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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: As The Mary Sue pointed out, after Hot Ryu became an internet phenomenon, Ryu's been interpreted as a supportive Manic Pixie Dream Guy sort of "Understanding Boyfriend" type of character.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • What seems to be a response in Japan to Cammy's new facial features, one of Cammy's DLC costume shows her with facial features that are more in line with her Street Fighter IV appearance. Though this has been causing some rifts as well.
    • Fans have been begging Capcom to bring Nash back since the Street Fighter Alpha series. The presentation of the character, however, has also proven contentious.
    • When the second beta was announced, the initial time frame would have given PC players only two days to play the game, at most. After a rush of backlash from PC players feeling they were being shafted, the final times were extended to give both PS4 and PC players an extra day of beta testing.
    • Capcom was infamous for on-disc DLC practices in some of their past games (including at least one fighting game). Here, even if the DLC was on the disc, you could still earn it for free through in-game currency. They even removed outright the Zenny currency, making the in-game currency the sole money type.
    • Capcom has stated that they intend to avert their infamous use of Capcom Sequel Stagnation, as any and all changes to Street Fighter V will be in Street Fighter V (i.e. there won't be any Super Street Fighter V, or something like that).
    • Many fan favorites such as Karin Kanzuki and Alex made their long-awaited returns, and the game places more emphasis on footsies and fundamentals than the high execution vortex insanity that was Street Fighter IV. The music has been well-received in SFV, with a higher selection of instruments and progressive rock elements added leaving more room for variety in the atmosphere, pacing, and energy of the soundtrack, even more so with the reveal in soundtrack page listings that Hideyuki Fukasawa was joined by several other composers in making the game's music. Masahiro Aoki in particular is being praised for his rock arrangements of several of the classic themes carrying a big-fight, bombastic atmosphere in contrast to the reintroductory vibe of Fukasawa's SFIV rearrangements.
    • Some EX attacks in this game have been updated to be more similar to the super moves featured in previous games, continuing the trend from III, IV, and SFxT. For example, Ken's Shoryureppa is now his EX Shoryuken and Ryu's Metsu Shoryuken and Denjin Hadoken have been similarly "downgraded." The reason for this was to find a compromise to complaints about Supers and Ultras in Street Fighter IV. Ultras were designed to guarantee that a very stylish, flashy, and often cinematic attack would be used often to keep the game exciting and not stale. However, Ultras were also a Comeback Mechanic that many players felt rewarded poor play and, in fact, made SFIV more "stale" because a full Ultra meant that the winning player needed to be more careful.
    • After their little mishap of releasing Alex's trailer on the same day he was made available, Capcom releasing Guile's trailer earlier has quelled some fans.
    • Ibuki's trailer not being shown until the end of the month she was supposed to come out in did not sit well with fans. Her delay until the June update did not fare much better. However, Capcom later announced that Balrog would also come with the June 2016 update and showed a trailer which also previewed a remastered version of Balrog's SFII stage, Juri, and Urien. This helped ease the pain a bit.
    • Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. The lack of an arcade mode in the initial release has been addressed by adding six different arcade modes, each one themed around the various entries in the Street Fighter series. The update is free for everyone who already has the game, and people who don't can buy it in stores and get every character from launch up to the end of Season 2 for only $39.99. Other changes include a UI overhaul and the addition of Extra Battle, a new mode where players fight against special NPC enemies, and the return of the Bonus Stage. Arcade mode even has over 100 different endings.
    • A deliberate and instant example. After the final SFV match for Capcom Cup 2017 ended, a new gameplay trailer for Sakura was shown. Of course, many were happy with her return, along with her Alpha 2 stage. However, the five remaining Season 3 characters were shown as silhouettes at the end of Sakura's trailer, which didn't go well with some. Yoshinori Ono had one more video to show the crowd, which was the cinematic opening of Arcade Edition. Along with characters already in the roster, it showcased Sakura and the other remaining Season 3 characters. This includes Blanka, Cody, Sagat, and two new characters; G and Falke. Needless to say, many agree that revealing all of Season 3's characters off the bat was the right call.
    • Some fans accused Capcom of whitewashing Sean in Street Fighter V due to Laura's Story Mode art showing him with a much lighter skin tone than he had in previous games. The new artwork for Arcade Mode in Arcade Edition subsequently depicts Sean with dark skin again, seemingly in response to the complaints.
    • The announcement of Cody in June 2018 came with numerous changes to the maligned Survival Mode, including a save feature for the higher difficulties, power-ups that don't drain your score meaning you no longer have to worry about having low health and a bad supplement for the harder fights, and the opportunity to continue at the expense of some in-game currency.
    • Massive controversy came when Loot Boxes were added; while they took only Fight Money, FM is notoriously hard to come by, especially for those who want the entire game's contents for free. That was mitigated by the announcement that reaching a score above par in Survival Mode would win you a free box, for twenty boxes a month. Not only that, the Survival Mode power-ups, unlike the supplements, do not reduce your score, and you get some for just completing the mode.
    • For those that follow voice acting, there's the fact that the Japanese SFV website reveals not only the Japanese voice actors in the character profiles, but their English voices as well. Japanese media doesn't often credit overseas voice actors this way, so it's quite a notable gesture. This allows voice acting fans to know whose voicing each character immediately instead of waiting for the updated in-game credits.
    • After a multitude of complaints towards Vega's new costume, which has him wearing a shirt for the first time in the games without an option to remove it, a Classic option was added to let players use his older, shirtless look.
    • After the lukewarm reception of Kage, the Summer Bundle of Season 4 characters brought back some familiar faces. E. Honda returned with his original bathhouse stage, finally completing the original World Warrior roster, a fact they even lampshaded in his trailer. Along with his reveal came Lucia, one of the protagonists from Final Fight 3, as well as fan favorite Poison, complete with a new look and whip. All characters came with plenty of new costumes (four for Honda, five for each girl), all in one $15 bundle (which just so happens to exclude the aforementioned Kage).
    • Champion Edition and Season 5 in general have been a massive one. Not only does the package include the vast majority of items you can buy in the Shop (barring some exceptons like the Capcom Pro Tour DLC), but the new balance changes have been incredibly well-received by the playerbase, with mostly buffs all around to characters as well as newe V-Skills and options for every single character. First impressions appear to be that this is the most open-ended, fun, and balanced version of the game yet.
    • After being relegated to non-SF crossovers for nearly two decades, Rival Schools has been given justice with the inclusion of Akira Kazama, finally making things full-circle since Sakura's own guest appearance in that series.
  • Awesome Ego:
    Bison: (after defeating Urien) "The true ruler is I, Lord Bison! Not some nobody spouting nonsense!"
    Urien: (after defeating Bison) "I never fail. Do not compare a peasant like yourself to me!"
    Gill: (after defeating Urien) "I, Emperor Gill, will accomplish the grand schemes of our organization. My destiny cannot be altered..."
    Seth: (after defeating Gill) "My name is Seth. Your name is irrelevant. Bow down before me!"

  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • As soon as Nash was revealed, three camps of opinion arose: The first believes that his new design is awful and that if Capcom wanted to bring Nash back then his old design was just fine, although this complaint has since been mitigated by the fact that Nash has an alternate costume that gives him his Alpha appearance back. The second camp believes that Nash should have been left a mysterious background character, and bringing him back ruins one of the story's hooks. The third is just happy to have Nash back in some form, and is more angry that Capcom disregarded him for so long.
