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  • Nash's reveal trailer, heralding the return of one of the most popular Street Fighter characters to the franchise after an almost ten year absence. And at the very end, a cameo teasing his archenemy, M.Bison.
    • Really, a lot of the reveal trailers could be this. Mika and Karin making their return, all of the new characters making their debut, and even more when you consider characters that will be added later.
  • Birdie, despite having put on a fair bit of weight, is able to wrap his opponents in chains and swing them like a jump rope while jumping up and down.
    • Also for Birdie, defeating Karin's 100 ninja army to prove himself worthy of allying himself with her. Beware the Silly Ones indeed.
  • From the CGI Trailer:
    • The opening shot features Bison walking down the hallway of what is presumably a Shadaloo base. He pauses, puts on his hat, and smirks, fully ready to meet the fighters who are out to stop him yet again. But this time, it truly feels as if Bison is ready for anything and anyone who may attempt to stop him.
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    • Interspersed is a shot of Nash lying in a stone coffin. After a flashback to the events of his death, he wakes up and furiously tears apart the lid of the stone coffin.
    • M.Bison effortlessly repelling the attacks of Cammy, Chun-Li, and Ken all at once, before demonstrating his power by summoning a massive inferno of Psycho Power. The only fighter capable of even interacting with him is Charlie.
    • Later, Evil Ryu makes a surprise appearance when Ryu taps into the Satsui no Hadou while fighting Necalli. How does Necalli react? By simply devouring the Killing Intent that Ryu has unleashed, appearing to grow stronger in the process.
  • Being hunted by Necalli who seeks to devour his soul plagued by the Dark Hadou, Ryu is pushed to finally find the answer to his struggle against that power before the beast can claim him. What does he find to quell the darkness within once and for all, beat back Necalli and help his friends save the world? The power Master Gouken could only achieve for moments at a time, the Mu no Ken, or the "Power of Nothingness" as SFIV called it. However, Ryu doesn't just manage momentary bursts — he surpasses Gouken himself by mastering this power of inner peace and purification, tapping into it at will for as long as he likes. Not only has Ryu found his answer, but to achieve this, he's become the most disciplined master of Ansatsuken in the series.
  • The game's opening teases that Bison will meet his final end, and has been established by the creators in order to settle the dissolvement of Shadaloo. The question isn't "if" Bison will die, but "who" will do it. Will it be Charlie, risen from his grave for one last rematch? Will it be Guile, completing his longstanding mission of so many years? Will it be Chun-Li, at last avenging the death of her father? Will it be Juri, who repaired her Feng-Shui Engine and teamed up with the Illuminati for the chance to take down Bison and finally avenge the deaths of her parents? None of the above. It's none other than Ryu himself, the one Bison once attempted to make his first replacement body so long ago. With the power of the Mu no Ken, the "Power of Nothingness" as it's been called, Ryu beats Bison down to the point he can deliver the purifying power he's found within himself directly into Bison, via Hadouken. As as Bison watches the Mu no Ken overcome his long-unmatched Psycho Power, his body breaking apart, all he can do is laugh.
    • To be fair, Nash also had quite the moment before this... by finally getting a proper Dying Moment of Awesome. Having realized that his body won't last any longer, he decides to use the little time he has left to rejoin his friends, then come back and fight Bison again as part of their final assault on Shadaloo... so he can gorge on Bison's Psycho Power via Bullet Clear until his body overloads and explodes, weakening Bison enough so that Ryu, who just mastered the Hado and turned back Necalli decisively, would be able to destroy him.
  • Both Bison and F.A.N.G get a moment in their shared story modes. F.A.N.G and his Nguuhao cartel attempt to assassinate Bison. Bison is completely unfazed and quickly kills all of them save F.A.N.G. Even after seeing fellow assassins killed, F.A.N.G refuses to back down and fights Bison one-on-one. Say what you will about the man, but anyone willing to take on Bison by themselves has some serious brass ones. Upon realizing that his poison has no effect on him, F.A.N.G promptly surrenders. But rather than kill him, Bison is so impressed by F.A.N.G's determination and will to survive that he allows him to rejoin Shadaloo, complementing him on his strength. When the Emperor of Evil is giving you props, you know you're a badass.
    • Beyond this, when F.A.N.G swears his loyalty to Bison, the dictator's exact words are "I have no need for loyalty." Despite some Villain Decay in recent years, Bison is firmly establishing Shadaloo as a place where only the strong survive outright, let alone serve. He could have a million potential backstabbers and give a shit less, so long as they're of immediate use. Stone. Cold.
      • And to give you an idea how strong F.A.N.G is: he's not only taken Sagat's place in Bison's "Four Kings" group (Balrog and Vega being the other two) but he explicitly took Sagat's place, as Bison's Number Two. He's the guy who replaced Sagat.
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  • Necalli effortlessly defeating and consuming the eternally determined hero Ryu, the infinitely wise yoga master Dhalsim, and the technically immortal and constantly resurrecting Big Bad M. Bison back to back without breaking a sweat. Granted, it's just a warning from the past and hasn't actually happened yet, but you can't count this guy out.
