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Nightmare Fuel / Street Fighter V

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"The answer lies... IN DESTROYING EVERYTHING!"

  • Getting blown up is never fun but Charlie can probably tell you first hand it's less about the explosion and more about what would have to be done in order to get you back on your feet that's unsettling. The exposed parts of his body in Street Fighter V tell a chilling tale of what he probably had to go through after his Heroic Sacrifice: large swathes of skin having to be grafted to his body (including a sizable chunk of his head) and whoever did it probably didn't have access to the best equipment, given that the skin patches are held in place by large staples (instead of stitches) and are a sickly green color, meaning that they may have had to use skin that wasn't appropriate for his body for lack of anything better. Then there's the Power Gem pulsating on his forehead.
    • The things he does to his opponents are not very comforting either. Charlie's attack on Chun-Li in his gameplay trailer had him ambushing her unawares and the screen going black as Chun-Li screams in terror. Later gameplay videos revealed exactly what he does during his new super, called "Judgment Saber". After appearing behind the opponent, he creates a vertical Sonic Boom in the shape of a blade and chops downward, sending energy cutting into the opponent from their head down to their waist. And he gives his signature "Too easy!" quote from Alpha 3, but instead of sounding cheerful, it sounds completely devoid of emotion and almost condescending.
    • His story mode manages to be simultaneously horrifying and heartbreaking by confirming that his Alpha 2 ending, the one where he's betrayed by his fellow Air Force unit and shot via helicopter before being sent careening off a Venezuelan waterfall, is his canon ending. One has to wonder what was going through his mind during that moment. A paragon of justice and virtue, betrayed by those he once called comrades. Cruel and Unusual Death doesn't even begin describe it.
  • SFV introduces four new characters to the series. One of these four is Necalli, a wild savage straight out of the ancient Aztec with a vicious, bestial fighting style and appearance. He has no real finesse to his style, brutally pounding his opponent into submission with animalistic strikes and stomps. He only gets scarier with the knowledge that his wild exterior and mannerisms hide an underlying genius and a serious cruel streak. He also twitches erratically and stutters his speech. Almost everything about him is completely unknown, except that he seeks out fights to the death. However, unlike Akuma's cynical yet noble competitive mindset, Necalli does so out of a sadistic "hunger" for strong souls. His alias, "The Soul Consuming Darkness" now makes almost literal sense.
    • His win quotes against Chun-Li and Ibuki are particularly disturbing.
    (Vs. Chun-Li) "Don't st... struggle. There is no escape from me."
    (Vs. Ibuki) "Do not wa... wail so. I will soon co... consume your fledgling soul."
    • His win pose has him grab his defeated opponent and hold them up to the sky like Oni, but we never see what he does to them. Necalli's story mode puts his win pose in an all-new light by showing just how he "consumes" his victims. He basically uses his clay body to swallow his victims whole Majin Buu style. And his Story Mode has him do this to Ryu, Dhalism, and Bison! To make it worse, it's merely a prophecy, a sign of dark things to come. Necalli is as mysterious as he is frightening.
    • His teased reveal in Ken's V trailer was also frightening; you're watching Ken display his redesigned moveset and then comes the credits promoting the upcoming game... and then BAM, suddenly you're greeted with Necalli's face snarling at you all while giving you an intense Death Glare. Quite an effective Jump Scare and Establishing Character Moment for Necalli.
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    • Remember Necalli's bio mentioning his ability to possess the bodies of animals? Turns out that it isn't an Informed Ability. The cinematic story mode has Charlie turning around to find a seemingly harmless sheep behind him. The "sheep" then shouts "Devour!" and melts into the visage of Necalli, who immediately attacks Charlie and attempts to devour him. Thankfully it's All Just a Dream, but still...
    • The Cinematic Story Mode throws on even more fuel to the fire. How is he able to get to his next prey so quickly, you ask? He melts into a puddle of black and red goo Angra Mainyu style.
  • While he has always been an insane, murderous psychopath, Vega takes those traits and cranks them Up to Eleven in V; whereas in IV his insanity was much more subdued in lieu of being condescending toward his opponents, in this game he laughs like a maniac after performing his Super, and makes completely deranged facial expressions when his mask is knocked off, especially during his Super and win pose. His taunt also has him contemplating where he should start carving you. Even his win quote dialogue — especially against female characters — manages to be very disturbing.
    (Vs. Chun-Li) "Bathing in your blood will be the best beauty treatment of all!"
    (Vs. Cammy) "Your delusions, your despair... they all belong to me, now."
    (Vs. R. Mika) "Even your death throes lack grace. Such an obnoxious tone."
    (Vs. Kolin) "I will carve you into something beautiful. And I'll cut up that weak little heart of yours while I'm at it."
    (Vs. Sakura) "You are worthy of being carved up by my claw. You should be honoured!"
    (Vs. Falke) "You seem to be a cut above the other Dolls. I wonder if you will be able to amuse me?"
  • Another newcomer to the game is F.A.N.G, a Chinese assassin with the ability to manipulate poison who serves as Bison's chief scientist and right-hand man. In gameplay, he acts very silly with bizarre movements, weird winquotes and a hilarious Critical Art. In story, he's far more sinister, being a Social Darwinist in the extreme sense. He's essentially a younger, more insane version of Gen before the latter Took a Level in Kindness. The most disturbing thing about him is his Undying Loyalty to Bison. Vega and Balrog only serve Bison for their own interests, but F.A.N.G displays a disturbingly fanatical loyalty to him, gleefully following his every order, such as reprogramming the Dolls to be stronger and more loyal to Bison.