    • F.A.N.G. Some consider him incredibly awesome with a unique, tricky, and fun to use poison-based moveset, others consider him too incredibly silly to be taken seriously. Some find his design interesting, others think it's too weird even by Street Fighter standards. Also, the idea that he is Sagat's replacement in Shadaloo; either you find him a worthy Dragon to Bison or think he's far too goofy to be believable as Bison's right-hand man and wonder why that role wasn't given to Vega instead. Then there's his Critical Art. Some find it cool and befitting his silly personality, others find it underwhelming.
    • Vega's return had him become a motion character instead of a charge character. note  Debates, rants, and arguments immediately erupted all over. One side believes this is a welcome change for the character, expressing that his charge-based gameplay was ill-suited to his design previously and note how well the change has worked for Nash. The other side believes this is a betrayal by Capcom, say the character isn't really Vega, and demand a return to his traditional roots since there's no reason to fix what wasn't broken.
    • R. Mika fell into this. Despite being one of the most requested Alpha characters to make a return to the series, there are a number of fans who hated the idea of seeing her again, mostly because her character design appeared to be too silly and sexualized for them. The fact that V somehow made her outfit even more Stripperiffic didn't help. Even after the game was released, while many love her play style and endearing attitude, others still grumble over the fact that R. Mika's around at all, and tend to place her at the forefront of the "increased sexualization" argument the game has. The problems with R. Mika only worsened as she ended up becoming a Tier-Induced Scrappy among the player base over time.
    • When Abigail was first revealed, his reception was mostly negative due to his unattractive designnote  and being surprisingly picked over other more popular Final Fight characters like Rolento or Mike Haggar. However, after his initially sour reveal, he's built up a solid fanbase, who find him funny and fun to play as. It helps that he's also very fun to watch at tournaments and gives Balrog a rough time. However, he became a Tier-Induced Scrappy after the Season 3 patch gave him some buffs that a lot of players didn't think he needed, quickly turning Abigail into one of the most feared characters in the game. The Season 3.5 patch undid some of the damage, though, putting Abigail back into being a divisive but still fairly popular character.
    • Falke is the most divisive character in Season 3. Some fans have criticized her for having a bland design, boring story, stiff animations and bad gameplay, while others believe that her gameplay is unique and like her relationship with Ed.
    • Kage. He certainly satisfies the fans who wanted Evil Ryu and/or Oni back, being essentially Evil Ryu under a different name with a few elements of Oni thrown in. However, a lot of fans hate Evil Ryu and Oni for being evil versions of characters already in the game, which are often seen as lazy or unnecessary additions to fighting games. There's also a lot of backlash to Kage, since he was the sole character announcement of Capcom Cup 2018, without even a hint at who the rest of the characters will be, not even through silhouettes. Compared to the previous year, which announced Sakura as well as the rest of the year's characters, just announcing Kage and nothing else is seen as a huge letdown. He became even more hated once he was actually released, as he was derided for being an utterly awful and useless character who couldn't do anything or win against anyone. Rescued from the Scrappy Heap eventually occurred in Season 5, as he received a retool and numerous buffs that most people will agree fixed all of his problems and finally allowed him to be the big, flashy rushdown machine that he was intended to be.
    • G. While he was initially beloved by the fanbase after a long string of poorly-received new characters, he has gradually become extremely polarizing in terms of where people see his viability. Depending on who you ask, he's either gimmicky trash who falls apart against anyone who knows what they're doing, or he is the new Cammy with an abusive design and gameplay style that is, simply put, broken and the embodiment of everything that has historically been wrong with the game.
  • Best Level Ever:
    • Before the May 2016 update, "Hillside Plaza" (Laura's Stage) was the most popular. It's bright, colorful, has some eye candy in the background, and kind of looks like a realistic Brazilian favela (shanty) town. Except with the famous statue of Jesus replaced.
    • After the May 2016 update, "Air Force Base" (Guile's Stage) has taken over as the most selected and acclaimed stage by far. To start with, it's a Nostalgia Level reconstructed point-for-point from the original Air Force stage in Street Fighter II, and second, Guile's music plays throughout the background, making it a character theme that doubles as a stage theme in this game. Yes, that's right; Guile's theme actually goes with EVERYTHING in this game.
    • EVO 2016 saw the reveal and release of the "Ring of Destiny" stage. While it is controversially expensive, it's hard not to admit that it's extremely cool. A simple wrestling ring with the Capcom and Capcom Pro Tour logos on it in the middle of a gigantic stadium is just the start. It's filled to the brim with spectacle, like the fireworks that go off when the fight begins, the huge statues in the background towering over everyone, the spotlights waving around everywhere, and thousands of people watching and cheering. What's also cool is that the characters crowded around closest to the ring are background characters from the levels that launched with the game, dancing around excitedly. The stage has a lot of energy to it, and the music is the main menu theme, remixed to give the fight a sense of underlying intensity, making it really feel like the climactic finale of a huge tournament. To add to that, during EVO 2016, the arena's background graphics was changed to reflect that tournament (as it will for presumably every upcoming major event), and every fight of Top 8 was mandated to play on that stage (though a segment of fans felt that some of the stage's novelty wore off because it served as the backdrop for the entirety of Top 8 as opposed to being unveiled only for Grand Finals).
    • The "High Roller Casino" (Balrog's Stage) bears mention for being a snazzy update of Balrog's original Las Vegas stage from SFII, complete with a retro club mix of his CPS-2 theme that is widely seen as superior to Rog's actual character theme. Several fans wonder why this stage wasn't used more often during EVO 2016 (Top 8 in particular due to the above mandate for the Ring of Destiny), considering that the tournament was held at the Mandalay Bay resort in Vegas.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • Necalli contributes nothing to the story. The majority of the other characters have taken on the task to defeat Shadaloo for various reasons or are actually a member of said organization. What about Necalli? As stated by Dhalsim, he is an ancient being who'll appear when many warriors are needed, because the world is in a great crisis. Necalli's ultimate goal, to absorb the souls of Ryu, Dhalsim and Bison, fails miserably. Once he realizes he can't defeat Ryu later on, he makes his exit from the remainder of the story. Even his initial appearance against Nash is never explained.
    • Kage contributes nothing in the overall story. His entire story mode plays out like something of a Fever Dream Episode where he appears while Ryu is meditating and fights both Sagat and Akuma in what may not even be real fights that happened. And ultimately he's defeated by Ryu simply choosing to not care about him anymore, thus mastering the Power of Nothingness. Though it could be argued that this was necessary to show Ryu finally conquering the Satsui no Hado, it is still very strange to introduce a character only to immediately get rid of them in their own story mode.

  • Bragging Rights Option:
    • Karin Kanzuki has one of the few "Just Frame" attacks (moves that have to be executed perfectly, down to the exact frame) in SFV. She also has a huge amount of combos, all of which are situational and require mastery of spacing and hit-confirming. While she's always been considered good, she largely avoided becoming Tier-Induced Scrappy like Chun-Li or Nash. So she's a solid character that requires good dexterity, good timing, good spacing, and good combos to use, meaning being good with her is rather rare. Her Noblewoman's Laugh during her super also became an instant meme, with crowds copying it whenever they see it pulled off.
    • Abigail is designed with most of his moves showing how much he toys with his opponents while dealing some of the greatest damage in the entire game. His abilities are designed to punish players hard for bad reads. Stand and block for too long? Abigail hits you with an Unblockable Attack or a command grab. Toss a fireball at a bad time? Abigail hits you with an Attack Reflector. Try to zone him out? Abigail runs at you with SuperArmor and can put you in one of the above mix-ups. And if you get hit by any of that stuff? Say goodbye to at least half of your health and witness one of the most hilarious Super Moves ever created. As discussed by Sugar Punch Design Works, he was designed to out-Goliath all other Goliaths.
