and throws it in the trash.
  • Grizz describing the thing that each bear has but can't think of anything for Ice Bear:
    Grizz: My thing is being cool. And [Panda], you're cute. And [Ice Bear], he is, um... yeah, whatever.
  • When Panda asks Ice Bear if he thinks he's cute, Ice Bear, without changing expression, just blushes.
  • Nom Nom's obviously faked sneeze video.

The Road

  • It's a baby bear episode, 'nuff said.
  • "Go for his kneecaps!" And this is Baby Panda saying this.
  • Ice Bear apologizes to Grizz with a "Big Mouth Billy Bass"-like singing fish.
  • Ice Bear folds up his "Free Bears" sign and turns it into a makeshift axe, throwing it at the picture of the drifter who stole their box drawn in the sand.
  • Its very subtle but when the bears discover the factory full of boxes; Ice Bear lets a Single Tear fall.
  • When Panda's cardboard box fort falls apart, Ice Bear just closes his eyes, spreads his arms out, and just accepts the oncoming tidal wave of boxes.
  • The box house fight. Especially the fact that Ice Bear made a working box-canon.
    • Grizz shows off his box-telescope, from which he sees a box held up by a string.
      Grizz: (Single Tear) Beautiful...
      • Even better is the implication that it's actually his box-swing he's looking at.
    • The box-microwave. Grizz just taps the box while making button noises, lifts it up, and eats another box that was underneath.
    • "PARIS!!!"
  • While it's during the tense scene of Grizz and Ice Bear trying to free Panda from a box on the conveyor belt, Grizz takes the time to bemoan his Fingerless Hands.


  • Panda rummaging through the fridge while Ice Bear is trying to relax in there and Grizzly showing up, too impatient to wait, jumps on top of Panda so he can see inside the fridge too.
    Grizzly: Ooh, Panda, you're very bouncy!
    Panda: Oh, thank you!
  • Ice Bear's little Freak Out! after Captain Craboo grabs his ear. He runs out the front door, jumps back in through a window, and rampages around the living room before Grizzly and Panda can tie him to a chair with a roll of plastic wrap.
  • Ice Bear getting ready to kill the crab with his axe.
  • The crab cutting the old lady's hair off on the train.
  • "We have to wait 40 minutes!? Who knows how long that'll be!!"
  • The ride with the reckless ride-share driver. "There's some lanes open!" he says, as he proceeds to barrel down the street through oncoming traffic.
  • Grizzly and Panda's encounter with the Phony Psychic after they lose Ice Bear. From the "magic dust" ("Smells like ramen powder...") to her thinking they're looking for a Hispanic divorcee named Esteban to Panda realizing her "crystal ball" is just a snow globe.
  • Where do Grizzly and Panda finally find Ice Bear? At the local ice rink, literally just "chilling" on his back in the middle of the rink.

Tote Life

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear likes mint soap."
    • (ordering an ice cream) "Ice Bear would like a surprise"
    • "Ice Bear also feels acceptance."
    • (going on a tote bag spree) "Ice Bear wants them all."
    • "Tote wrap. Mmm."
    • "Drink tote tea."
    • "Ice Bear wants out of tote life."
    • "Ice Bear is survivor. Hero."
    • "Ice Bear has buyer's remorse."
  • The bears getting guilt-tripped by the cashier at Green Life when he learns they didn't bring any reusable bags. "Can we get some dead trees to register four? For the tree-haters!"
  • The bears becoming increasingly obsessed with tote bags, to the point of wearing dozens and dozens of tote bags on their bodies like robes. Though their obsession with "Tote Life" takes an unsettling turn near the end of the episode, it's still kinda funny to see Grizzly eating a "tote wrap", Ice Bear offering the lady from the EPA a bag of "tote-tea", and Panda dating a stack of totes with a crude face drawn on it.
    Panda: (indicating a similar tote-dummy leaning against the wall) Oh, that's just my ex... we still talk, though! But she's crazy...

Charlie And The Snake

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (About Charlie) "Ice Bear is calling the police."
    • "Ice Bear respects your attempt."
  • The run poses the Bears were in when Charlie catches them trying to leave.
  • When Charlie and the snake come across the bear den looking for food, Charlie tells the snake he claims to have a key to the place. He then picks up a rock and breaks one of their windows.
    • Later when Charlie starts getting cold, he breaks another one to get some warm air in.
  • Charlie using Panda's phone to order pizza, then using the snake to answer the door when it arrives.
  • While waiting for Charlie to return with food, Ice Bear gets in a dance contest with a worm.
    • Pandas existential crisis in the previous scene.

Video Date

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear will coach you. Into manhood."
    • "Ice Bear (ahem) Panda ready to make good impression."
    • (putting on make-up) "Ice Bear is ready for round two."
  • "She's French! Like the kissing..."
  • Grizzly and Ice Bear making a fake room backdrop for Panda, including a picture of Panda's head on a body builder's body and fake trophies (including one hanging in mid-air, which Ice Bear moves in to touch up).
  • Grizzly helping Panda with a keyboard playing clips of Panda's voice, including one just for awkward-sounding laughter.
    "Panda": Everything-Fantastic-Celine! I-Am-Happy! Also-I-Love-Anime!
  • Grizzly's crummy Panda disguise. He only had enough bleach to cover his upper body, and he missed under his arms.
  • Ice Bear and Grizzly both end up falling for Celine and having a romantic Imagine Spot at the Eiffel Tower... except Grizzly's spot turns out to be taking place at a rock concert.
    Grizzly: Yeah, I have no idea what Paris looks like!
    Imagine Spot Celine: I can see zat!
  • When the bears start fighting over who gets to talk to Celine, Ice Bear ties Panda and Grizzly up in the shower curtain.
    Grizzly: Curse you, Pan-Pan!
    Panda: I'm Pan-Pan!
  • Celine inevitably discovers the ruse, and Panda apologizes for pretending to be something he's not. And then Grizzly apologizes for "pretending to be him pretending to be something we're not." Then it turns out Celine isn't really from Paris, but from Paramus, New Jersey.

Pet Shop

  • Panda expresses fear that they'll be kicked out of the pet shop:
    Panda: Maybe [the owner's] gonna kick us to the street! I saw him do it to those hamsters last week! I don't wanna go back out there, Grizz! It's cold, and full of outdoor allergens!
  • Ice Bear wants his dream owner to be a Masked Luchador.
  • The bears in the pet shop commercial:
    • Grizz going Large Ham when the director told him to look sad, not act sad.
    • Panda complaining about the food he's given, the flowers making him sneeze, and wanting to be shot on his right side.
    • When the director told Ice Bear and the dogs to play with each other, Ice Bear throw the dogs away and dropkicked the last one.
  • The Bears finally get adopted, and Grizzly, Ice Bear, and Panda get saddled with the names "Spike", "Fabio", and "Mr. Sprinkles" respectively.

Chloe and Ice Bear

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear has errands."
    • "Ice Bear already mentioned errands."
    • "Ice Bear is bored."
    • "Ice Bear is not impressed." [The statue performer breaks into tears.]
    • "Ice Bear has already read these."
    • "Ice Bear already has fridge."
    • "Ice Bear is his own wheels."
    • "Ice Bear knows CPR."
    • "Ice Bear thinks it's time to go home. And hide. Like albino alligator."
    • "Ice Bear enjoyed the sandwich."
  • When Chloe leaves her house to leave with Ice Bear, she asks him what he wants to do. Ice Bear proceeds to pull out an origami unicorn like Gaff's from Blade Runner. He unfolds it, revealing it's a list of errands.
  • When they're watching the sea lions, Ice Bear gets a couple to make overly dramatic poses for pictures.
  • "Feast you eyes on this incredible view." The Golden Gate Bridge is covered in fog, so there's no view.
  • As Chloe is trying to by pastries, Ice Bear gets attacked by a pigeon.
  • Chloe rents a side-by-side bike for her and Ice Bear, only to have to pedal it alone. Uphill. In traffic.
  • Ice Bear mimicking the alligator's expression.
  • Ice Bear throwing up his hands when he sees the crabs.
  • When Chloe and Ice Bear are disguising themselves in one of the displays, the security guard thinks it's normal that there's a polar bear with a little girl in his mouth in a display with tigers eating a gazelle.
  • Security guard's reaction to finding Chloe's sandwich in the albino alligator exhibit.
    Security Guard: Kids these days. Wasting good sandwiches.
  • The revelation of Grizz and Panda's gaming session. They lost, and Panda destroyed their gaming console in a fit of rage and is in time-out for it.
    Panda: It was rigged!

Cupcake Job

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Cupcake?"
    • "Ice Bear is offline."
    • "Ice Bear got paid." (shows cherry hat full of money)
    • "Ice Bear has confession to make."
  • The plot kickstarts when its revealed the bears' laptop is revealed to be broken. Later in the episode, Grizz claims it was him, having slamming the screen down to kill a fly, while Panda claims he did it, when he accidentally lifted it up too close to the ceiling fan while dancing with it. Turns out it was Ice Bear, who put it through the washing machine and dryer.
  • Ice Bear's huge phony smile while in the cupcake costume.
    • Everything about Ice Bear in the cupcake costume, waddling around with that big, creepy smile and getting caught in the fountain, his expression becoming more distressed, yet he still forces himself to keep his mouth wide open, making him look horrified.
  • The bears' resume, which includes "Firm handshaking" and "Touching nose with tongue" for Grizz, "Saying 'cute' in Japanese" for Panda, and "Ninja" for Ice Bear.
  • When it seems like they aren't going to get hired, Grizz gets... desperate:
    Grizz: (gets up) Please, sir, I beg you! (gets on paws and knees) Please hire us! (looks back up) We have other skills! (to Panda) Panda, sing!
    • And then Panda sings... while Grizz does push ups and Ice Bear does a very... interesting dance.
  • Panda having trouble with the stickers.
  • Grizzly struggling with the customers, first a ridiculously indecisive guy, then a guy who appears to have mistaken the cupcake ATM for a regular one, and then a bossy business-woman who makes an Overcomplicated Menu Order.
  • The cupcake machine going into overdrive after a glitch causes an order Grizz puts in for 30 to enter 300 cupcakes, throwing Panda into a panic and trying to jam the machine, causing it to go haywire.
  • Grizz and Panda trying to placate the angry mob by making them one massive cupcake. It works, but only because they are too confused by the gesture to be angry.
  • After the chaos caused at the cupcake store, Grizzly asks their boss if they're still getting paid. He just puts on his hat and walks away, stopping only to tell the bears that they're fired.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear has decided. Not into hibernation."
    • "The world is not ready for what Ice Bear can do."
  • Panda trying (badly) to hide his interest in teen romance novels at the book store.
  • Ice Bear kicking his shopping cart forward rather than pushing it along.
  • The mere fact that Panda has a body pillow with a cute anime girl on it (whom he calls "Miki-chan"). Which he shares Pocky Sticks with. And Grizzly later takes for his hibernation den.
  • The montage of Grizzly stuffing his face with all the food he can get his hands on. One particularly amusing scene has Grizzly opening up the fridge, to reveal several Tupperware boxes full of his marked food. He pulls one out, revealing the annoyed stare of a very unamused Ice Bear.
  • Grizzly's freakout, caught on Panda's phone, which Ice Bear wants to watch a second time.
    Panda: {cautiously} It's okay, you're safe. There is no little bear.
    Ice Bear: Only large bears.

Charlie Ball

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear's confidence at an all time low".
    • "Ice Bear wants someone with good D."
    • (about the bear costume they lend Charlie) "Ice Bear embraces irony."
    • "Ice Bear doesn't remember trash can being there."
    • "Ice Bear filled with welcome back emotion."
    • "Ice Bear want Charlie on team. Ice Bear wants to win."
  • Charlie trying to invite the bears back to their own house.
    Charlie: What? It's a nice place!
  • The bears conveniently having a bear costume for Charlie to wear. Based on their comments, it's implied Ice Bear dressed up as a bear for Halloween.
  • Charlie playing basketball for the first time and does a bad job at it.
    • When Grizz passes him the ball he dodges not knowing he's supposed to catch it.
    • When one of his opponents is approaching the basketball hoop, Charlie allows him to pass through him which allows him a score a point.
    • When Grizz tells Charlie to shoot the ball, Charlie throws the ball to the ground which bounces up and lands on Ice Bear's head knocking him out.
    • When Charlie tries to pass the ball to Grizz, he throws it too hard and hurts Grizz's stomach.