    • F.A.N.G's backstory is nightmarish as it is tearjerking. He was one of many children kidnapped by a cartel and forcibly exposed to various harmful poisons in order to learn how to kill using the "Poison Hands" technique. As the training induced a very high mortality rate, F.A.N.G grew up watching so many fellow students die at a young age that it turned him into a Determinator and Social Darwinist bent on surviving at all costs. The only reason why he didn't die along with his fellow assassins when they tried to kill M. Bison is because he wanted to see another day.
    • We also get a firsthand look at how dangerous the Poison Hand technique is. The cinematic story mode has F.A.N.G chasing a scientist that had betrayed Bison. The nonchalant way he chases her, causally skipping like a child, only adds to the creepiness of the scene. When he finally corners her, he impales her with his poisoned hand and the poison melts her away to nothing. While the sight of that moment is awesome, it goes straight back into being creepy just a few seconds later when F.A.N.G proceeds to eat her liquefied remains. Even the staff at Capcom decided this was far too graphic for a T-rated game, so they censored it for the final release. And then it turns out that the scientist was Rashid's missing friend.
    • As if that wasn't scary enough, he also shows no hesitation in threatening to do the same thing to both Sean and Li-Fen (who can't be older than 10-11 years old).
  • Losing a match against Urien, whose win pose has him firing a Metallic Sphere at his fallen opponent, presumably killing them off-screen.
  • Akuma's Story costume. The Satsui no Hado appears to be exceeding the limits of his body, much like Bison's Psycho Power. In this case, it leaves actual physical signs like Oni's alternate costume in IV. Akuma's skin has cracked and peeled away, leaving only the Satsui no Hado flowing within him to show itself. It's a very terrifying reminder that Akuma constantly lives on the edge of being consumed by the Satsui no Hado, and being transformed into the hellspawn that is Oni.
    • Akuma defeats Necalli in his story mode only to be devoured by the latter. Then Necalli explodes, leaving only an unscathed Akuma.
  • G brings all the mystery of Q, as well as all the creepiness. He looks very shady, has an alternate costume that's extremely similar to Q, and acts like a deranged cult leader, constantly preaching about unity and the power of the Earth, He also does not know the concept of the fourth wall, talking directly to the player in his demonstrations, waving towards an invisible crowd and gesturing towards the camera constantly, and if you're willing to suspend disbelief, crossing over into the real world and giving a speech at EVO 2018.
  • In Sagat's story, everything is normal, including a Mirror Match with Sagat vs. Sagat. But then, Sagat suddenly clutches his chest. He then expresses his horror; Sagat is experiencing the Satsui no Hado. Sagat is still suffering from the effects even when his disciple Namupun arrives. Throughout this sequence, he hears the voice of the shadow he faced earlier repeating "Kill them...kill them..." over and over again. Even worse, Namupun appears to him as a strange monster with More Teeth than the Osmond Family that constantly giggles maniacally, repeating the same mantra. Sagat doesn't give in to the Satsui no Hado, as he refuses to accept it, but it is still dark regardless. His Arcade Mode ending is even worse. He either awakens or returns to find his village set ablaze by a group of masked thugs. He brutally attacks them, and the last shot is him crying Tears of Blood, indicating that he perhaps did give in to the Satsui no Hado. What's more, the credits list "Evil Sagat" as a separate character, meaning this subplot may not be over yet.
  • Evil Ryu is finally back in Season 4, and more terrifying than ever, now going by the name "Kage". In this game, he is a full-on Enemy Without for Ryu, having been purged from his body completely but powerful enough to manifest as a Living Shadow (hence his new name). Unfortunately, Kage isn't very happy about being rejected, and now he wants revenge on Ryu by proving that he is nothing without the Satsui no Hado, and that he is the stronger one of the two.
    • Since he's a mental construct given corporeal form, Kage is a fully corrupted and warped version of Ryu's desire to fight. He is a fully demonic version of Ryu, as opposed to his previous incarnation which was merely Ryu with a darker color scheme, a gaping hole in his chest, and Akuma-style eyes. Now, his form is styled after a classic Japanese demon mask, sporting fangs protruding from his lower row of teeth, as well as demon horns. Some parts of him also have a very eerie, translucent purple glow, giving him a very ghost-like feeling.
    • Gameplay-wise, he takes all the brutality of Evil Ryu and multiplies it, making him seem very much like Necalli in the process. His attacks are all very savage and sadistic. His Metsu Shoryuken now takes on a very nightmarish looking effect, where the entire background is crimson red and both he and his opponent are now framed in shadow, giving the implication that the opponent is dead. But that's not the most terrifying move in his arsenal. That honor goes to his version of the Shun Goku Satsu/Raging Demon, now pictured above. Unlike Akuma's version, which is framed in pitch-black darkness as he strikes his opponent's vital organs with cold efficiency, Kage's version is framed in the same blood-red background as his Metsu Shoryuken as he brutally starts to pummel his opponent. Then after 4 hits he lets out a chillingly inhuman roar as he decides to forgo all subtlety and starts savagely clawing at his opponent's flesh, splattering their blood all over the screen. If you look closely, you can see that much like how predators kill their prey in nature, Kage is specifically aiming for the opponent's throat and spine in order to keep them paralyzed and unable to defend themselves.


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