    • Menat became an Instant Web Hit the moment she was announced, with fans digging her unique Sexy Walk animation and her design. However, she is one of the most difficult characters to use in the game due to her Orb and V-Trigger, which requires the player to control 6 different orbs. These orbs can be activated almost any time during V-Trigger, while her Orb can be thrown and recalled. All of these things meaning that Menat can do an almost endless variety of combos depending on her player's imagination and execution. One of the most lauded things about her gameplay from spectators is that no two Menat players play alike. She became one of the rarest characters to see online, but one that fans and viewers clamored to watch when a player knows how to use her. That is...until she become overused in the tournament scene, and fans became so oversaturated with seeing Menat play that she lost her lustre. Her design was still highly praised, but she wasn't quite the crowd-drawing spectacle she once was.
    • G was originally considered one of the most interesting and unique characters in the game, especially given his allusions to darkhorse character Q from Third Strike. He is also exceptionally combo heavy, rewarding skilled players with multiple ways of juggling and mixing-up opponents. However, similar to Menat, he became so overused that fans quickly turned against him and became sick of seeing G and his endless combos stealing yet another game from a more "skilled" opponent.
    • It took a while, but Kage eventually gained this status after receiving major buffs a year after his debut. Evil Ryu, his original (non-canonical) incarnation, is one of the most popular characters in the series, and Kage finally creates a permanent version in the canon for players to enjoy. He is similar, yet distinct, enough from Ryu and Akuma to feel like his own style of character—a far more extreme version of Ryu's brutality combined with Akuma's versatile and flashy combo potential and Raging Demon super attack. Season 5 Kage became even more popular, joinng the other shotos as the fifth most popular character in online play (only barely edged out from 4th place by newcomer Gill).
  • Broken Base:
    • A debate has arisen regarding whether or not the game engine caters to, or against, Reversals. Reversals retain their ease of input from Street Fighter IV—a point of contention for many older players who are used to reversals being extremely difficult to time and thus rewarding pressure and offense. The easier inputs practically guarantee that any player can stop offensive pressure with a reversal attack such as a Shoryuken at any time. However, unlike in IV, a Reversal cannot be cancelled, meaning that if the pressuring opponent blocks it, they're guaranteed a high-damage punish. To some players, this makes for a satisfying high-risk/high-reward guessing game whereas a defending player can turn the tide instantly with a Death-or-Glory Attack. To others, this ruins the point of rushdown and frame traps, since a player that scores a knockdown or frame advantage has basically put themselves in a mix-up where they can be counter-hit for massive damage. And then there's the problem of wakeup 3-frame jabs, which break the "high-risk/high-reward" justification by being very little risk but, if hit-confirmed, can lead into massive reward for characters like Chun-Li. In summation, depending on whom you ask, Reversals are either too easy, too risky, both, or neither.
    • When Cammy was first revealed, some Japanese fans reacted negatively to her design, which had more realistic facial features than in prior games and was modeled after European features. After some harsh and vocal complaints,note  the design was altered to be more Animesque, which was well-received in Japan but less so elsewhere in the world, where her initial appearance had been well-received.
    • Sexualization and censorship:
      • A number of fans have expressed concern over the increased sexualization of the already fairly fanservicey females, comparing it to the more shamelessly blatant Dead or Alive series. note  Others don't mind it at all. This issue has come to a head with the introduction of Laura. Adding fuel to the fire is the beta build changes that tweak certain camera angles for Cammy and R. Mika. note  Some think the changes are perfectly reasonable, while others decry it as unnecessary censorship. Those in the middle don't really care about the issue. As an addendum to the above issue, there's also the matter of "Hot Ryu" and the media/marketing focus on his mind-boggling sexiness, which can open up another can of worms depending on who you talk to.
      • This censorship controversy was put into the spotlight again with Laura and Chun-Li's alternate costumes. Laura's outfits are so Stripperiffic that it makes R. Mika's butt-slap look positively tame by comparison, while Chun-Li once again dons the black dress without the pantyhose from IV. It caused a lot of fans to question why the hell R. Mika's butt-slap, which happens for a fraction of a second, was considered too lewd, while Laura's outfits, which looks lewd from every angle, and Chun-Li's dress, in which her Kick Chick arsenal can't avoid producing Panty Shots, were both left untouched.
      • In her early non-playable Story Mode appearances, Juri had a healthy dose of Absolute Cleavage. This was fixed when she became playable by having her wear a skin-tight body suit which covered her cleavage up. There are actually a good deal of players who think Juri looks better with the undersuit due to her Biker Babe-inspired design.

  • Captain Obvious Reveal:
    • By the way his teaser was presented, you wouldn't be alone in thinking that Capcom had forgotten that they had already revealed that Nash was still alive.note 
    • Helen secretly being Kolin. It's painfully obvious by her appearance, association with the Illuminati, and mysterious personality. In fact, many fans thought she was Kolin before Capcom officially confirmed it.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Once again, Ken is the most used and popular character by far.
  • Complete Monster: Nguuhao cartel assassin F.A.N.G. is a literally poisonous man who worships M. Bison so much that he concocted Operation C.H.A.I.N.S. to empower Bison and his Psycho Power through widespread fear and chaos, knowing very well the world would become a Hell on Earth. Doing everything in his power to ensure the operation succeeds, F.A.N.G. intercepts a treasonous programmer and melts her down to a puddle before sampling the remains. Not even young teenagers like Laura's brother Sean or actual children like Li-Fen are spared from his petty wrath, and the eccentric but sadistic F.A.N.G. takes special pleasure informing Rashid of the fate he inflicted to his friend.
  • Contested Sequel: Subverted. This is how the game was thought of during its first two years. As of Arcade Edition, it became more of a Broken Base kind of situation between this and Ultra Street Fighter IV.
  • Critical Dissonance: Applies to the vanilla version. Arcade and Champion editions were received significantly warmer.
  • Crossover Ship: Not so much an actual ship per se, but R. Mika and Pikachu Libre, a female Pikachu that wears a luchador costume and has a bit of a heart motif like Mika, from Pokkén Tournament have been paired frequently among fans of both series, to the point where "R. Pika" became a Fan Nickname for the wrestling electric mouse. There are even jokes that Libre was trained by R. Mika herself. note 

  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Even though she was shown in leaked images before the official reveal trailer, Laura earned a strong fanbase. Since that day, she's had more fan art than the other newcomers. When it was revealed that she's the elder sister of Street Fighter III veteran Sean, her popularity exploded. Being a Ms. Fanservice with an interesting design and a cool personality does help.
    • Rashid was praised for having a very cool fighting style that's pretty unique by Shotoclone standards. He also steals the show with a touching plotline and strong character development in the Cinematic Story Mode. Similarly, his butler, Azam, has received some surprising popularity among fans for his cool design, with many hoping he'll be made playable in future DLC.
    • Necalli has seen more play than the other newcomers combined, with many veteran players enjoying his hard-hitting and honest style. He's also enjoyed popularity with fans of Akuma, who was not in the game at launch, as he shares many character traits with him.
    • Fans developed a love for Peter, the random police officer who tries to fight Cammy. It helps that he's named after and voiced in English by Peter "Combofiend" Rosas.
    • Menat, the fortune teller who briefly appears in Ed's Story Mode, had already garnered a small following for her design and possible connections to previous Street Fighter character Rose, so when she was announced as the fifth DLC fighter for Season 2, her popularity skyrocketed as she captivated many with her gorgeous visuals and unique fighting style. Also helping matters was that she came after Abigail, whose initial announcement as mentioned above was mostly negative, so fans were easily more willing to warm up to her.