    Season 2 

Yard Sale

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear will enjoy family entertainment."
    • "Ice Bear is ready."
    • "Ice Bear feels impending motherhood nearby."
  • Ice Bear beeping as he backs up the bear stack.
  • Ice Bear finds a mysterious unmarked DVD among the stuff in the "free" box. It turns out to be... a maternity exercise video, which he quickly takes to.
  • Panda freaking out when the phone he found goes dead, just as he was about to agree to go on a date with "Annie".
  • Ice Bear being joined by random pregnant women when he goes out for a power-walk.
  • Grizzly tries to get some help from a band of Girl Scouts. "Thank goodness, law enforcement!"
  • "I swear, I wasn't sweet-talking anyone! I'm not that smooth..."
  • Annie's husband Paul going from jealous fury at Panda to Panicky Expectant Father in the span of a few seconds when she goes into labor, to the point that he faints and the Bears have to drag him along to the hospital.
  • How does Grizzly finally get the Smash Hands off his paws? Annie's newborn baby yanks them right off.
    Grizzly: (a little freaked out) ...Strong baby.

Slumber Party

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear deadliest bear in the world. Safe."
    • "Ice Bear most scared bear in the world."
    • "Ice Bear fears the worst."
    • "Ice Bear will tell tale of brave brother."
  • The bears' Childish Pillow Fight with Chloe. Chloe is clobbering Grizz, Panda is cowering atop the bed, and Ice Bear is just swinging in circles.
  • During the Good-Times Montage of Chloe and the Bear's slumber party, Ice Bear drinks a glass of a disgusting concoction made with, among other things, pickle brine. Then he goes right ahead and drinks the rest of it.
  • The Bears constantly freaking out during the black-out.
  • Ice Bear accidentally scares himself with his reflection in a mirror. So he smashes the mirror.
  • "Sorry for the misunderstanding!" "And screaming."

Bear Cleanse

  • The bears' physical. Highlights include:
    • When the doctor tests Grizz's reflexes, he lifts the other leg instead of the one the doctor hit. Panda moves his arm instead. When Ice Bear is tested, his other brothers kick their legs instead.
    • The doctor getting Grizz to do an eye examination.
    • Panda gagging on the tongue depressor, then swallowing it.
    • When the doctor uses her stethoscope on Ice Bear, she hears jackhammering.
    • Ice Bear's eyes widening when he finds out his species' diet: seals.
  • Grizz using salmon as puppets.
  • Ice Bear has a whole crazy misadventure in the background of the episode. Since he can only eat seals on his diet and he can't buy seal meat at the market, he ends up stealing a seal from the zoo. Then he can't bring himself to eat it, so he starts bonding with it instead and teaching it to play basketball.
  • Grizzly has a crazy nightmare where the foods in pop-up ads start talking to him. Then the talking foods get eaten by a giant version of the doctor who put them on the cleansing diet.
  • Panda posing for diet selfies.
  • Grizzly's weird train of thought involving wishing for a time machine so he could go to the future, when the cleanse is over, so he can eat all the pizzas he wants in a flying car. Then he imagines someone following him, wanting to steal his pizzas.
  • Grizzly catches Panda cheating on his diet by eating chocolate cake. The scene even plays a parody version of the Ironside siren used in Kill Bill.

Nom Nom's Entourage

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear grudge still strong."
    • "Sushi for Ice Bear."
    • "Ice Bear ready for cool parties."
  • Nom Nom gets the bears to his pad by kidnapping them off the street. Then he tries to butter them up:
    Nom Nom: I'll be honest, I know I may have been a jerk to you guys in the past...
    Grizzly: You mean like the whole kidnapping thing just now?
    Nom Nom: Yes, exactly!
  • On Nom Nom and the bears' first try at being an entourage, the bears all get stuck in the door of a coffee shop. Nom Nom tells the bears that their job is to make sure that when he walks into a room everyone knows who he is. Ice Bear than proceeds to turn to his left, gently lift a man from his seat, point him towards Nom Nom, and say: "This is Nom Nom".
  • The Bears' awkward attempts at swaggering.
  • Grizzly botches relaying Nom Nom's coffee order.
    Nom Nom: I want a double-shot mocha with whip, no sweetener.
    Grizzly: I'd like, uh, a double-mocha shoot me with sweet whip.
  • Grizzly bragging "I know a lot of people think I'm confident because of my good looks and solid hygiene..."
  • When the bears and Nom Nom go against Andy Bangs for the second time, Grizz and Panda keep verbally-burning him over and over again, to the continued embarrassment of Andy and amusement of everyone watching. However, when Ice Bear simply points out that Andy's bangs have split-ends, everyone in the room gasps as if he had seriously crossed the line.

Ranger Tabes

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Too many steps. Ice Bear getting frustrated."
    • "Ice Bear is intrigued, and afraid."
    • "Ice Bear's eyes are blameless."
    • "Ice Bear doesn't sweat. Ice Bear glows."
    • "Ice Bear will take money."
    • "Ice Bear will cook feast."
  • The bears trying out feng shui, rearranging their furniture with everything placed askew. Grizz thinks it's perfect.
  • When Grizz takes Panda's phone to order something, Panda asks him not to "look up anything weird."
  • When Ranger Tabes first arrives, she pegs Grizz as the victim, Ice Bear as the suspect, and Panda, the one who made the call, as the most responsible one. And this is before she even knows why they called.
  • Ranger Tabes orders the bears to stand still until she's completed her investigation of the "crime scene". Ice Bear, still in a shocked pose with one foot in the air, ends up falling over.
  • Tabes covering the entire cave in police tape.
  • Ice Bear wearing camouflage make up during the stakeout scene.
  • "More sinister than bees? This I gotta hear..."
  • While Ranger Tabes talks to the cops, Ice Bear is seen in the background looking at a wanted poster of himself.
  • The Running Gag of the bears passing out from Ranger Tabes' reckless driving.


  • Panda is greatly amused by Grizzly's terrible home-made movie, Crowbar Jones: The Reckoning. Not so much when he sees that Crowbar Jones' sidekick is "Pando", a total wimp who whines about his bad luck with online dating and takes forty years to use the bathroom.
  • Ice Bear rolling his eyes when he discovers Panda's password to his private files written right on his desk.
  • Grizzly mistakes a glow-stick he finds in the fridge for a "key-lime ice pop" and tries to eat it. "Augh, it's radioactive!"
  • Grizzly discovers a secret hatch in the floor of Ice Bear's fridge, and follows it down a long ladder into a massive, dimly-lit room... that turns out to be... a fancy secret bathroom with a portrait of Ice Bear on the wall and high-tech toilet that spouts Gratuitous Japanese.
  • Grizzly refers to the bidet in Ice Bear's fancy toilet as "a built-in fountain".

Fashion Bears

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear will destroy paparazzi."
    • "That doesn't look like Ice Bear."
    • "Ice Bear won't go under the knife."
    • "Please save Ice Bear."
    • (dramatically flipping onto a conference table) "Freedom."
  • "'Desert'? I thought you said 'dessert'!"
  • Grizz photocopying his butt (thankfully with his pants still on), to the amusement of some lady office workers
  • All the office workers freaking out when the overly-friendly CEO shows up. "HE'S COMING!"
  • Grizz accidentally gets himself a promotion. "I don't even know what this company does..."
  • Panda and Samantha's date has some funny moments, like Sam taking her tandem bike through a car wash.
  • "I'm gonna need a bucket of concealer... and a girdle."
  • The CEO's reaction to Grizzly's ridiculous presentation. "I didn't understand a thing you said, but I love it! Let's do it!"

Baby Bears on a Plane

  • "There's holes in this box... it's not my fault!"
  • While the bears look over the brochure for Sweden, Ice Bear imagines himself in the place of a dog, rather than one of the three human boys.
  • "We totally have seats! We'll go to the seats right now, which we paid for with legal money!"
  • Grizzly freaking out when he finds out he's sitting next to the star of the action movie he was just watching.
  • Ice Bear's reaction when he sees how close to the airport their plane is.

The Island

  • "I'm too cute to die!"
  • "We'll get Karla so much food, she'll explode from happiness!" "Maybe not that much..."
  • Baby Grizzly's indignant "Oh, come on!" when he and his brothers get stuck in the quicksand again.

Bear Flu

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear is immune to all disease."
    • "Ice Bear is cold, in a bad way."
    • "Ice Bear is ready for afterlife. And then afterparty."
    • "Ice Bear gained life experience. And lost a little weight.
  • The bears apparently think "Prohibido Nadar" is the name of the lake.
  • "What if I have some weird disease that eats your face?"
  • Grizzly's increasingly ridiculous stubborn insistence that he's not sick.
  • After browsing a WebMD-like site called Totally Medicine, Panda gets worried he might have something serious, like "severe hypochondria". When Panda becomes convinced he has "bear flu", it gets to the point he starts making out his will.
  • Some government officials blow Panda's Internet post about having "bear flu" wildly out of proportion and send out a hazmat team to quarantine them.
  • One of the hazmat team mistakes Chloe for an elderly Korean lady.
    Chloe: Dude, I'm ten!
  • Chloe easily gets into the quarantine area by putting on a hazmat suit and claiming to be a "hazmat guy". Then she distracts some of the team by claiming the government is cutting their pension, and distracts the rest by releasing the bugs she collected for her school project.
  • After the confusion over bear flu is cleared up, the hazmat team departs to deal with "a possible outbreak of Crop-Top Syndrome in the Midwest."

Chicken and Waffles

  • Ice bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear likes soul food."
    • "Ice Bear wants to be caught up."
  • Ice Bear shoving Charlie out the front door with his head.
  • Charlie's ratty old "picnic blanket" with a half-burned candle, a trowel, a roll of paper towels, and a spider trapped under a glass.
  • Charlie freaking out when a guy on the train sneezes.
  • The return of Panda's adorable sneezing when Charlie takes him into a "cat cafe" and the cats set off Panda's allergies.
  • Grizzly and Ice Bear try to stall when they can't contact Panda because his phone is updating.
    Customer: Are you guys, like, waiters or something?
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear waits for nothing.
  • When Panda is overwhelmed by his allergies, Charlie takes him to the shop across the way... which happens to be an acupuncture clinic. Cue Scream Discretion Shot from Panda.
  • When their reservation is ready and Panda's still not there, Grizzly and Ice Bear try walking very slowly to their table.
  • Grizzly hastily greeting Charlie. "Hey Charlie! Nice hat! Bye!"

The Audition

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear's heart is full of sugar."
    • "Ice Bear hates children who steal cereal."
    • (on hearing about the Frosty Fluffs contest) "Ice Bear has never wanted anything more in life."
    • (after dropping two boxes of Frosty Fluffs he had hidden away in Hammer Space) "Ice Bear was going to pay for that."
    • (on his most bearlike quality) "Ice Bear is... um, Ice Bear."
    • "Ice Bear was channeling his spirit animal, which is also a bear."
    • "Ice Bear heard pandas were raccoons."
    • "Ice Bear's dance was fresh 'til death."
  • The auditions themselves:
    • Grizz performs various accents (including Irish and Cowboy) and then destroys the chair he was given
    • Panda first says the audition line in a really cute voice ("I can't bear to be without my Fwosty Fwuffs!"). He then spends the rest of the audition singing, complete with beatboxing at the end.
    • Ice Bear continually reads the line incorrectly ("Ice Bear can't bear to be without his Frosty Fluffs."), much to the auditioneer's annoyance. She instead encourages him to show various facial expressions, which he does with minimal effort. All through this, he is using the prop chair as a footstool and by the time his audition is over, his leg is asleep.
  • Ice Bear turns out to have a stage name, Alonzo Tigerheart. He even shows his brothers some head-shots he had taken.
  • "I'm more bear than all of you! I'll eat anything! I'll even eat this table!" Panda proceeds to try and eat the bears' coffee table.
  • The bossy and pretentious director who treats the Frosty Fluffs commercial as Serious Business. He even decides to take the role of Freshy Bear for himself.
  • The bears having a dance-off at the director's behest.