  • From Rainbow Mika's story mode, Mika spectates at Zangief and Laura's match until all of a sudden a bear attacks. Mika then proceeds to grapple with the bear, firmly declaring she won't let it ruin the match. She eventually starts slipping and needs Zangief to save her (after all, the guy wrestles with bears as a pastime), but the fact that she fearlessly jumped in and held off a beast nearly ten times her weight is seriously incredible. No wonder Zangief praises her spirit!
    • Also in hindsight that Laura can keep up with Gief is also impressive.
  • Alex's story mode sees him abducted by Shadaloo while he was napping from working too long on his car. Not only does he wreck everyone he's put up against, he figures out that since F.A.N.G's test sitenote  has no visible exits, he figures the only way out is to start trashing the place until the entire building crumbles around him. They gas Alex and redeposit his unconscious form back home.
  • Meta-one for Capcom. After a rather rocky launch, they were able to respond fast and improve the servers immediately. They even created a dedicated Twitter account just to keep the players updated of any fixes or bugs.
  • Dhalsim performs a No-Sell. Against a Satsui-No-Hado punch from Ryu. At full force.
  • Zangief performs what has to be the most ridiculous feat of durability in the series: He takes a Psycho Power-boosted slice to the pecs from Satsuki via Murasame, and shatters the damn thing with a tiny flex. Jesus Christ, it is the height of absurdity.
    Zangief: Eeeyaaahaha! Muscle is stronger than blade!
  • The World Warriors jumping off a damn helicopter in a big damn heroes moment as they land from said sky dive to take on the forces of Shadaloo and save the world. Without bringing in the main players and the obvious heroic law enforcers(even though in general they also count as amazing for this feat), It is beyond a doubt the most amazing moment of establishing some of the cast of small scale street fighters with clear limitations as people with superpowered martial arts, with them being just competitors from all walks of life to equivalents of superheroes/anime heroes that are strong enough to jump from the distant sky risking their damn lives in an instant with no parachute or air guidance assistance and tools just to stop the worlds most notorious tyrant and his evil army. Akin to the Avengers no less which in my opinion marks the apex of the street fighter saga in all of it's glory in terms of acknowledging the characters we love at their highest performance as heroes and fighters. Fucking Wrestlers can even survive something that only the main characters and big bads can get away with, without supernatural martial arts and game breaking power ups, just pure Charles Atlas Superpower! Same goes too anyone not a Ansatsuken practitioner or a Pschyo Power User.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, Akuma has returned.
  • For a gameplay moment of awesome, Urien's Aegis Reflector is a really stylish combo tool that allows you to hit your opponent into it and have them sent right back to you for more damage. You can even set up two Reflectors in such a way that an airborne opponent will be bounced back and forth between them helplessly. This combo video shows some of the terrifying potential (bear in mind this was prior to Urien's official release but even so, many of these scenarios still work in the final revision of the character).
    • Likewise, Nash's V-Trigger, Sonic Move, can be used to create some flashy combos too as you can toss your opponent away only to zip behind them and continue the combo from across the stage or pop them up and then Sonic Move vertically to catch them in mid-air. When put together it looks like something out of Devil May Cry.
  • Another meta one for Capcom, with the arcade mode announcement at Capcom Cup 2017. They announce the teased, and much expected, Sakura reveal, and then five additional silouhettes... They cut back to the stage, and effectively go 'Nope, that's not all yet...', before a second trailer starts up showing the full version of a previously shown cutscene... then people begin ticking off the people in the cutscene who aren't yet announced... and they reveal all the new DLC pack's characters THAT DAY.
  • The return of Cody Travers, complete with bonus live-action scenes featuring notable Street Fighter fan Kenny Omega as the new Metro City mayor himself!
    • With Xavier Woods being the other guy on the phone!
    • Its also a CMA for Mike Haggar as he was finally able to get Cody out of his unjust stay in prison and fully return to being a protector of Metro City, something that Guy only had limited success with. This has also caused Cody to become more upbeat and less cynical.
  • The road leading up to the reveals at EVO 2018 were nothing short of this for Capcom again.
    • First, the day prior to the Street Fighter V finals, notable people from the FGC were given a piece of paper with segmented words on it that, when combined, formed to create a Public Secret Message that reads "TOP 8 AT EVO". This culminated in G's voice actor coming out in full cosplay and giving a message to the people as a preamble to introducing his reveal trailer. Most people thought that would be it. However, things didn't stop there, because Ono dropped two more bombshells immediately after.
    • Ono reappeared on stage wearing a certain eyepatch and cheekily asked if there was something on his face before revealing another trailer heralding the return of the King of Muay Thai himself, Sagat.
    • Two words: OUT TOMORROW. Meaning, both G and Sagat would be playable the following day. To say there was much rejoicing would be an understatement; the moment those words popped up on screen, the crowd completely overtook the in-house microphone with cheering, almost to the point of blowing it out completely.
  • The surprise announcement of a Summer 2019 character bundle. What was originally supposed to be an EVO 2019 reveal turned out to be no less endearing to fans. Why? E. Honda is back! And so is Poison! And Lucia from Final Fight 3 enters the world of Street Fighter!

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