    • Zeku, Guy's former master, was certainly an Unexpected Character when he was announced, but after his gameplay trailer came out, he amassed a following due to having extreme similarities to Strider Hiryu, down to having same move names and animations. His Story Mode also helped him gain more fans, as it's revealed that he is the first Strider, turning into Canon Welding with the Strider games.
    • "Blanka-chan", Blanka's Story costume which turns him into an anthropomorphized version of the dolls he tries selling, became a huge fan-favorite overnight due to how goofy and/or cute it looks, and being used as a form of trolling/Cherry Tapping in online matches.
    • G's Large Ham personality, oddball design and possible connection to fellow fan-favorite Q contributed to making him a massive hit during his EVO 2018 reveal, some even believing that his reveal actually managed to steal the spotlight from the long awaited return of Sagat.
  • Evil Is Sexy: This is how some fans see Seth's redesign, taking a character that many fans were lukewarm to at best and giving him a new following.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • Seems to be developing one with that of Mortal Kombat X and Killer Instinct due to both games getting new content within a month of the Street Fighter V launch and growing tournament scenes. This has developed to the point one can easily find comments on videos between the three franchises with Street Fighter fans dissing KI and MKX for being inferior to them, much to the latter franchises' intense chagrin.
    • As expected, the Capcom-SNK rivalry continues to this day, but The King of Fighters XIV may very well rekindle the old flames of The '90s, being another Sony-exclusive fighter that seems to take the "substance over style" route in direct opposition to SFV, boasting a far larger roster and more gameplay features right out the box at the expense of sheer graphical power.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Ed's storyline and fighting style combines both M. Bisons, the boxer (international Balrog, Japanese Mike Bison) and the dictator (international M. Bison, Japanese Lord Vega)
  • Fountain of Memes: Since his playable debut, G has become the source of many memorable quotes and memes in both languages.
    • In English, he has a charismatic, suave tone that is maintained even when he's beating his opponents up, to the point where everything he says almost sounds like he's giving a speech. This culminates in memorable one-liners such as "This is true power!", "It's Super Tuesday!", and his infamous Critical Art quote, "Light it up."
    • In Japanese, his hammy Gratuitous English is the basis for many hilarious mishearings, the most notable ones involving the word "Earth", which, in Japanese, sounds like the word "arse". Thus, quotes such as "Power to the ARSE!" and "One ARSE!" have slowly been gaining traction.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • Though it didn't affect gameplay (and whether or not it was considered good or bad depended on personal preferences), a very unusual bug occurred during the beta and other early builds of the game that somehow caused the Jiggle Physics on the character selection screen to go nuts and get cranked Up to Eleven with any character selected for Player 2's side of the screen:
    • Of course, this was most noticeable with most of the female characters. Just compare Player 1 and Player 2.note  Some fans liked this for obvious reasons, while others didn't because those jiggle physics were like something out of Dead or Alive and not Street Fighter.
    • The bug also affected hair (seen on Karin and Necalli), accessories (seen on Birdie's chain and Vega's necklace) and clothing (seen with Rashid's keffiyeh and Ryu's headband). And despite the hopes of some gamers, the Player 2 side is in fact the only side that was bugged. The March update fixed the Character Selection Screen bug for the most part; all of the women lost their absurd Gainaxing (essentially not bouncing even the slightest bit upon being selected after the update), and most of the other affected objects (hair, accessories, etc.) animate more fluidly/less frantically on the Player 2 side of the selection screen.
  • Growing the Beard: Although the game was released in a rough state, the Arcade Editionnote  has made sure that this game is worth spending time with.

  • Harsher in Hindsight: F.A.N.G's winquote against Rashid becomes this when the Cinematic Story Mode reveals that he murdered Rashid's friend and ate her poisoned remains:
    F.A.N.G: "Want to know where your friend is? Try asking around in hell!"
  • He Really Can Act:
    • Sakura's English voice actress Brittney Lee Harvey has improved considerably since the days of SFIV. For example, compare the way Sakura sounds in her Story Mode campaign to how she sounded back in Karin's campaign.
    • Those unfamiliar with Taliesin Jaffe's other works have praised his performance as Blanka in this game compared to IV and Street Fighter X Tekken.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: On the day that Sakura was released with Arcade Edition, the results of the first official Street Fighter Character Popularity Poll was released. Guess who came in 1st place?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Jose Llera is regarded as a top-notch Ken player and one of the designers of the general blueprint that most Ken mains followed in the days of IV. Llera is better known by the handle of "BananaKen." Come V, many of the jokes at Ken's expense call to attention his hairstyle's peculiar resemblance to, well, bananas.
    • In the UDON comics, there was a moment in a match between R. Mika and Zangief where the latter accidentally touches the former's ass, resulting in her becoming flustered and turning the match around. In her reveal trailer for this game, R. Mika doesn't even seem to mind, going as far as to smack her own ass before doing her Peach Assault Critical Art.
    • In Summer 2015, Evil Geniuses player Kenneth "K-Brad" Bradley once made an entrance to the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament at CEO which parodied "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's entrance, Stone Cold Stunner, and beer-drinking celebration antics. Cue R. Mika's reveal trailer in SFV, where it's revealed that the Stone Cold Stunner is her V-Reversal, complete with the gut kick.
    • Despite the announcement of several returning veterans, Akuma was notably absent at launch. Where did he go off to (barring DLC)? Tekken 7. Looks like Tekken X Street Fighter is happening after all.
    • Notorious Trolling Creator Yoshinori Ono attempted to troll the fans by teasing that his favorite character Blanka would be appearing heading into the Brazil Game Show character reveal. Those plans were utterly disrupted when pictures of the game's actual electric Brazilian character, buxom diva Laura, were leaked. Then, days before the show, came the leak of the actual video trailer. So he didn't even get that. The only part of the bait-and-switch that Ono got to keep a surprise for showtime was the life-sized Laura statue at the event. Judging by Ono's reaction to this, he was particularly upset. Almost as if he himself had been successfully trolled.
    • Community Effort Orlando is a major fighting game tournament in Orlando themed around wrestling in which every match on their main streaming channel is inside a four-corner ring. In 2016, Capcom rolls out the Ring of Destiny, a stage in SFV stylized like a four-corner ring.
    • The Image Song "Survivor" becomes this when you realize Man With a Mission did the first opening for the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans — which was replaced as the anime's opening with another band's song called "Survivor" just a month before both the game and the new MWAM album both songs are on came out.
    • In Himouto! Umaru-chan, the title character frequents a "Gapcom" arcade, one of whose employees is a Lawyer-Friendly Cameo version of Ryu. Sakura's official story in Arcade Edition is that she now works part-time at a Capcom arcade. Clearly, she's copying her sensei in every way possible.
    • Cody, who's known to have blonde hair, was shown in the Arcade Edition roster reveal trailer/CGI intro to be wearing a suit. Five days later, another famous American Cody in Japanese media, one who's known to wear suits, turned up at a wrestling event rocking bleached-blonde hair. Bonus points: both reveals were made in America.
    • And then in May 2018, Cody's full character trailer comes out, featuring a live action scene in which he is portrayed by pro wrestling's most famous Street Fighter fan, Kenny Omega. Not too unusual... except he's currently the other Cody's rival for leadership of the Bullet Club — whose shirt was featured as an alternate outfit for every playable character in Tekken 7.