Captain Craboo

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear's peace lily, now pieces lily."
    • "Ice Bear can cut things without crab."
    • "Ice Bear smells po-po."
    • "Ice Bear can't slow down."
  • Ice Bear having a Kill Bill style flashback upon seeing Craboo back in the cave.
  • When Grizzly tries to gently shoo Craboo out the front door, Ice Bear abruptly knocks him away with a broom and slams the door shut.
  • Craboo gets arrested after he pinches Nom Nom on the ears. The entire resulting series of events is humorous:
    • Craboo thrown into back of a police car with handcuffs.
    • The bears visit Craboo in jail.
    • Grizzly deciding to go to court to defend Craboo - complete with powdered wig.
    • Nom Nom, Panda, and Grizz giving entirely over the top testimony.
  • After the Bears take Craboo and escape the courtroom, a news report interviews police officers trying to find him. One of them has a "police sketch" he drew of Craboo, which he also signed.
    "He is red and has two big claws. He is also not a lobster."
    "We've arrested, like, 8 lobsters by mistake thinking it was him."
  • "These berries don't look particularly poisonous..."
  • During the big chase, a cop car bumps into a tree, not even going particularly fast, and explodes.
  • The Bears hitch a ride on the roof of a car, and the cops start chasing them. The little old lady hears sirens and wonders aloud "What in the good gravy did I do this time?"
  • Charlie's cameo: He is seen watching the police chase at the episode's climax on TV in the bear's house. Not only does this raise the question of how he got in there past the police barricade, but he also tells the bears that they should see what's on the TV, despite the fact that they are the ones on TV.

Yuri and the Bear

  • Baby Ice Bear blowing a raspberry at the tern he tried (and failed) to catch.
  • Yuri initially refers to Ice Bear as a "snow rat".
  • Baby Ice Bear struggling to hold up an axe.
  • During the montage, Baby Ice Bear is shown teaching calculus to Yuri.

Icy Nights

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear has ride."
  • The episode opens with Ice Bear reading a book called "War and More War".
  • Ice Bear bribing his way into a seedy underground club with the pizza bagels he bought... then the "club" turns out to be an Internet cafe.
  • "Excuse me, I have coffee to make for nerds."

Everyone's Tube

  • The various video thumbnails in the sidebar are always worthy of a chuckle.
  • Panda lip-syncing to a cutesy pop song. Especially when Ice Bear comes in and starts picking up laundry, first boggling at Panda's tie-dye one-piece bathing suit, then joining in on Panda's choreography.
  • Grizzly crashing Panda's video to grab a bag of chips. "What up, Internet?"
  • Grizzly's various cheesy videos, which always get stopped early and downvoted:
    • First, Grizzly does a tutorial on how to do a dance called the "Swaggy Shuffle". Then he gets a little too into it and kicks his laptop away.
    • Then he does a video of a cheesy hip-top tune as "DJ G 'Rizzy", with way too many clickable pop-ups, including "SUBSCRIBE FOR BEAT BOXING", "LIKE 4 AIRHORN", and "FOLLOW 4 FOLLOW".
    • Next Grizzly dresses as a robot for some type of sci-fi music video, only to choke on his own smoke machine effects.
  • Panda's second song is an exaggerated parody of 90's R&B music videos, and it can get a bit awkward at times, like Panda's super thick autotune, or the held shot of Panda glancing into the camera.
  • At the end, the Bears celebrate getting their first subscriber on Everyone's Tube, and start dancing... then Ice Bear's frying pan goes flying and smashes into a window offscreen.

Creature Mysteries

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • Ranger Tabes warning the Bears not to touch the stuff on her desk because "Some of it is explosive."
      Ice Bear: Ice Bear's personality is explosive.
    • "Ice Bear helps with map."
    • Ice Bear trying (and failing) to distract Ranger Tabes.
      Ice Bear: Tabes, check out Ice Bear's new dance: Ice Bear dance.
    • When Grizzly remarks that they avoided complete disaster.
      Ice Bear: (glances at the smoldering roof of the bear's house) Ice Bear begs to differ.
  • The episode opens with Ranger Martinez in his cabin, nervously answering a knock at the door... and he's relieved it's just "a pack of large bears".
  • When Tabes shows the bears her String Theory wall, it's hidden behind a chalkboard with the following written on it:
    REAL Ranger work
    list of things to do:
    1: Improve handwriting
  • After showing off her flare gun, Tabes asks Martinez "Where do you keep the nets again?"
  • Grizzly plays sick as a way to excuse himself so he can go warn Charlie, claiming "Can't stay here, or else I'll explode!"
  • Ice Bear distracts Tabes by shoving a map in her face, and her cart (gently) crashes into a tree, knocking loose a nest full of miraculously-unharmed eggs and a stunned bird.
  • When a fire breaks out on the roof of the bears' cave, Panda tries putting it out with a garden hose. All he accomplishes is spraying Grizzly in the face and tripping his brother.

The Library

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (On a late fee for a book on "Photography of the Arctic") "Ice Bear... um... Ice Bear lost that."
    • "Ice Bear can run fast, but not that fast."
    • "Ice Bear has surpassed sugar quota for today."
    • "Ice Bear will redeem himself."
    • "Too loud for Ice Bear."
  • The Bears freaking out on seeing Chloe sleep-deprived from cramming for her biochemistry exam.
  • Panda is surprised to see the library computers are old enough to have CRT monitors: "Why does the screen bulge out?" And the Internet connection on it is so slow (it apparently still uses dial-up), Panda ends up pulling out his smartphone while he waits.
  • Ice Bear racing another student to get the last copy of an organic chemistry textbook he needs for Chloe.
  • Chloe on a sugar rush, complete with her running around at high speed while making sounds like a Powerpuff Girl.
    Chloe: Forget chemistry! I'm gonna read everything!
  • Panda arguing with the fussy old librarian. "JUST GIVE ME THE PAPER BACK, YOU OLD TURTLE!"

Grizz Helps

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear works alone."
  • Ice Bear chasing his wayward Roomba around with a claw hammer.
  • The other entries on "Braig's List", which include "HELP HOW TURN OFF CAPS LOCK?!???", "help me put shoes on my cat", "Where'd I leave my waffle?", and someone plotting to steal the Declaration of Independence.
  • Grizzly constantly getting side-tracked while helping out the garbage men and having to run to catch up with their truck.
  • When Grizzly runs into the old lady who's looking for her lost chicken, he offers to put up flyers for her.
    Grizzly: I love to help! Plus, I can get it done in no time thanks to my new ride! (gestures to the garbage truck... that drives off without him), I can get it done in time thanks to walking.
  • Grizzly discovers he has an uncanny ability to command a dog-walker's animals. "Sit! Stand! Speak! Wink slowly..."
  • "Someone clucked! It wasn't you, right?"
  • The inventor is "packing heat"... in the form of a Super Soaker.
  • Grizzly and the dogs he was walking put on tin-foil hats and claim to be time travelers from the future in an attempt to rescue Mark the chicken from the crazy inventor.
  • Grizz finally gets home... and Panda quickly complains about his stink from being covered in garbage earlier.
    Panda: Oh man, what is that awful smell?!
    Grizzly: That, Panda, is the smell of a job well done.
    Panda: 'Cause it smells like garbage...

Christmas Parties

  • Near the beginning, as Grizzly struggles to hang up his stocking, Panda offers to share some "vegan nog". "None of the egg, but... um... twice the nog!"
  • When the bears are going around making amends to their friends, they steal one of the decorations from Nom Nom's mansion so Charlie can use it to top his Christmas tree. Charlie uses the box they put it in instead.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (while taking a selfie with his brothers) "This is Ice Bear's bad side."
    • "How's Ice Bear's hair?"
    • "Ice Bear should have brought a magazine."
    • "Ice Bear wants to watch dancing baby."
    • "Ice Bear drone not technically legal."
    • "Ice Bear's got this. Hands off Ice Bear."
    • "Ice Bear regrets not getting warranty."
    • "Ice Bear lost a part of himself."
    • "Ice Bear admires Bagel Rat's survival skills. Great bagel, great rat."
  • Grizzly's excessive enthusiasm about his fitness tracker.
    Panda: I dunno, man, you spend a lot of money on what looks like a donut that beeps.
    Grizzly: The beeping means I'm healthy!
  • Ice Bear's needlessly-dramatic analyzing of subway garbage while trying to think up a way to get Panda's phone off the tracks.

Panda's Friend

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear only watches meat-related anime."
    • (on Panda) "Ice Bear thinks he's a solid six."
    • "Ice Bear getting heebie-jeebies."
    • (on Tom) "Ice Bear thought he was a solid five."
  • While Panda is reading the paper, you can see some amusing other articles like "Cat Paints Masterpiece" and "Can You Eat Your Art?"
  • Tom somehow moved Panda's entire bedroom into his apartment while Panda was sleeping.
    Tom: Friendship brought you here, man! Love did this! Love, and a rental truck.
  • When Tom and Panda end up dangling from a gurney outside Tom's apartment, Panda offers to pull Tom to safety.
    Panda: No, I can pull you up!
    Tom: No you can't! You have very poor upper-body strength! It's one of the many things we have in common!
  • Tom ends up getting saved by guys who just happen to be the human versions of Grizzly and Ice Bear.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear made casserole for new neighbors."
    • "Ice Bear has knives."
    • "Ice Bear knows who's cool."
    • After Warren asks to borrow Ice Bear's axe.
      Ice Bear: Ice Bear would be happy to hook up a neighbor.
    • "Ice Bear has never seen this many knives."
    • "Ice Bear can't feel his butt."
  • This exchange.
    Grizzly: Look at me! No one knows what I'm up to, but everyone assumes I'm this perfect bear because of my awesome looks.
    Panda: Well, I heavily doubt that.
  • Grizzly gets defensive when he hears Warren call him "chubby".
  • The bears accidentally tearing the back wall off Warren and Faye's RV when Grizzly gets stuck in the bathroom window.


    Season 3 

Grizzly: The Movie

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode.
    • "Ice Bear would like to be in cooking show."
    • "Ice Bear ready to roll. Action."
    • "Ice Bear senses impending code violation."
    • "Ice Bear appreciates they didn't force romantic subplot."
  • Grizzly going on about how much he loves Justice Cop somehow leads to him making random animal noises.
  • Panda and Ice Bear being pushed away by stagehands whenever they try to sit down.
  • Grizz's attempts at being scary. Emphasis on "attempts".
  • The Bears watch the finished movie and wonder what the audience thinks. They turn around and find the entire theater is empty, except for one kid who shouts "Bears are awesome!" He's shooed away by the usher for being in a PG-13 movie.

Anger Management

  • Nom Nom's temper tantrum on the set of The Corgis, which ends in him ripping the arm off one of their costumes.
    Nom Nom: I MIGHT have overreacted a bit, but the truth was grossly exaggerated...
  • The montage of Grizzly trying to help Nom Nom with his anger management issues.
  • Grizzly geeking out over being on the set of The Corgis, including touching a stage lamp that's still "dangerously hot".
  • "My leg-ripping days are over!"
  • When Nom Nom is informed that the Corgis hired more security, he very calmly goes to Grizz for a hug.
  • The cheesy "Corgi Party" song that the Corgis sing. After having to listen to it over and over again, take after take, it's not so surprising Nom Nom lost it.
  • Grizzly having to disguise himself as a clown to get back onto the set.
  • Grizzly realizing that Nom Nom accidentally (or maybe not so accidentally) left him alone on the set. "I think that was my ride home..."
  • This tweet from Patton Oswalt when the episode first premiered.


