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  • Pretty much anything Ice Bear says in his comically serious and stoic tone. It's why almost every one starts with a list.

  • Grizz angrily slashing a kid with his claws is messed up, but Ice Bear strolling up and, for whatever reason, taking a picture for posterity makes it cross the line over into funny territory.
  • The bears try to blend in at the birthday party by wearing newspaper party hats. The little kids quickly deduce that they must be eighth-graders.

Bear Cleaning

  • Ice Bear accidentally vacuuming Grizzly's fur and his and Panda's reactions are priceless.
  • Before putting it back, they decide to take multiple selfies, including a parody of the American Gothic Couple!
  • Panda's Mood Whiplash from worried, to having fun, taking selfies.
  • After they finish playing with Grizz's fur, they "fix" it by simply patting the fur back into place on Grizz, only for it to predictably fall off again once he moves.
  • Through all this, Grizz is so engrossed in his video game, he doesn't notice any of it.

Nom Nom vs. Hamster

  • Nom Nom getting into character.
  • All of Nom Nom's unsuccessful attempts to get the hamster to cooperate.
    Nom Nom: (kicks sleeping hamster) Wake up! (to someone off-camera) Hey, is he dead?
    • Which includes brushing the hamster's face, only for him to bite Nom Nom's hand. And then drag him around after the hamster breaks into a run.
    • The end, in which Nom Nom finally gives off and storms off. Cue the hamster standing up and asking if that's all, in a voice deeper than expected for a hamster. It basically implies the hamster was really just acting.

Panda's Dream

  • Panda's ever-more bizarre daydreams, culminating in a K-Pop inspired music video.

Log Ride

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear had more fun waiting in line."
    • "Ice Bear can't wait to wait in line again."
  • After the big build-up, the drop at the end is... underwhelming. And yet everyone finds the Bears' deadpan reaction to the drop hilarious.
  • The Bears' attempts to take another picture keep getting interrupted by things like a disproportionately large wave of water, a bird flying in front of the camera, stray balloons, and a computer error.

Goodnight Ice Bear

  • The whole short, which is basically Ice Bear using elaborate ways to close his fridge door.

Potty Time

Panda's Profile Pic

Grizz: Ultimate Hero Champion

  • Much of the short is Grizz making an audition tape for a show called Ultimate Hero Champion:
    • The tape opens with someone throwing a katana to Grizz, which falls just short of him.
    • Grizz's crappy home-made obstacle course.
    • The video ends with a "GRIZZLY BEAR PRODUCTION" card, accompanied by the crude "bears with multiple abs" drawing from "Chloe".
  • Grizz actually gets onto the show... and doesn't make it past the first obstacle.


  • Panda downloads a free sleeping aid app that generates various soothing sounds... which give poor Panda a serious case of Crashing Dreams, from getting caught in the rain to having to turn off a seemingly endless array of fans.

Charlie's Opus

  • Charlie finds an assortment of instruments in the woods, and is inspired to teach some of the woodland animals how to play. After three months of practice... the result is a load of discordant noise. But at least Ice Bear seems to like Charlie's orchestra.
  • Ice Bear randomly pulling out a pair of opera glasses.

Bear Stack

  • The title screen is the bears' house, drawn as if it were done in Minecraft.
  • The bears race to the store to get the last copy of the latest Super Cat Knight game, having one Sudden Video-Game Moment after another.
    • The Bears duck and jump over various woodland animals, then encounter a deer that's too tall to jump... so Ice Bear just goes around it.
    • Next, the bears swing on some conveniently-placed vines to get past a line of ducklings, and slide down a flagpole, much to the frustration of a janitor who had just finished running the flag up.
    • The bears are in an RPG overworld where they run into Charlie, who begs them to hang out. Grizz goes into his INVENTORY and distracts Charlie with some Cheez Poofies.
    • The bears getting into a fighting-game sequence with Nom Nom over the last copy of Super Cat Knight 4. Ice Bear takes him out with a "Cellie Boom", and the bears sheepishly grab the game and run. But then they realize they don't have the money for the game.

Frozen Ice

  • Grizzly and Panda try various ways to thaw out Ice Bear when the fridge malfunctions and freezes him in a block of ice. They try dumping hot sauce on him, dressing him in warm clothes, warming him up on a teppan-yaki grill, focusing sunlight on him with a magnifying glass, soaking him in a hot tub (which turns out to belong to Nom Nom), and even sticking him under the exhaust of a Space W rocket.
  • They finally thaw Ice Bear out with The Power of Love... and what does Ice Bear have to say?
    Ice Bear: Ice Bear had weird dream. Have to pee.

Assembly Required

  • The bears try to put together some flat-packed furniture from Okia. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Panda tries translating the instructions:
    Panda: So, uh, with the translation, this word could mean "carefully" or "body slam"?
    Grizzly: Oh, I got this! (throws himself onto the furniture, knocking over Ice Bear) Boom!
  • Ice Bear's attempt at building the furniture somehow results in an irrational cube.
  • Ice Bear donning a welder's mask... in order to use the tiny little hex-key that came with the package.
  • The Bears finally finish their new piece of furinture, and try sitting on it... when it turns out to be a shelf of some sort.
    Panda: Guys? I don't think this is a couch...

Cooking With Ice Bear

  • The short is presented as a clip from an excitable Korean cooking show... starring Ice Bear. Naturally, he gets some good lines:
    • "Ice Bear likes to party hard, with Korean party food."
    • "This will help egg stick to zucchini, like underwear to sweaty butt."
    • "Ice Bear is into this see-through look."
  • Grizzly looking stunned (with overlays of Ocular Gushers and "OTL") as Ice Bear peels and grates a potato that looks like him.

The Cave

  • Ice Bear's quotes in this episode:
    • "Ice Bear will have sweet dreams... of other bears being quiet."
    • "Ice Bear's packing heat." (sounds of T-shirt cannon firing)
  • The whole short is a shot of the exterior of the Bears' cave, while we hear the sounds of them freaking out over a bat getting into their home and trying to shoo it away.
  • Grizzly tries to Kill It with Fire, or at least scare the bat away with it.
    Panda: Why did you start a fire?!
    Grizzly: Bats hate fire!
    Panda: What? Everyone hates fire!

Bears Battle for Turf in ‘’Splatoon 2’’

  • Ice Bear wandering off to play with a real life pair of Splat Dualies.

Punch Like a Bear with ‘’Arms’’

  • Seeing Grizz’s reaction as Panda beats him in the game.
    • Panda’s main? Ribbon Girl.
  • Ice Bear’s quick defeat of Grizz is even more funny.
    • Ice Bear’s main? Ninjara!



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