    • In Street Fighter IV, Cody remarks to Seth that he should cut back on the "weirdness" the next time they fight. Both are present in the next installment, and Seth's "weirdness" is now dialed Up to Eleven.
    • In the Street Fighter movie, Charlie ended up experimented on and turned into Blanka which most fans found silly. In V though, while he doesn't turn into Blanka, he's still captured by enemy forces and experimented on, turning into a Frankenstein monster of sorts.
  • It's Easy, So It Sucks!:
    • A number of fans of IV are upset that Capcom made this to be more accessible for new players, complaining about the game being catered towards "Scrubs" and thus not as deep or fun as earlier installments. This, ironically enough, is in spite of the fact that IV, despite its difficulty in high-level play, was also designed to be a jumping-on point for newcomers as opposed to the mechanically deep Alpha 3 or 3rd Strike, earning it the same complaints from the SF fanbase that were established prior to IV. Everything's come full circle.
    • Some players are rather miffed with the game's approach with the fundamentals, stating the lack of certain features like unblockables. Conversely, a high-level complaint about the game is that it encourages too much rushdown play without enough poking or foot games to emphasize the need for strong defense.

  • Les Yay: The ending of Cammy's Story Mode gives off some major Cammy/Juni vibes. Juni hugs Cammy from behind and tells her that being around her is the reason she's able to enjoy life, and Cammy responds by resting her hand on top of Juni's, tenderly thanking her, and promising to return once she's finished with her mission.
  • Memetic Loser:
    • In correlation with the meme regarding Ken under Memetic Mutation, many jokes have been made about how Street Fighter V is intent on ruining his life.
    • Juri has been pretty much mocked by the fandom due to her unnecessary rework that caused her to plummet down to low tier, rather dull music that sounds something like a rave party than her vicious Street Fighter IV theme, and other instances that turned her into this.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • There have been many jokes about Necalli's V-Trigger being him going Super Saiyan. It helps, or doesn't help, that newcomer Rashid is wearing what distinctly appears to be a scouter. Also, some of Necalli's alternate colors give him golden hair. Similarly, several people consider Necalli to be one of the Pillar Men, with specific comparisons made with Kars.
    • "Hot Ryu." The reveal of Ryu's GameStop pre-order costume raised the attention of all sorts of gamers, stupid sexy Hot Ryu. Storm Collectibles' action figure even uses the name "Hot Ryu" officially, making it a bit of Ascended Fanon.
    • This summarizes Rashid's theme song in one word: RASHIDOOOO! Explanation  It is well on its way to becoming the new "Guile Theme Goes With Everything" or RULES OF NATURE!
    • Due to the game being unpolished at launch, there are jokes about the game being a new Street Fighter Alpha. Or alternately, Street Fighter Beta.
    • Ken's rather controversial redesign has been frequently written off as Ken going through a mid-life crisis. The reason for this is due to this game taking place before III, where Ken sports his usual "red gi, short haircut" look.
    • Crossing over with real life, the size of Chun-Li's legendary thunder thighs in this game were remarked as "unrealistic" by some circles, as was the case with IV. Then, a fitness competitor by the name of Natascha Encinosa posted a picture of herself in a black dress, making her the spitting image of Chun-Li in her alternate costume. There has been much buzz about this "real life Chun-Li," particularly on Encinosa's Twitter and Instagram accounts; so much so that she briefly used the dress image as her profile picture on both accounts. She also briefly changed the title name of her Twitter account to "Chun Li."
    • Karin's Noblewoman's Laugh (see here) is this among tournament Karin players, with crowds often echoing it in the background at the conclusion of her Critical Art especially if it finishes off the round. (Like so.) Even Karin cosplayers have got in on it.
    • "It's unreactable!" became a meme in regards to Birdie's EX Bull Revenger command throw. Explanation 
    • "Devour Hour!" Explanation 
    • "Please Understand" is a borrowed one, due to the issues with the server, the slow implementation of DLC characters (if a character is announced for a particular month, expect it to take until the very end of that month) and the Zenny system.
    • 8. note 
    • Akuma Matata! note 
    • When talking about Ed, expect people to make references to Ed, Edd n Eddy and/or Eminem.
    • Y'all, we really need to talk about Menat.
    • "Is this a Strider reference?" came in full force after Zeku's gameplay trailer came out.
    • Power to the ass! note 
    • Need a cup of CAWFEE? note 
    • Seth said "Trans rights!" note 
    • "Street Fighter V is balanced" note 
  • Mis-blamed: To an extent. The game not keeping to its promises regarding on-time content updates appears to be the result of miscommunication; the monthly schedule for DLC releases made available to the public by Capcom USA was never set by Capcom Japan, which has criticized its sister branch for the controversy regarding Ibuki's "delay" (Ibuki's release alongside the Story Mode update was meant to simply be an announcement in Capcom Japan's eyes).
  • Moral Event Horizon: F.A.N.G. spends the entire Cinematic Story Mode gleefully hopping and skipping across this. His first on-screen act is to dissolve a scientist alive, toying with her beforehand to revel in her terror. He licks the remains afterward. Then, he threatens to murder Sean in such a manner, stopping only for the intervention of Ken and co. Not satisfied with these heinous acts, F.A.N.G. later on gloats to Rashid's face about murdering his friend, provoking the normally friendly Rashid to declare that he will kill F.A.N.G. He's still not done, however, attempting to MURDER A CHILD, stopped once again by Chun-Li.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • The announcer saying "Congratulations!" and victorious music when you complete a Survival run. It comes as a relief, especially after the harder ones.
    • The "PING" noise when you successfully parry an attack from your opponent, especially if that attack happens to be a Critical Art.
    • For many, Karin's Noblewoman's Laugh.

  • Narm:
    • Some find Necalli's odd way of repeating syllables to be more cheesy than unnerving, feeling it undermines his otherwise menacing presentation.
    • Laura wearing her Bonita alternate outfit around her brother strikes some as nothing to write home about, if not unintentionally hilarious, particularly because she also spends her entire Story Mode fighting in it and absolutely no one bats an eye at her about it.
    • While most of the artwork for the Story Mode scenes are well-drawn, characters are occasionally drawn with oddly-proportioned/structured faces and physiques that can come across as more comical and/or jarring than intended.
    • The SFV development team spent a great amount of time making Necalli look like the next huge threat of Street Fighter, comparable to the likes of M. Bison, Akuma, and Gill. His Story Mode tells the prophecy of him consuming the souls of Ryu, Dhalsim, and Bison. This grand build-up lead to an embarrassing showing on Necalli's part in the main story, "A Shadow Falls," where he doesn't even have any bearing in the plot! He doesn't get to consume any of the three souls on his list and is little more than a side story nuisance.
    • Kage's horns, which are supposed to be reminiscent of oni, can instead end up looking a lot like cat-ears.
      • Speaking of Kage, once you turn your head and squint, his moves seem unusually similar to Dan of all people, from the leading arm Shoryuken, one-handed short ranged Hadouken, to the normals and even his Shun Goku Satsu can be compared to Dan's ultra combo (to be fair said move was intentionally made to look like a half-assed Shun Goku Stasu as a joke).
    • Seth's match intro sees his new body introduce itself as "Doll Unit Zero," only for Seth himself to butt in awkwardly laughing and asserting himself as Seth. The tone in which he says this makes it sound like he is massively insecure. Which, of course, he is.
      • There is also his round outro on 20% health, in which Seth suffers a literal mental breakdown and demands his writhing and beaten opponent to not call him "defective." The fact his voice cracks during his outburst makes it sound like he's almost on the verge of crying. So much for the badass character from Street Fighter IV.