  • "Some of this stuff is even clean!"
  • The briefcase the money is found in. Marked with a label reading "Property Of D.B. Cooper.
  • The baby bears mistaking the old briefcase for "a giant lunchbox".
  • Baby Grizzly trying to karate-chop the briefcase open.
  • Baby Ice Bear's goofy victory dance when the bears find a hundred-dollar bill.
  • The bears' fantasy sequence of driving down the highway in a kiddie truck. Grizzly is holding a burger, Panda has long blonde hair, and Ice Bear is wearing a chef's toque and holding a knife.
  • Baby Grizzly imagines the picture of Ben Franklin on his hundred-dollar bill shedding a Single Tear.
  • The random Laugh Track that plays during the scene with the bears at home with Hundy.

Professor Lampwick

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode.
    • "Ice Bear can tie more knots."
    • "Ice Bear slightly intimidated."
    • "Ice Bear will cut out middle man." (ties himself up)
    • "Chloe, next Marie Curie."
  • The Bear's song about Chloe's chemistry lab, to the tune of "Dem Bones":
    Grizzly: Oh, you take a beaker of this thing...
    Panda: And you drip into... that thing...
    Grizzly & Panda: And when it turns pink, what have you found?
    Ice Bear: The equivalence point of sodium hydroxide.
  • Lampwick himself with how ridiculous and insane he is.
    Lampwick: I doubt these bears could even do basic arithmetic!
    Grizzly: Can too! That... that's math, right?
  • After Lampwick convinces Chloe to tie up Panda and Grizzly, Ice Bear decides to save him the trouble and ties himself to a chair.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear sees three Charlies."
    • "Don't touch Ice Bear."
  • The overly-perky trail guide. "Squirrel!"
  • Ralph chugging ketchup from the bottle.
  • "Dude, chill out! A little rough-housing never hurt anybody!" "What?! You literally just hurt [Panda]!"
  • Ralph getting attacked by Charlie's snake friends at the end of the episode.

Planet Bears

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear needs food, to make... food."
  • The narrator narrating the extremely mundane and almost mindless activities of the bears in a sophisticated manner.
  • Grizzly saying good morning to various inanimate objects. "How you doing, microwave?"
  • Grizzly says he has to "respond to nature's call".
    Grizzly: That means I'm going to the bathroom.
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear got it.
  • The various cereals available at the store. Such as Peanut Butter and Fish, which comes with real fish eggs.
  • Panda trying to smooth-talk the girl working in the cereal aisle.
  • Grizzly struggling to open the employees-only bathroom door in the warehouse, which is locked with a keypad.
  • Ice Bear sees a polar bear cutout, so he taps his chest twice and says "Respect."
  • The Bears' fight over the last granola bar in the house gets broken up by them accidentally turning on the TV to the Pug Bowl.

Coffee Cave

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Tired is getting bear..."
    • "Ice Bear does great job."
    • "Ice Bear will make more coffee..."
  • One customer is impressed that Ice Bear made a foam-art of a record player in his coffee, saying "It tastes way better than digital!"
  • The Bears trying to figure out a name for their cafe.
    Grizzly: A name. How about, um, Polar Bear Cafe?
  • The wonky foam-art face Ice Bear puts on a cup of coffee when he starts getting worn out.
    Grizzly: What is that? Is that avant-garde?
  • Ice Bear's increasingly elaborate foam art when he's on a caffeine high, culminating in a foam version of Michelangelo's David.
  • Ice Bear's coffee-induced rampage is both this and Nightmare Fuel due to the absurdity of the abrupt shift from comedy to horror (and back again when Ice Bear finally undergoes a caffeine-crash).
  • The reveal that Panda is still alive after getting abducted by Ice Bear.
    Panda: He just gently carried me to my bed and sang me a weird lullaby...

Charlie's Big Foot

  • Ice Bears's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear disappointed. Spell is broken."
    • "Ice Bear thinks amputation is necessary."
    • "Despair..."
    • "All of Ice Bears ideas involve fireworks."
    • "Ice Bear would prefer good idea."
  • When Charlie claims that his leg will be fine, he mentions that his elbow healed just fine. As he gives a thumbs up, his forearm bends down the wrong way and he straightens it back up again.
  • Charlie apparently thinks that the Bear's satellite dish is a big salad bowl.
  • The entire montage of Panda/Charlie being examined.
    • Charlie's leg turning into a spiral when his reflexes are being tested.
    • Charlie's pulse sounding like the theme music to Seinfeld.
  • Panda under effects of the anesthesia; from his attitude to the fact that he sees the world as an anime.
    Panda: I'm doing great! I can see everything!
  • Dr. Clark's calm lines are pretty funny.
    • "The bad news is that literally everything is wrong with you."
    • (Sees the bears and Charlie speed down the hallway) "Hey, I know them."

The Demon

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear just wants to shoot potatoes."
    • "Ice Bear is crazier dog."
    • "Ice Bear has fought personal demons. Years of therapy."
    • "He gone."
    • "Ice Bear not scared. A little scared."
    • "Ice Bear also needs to use bathroom. Number one."
  • The opening and ending of this episode is in the style of a Studio Ghibli anime. It comes out of nowhere but is both equally hilarious and adorable.
  • One of the things Ice Bear tries shooting from Chloe's potato gun is his axe.
    Chloe: Where'd that come from?!
  • Throughout the episode, Ice Bear and Chloe fear a dog that wants them dead. Except said dog appears to be a chubby (but extremely temperamental) little French Bulldog.
  • Ice Bear getting his head stuck on the doggy door.
    Chloe: What are you doing?
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear is doing his best.
  • As Chloe and Ice Bear enter the dog's home, they find the walls full of photos of the dog with Mr. Sacher. In every photo the dog is out of focus because he can't stand still.
  • Ice Bear's Oh, Crap! face when he realizes what he thinks is a statue of "The Demon" is the actual dog.
  • Thinking they've escaped, Ice Bear and Chloe witness "The Demon" leap out of the house and catch them, only for the dog to plummet from the air and make a squeaky sound when landing.

Panda's Art

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode.
    • "Ice Bear appreciates chiseled abs."
    • "Ice Bear has many poses" (starts posing)
    • "Ice Bear is having spiritual experience."
    • "Ice Bear won't judge. Out loud."
  • The Stylistic Suck of Panda's art is made all the more evident when presented aside more professional looking paintings done by the other students at the class.
  • While explaining his paintings, Panda almost blurts out that Miki-Chan is his pillow.
  • The other paintings of Charlie speak to Panda during his guilt trip, each with a ridiculous accent. The last one, a parody of Magritte's "Son of Man" (a man with an apple on his face) asks what's going on, since he can't see past the apple.

Poppy Rangers

  • Ranger Wallace has no regrets about losing an eye. "I did it for the badge!"
  • "These kids are hardcore! Are you even kids?"
  • Grizzly's attempt to "speak Bat".
  • Grizzly beatboxing along to the Poppy Rangers' marching cadance.
  • The "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue cards that appear as the Poppy Rangers escape the cave end with the following:
    Charismatic and proud
    Future Occupation: National Park Service Director

    Lovable oaf
    Future Occupation: Still a bear

Lucy's Brother

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (playing a fighting game with Grizz) "Bigger fireball. Mic drop."
    • "Ice Bear is excited for many fruits."
    • "Ice Bear is bringing eggplant."
    • "Ice Bear enjoyed employment."
    • "Ice Bear thought you were chill... enough."
  • Panda apologizing to his body pillow Miki-Chan as he hides her under the bed in preparation for Lucy's visit.
  • Panda trying to greet Lucy with a suave voice.
  • Ice Bear kisses the eggplant Lucy gives him.
  • Panda tries to find Clifford when he disappears. He turns out to be sitting in the bathtub.
    Clifford: I like the bathtub. It's cold in here.
  • Grizz goes to put some relaxing music on for Lucy, but some hard rock music starts playing instead.
  • "There's only one way to move this much fruit..." "An assembly line?" "No, a conga line!"
  • Ice Bear dancing while balancing half a watermelon full of fruit on his head.
  • Lucy's name in Panda's phone is "FUTURE MRS PANDA."

The Fair

  • Grizzly getting mad at the guy who spends his last quarter on a fortune-telling machine instead of adopting the bears.
  • Lewis, the nerdy guy running the bottle toss booth (voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic, no less) and his terrible attempts at busking for customers.
  • This exchange:
    Bodybuilder: (impressed by baby Grizzly breaking a microphone in half) Say, you're strong. You bench?
    Grizzly: I no bench. I bear.
  • The guy with a bulky '80s cell phone, wishing it had a camera to film the baby bears.
  • One of the people watching Grizzly, who is attempting to win the game, takes off his sunglasses in awe to reveal another pair of sunglasses.
  • Grizzly dramatically throwing the ball... and it ends up hitting Lewis in the groin.

Private Lake

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear should not have brought raw meat."
    • "Ice Bear ready to bounce."
    • "Ice Bear believes in you. Today."
    • "Ice Bear could write sensationalist propaganda."
    • "Ice Bear ready to go back to summer shenanigans."
  • The Running Gag of a bird stealing a woman's barbecued ribs.
  • Ice Bear grills Panda a carrot and Charlie a banana, and they eat them in-between two buns.
  • Panda's Bad "Bad Acting" while helping Charlie stage a "lake mutant" attack.

Lunch With Tabes

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Square shape most delicious shape."
    • "Ice Bear committed no crime. Today."
    • "Ice Bear flattered, but nervous."
  • Just how serious Tabes takes the entire situation of someone stealing her lunch.
  • Ranger Martinez sleeping through everything that happens to him.
  • Grizzly "gently" turning off the bug zapper... by smashing it with a stick.
  • Ice Bear laughs at a cat video with his same monotone voice. "Ha. Ha."
  • The explanation of why Martinez kept changing positions in the bears' stories: the fan kept moving him around.
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear questions the physics involved.

Road Trip

  • Ice Bear takes the role of an overworked parent in this episode.
  • Ice Bear, despite being The Ace, turns out to be bad with parallel parking.
  • The reveal that Wyatt, the big goofy black guy in a colorful sweater who tags along with Chloe and the Bears for a bit, really is a member of a biker gang.

Summer Love

  • Panda's over-the-top Animesque fantasy sequence when he first sees his crush.
    • And all the other manga scenes.
  • The guy at the bubble tea shop offering to give Panda a hint... and then just going "bribe me". Cue Panda buying six cups of boba.
  • The gravelly-voiced red-headed girl who offers to loan Panda a boat... that turns out to be a pedal-powered swan boat.
    "I had a love, too... but he was held back a grade."
  • It turns out there really is a madman living on Pelican Bay Island... and it's the mad scientist from "Grizz Helps".
    Scientist: So they sent another bear, eh?
  • Pretty much any scene involving Gary the pelican.

The Kitty

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear's cold heart is melted."
    • "Ice Bear's casa no es su casa."
    • "Ice Bear bringing the party to you."
    • "Ice Bear needs space."
  • When the cougars enter Panda's room, Panda is worried that they'll destroy his laptop which he's currently working on his memoir. After the cougar reads Panda's memoir, it yawns and doesn't bother to destroy the laptop.
    Panda: Well, that was unnecessary. I mean, it's just a first draft.
  • The bears gasping in fear of Miki-Chan's safety.
  • When the cougars claw at the portrait of the bears (specifically Panda's) while chasing the laser pointer from Panda's phone that Ice Bear is using, Panda accuses Ice Bear of doing it on purpose.
  • The bears learn how to get rid of the cougars by watching cat videos. Surprisingly enough, it works!
  • Grizzly throwing a ball of yarn like a grenade, including pulling out the "pin" with his teeth.
  • The bears seeing a cute little bird at the end of the episode until they realize it is a baby hawk, with its mother flying above the bears.