  • Narm Charm:
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    Vega: Your integrity is a fresh flavor for me to relish!
    • Necalli employs a graceless, savage fighting style that can leave players wincing at its brutality, and is just an all around ominous guy with a seriously dark and intimidating aura around him. Not to mention how mysterious he is. And then there's his Story prologue, which all but confirms that he isn't human. What's worse is that Word of God states he was originally supposed to eat his defeated opponents. This was decidedly too mature, and was toned down. With him only eating their souls instead.
    • In the Cinematic Story Mode, F.A.N.G's first appearance has him using his poison to dissolve a scientist alive. The fact that he scoops up some of the scientist's remains and licks it doesn't help. Add to the fact that we find out said researcher was Rashid's friend that he spent the entire story trying to save. It was already hard to watch the scene before, watching the scene again with that knowledge is horrifying. Especially when you consider that Rashid could've arrived in time if he hadn't stopped to pull a rescue that he didn't need to (not that he or the player knew at the time).
  • Older Than They Think:
    • Capcom toyed with the idea of having a character use poison attacks in 3rd Strike, but the idea fell through, and Remy ended up being added instead. This idea was picked up again for V, and F.A.N.G was introduced as Street Fighter's first poison user.
    • Guile's Faultless Move, which allows him to hold a charge while crouch walking forward, is heralded by many players as a bold new development (and it is admittedly a big deal for Guile), but Kim Kaphwan's had the ability since his debut in Fatal Fury 2, roughly 23 years earlier.
    • The reveal that Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu is actually a flurry of hits obscured in complete darkness, which lights up with each hit, is a concept that has existed before. In Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, despite the silly animations, the move has a striking resemblence to how it looks in this game.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Birdie's reintroduction to the series was pretty unexpected, considering that in the official Capcom popularity poll, he came extremely low on the list, being only six spots away from being dead last. Though this might not be out of hatred for the character, but rather him leaving no impression on people back in the Alpha series. Birdie coming back in V with a new look and playstyle significantly increased interest in the character.
    • F.A.N.G to an extent. While he's more a Base Breaker than a pure Scrappy, his reveal trailer didn't make good first impressions on fans, many feeling he is far too silly to be taken seriously. In the game proper, however, his comical quirks are toned down and shown mostly through his gameplay note  while his Story Mode and others play up his more competent traits such as his assassin skills, scientific expertise, determination and bravery, and his loyalty to Bison, thus making his role as Bison's right-hand man far more believable. That said, he still has his share of detractors.
    • The same can also be said for Abigail. While still the most controversial of the Season 2 fighters, he's viewed more positively than he was when he was first revealed, being a Base-Breaking Character at worst, and has since built a small but solid following who find him entertaining and his fighting style fun to use. Having Xander Mobus as his voice actor also helped to win some over.
    • Amazingly, Seth receives this. Back in IV, he was despised for having a bland design, a moveset that was literally copied from other characters and being an obscenely cheap Final Boss. His return addresses these issues by giving him a new design that's much more distinctive, a bigger emphasis on his unique attacks, and allowing him to copy one of his opponent's attacks during battle, making his copying feel more like a special ability than a shortcut. In terms of characterization, his fracturing Inferiority Superiority Complex being put in the forefront also made him much more unnerving, entertaining, and overall more interesting a villain for many.
    • When Kage was released, he was universally decried as the worst character in the game due to his complete inability to do what he was designed to do (let alone anything); while ostensibly an ultra-aggressive rushdown character with big, flashy combos, he had no way to safely start those combos or apply any sort of pressure, and with zero defensive options, he had nothing to fall back on. Season 5 brought a retool and a slew of buffs, and Kage was finally able to be the rushdown king that he was supposed to be, while his generally highly balanced state was viewed as a breath of fresh air in a game notorious for toxic and obnoxious high and top-tiers.

  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Having to play Survival Mode to unlock alternate colors. Easy doesn't take too long, but Normal and Hard can be a slog to get through, with the enemy A.I. only becoming challenging at the last few levels, after you've been fighting braindead opponents for ten or twenty minutes straight. Before the June update, you couldn't choose to continue if you die, or if you're online and it loses connection to the server and suddenly boots you to the main menu. Now you can continue... at the expense of hard-to-acquire Fight Money. Even worse, this doesn't just need to be done per character and difficulty level, but per costume. A later update would automatically unlock all colors for DLC costumes and characters, and you can purchase an all colors unlock in the shop with Fight Money, but if you plan on doing it through survival prepare for a long grind.
    • The 8-frame input delay. Doubly so after it was discovered to be intentional...after it was stated to not be intentional by Capcom USA.
    • Your choice of supplements in Survival being randomized. Surviving a stage with a sliver of health remaining and your healing option being "Health Recovery: Low" is quite spirit-breaking. Mitigated slightly with the Cody update, which now has separate items that can be used any time.
    • Unlike the Anti-Rage Quitting mechanics for Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct, or even Marvel vs. Capcom 3, there originally were no penalties whatsoever for a Rage Quit in SFV. Since win streaks earn actual in-game currency, the game played host to a ridiculous number of rage quits and lag switches until a penalty system was finally implemented with the patch that introduced Guile. More details here.
    • Event Battles, introduced in Arcade Edition, have a few issues. First is that you have to pay Fight Money each time you want to do one. If you lose, you get nothing and have to pay to try again. This can get problematic, especially since AE eliminated Fight Money rewards from single-player modes and cut FM earned from missions by half. Secondly, the events that award FM and experience limit the number of times you can play them. Even if you lose, that counts as a play. The events are usually set up such that even if you win only one of your plays you come out ahead, but it still feels very limiting.
    • Fighting Chance, introduced in June 2018, is SFV's loot box system, and comes with all of the annoyances. You can spend a lot of Fight Money in pursuit of special costumes only available through the system and come away with just battle items.
    • The June 2018 update attempts to alleviate the pain of playing through Survival with Battle Items. The items themselves are not a problem, but the way you get them is — you get several for completing a Survival run and can earn them through Fighting Chance draws. This means that prepping for a big Survival run can involve playing easier runs a few times to build up items, which is still a grind.
  • Shipping: After Laura's win quote against Zeku made it clear that she thinks he's sexy in his old age, and Zeku's win quote against Laura has him calling her a "spicy flower" and a "dangerous temptress", the two of them became a very popular ship.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The character Story Modes don't offer much and really only serve to build up to the theatrical Story Mode.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • The Jiggle Physics on the characters tend to be a little awkward. Necalli's braids frequently clip through his body and spaz the heck out. F.A.N.G's qipao also has problems, with his long sleeves clipping into the ground and spazzing out in one of his moves. The long side of Laura's hair starts spinning in place in some of her win poses.
    • The "A Shadow Falls" story cutscenes suffer heavily from this. It's hard to take things seriously when every other scene has something with the jiggle physics going bonkers, or things like Rashid's pointy hook-beard clipping into his chest whenever he looks down.


  • Tainted by the Preview:
    • Fans were excited for the online beta that was offered as an incentive for pre-ordering the game. When it finally came time for the first beta, it was riddled with connection issues, and had to be shut down early and postponed. This also led to something of a Broken Base, split between those who understood that this was a beta test and that there would be issues, and those who were angry at Capcom that they didn't get to play the game, as promised.