Crowbar Jones

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear gives it five... ish... stars."
  • The Crowbar Jones movie in general:
    • The cheap props and sets.
    • The editing, including repeated misuse of the Double Vision effect.
    • Miki Chan stars as Crowbar's girlfriend.
  • The audience consists of humans and forest animals just normally sitting together.
    • Most of them leave in disgust from the shower scene.
    • The one viewer, who is the delivery guy from "Nom Nom," is super into the film and just casually leaning on a buck.


  • Nom Nom's bodyguard having to climb through the window after accidentally being locked out.
  • "I'm really hurt, but I don't care, 'cause I have a brother!"
  • When Nom Nom learns the truth about Kyle:
    Kyle: Nom Nom! This isn't what it looks like!
    Nom Nom: So you're just some koala off the street, impersonating my brother to gain fame and fortune?!
    Kyle: Okay, it's exactly what it looks like.
  • During their big fight, Nom Nom threatens Kyle with a huge trophy, while Kyle grabs the nearest thing from Nom Nom's trophy room... a stick. Which promptly breaks in Kyle's hands.

Citizen Tabes

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear should be in bed-fridge..."
    • "Ice Bear appreciates back-up."
  • Tabes warns the bears not to disturb anything, as there are endangered butterflies in the area. When a butterfly approaches, the bears run from it.
  • When Tabes mentions how male deer use their antlers to attract mates, Panda remarks "I gotta get me some antlers."
  • The bears plot to get Tabes to come out of retirement:
    Grizzly: What's the one thing Tabes can never resist?
    Ice Bear: Justice.
    Panda: Big hats?
    Grizzly: Well, yeah...
  • "Dang overly-helpful hikers!"
  • The mailman's extreme interest in how Tabes (or in this case: Dana's) taped the package.
  • Ice Bear confronting the stag with branches as antlers... only for the stag to quickly knock them off his hands.
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear saw different outcome.
  • In one of the show's many references to famous Disney movies, the climax has a parody of the Bambi, Faline and Ronno love triangle from Bambi. While the bears are watching their deer friend defend his girlfriend from the bushes, Grizz has some very choice (and totally accurate) words to say about the Ronno expy:
    Panda: Oh my gosh, who is that?
    Grizzly: That's a homewrecker, that's what that is! Probably an ex-boyfriend or something!
Dance Lessons
  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear loves love songs."
    • "Ice Bear can lay down a beat."
    • "Ice Bear suggests rehearsing in shed. Curtains drawn."
    • "Ice Bear added the dope beats."
  • Panda's lovestruck on seeing Lucy at the front door... but not so lovestruck as to stop himself from dropping his keyboard.
  • Lucy's "dancing".
    • The Bears' shocked reactions to said-dancing. Even Ice Bear is stunned by how bad a dancer Lucy is.
    • The random wild bunny staring in horror as Lucy dances.
  • Grizzly exposes Panda's Playing Sick ruse by telling him "There's a spider on you, potentially poisonous."
  • The DJ at the dance contest is a porcupine. No explanation is given for this, and no one says anything about it.
  • Ice Bear presumably stealing the prize truck in the end of the episode.
    Ice Bear: Get in.
    Panda: (confused) Uh, isn't that the truck we had to give back?
    Ice Bear: (Beat) Get in.

Icy Nights II

  • One of the shows available to watch on Cineweb is "4 Punch Guy".
  • Panda thinks that the footage of Yana being held captive is just an ad.
  • Barry's henchmen are little smart-phones attached to humongous robotic bodies.
  • Yana mocking Barry for his obsession over Ice Bear, saying someone has a crush.

Dog Hotel

  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Meow. Uh, woof."
    • "Ice Dog trusts five-star reviews."
  • The goofy exterminator who's fumigating the Bears' cave keeps forgetting his gas mask.
  • When Panda is reluctant to spend the night at a hotel for dogs, Grizzly remarks that they can just camp out in the great outdoors. Cue the Rain.
    Panda: Alright, let's get the dog hotel...
  • Joshy's energy; he gets even more excited to the sound of a truck than the dogs do.
  • None of the hotel staff questions how the bears talk or hold things in their paws. Or even realise that they're bears, not dogs.

Bear Lift

  • The way the bears transport passengers is by having them ride on top of them.
  • Grizz acts as the car radio by beatboxing, one passenger casually asks him to play country.
  • Grizz washes off both Panda and Ice Bear with a hose. Panda shakes the water out of his fur, immediately causing him to puff up like a cotton ball. Grizz almost falls over laughing.
  • The bears lose their job because Ice Bear is not a registered vehicle.

The Nom Nom Show

  • The show in general:
    • The poor performances.
    • The audience's behavior.
    • The ridiculousness of the guests who were supposed to come on.
  • The show leans on the fourth wall by mentioning how Nom Nom has become more likable and is on the path to a redemption arc.
  • Along with all the other deadly obstacles in the daredevil course is one single little spider.
  • At the beginning of the show:
    Audience member: I love you, Nom Nom!
    Nom Nom: I love you too, grown adult.

Ice Cave

  • Charlie finds a hair dryer, and uses it to free Ice Bear from his frozen prison... by using the dryer as a bludgeon to break through the ice. Oddly enough, it works!
  • While Grizzly is forced to dance as "King" Ralph's court jester, Panda is forced to wear an ice diaper/loincloth and massage Ralph's feet... with maple syrup for "lotion", which only adds to poor Panda's disgust.
  • A scene makes it look like that Charlie is about to execute Ralph, only to simply tell him to leave.
  • The Bears reward Charlie for his bravery by triumphantly crowning him "king of the mountain"... then Charlie slips on the icy floor and falls flat on his face.
    Ice Bear: ...Hail to the king.

Spa Day

  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear is ready for some PC bang."
    • "Ice Bear has no stake in this. Mostly just showing off."
  • Panda spends much of the episode stuck in the steam room with a little old man who keeps trying to offer him free candy. He turns out to be the owner's father, and Panda saving him when they get locked in helps resolve the plot.
  • Grizzly's reaction to getting a "Korean body scrub". The poor guy gets scrubbed so hard he loses some of his fur.
  • Poor Grizz is in a pickle when the coupon he fished out of a trash can turns out to be for Bill's Spa, not Hill Spa.

Charlie's Halloween Thing

  • The title itself for not trying and just calling the storytelling a "thing".
  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear found lost remote."
    • "Ice Bear is leaving."
    • "Ice Bear ready to have Ice Bear times."
    • "Ice Bear not ready to be parent."
  • The bear dolls being extremely threatening while simultaneously being adorable.
  • Nobody seems too phased that Grizz biting Chloe turned her into a werebear.
    • When the Bears meet Chloe again after her transformation, she excitedly introduces them to her college classmates, calling them "my fam" and even claiming that Grizz is "my dad". After a confused Grizz corrects her and explains what happened, Ice Bear says the "not ready to be a parent" line mentioned above.
      • Upon learning how Grizz bit Chloe, a few of her classmates start personally begging the Bears to turn them into werebears too.
    • After leaping into action, Chloe's teacher casually apologizes and leaves after finding out that Chloe's a werebear and not a werewolf, and thus can't help them.
    • Chloe's curse is complete when she fully turns into a normal bear cub, who can't even speak English. It ends with the Bears trying futilely to reteach the alphabet to her.
  • The ending shows that Charlie was telling the stories to a group of trick-or-treaters who then run away in terror. He casually takes the candy they dropped and leaves.


  • Panda being a Drama Queen about having to walk 150 more miles to the Denver Chocolate Festival.
    Panda: I can't go on for that long, Grizz! This is how the pioneers died!
  • Grizzly rushing to help the bunny farmers with a cry of "Vigilante justice!"
  • Panda throwing off the bunnies hugging him.
  • "He's the elder! You can tell by his eyebrows!"
  • The pebble that the bears threw at the crow and missed is depicted as a legendary attack on the bunnies' drawings.
  • The elder bunny dramatically clutching his chest and fainting when he hears the crows have returned.
  • The elder bunny suggests nuking the crows.
  • Panda meets three brothers who abandoned their fourth one because they believe chocolate is more important than family.


  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear (burp) Pasta Bear..."
  • The return of the Pigeon Cartel.
  • At the end, Brenda is scratching tally marks into the wall of her cage. Then it's revealed the tally marks are labelled "Hours".

Panda 2

  • "Bamboo, the only food that exists!"
  • Baby Panda discovering TV for the first time.
  • Baby Panda failing to realize that his habitat is fake.
    Panda: The birds are singing beautifully today... (looks up at a speaker flanked by paintings of birds)


  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear is down for more thrills."
    • "Ice Bear would rather take adult toucan ride."
    • "Ice Bear will die to save a brother."
    • "Ice Bear found meat stick."
    • "Ice Bear senses faint Panda breath, from that way."
  • The bears (well, Grizzly and Ice Bear) casually talking about dying.
  • The Running Gag of Grizz grabbing snakes instead of vines.
  • "'Hey Panda, let's go to the mystery forest and die!' Oh yeah, that's a great idea!"
  • Panda freaking out about a shadowy figure following him through the woods... because he's playing really annoying flute music.
  • Ice Bear hunting for Panda.
    Ice Bear: Fresh tears, Panda close.
  • The commune of manga-loving New Age Retro Hippies that Panda finds.

Lazer Royale

  • The Baby Bears describing a sheet of scratch-and-sniff stickers as "futuristic technology".
    Grizzly: This is by far the best thing we ever found in the trash!
  • The commercial yells "Sundae! Sundae! Sundae!!!" like a monster truck rally commercial.
  • The host of the game happily encourages the players to destroy each other.
  • The kids completely exaggerating the danger and extremeness of the game. They also create over-the-top "deaths."
  • "Sorry! Thanks for letting me shoot you in the back."
  • A laser tag helmet rolls by like a tumbleweed when the Bears end up in a Mexican Standoff.
  • After Panda spills the sundae he won for his brothers, the episode ends with a cheerful image of the Lazer Royale hostess captioned "There are no winners in war. :D"

Ranger Games

  • The kickball game is held on "Abandoned Lot Field".
  • The rangers' jerseys are just normal shirts with the numbers taped on. They also have a misspelled banner that reads "GO POPPYIES", with the "Y" hastily crossed out.
  • The game has an extremely small audience with the guy sitting on top being SUPER into the game.
  • The Poppy Rangers don't seem to have as much faith in themselves as Tabes does.
    Murphy: The Ivies beat us every time! They're like trained kickball robots.
    Parker: Kick-bots!
    Nguyen: Yeah, I vote that we just forfeit and get the after-game pizza.
    Wallace: Yeah! Pizza! (starts chanting) Piz-za! Piz-za!
    Poppy Rangers: (joining in) Piz-za! Piz-za!
  • Grizzly's dramatic introduction... wearing a silly-looking flower costume and staring into the sky.
    Wallace: Our secret weapon is Bear-Guy dressed as a flower?
  • Nguyen's retort to one of the Ivy Rangers asking if they're ready to lose again.
    Nguyen: We are not ready, and we are not gonna lose! Maybe...
  • The rulebook confirms that bears are allowed to play.

The Perfect Tree

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear is excited to chop something."
    • "Ice Bear sees a sign. Turkey sign."
    • "Nothing more dangerous than Ice Bear. Except... Ice Bear."
    • "Ice Bear knows. Ice Bear's been in love."
    • "Ice Bear impressed with Chloe's tree-location skills."
  • Chloe says that Christmas is "kind of a big deal" in her neighborhood. Cue Reveal Shot of the Parks' neighbors' houses all dolled-up.
  • The montage of bad Christmas trees the Parks have had, including a potted plant for Chloe's first Christmas and the one from last year that caught fire.
  • Ice Bear keeps his trusty axe in a booster seat.
  • During the montage of Ice Bear and Chloe tree-hunting, the two have a break for a snowball fight. Ice Bear just sneaks up behind Chloe with one big snowball and drops it on her.
  • The same "grab my hand" firefighter from "Everyday Bears" returns to rescue Grizzly from the chimney.
  • Chloe's reaction whenever a turkey appears to die.
  • Grizz and Panda's decorating job. These include using industrial glue to hold a Santa's sleigh decoration onto the roof ("They did want these up here permanently, right?"), inflating a blow-up snowman with helium, and using two of the letters from a "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" sign to spell out "YO" (leaving the sign reading "HAPPYH LIDA S").