    • After winning the first ever SFV Capcom Pro Tour premiere tournament at Final Round near the end of March, Korean player Infiltration was handed the mic and asked a question that had been on fans' minds heading into the event; if we could see a trailer for Alex. Capcom told everyone to sit down... and played Rashid's theme. Then after recapping the event, the Capcom Fighters stream went out playing "Jazzy NYC '99," the 3rd Strike version of Alex's theme, and cut out fifteen seconds later before coming back on for the replay—which started with Rashid's theme. This is after the game's rocky launch and a lack of information making it seem possible the patch scheduled for March, which would contain Alex and a lot of the features people have been asking for, could be delayed. May also be a case of Mis-blamed; the person trolling the stream was Honzo Gonzo, who does not work for Capcom.
    • A lot of fans were excited about the first DLC character Alex, who was set to appear in March 2016. As the month progressed, fans weren't happy that the first batch of DLC was released at the end of March.
    • The update containing Ibuki was originally scheduled for release in May 2016. Instead, however, it delayed until the end of June, which was announced only two days before the end of May, after the reveal trailer for Ibuki came out. This is simply further twisting the knife for fans who were fed up with how poorly Capcom had handled the game's launch, post-release updates, and communication on the the game and its development.
    • Capcom's December 2018 announcement that Season 4 will not have a pass (meaning players will have to buy characters and costumes one by one) did not sit well with some players and gave competitive players more fuel on blaming casuals for causing Capcom to fully backpedal on its original DLC program for the game, an aggravator after the whole Season 3 fighter balance and Fight Money debacle. Thankfully near the end of Season 4, you can buy the upgrade and get all of Season 4's characters should you wait.
  • Tear Jerker: And from a character you'd absolutely never expect to have one; Balrog, and his relationship with Ed. Over the course of the game, it becomes clear that while Balrog is still a jerkass, he does have something of a friendship with Ed, Balrog being the one who basically raised him. When Ed decides to part ways with Balrog in order to find himself, find others like him, and calm his concerns that his growing Psycho Power will hurt Balrog, he tries to prove to Ed that he isn't a danger to him by fighting him. After Ed wins the fight, Balrog tells him to beat it, and he sounds surprisingly kind of choked up about it. He's basically losing the closest thing he's had to a friend throughout the entire series.
    • Poor, poor Seth. His story finally shows the true depths of his insanity, and it's not pretty. All of his insecurities have bubbled to the surface and the resultant emotional overflow has left him chasing the ghost of his "father" Bison. With nothing left but his hate for the man who created him, he desperately seeks out Bison only to find Ed and Falke, who contain his Psycho Power. Unfortunately, by the end, Seth is left tragically divorced from reality, a prisoner in both his mind and body, frantically flailing about and trying to kill a hallucination of Bison.
  • That One Attack:
    • R. Mika has several:
      • Her V-Trigger, which allows her to summon her tag team partner, Nadeshiko, and force an opponent to guess and block. Guess wrong and it's a guaranteed combo. Guess right and she still gets a mix-up afterward. The fact that Nadeshiko comes from off-screen and can be difficult to see coming (especially if the camera is moving or at an odd angle) only makes it worse.
      • Second is her Passion Rope Throw, a hit-throw which she gets from a relatively easy normal. The throw tosses the opponent to the right or left, usually into the corner for a wall-bounce and followup. Like most of her attacks, this leads into a guaranteed mix-up, whereupon she may be able to toss you right back into the corner and start the process all over again.
    • Nash has his Critical Art, which has gained similar ire to Abel's second Ultra Combo from Street Fighter IV: it's fast and can be used to punish from a huge distance away. What makes it even stronger than Abel's, however, is that Nash can combo into his, even from something relatively minor like a successful jump-in or a heavy attack.
    • Menat's Critical Art is even worse than Nash's. It doesn't go far as his but it's even faster to the point where it's even effective as a reversal. And just like Nash, Menat can combo into this.
    • Birdie's Bull Revenger is notorious for how much distance it covers and how much damage it does. Even worse is that the move is relatively slow, so getting hit by it is usually your own fault. However, you also can't be so scared of it as to try and anticipate it the whole match, because then Birdie can just have his way with you. The upside is that if you do manage to react in time and jump before he reaches you, you can land a big punish.
  • That One Level:
    • The Kanzuki Beach stage. It's great fun most of the time, and might even be a Best Level Ever for some, since it is a beautiful stage featuring bikini-clad cameos from Rival Schools characters Tiffany and Hinata, and Street Fighter III Judgement Girls Julia, Rifa, Toli and Anna. However, the stage has one fatal flaw: The waves of the ocean that come from the right side of the screen. The water level is quite low, but it's high enough to provide an unfair advantage for Birdie players. Birdie's V-Skill has him able to eat a banana and throw the peel to the floor, or chug a can of soda and roll the can across the ground. The water and the waves are able to mostly or completely hide these traps, making it harder for the opponent to avoid them. As a result, the stage was immediately banned at EVO 2016.
    • The Skies of Honor stage. Both fighters are on top of an airplane duking it out throughout a city which seems to be Dubai, very similar to the Super Smash Bros. level Lylat Cruise. Really cool in concept, very confusing otherwise. The problem here is when the plane has to turn, but the stage itself isn't turning, the background is. Players may get dizzy on the stage, especially when they are completely focused in high pressure situations. Because of this, this stage was banned during Capcom Cup 2016.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!:
    • The music is generally hailed as one of the strong suits of this game, with both interesting new tracks and strong rearrangements galore. In fact, most themes with both SFIV and SFV versions usually have more people saying the V versions are better. Except for Juri's theme. Whereas IV had powerful, erratic instrumentals conveying the imminent danger of facing Juri, V went the low-key route with a pulsating club rave-style remix that's well out of place with the rest of the game's soundtrack and far less exciting by design. The result is a track that is widely panned as the worst in the game and even has some wishing they had directly reused the IV version in V instead. The negative reception to Juri's theme is practically a meme in and of itself by this point.
    • Juri herself has gotten this, with her fanbase torn about their feelings regarding her revamped moveset. Aside from most of her normals and a few superficially-similar special moves, Juri plays nothing at all like she did in SSFIV. On a pro level, Juri is widely considered to be the worst character in the game, as she is wildly unsafe, requires a ton of setup to have anything resembling a decent offensive game, and has a nearly nonexistent defensive game; to add insult to injury, most of her matchups against the top tiers are nigh-unwinnable. Aside from a few extremely rare surprise picks, she has seen no tournament play whatsoever. Season 3 gave her some buffs, but the general consensus is that while the buffs DO help, they still don't adequately address her serious core issues; while she may definitely be better, she's still shit.
    • Suprisingly averted by the announcement that, with Arcade Edition, one-time Fight Money rewards would be removed. Many players considered this to be a fair compromise, as existing players would have earned a lot of that money already, while new players who bought Arcade Edition would have 12 free DLC characters in addition to the 16 base roster characters, so they would have enough Fight Money to never need to spend an extra penny on the game for the rest of its life had the rewards not been removed. However, this trope was played straight when, around the same time, weekly Fight Money rewards were cut in half without a prior announcement.
    • The update with Urien also included a security system on PC, to prevent people from using memory hacks and other mods for getting fight money and unlocking things extremely easily. Not only did this cause the game to stop running on many machines, and prevent stream recording software from hooking into the game, but a bit of datamining revealed the security was handled via a rootkit.note  This was a massive security risk for the user's computer, leading to the update quickly blowing up in Capcom's face, and they rolled back the anti-hacking measures before the day was over.