Bearz II Men

  • Baby Grizzly trying to pay for an $11 movie ticket with a $7 bill he drew himself with a crayon. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't work.
  • After a girl faints during Nate's first performance with the Baby Bears, some paramedics show up and drag her away.
  • "Five hundred dollars cash?!" "How many pizzas is that?"
  • Baby Grizz pretending to be Nate's dad.
  • The two faces of Teddy Sunshine when Nate falls backwards on stage:
    Teddy (laughing) Well, that was quite an entrance, young man! Teddy Sunshine likes! (angrily whispering) Don't do it again.
  • The security guard whining about being tied up by the Baby Bears.
  • Nate's dad shows up to the competition wearing a disguise for basically no reason.
  • Nate's dad is listed in the phonebook as "Nate's Dad".

Bro Brawl

  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "No fraternizing with enemies."
    • "Ice Bear needs dream fridge... and personal space."
    • "Ice Bear likes wearing outfit almost as much as being nude."
    • "Ice Bear is ready for catwalk."
  • Grizz freaking out and beating up cardboard cut-outs of old ladies. By the end of the challenge, several cut-outs of cats are approaching Grizz, resulting in Grizz asking for help.
  • Tom's Epic Fail at the fashion challenge.
    Griff: I think this shirt is pants...
  • Panda's Bad "Bad Acting" when he decides to throw the final challenge for Tom.
    Panda: Oh, no! I've been caught by a terrible sock monster!
  • Brody saying that the next episode will have a team of old people going against a team of babies.

Hurricane Hal

  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear brings the thunder."
    • "Ice Bear has internal GPS. Also, bless Chloe."
    • "Ice Bear regrets everything."
  • The newscast doesn't seem to really care about the hurricane.
  • Wallace shows off the design for her kite: a bald eagle with abs.
  • Grizz awakes from his nap to find the Poppy Rangers running amok in Tabes' cabin. His reaction is "Everything's normal".
  • A bunny threatens to send Charlie's precariously-balanced car over a steep hill while reaching for a Cheese Poofie, and one of the snakes covers its eyes in horror. As the car starts to tip over, Panda mutters "Aw, beans..."
    • As the car speeds down the hill, the bunny is slammed against the rear windshield and the snack flies right into its mouth.
  • "We cannot predict such things as tragedy, bravery, and... well, whatever this is."


  • Dr. Clark from "Charlie's Big Foot" returns, and casually informs Nom Nom that he's in danger of dying from overstress.
  • Nom Nom is so stressed out, his heart randomly stops beating. It even happens when he's in the middle of talking to Dr. Clark, requiring Mr. Farmer to shock Nom Nom with a defibrillator.
  • The metallic items inside Grizzly's fur include a nail clipper and a wrench.
  • Grizz is told "don't even think about metal!'' after going through the metal detector so many times. He tries to think of a banana, only for it to turn into something resembling the Terminator.
  • A fan at the airport (who was in the bathroom, and was in such a rush to meet Nom Nom he only pulled up his underwear) informs the crowd chasing Nom Nom what direction he went, as they're already running in that direction.


  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear feels... emotions."
    • "Ice Bear's butt feels all tingly."
  • The Bears' reactions to trying fresh honey.
    • Grizz and the whole "honey comb hallelujah chorus."
      • Panda's comment on how a bear liking honey is cliche.
    • Panda flying around like a deflated balloon into a wall of honey.
    • Ice Bear's vision standing out by parodying a scene in Disney's Dumbo
  • Grizz and Ice Bear's Calvinball-esque take on American football. They mix in a ridiculous number of sports, and even a video game controller. All the while Ranger Tabes, with mounting frustration, tries to explain that's not how football is played.
  • When the Bears decide to move the beehive themselves, Ice Bear reveals he has some bee suits of his own... as in, bee costumes left over from Halloween.
  • The peppy 50s pop music that plays during the montage of the bears gathering flowers for the queen bee grows increasingly faster and more frantic as the bears pick up the pace.

The Park

  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear needs crazy energy, to figure out what to do today."
    • "Children saved Grizz gear."
  • Panda's thoughts on Grizzly's work-out gear.
    Grizzly: I look like a total work-out machine!
    Panda: You look like you're going swimming... but, in space.
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear agrees.
  • People are turned off by Panda's manga-style drawings. He ends up retaining this style when drawing a description of a criminal.
  • Ice Bear doing crazy ninja moves... on playground equipment.
  • The cop getting defensive about needing a visual aid for the suspect.
    Cop: I have a poor imagination, alright?!
  • The man buying the bootleg DVDs looks just like the silhouette on neighborhood watch signs.
  • The police officer's poor horse struggling under the weight of the cop, Panda, and Grizz.
  • After Ice Bear bows goodbye to his "students", they all ninja-flip away, and one chubby kid just floats away into the sky.

I Am Ice Bear

  • Ice Bear's lines:
    • "Ice Bear celebrates Sibling Day every day."
    • "Ice Bear has only pictures of baby goats."
    • "Ice Bear will get started on bird costumes."
    • "Ice... Ice... aw man, I need some ice for my head!"
    • "Nothing like almost dying to get your appetite going."
  • Ice Bear talking normally for the first time after hitting his head is pretty funny due to the shock value.
  • Until "Ice B." joins, Panda's only followers on Twitter are some guy named Barry and a horse.
  • The Bears' Sibling Day photo album has some pretty funny pictures, including Ice Bear getting into an ice cream vendor's cart and Panda getting mistaken for one of the animals at a petting zoo.

Baby Bears Can't Jump

    Season 4 

Go Fish

  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear feels unaccomplished. Will let fish go."
    • "Ice Bear requires sword."
    • When Panda wonders how their old goldfish got so enormous, Ice Bear blames "Global warming."
    • "Ice Bear feels shame. In the membrane."
  • Grizzly dribbling Panda's phone, with a new rubber protective case, like a basketball.
  • The bears' Split-Screen Reaction to the captain being eaten.
  • Panda actually has a lot of funny lines this episode:
    • "We're gonna drown! And not even like in a romantic Titanic sorta way, but eaten by a hungry man-eating goldfish!"
    • "He remembers us! Oh no, he remembers us."
    • (The captain apologizes for nearly harpooning him) "Oh no, it's fine, anyone could have made that mistake... maybe."
  • "I have no regrets! Well, maybe I regret this fishing trip."
  • The captain suddenly mentioning that he watches anime.
  • It takes Grizz a moment to realize Panda has been harpooned before screaming. Ice Bear then screams too, but in his typical monotone way.
  • Marty the giant goldfish meows like a cat, apparently.

Teacher's Pet

  • The lessons being taught today are Math, Geography, and Philosophy of Mind.
  • Baby Panda gets a note from a girl... who asks him to pass it on to his little brother. Panda reluctantly hands it over to Baby Ice Bear, who reads the note and then eats it.
  • Baby Grizzly casually mentioning that he knows the capital of Idaho due to almost dying there one time.
  • Baby Ice Bear recreating "The Creation of Adam" with school supplies and pictures of himself.
  • The kids are able to sneak out of the classroom due to the amount of time the teacher takes to explain how to write the letter "Z" in cursive.
  • The principal is shown as this giant violent monster that the kids must fend off. He's like a ridiculous villain straight out of Codename: Kids Next Door.


  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear just wanted to be on TV."
    • "Ice Bear can't wait to touch everything."
    • "Ice Bear on emotional roller coaster."
  • "I can feel PAIN!"
  • Grizz flushes a toilet while the building they're in blasts to space. He mentions that it felt like the whole world was shaking while he took that.
  • The contrast between Ari Curd's over-the-top virtual avatar and the real, much more down-to-earth Ari (who doesn't really speak with a British accent).


  • The Bears trying to convince a man to let them rent a room.
    Panda: We're housebroken.
    Grizzly: And I promise you, we'll only smell a little bit!
  • Blink-and-you-miss-it detail. When Chester chases the bears out of his master's yard, Ice Bear looks the most rattled afterwards because he has a fear of dogs.
  • Grizzly's first attempt at throwing a paper somehow lands it in a tree. His subsequent attempts are even worse, as he dents a car hard enough to set off its alarm, causes a toddler to fall off his big wheel, and knocks over a string of power line poles like dominoes.
  • Ice Bear's struggle with the crow that keeps stealing his newspapers. One of the houses on his route is swarming with a whole murder of crows.
  • One of the newspaper articles reads "Dan and Aaron share Hawaiian Memories", this coincidently being the same names of the co-hosts of Game Grumps (though "Aaron's" name is spelled "Arin" in this case).
  • After Ice Bear saves his bros from Chester the Angry Guard Dog, the Bears agree to never fight again. A caption pops up reading "They Will".

Bear Squad

  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "They took Ice Bear's axe. They must pay."
    • (His suggestion for a team name) "Bear Force One."
    • "Ice Bear sees fish. On the ceiling."
    • (Miki-Chan appears to move) "Ice Bear always knew."
    • "Ice Bear protects you forever."
  • When Miki-Chan is stolen from under Panda's arm, she is replaced by a Margaret Keane-style painting of Charlie.
  • Tabes is no longer allowed in the city because the last time she did, she caused a massive car pileup trying to save a baby quail. Ranger Martinez, who woke up to tell the story, also immediately falls back asleep after telling it.
  • "My blanket!"
  • When the bears report on making no progress in finding the fox, Tabes gives a Big "NO!"… because she was playing Minesweeper and lost.

Li'l Squid

  • Grizzly trying to throw the baby squid back into the "weird fish" case, only for him to somehow remain stuck to Grizzly's body.
  • Ice Bear stealing some girl's sand bucket so they'll have a place to carry the little squid around.
  • Among the sea creatures the Bears encounter is a sea horse which makes actual horse noises.

I, Butler

  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear ready for day filled with cleaning."
    • "Ice Bear is cleaning floor..."
  • The montage of the Bears' cave filled with garbage, ending with a deer in Grizz's room eating from a bag of chips.
  • After sneezing from all the dust, Panda is glad that Ice Bear's Roomba sucked it all up. Then the Roomba sneezes, blowing the dust back at Panda. A few cuts later, the two are sneezing at each other.
  • Grizz is cleaning under the couch cushions and finds what he thinks is a cinnamon bun, but is actually a curled up live squirrel. Grizz says "It's just another squirrel" and tosses it in a pile of other squirrels.
  • While cleaning out the shed, Panda finds a blackboard and considers bringing it to the house. Ice Bear cleans it, revealing that it's actually a mirror.
  • Butler Bear's cleaning montage. Panda is excited when Butler Bear turns his hand into an ice cream dispenser and whips him up a cone, and then he's just as quickly disgusted when Butler Bear's same hand turns into a brush and he starts cleaning out the bear's toilet. Grizzly is completely unfazed though and keeps eating his cone.
  • Butler Bear cleaning Panda's mouth for saying "Dingle".
  • Butler Bear reading Grizz's filth level at 105%.
  • This trash-talking session:
    Butler Bear: I have surpassed you, father!
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear will be the judge of that.

Family Troubles

Best Bears

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear so fresh, so clean."
    • "Ice Bear cool. Sofia cooler than cool."
    • (On phone) "Sofia. Ice Bear. Arm wrestling rematch."
    • "Ice Bear can get some vows at the black market."
  • The Running Gag of Panda getting constantly winded from running back and forth.
  • Grizzly tries to fix the picture on the wedding cake after accidentally smudging it, only to make it look worse. Darrell looks at the smeared picture long and hard... and says it looks fine.
  • Panda getting into a snark war with the jewelry store manager, culminating in him eating a mouthful of complementary mints.
    • The smug look on the manager's face after Panda drops the rings.
  • Ice Bear doing cartwheels while grabbing Darrel's phone to answer a call from Sofia.
  • As Darrell hangs precariously from a high drain pipe after trying to escape the wedding, Sofia's mother calmly states that she knew he'd try to run away.

Crowbar Jones: Origins

  • Crowbar Jones is back with more poor editing and ridiculous writing.
  • When Grizzly barges into his office, Nom Nom calls for security, getting a scare when he forgets that his security (Mr. Farmer) is already in the room.
  • Grizzly trying to pitch a Crowbar Jones prequel to Nom Nom, including a string of rhetorical questions such as "How did he become an action hero? How did he meet his sidekick Panda? What even is a crowbar?"
  • Dr. Destructo (played by Ice Bear) gets back at Crowbar Jones (then the rookie cop who put him away) by eating his dinner, smashing his guitar, and telling his girlfriend to go away.
  • Crowbar Jones drowning his sorrows in apple juice.
  • The process of making Crowbar Jones a super-spy involves giving him the strength of a tiger, the eyes of an eagle, and the intelligence of... a frog.
  • Nom Nom feeds Farmer (his bodyguard) a dog treat for being good.
  • "Grizz... how can I say this without hurting your feelings... your movie is bad!"
  • Nom Nom's role in the movie, a post-credits scene where he introduces himself as Crowbar Jones' son, with him flatly reading his lines straight from the script.

Hot Sauce

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Burn makes Ice Bear feel alive."
    • "Ice Bear sees sauce tracks."
    • (wearing Sunglasses at Night) "Ice Bear can't see anything."
    • (after being dared to drink a bottle of hot sauce) "Ice Bear worries about long-term health issues."
    • "Ice Bear has never been so happy to see cops."
  • What chicanery is the Pigeon Cartel up to? Apparently selling bootleg hot sauce, which the police treat as Serious Business.
  • Panda dressed as a Blatant Burglar for the sting operation, while Ice Bear dresses like a greaser. Grizzly wears a cape because "Who's badder than... Dracula?"
  • One of the Pigeon Cartel uses its beak as a tattoo needle.
    Panda: Um, cool tat... heh heh... I'm next...
  • The Pigeon Cartel does a cheesy hip-hop dance to introduce their leader, which manages to intimidate Panda. "I've never been so scared by a dance before..."
  • The head pigeon communicates through a Blackberry with a text-to-voice function, with another pigeon pecking on the keyboard what he says. At one point the pigeon types "saice" instead of "sauce", and the head pigeon apologizes.
  • When the cops arrive, the head pigeon says "We can take these cops." The other pigeons immediately surrender instead.

Mom App

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (A basketball player is about to say what he owes his success to) "Shoes. Gotta be the shoes."
    • "Ice Bear has never known such love and care."
    • (wearing a turtleneck sweater) "Ice Bear too hot."
    • "Ice Bear is wanted in Singapore."
    • "Ice Bear wants to be potato."
    • "Ice Mom wants to watch TV."
  • All the moms for how over-the-top they are.
  • Some of the choices of moms in the app, such as "Flower Mom", "Puppet Mom", and "Sword Mom".
  • The bears getting thoroughly embarrassed by "Supportive Mom" Gayle.
  • Linda, the "Posh Mom", makes a big splashy entrance, complete with servants rolling out a red carpet.
  • The Bears sneak into Tank's bedroom to get back Panda's phone. Grizzly initially thinks she's still awake... turns out she's actually doing crunches in her sleep.
  • How do the Bears get rid of Tank? They call her mom, who gives "Susan Tankitha Jackson" a serious scolding and drags her away by the ear.

The Limo

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Prom season. Limo discounts everywhere."
    • "Traffic jam is Ice Bear's least favorite jam."
    • "No clowns."
    • "Bad papaya."
  • When the limo the bears rented gets stuck in traffice, Grizzly tries to think of something else for them to do, like "Sit over here, or chill over here, or... ignore our younger brother!" he says as he plays with the window between the passenger and driver sections.
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear does not like this game.
  • Grizzly's attempts at guessing which rapper is in town, including "T-Dawg", "T-Dragon", and "T-Square".
  • Lucy's boyfriend Kale complimenting Ice Bear, causing the latter to blush and giggle.
  • T-Pain's tour bus is so big it has an elevator. Just so he could get to the botanical garden on the upper tier.
  • It turns out that T-Pain is a big fan of Crowbar Jones. Grizzly's reaction sells it.

More Everyone's Tube

  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear Wants to play."
  • Grizzly's "Movie Impressions" video, including Ice Bear playing the iceberg from Titanic (1997), Ice Bear and Grizzly as Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy (with Ice Bear having a "super S" on his forehead instead of a lightning bolt), Grizzly not getting the chance to change out of his Draco costume for a Star Wars parody, and Panda dressed as Belle.
  • Ice Bear getting pulled into a parody of a "cats startled by cucumbers" video. Then Grizzly and Panda try a pickle... and Ice Bear just picks it up off the ground and eats it. Finally, Panda goes up to Ice Bear dressed in a cucumber costume... and Ice Bear throws him out the window, leaving Panda in traction.
  • Crafting with Tabes for how unprofessional and chaotic it is.
    • If you look carefully at the play time, it's 56 minutes long. The viewer has to skip long passages like Tabes looking for the glue gun (and having to wrestle it away from a possum) and Ranger Martinez's fire safety lecture (which ends with the trailer on fire).
  • The viewer saves a few screenshots, including Panda in a dress and Tabes fighting with a possum over her glue gun.
  • In the last video, an extended version of the theme song, Charlie wears a paper bag in order to protect his identity. Though it has a drawing of his face on it. It also changes depending on his emotion.
    • Nom Nom on the same video is clearly not into it, sporting a sour expression for most of it, surrounded by people he dislikes. At the end of the song, he mutters "Yeah, I'm going home," and walks away.
    • Chloe ending up on a sugar rush, and Grizzly hugging an over-sized burrito.
  • The viewer turns out to be Tom, Griff, and Issac, the human counterparts of the bears. They even suggest that the bears should get their own TV show.
  • The Running Gag of the viewer ignoring update notices on his computer, which become more urgent each time. The episode ends with the computer crashing and shorting out.

Money Man

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (after Panda is corrected about the spelling of Bean) "Ice Bear told you."
    • "Ice Bear is Trophy Bear."
    • "Ice Bear's eyes are on the prize."
    • (After Saanvi calls the bears "naked freaks") "Ice Bear prefers the word natural."
    • "Ice Bear will break beefy arms."
    • "Eyes need to be less kawaii."
  • While Chloe is talking about Dr. Bean, she mentions he's known for just walking out on people's presentations, making him seem like the typical pretentious and easily unimpressed type. However, it is then shown that it's actually because he's absent minded and easily distracted.
  • Saanvi's over-the-top presentation, complete with shirtless men escorting her.
  • The famous A113 easter egg appears here as a classroom number.
  • Panda imagines Dr. Bean with his usual Animesque style, prompting the above quote from Ice Bear about his eyes.
  • In the end, Dr. Bean declares the winner to be a different student whose project is a basketball with a smiley face drawn on it.
  • The very ending where Chloe and Saanvi's combined project gets taken away by the government, prompting a "Wait, what?" from the two.

Rescue Ranger

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear thinks we should go home."
    • "Ice Bear's tired of keeping secrets."
    • "Ice Bear booby trapped the booby trap."
    • "Ice Bear ready for truth bomb."
  • The trapper shows how good he is at traps by trapping a fly in a little cage.
  • The snakes making an arrow to show Tabes and the Bears where Charlie is.
  • "I have a home here! I have friends! I have snakes that rely on me!"
  • Tabes tries to lead the Bears through the trapper's booby traps, warning them to only walk along her footsteps. Panda gets trapped in a cage on his first step. Then Grizz falls into a pit trap when he tries to help Panda; he's at first sure he can climb out, but then bars close in on top of the pit. Tabes and Ice Bear then continue slowly, but after triggering a few bear traps, they decide to just run for it.
  • In the aftermath of the trapper's defeat, Panda struggles to help Ice Bear, who's still asleep after being shot with a tranquilizer dart, back on his feet.

El Oso

  • Charlie howling with a coyote before getting attacked by it.
  • Charlie fetches El Oso a basin of water to drink and tries to handle it gently before he accidentally dumps it all over his face.
  • Charlie and El Oso Freak Out! at each other's presence before El Oso stops out of annoyance at Charlie continuing to do so.
  • When Charlie is put on the spot to present a fake bandit name, the best he can come up with is "Cactus Amigo", and the other characters spend a good chunk of the episode actually calling him that.
  • Charlie, as part of his fake identity as a bandit, making up a story that he killed "Sheriff Tablefloor". The lead bandit Ramone doesn't buy it... because he killed Sheriff Tablefloor. Charlie changes that with "Tabledoor", and acts out his phony story of how he killed him in which he beats up a chair.
  • When Charlie and El Oso realize the other bandits are rapidly catching onto them, they both start sweating profusely and plaster super fake grins onto their faces as they try in vain to save face.
  • It turns out Charlie also gained the identity of a Chupacabra due to a misunderstanding, with his picture on the wanted poster being a distorted image of himself with big fangs.
    Knives: He was caught eating goats!
    Charlie: Uh, are you sure he wasn't just trying to hug the goats and it was all just some big misunderstanding? (El Oso kicks him) Ow! Why do you keep kicking me?
  • The fact that Knives's picture on his wanted poster is a crudely-drawn doodle ("For some reason, they can never draw me right.")
  • "What are we gonna do, boss?! Chuckles can't go back to jail!"
  • After trying and failing to bluff a bunch of human criminals all night, Charlie actually manages to pull it off when it matters the most, posing as a posse of lawmen come to kill them all. The build-up is both awesome and hilarious as Charlie sends them all running for the hills.
    Ramone: You cowards! It's just the chupacabra's trick!
    Charlie: (with an exaggerated accent) Alright boys, shoot 'em up! (the sound of dozens of gunshots ringing out at once fills the cabin)
    Ramone: (panicking) Not a trick! Not a trick!

Charlie's Halloween Thing 2

  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear will wish for infinite wishes."
    • "Ice Bear always has urge to arrest."
  • A zombified squirrel is seen howling along with a pack of zombie wolves.
  • Panda, being the only one immune to zombies, attempts to live with the zombified versions of Tabes and his brothers by feeding them salad, to no avail.
  • The second story is a Scooby-Doo parody featuring the Baby Bears, complete with music and sound effects.
    • Panda gets scared thinking he saw a werewolf in a tree but is then relieved when seeing that it was just a normal wolf in a tree.
    • The looping background gag is done here by having the werewolf who's chasing the bear cubs notice the looping background and then stopping so the bears loop behind him.
    • The obligatory Scooby-Dooby Doors sequence includes such moments as the monsters running around in a stack just like the Bears, and Ice Bear running into a clone of himself.
    • After the bears find out that the monsters don't want to hurt them, the werewolf cheerfully states that he only eats human children.
  • The third story is consistently funny and a bit awesome for how much and how accurately it makes fun of internet trolls.
    • Some of the things the troll transforms things into are funny: A plant on a table becomes MissingNo from Pokémon, Grizz becomes a poorly-made 3D model of a bear with a text-to-speech voice, and Ice Bear becomes an ice cube.
  • The many alternate realities Charlie goes through in the fourth story:
    • One where everyone except Charlie is a cryptid.
    • One run by animals, where the bears are realistic bears.
    • One where phones and people switch places.
    • One has the bears turned into Adventure Time characters (albeit with the bears' fur color), complete with Tom Kenny reprising his role as the Ice King.
      Ice King: Ice King in wrong show.
  • The ending of the episode, where Charlie turns out to have been talking to skeleton versions of the Bears. After Charlie leaves, the skeletal Bears come to life and start dancing in homage to The Skeleton Dance.


  • The episode opens with a grown-up Rodolfo showing off his prize belts to his son, including one for "Most Improved" in a cooking contest.
  • After Rodolfo is injured, he laments that now he won't be able to win the prize money for surgery for his beloved dog Simon... who turns out to be a dopey Chihuahua in a dog wheelchair who walks right into a doorframe. It's so sad it's funny.

Pizza Band

  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear is in culinary shock."
    • "Ice Punk has arrived."
  • When the audience seems unimpressed at the start of their first performance, Panda moans "Oh, the judgement of children..."
  • The fact that a bunch of adults lined up at a pizzeria to see the bears lip sync pre-recorded songs already done by animantronics.
  • Panda's new style includes his legs awkwardly squeezed into a pair of skinny jeans.
  • An upset audience member throws an entire cooked chicken on the stage.
  • When the manager hastily shoves the damaged animatronics on stage (still in the dumpster!), the audience cheers anyway.


  • The Baby Bears popping out of a gold chest in the middle of an auction and putting themselves in for bid.
  • Charles's speech pattern on top of his bizarre and quirky mannerisms.
  • Carl, who's mostly portrayed as an aggressive gorilla gets very upset at baby Grizz humiliating him by spraying water at his groin area.


  • Ice Bear's lines in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear is ready to fight."
    • "Ice Bear knows of a boat to Alaska at dawn. Cold, very cold."
    • "Ice Bear can't drop any more beats."
  • When the Bears learn that a larkatoo can spend weeks, or even months, trying to find a mate, they have an Imagine Spot of them having to put up with the larkatoo's squawking that inexplicably ends with them elderly and decrepit-looking.
  • Grizzly struggles to get the larkatoo to cry into a bullhorn. When he finally manages it, the amplified mating call somehow comes out sounding like an airhorn.
  • Panda trying to get the larkatoo to take some headshots, making him wear a ballcap and gold chain while posing in front of a beachside highway back-drop.
  • Panda tries to show the larkatoo how to do a proper mating dance, and does it so well all the other animals at the dance fall in love with him.
    Grizzly: Just calm down, guys! My brother ain't that hot!


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • (seeing Dr. Clark's many diplomas) "Ice Bear has more."
    • "Ice Bear had powers once."
  • Panda drooling as he says "serves him right" after destroying someone's phone.
  • Grizzly's calm and Genre Savvy-like reactions to first seeing the power going to Panda's head.
  • Dr. Clark, in his unenthusiastic monotone voice, telling the bears to just remove Panda's braces after hearing that he's gone insane with power.

Christmas Movies

  • The Bears see a man in a costume trying to get into the store after hours... and conclude it must be Santa Claus!
  • After talking the burglar into a Heel–Face Turn, the Bears casually admit to their boss that the "extra help" they hired was the guy who tried to break in last night.

Imaginary Friend

The Mall

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear ready to shred competition today."
    • "Ice Bear can't be late either."
    • "Ice Bear here to compete."
  • Ice Bear discovering that Issac is his rival for the ice-skating competition.
    Issac: Issac didn't expect to see you here.
    Ice Bear: Ice is Ice Bear's life.

    Ice Bear: Ice Bear will show you real skating.
    Issac: Issac will melt competition with fire moves.

    Ice Bear: Ice Bear was born to win.
    Issac: Issac will see about that.
  • Griff invites Grizzly to "pull up a chair" while he goes to get some bagels. Since there's only one chair in Griff's office, Grizz ends up sitting on a wastepaper basket.
  • When Griff asks for his help in catching the bullies going after Tom and Panda, Grizz imagines him as the cop from Cop Punch II and enthusiastically pushes the "START" button... which leads to Griff wondering why Grizz is poking him in the chest.
  • Griff and Grizzly end up using a kiddie train ride to catch up to the others.
  • The man-bun bully ends up taking Tom hostage... and threatening to dump soda on Tom's limited-edition Estellar shirt. In a particularly over-the-top display, Panda ends up Taking the Bullet.
  • After Isaac catches a falling Panda.
    Panda: Thanks! I thought I was a goner.
    Isaac: Isaac thought you were Tom.
  • Tom and Panda are so star-struck about meeting Estellar, all they can do for the rest of the cartoon is say her name.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear's... here?"
    • "Ice Bear knows what to do."
    • "Ice Bear will find out what's going on."
    • "Moles found Ice Bear. Very gracious hosts."
    • "Mole hall of worship. Directly beneath house."
    • "Cave has stopped caving."
    • "Ice Bear loves manga moles."
    • "Ice Bear has more books."

The Gym

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear wants to lay down. And watching TV."
    • (when told he's a polar bear) "Ice Bear is ice bear."
    • "Ice Bear doesn't want to hurt old ladies."
    • "Ice Bear in over his head."
    • "Ice Bear outnumbered. Must use ultimate move."
  • Grizz is shown the Wall of Doom, which is so tall that it's seemingly covered by clouds.
    Grizz: (worried) Is that ice up there?
    Kid: (unfazed) It's close to the AC.


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear not afraid of tiny germs."
    • "Ice Bear will defeat germs." (karate kicks) "With good hygiene."
    • "Ice Bear upset about scientific inaccuracy."
  • Panda is spooked by a rat at the toxic waste dump. He at first finds it cute, but then it hops out of its hiding place, revealing that it's half-frog.
  • The reveal that Charlie actually has beautifully golden fur when washed clean. But then he thinks it "feels kinda weird" and covers himself up with muck, reverting back to his old look.
    Charlie: (as the Bears are having a Jaw Drop) Whatcha'll staring at?


  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear is proud. Air quotes."
    • "Ice Bear just wants to leave. Getting awkward."
    • "Ice Bear likes peace. Not a drama bear."
    • "Ice Bear senses theme."
    • "Ice Bear feels tankful."
    • "Ice Bear gives this place five starfishes."
    • "Ice Bear not fire bear."
    • "Ice Bear will be happier with replacement lunch."
  • The firefighters going around with no shirts. Which is probably why they got colds at the end of the episode.
  • Grizz wearing pants that don't fit in the PSA.


Bear Cleaning

  • Ice Bear accidentally vacuuming Grizzly's fur and his and Panda's reactions are priceless.
  • Before putting it back, they decide to take multiple selfies, including a parody of the American Gothic Couple!
  • Panda's Mood Whiplash from worried, to having fun, taking selfies.
  • After they finish playing with Grizz's fur, they "fix" it by simply patting the fur back into place on Grizz, only for it to predictably fall off again once he moves.
  • Through all this, Grizz is so engrossed in his video game, he doesn't notice any of it.

Nom Nom vs. Hamster

  • Nom Nom getting into character.
  • All of Nom Nom's unsuccessful attempts to get the hamster to cooperate.
    Nom Nom: (kicks sleeping hamster) Wake up! (to someone off-camera) Hey, is he dead?
    • Which includes brushing the hamster's face, only for him to bite Nom Nom's hand. And then drag him around after the hamster breaks into a run.
    • The end, in which Nom Nom finally gives off and storms off. Cue the hamster standing up and asking if that's all, in a voice deeper than expected for a hamster. It basically implies the hamster was really just acting.

Panda's Dream

  • Panda's ever-more bizarre daydreams, culminating in a K-Pop inspired music video.

Log Ride

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear had more fun waiting in line."
    • "Ice Bear can't wait to wait in line again."
  • After the big build-up, the drop at the end is... underwhelming. And yet everyone finds the Bears' deadpan reaction to the drop hilarious.
  • The Bears' attempts to take another picture keep getting interrupted by things like a disproportionately large wave of water, a bird flying in front of the camera, stray balloons, and a computer error.

Goodnight Ice Bear

  • The whole short, which is basically Ice Bear using elaborate ways to close his fridge door.

Potty Time

Panda's Profile Pic

Grizz: Ultimate Hero Champion

  • Much of the short is Grizz making an audition tape for a show called Ultimate Hero Champion:
    • The tape opens with someone throwing a katana to Grizz, which falls just short of him.
    • Grizz's crappy home-made obstacle course.
    • The video ends with a "GRIZZLY BEAR PRODUCTION" card, accompanied by the crude "bears with multiple abs" drawing from "Chloe".
  • Grizz actually gets onto the show... and doesn't make it past the first obstacle.


  • Panda downloads a free sleeping aid app that generates various soothing sounds... which give poor Panda a serious case of Crashing Dreams, from getting caught in the rain to having to turn off a seemingly endless array of fans.

Charlie's Opus

  • Charlie finds an assortment of instruments in the woods, and is inspired to teach some of the woodland animals how to play. After three months of practice... the result is a load of discordant noise. But at least Ice Bear seems to like Charlie's orchestra.
  • Ice Bear randomly pulling out a pair of opera glasses.

Bear Stack

  • The title screen is the bears' house, drawn as if it were done in Minecraft.
  • The bears race to the store to get the last copy of the latest Super Cat Knight game, having one Sudden Video-Game Moment after another.
    • The Bears duck and jump over various woodland animals, then encounter a deer that's too tall to jump... so Ice Bear just goes around it.
    • Next, the bears swing on some conveniently-placed vines to get past a line of ducklings, and slide down a flagpole, much to the frustration of a janitor who had just finished running the flag up.
    • The bears are in an RPG overworld where they run into Charlie, who begs them to hang out. Grizz goes into his INVENTORY and distracts Charlie with some Cheez Poofies.
    • The bears getting into a fighting-game sequence with Nom Nom over the last copy of Super Cat Knight 4. Ice Bear takes him out with a "Cellie Boom", and the bears sheepishly grab the game and run. But then they realize they don't have the money for the game.

Frozen Ice

  • Grizzly and Panda try various ways to thaw out Ice Bear when the fridge malfunctions and freezes him in a block of ice. They try dumping hot sauce on him, dressing him in warm clothes, warming him up on a teppan-yaki grill, focusing sunlight on him with a magnifying glass, soaking him in a hot tub (which turns out to belong to Nom Nom), and even sticking him under the exhaust of a Space W rocket.
  • They finally thaw Ice Bear out with The Power of Love... and what does Ice Bear have to say?
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear had weird dream. Have to pee.

Assembly Required

  • The bears try to put together some flat-packed furniture from Okia. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Panda tries translating the instructions:
    Panda: So, uh, with the translation, this word could mean "carefully" or "body slam"?
    Grizzly: Oh, I got this! (throws himself onto the furniture, knocking over Ice Bear) Boom!
  • Ice Bear's attempt at building the furniture somehow results in an irrational cube.
  • Ice Bear donning a welder's mask... in order to use the tiny little hex-key that came with the package.
  • The Bears finally finish their new piece of furinture, and try sitting on it... when it turns out to be a shelf of some sort.
    Panda: Guys? I don't think this is a couch...

Cooking With Ice Bear

  • The short is presented as a clip from an excitable Korean cooking show... starring Ice Bear. Naturally, he gets some good lines:
    • "Ice Bear likes to party hard, with Korean party food."
    • "This will help egg stick to zucchini, like underwear to sweaty butt."
    • "Ice Bear is into this see-through look."
  • Grizzly looking stunned (with overlays of Ocular Gushers and "OTL") as Ice Bear peels and grates a potato that looks like him.

The Cave

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear will have sweet dreams... of other bears being quiet."
    • "Ice Bear's packing heat." (sounds of T-shirt cannon firing)
  • The whole short is a shot of the exterior of the Bears' cave, while we hear the sounds of them freaking out over a bat getting into their home and trying to shoo it away.
  • Grizzly tries to Kill It with Fire, or at least scare the bat away with it.
    Panda: Why did you start a fire?!
    Grizzly: Bats hate fire!
    Panda: What? Everyone hates fire!

Bears Battle for Turf in ‘’Splatoon 2’’

  • Ice Bear wandering off to play with a real life pair of Splat Dualies.

Punch Like a Bear with ‘’Arms’’

  • Seeing Grizz’s reaction as Panda beats him in the game.
    • Panda’s main? Ribbon Girl.
  • Ice Bear’s quick defeat of Grizz is even more funny.
    • Ice Bear’s main? Ninjara!



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