    • In December 2018, Capcom implemented optional in-game ads during matches and loading screens. While the game does compensate you for viewing these ads, the reward is so tiny (up to 12 FM per match at launch, when a new character costs 100000 FM) it might as well not exist, and activating them places logos on the most ridiculous places on character models (such as replacing Guile's American flag tattoo, the kanji when Akuma uses his Raging Demon, or even on one of the child skulls on Dhalsim's necklace, which especially bad considering their origin). Naturally, the fans who still stuck with the game so far were not pleased at all, and other people jokingly or seriously called it proof that we are headed towards an Advert-Overloaded Future. Less than a month later, the Sponsored Content was disabled, although it's unclear if this is a response to the backlash or simply because they didn't have anything left to advertise.note 
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Doubling as Badass Decay, this is a major complaint against Necalli following the release of the release of the Cinematic Story Mode. The development team and the game itself spent a great amount of time hyping him up as this great terror comparable to the likes of Bison, Akuma, and Gill, with his story prologue showing him devouring Ryu, Dhalsim, and Bison. All this build up sadly leads to an outright embarrassing display in the story itself where he has little to no bearing on the plot. He shows up mainly to fight the three victims on his list and gets his ass handed to him each time. After being defeated by Ryu, he leaves and is never seen again for the rest of the story, accomplishing practically nothing in the end.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Moved to its own page.

  • Ugly Cute: This is the fans' reaction to the Blanka-chan doll, basically saying "it's hideous, and I want it."
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The reaction Cammy's been getting from some Japanese fans seems to be originating from such a sentiment. Her face was more in line with real life proportions than the beefy, almost made-of-clay look of the other characters. As a result, some fans found it off-putting, though it was evidently altered after complaints, which has been well-received in Japan.
    • Some of Laura's color palettes have strange skin and makeup colors. For example, the third color of her standard outfit has blue clothes, blue-black hair, a skin tone that's best described as "dipped in caramel" and teal lipstick that make her look a bit fish-faced.
    • There's something rather off about Guile's facial expression (or lack thereof) without his sunglasses on.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Nash, who has been considered dead, in-universe, since Alpha 3, finally returns to the series. note 
    • Few expected Birdie, of all people, to make a comeback. Fewer still expected him to eat donuts and chili pepper to power himself up. James Chen hilariously lampshades the eating bit:
    James: "[Birdie] tried to eat a donut and got punished for it..." (beat) "... never thought I'd say that."
    • Despite being quite popular, and teased by Yoshinori Ono since Street Fighter IV, R. Mika's return was quite a surprise.
    • No one expected Karin, another fan favorite, to make it in, so her inclusion was a pleasant surprise.
    • Kolin. In her first appearance in Street Fighter III, she barely had a role, appearing only in Dudley's New Generation/2nd Impact ending and during the boss fight against Gill in 3rd Strike. While she plays a much larger part in the story of V, she never displayed any fighting ability prior to her debut as a playable character.note 
    • Somewhat subverted with Ed, since fans did speculate that he would eventually be made playable, but it was when he was made playable that was unexpected. When Ed's name was leaked by PSN as the next character, many were confused since the silhouette after Kolin looked absolutely nothing like Ed. He was a somewhat scrawny teenager in the game's story mode, and the silhouette showed a heavily muscled man in a totally different outfit. As it turns out, after aging Ed up into a teenager in the transition from IV to V, Ed was aged up again into an adult, gotten significantly beefier, and donned a new uniform.
    • It took awhile, but SFV finally introduced its first Final Fight character. But no, it's not Guy, Cody, or even Haggar. Would you ever guess that Abigail, the 5th boss of the first Final Fight game was chosen for Season 2 DLC? Up until now, his appearance count amounts to reappearing in newer ports of FF1 and a pair of cameo appearances in Guy's stage in Street Fighter Alpha 2 and the Mad Gear Hideout stage in Street Fighter X Tekken and Ultra Street Fighter IV.
    • Zeku, Guy's master. He briefly made his first appearance in Guy's Street Fighter Alpha 2 ending. What makes his appearance so unexpected is that when it comes to video games, if you exclude subsequent ports of SFA2, he hadn't appeared in anything else for 21 years before he showed up out of nowhere as a playable character in SFV. If that wasn't enough, his Story Mode campaign reveals that he is the founder of the Strider organization, which places Canon Welding in the equation.
    • In Story Mode, Juni and Oro make an appearance. While Juni made cameos around Cammy and Juri in SFIV and was an Enemy Unit in 2005's Namco × Capcom, Oro, like many of his SFIII kin, hasn't seen any action since 3rd Strike in 1999.
    • Dan's sister Yuriko was last seen in the dubiously canon Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, so her appearance running the shop came out of left field for many.
    • Though E. Honda had been all but expected due to rumors, leaks, and Ono himself teasing his inclusion on Twitter, the other two characters revealed in the Summer Bundle were definitely a surprise. Poison had been excluded from almost all things Mad Gear related, from the Ring of Justice stage to Abigail's story mode (where her counterpart Roxy had a cameo), and the Final Fight character speculated about most was Sodom. This goes double for newcomer Lucia, who hadn't been seen anywhere since Final Fight 3 and certainly hadn't even been considered by anyone as a possibility.
    • The inclusion of Gill came as a surprise, as in his previous appearances, he had been a non-playable boss character, and a very overpowered one at that. In addition, Gill was widely assumed to have been deconfirmed as soon as Urien dressed up as him for Halloween one year.
    • Given his universally despised status and being Killed Off for Real, no one would have ever expected Seth to return. Even more unexpected was him being redesigned to have a female body based on Juri with his regular one as just an alternate costume.
    • Most characters shown in the Summer Update for Season V were fan favorites that were either expected (Dan Hibiki) or already showed up as cameos in the story mode (Oro and Rose), but the real surprise is Akira Kazama, the first Rival Schools character to make a canonical appearance in the series, especially considering how Final Fight was seemingly thought to be the only sister series in the Street Fighter verse to strictly have any playable characters making an appearance in this game.
  • Unfortunate Implications:
    • In a case of bad luck and unfortunate coincidence, Rashid was revealed at the Dubai Game Show on September 11, 2015. While it's obvious that this wasn't an intentional attempt on Capcom's part to stir up commotion, as they wanted to reveal a character from the Middle East to the fans in attendance, the timing of it created some controversy because the event just so happened to be scheduled on this date.
    • The Thailand stage is set in a Buddhist temple, but the background music references Allah. The music was later replaced.

  • Visual Effects of Awesome: The initial reveal trailer already looked better than Street Fighter IV did, what with a more realistic, smooth quality take on the hypermuscular aesthetic of its predecessor, and each new look at the game and each new character reveal continues to show steady improvement. Using the Unreal Engine 4 helps as well.
  • Win Back the Crowd:
    • The official reveal trailer shown during Capcom Cup 2017 for Season 3 characters of the upcoming Arcade Edition has done this with long time critics of the game. Unlike Season 2, which not only kept the upcoming characters secret until shortly before their release, but only included brand new characters aside from Akuma, the Season 3 trailers, after some initial misdirection, showed every character that's coming and provided numerous fan favorites in addition to a few new faces.
    • G wound up doing this for the new roster additions for Season 3. The reactions to the roster additions for the season ran the gamut from apathy (primarily Cody, who was viewed as decent but not spectacular) to out-and-out hatred (Falke, who was widely decried as a terribly-designed and fundamentally broken gimmick character and was bad enough on release to be viewed as a borderline Joke Character), but G was almost universally embraced as a cool, interesting, fun, and most importantly, highly viable new addition with a gimmick that was legitimately useful but was also something that he wasn't overly reliant on, who wasn't obnoxious to face like many of the other top tiers, and was strong without being a Game-Breaker. Similarly, both Gill and Seth were viewed as being excellent additions to the roster whose playstyles have made them some of the most fun characters to play in the roster thus far.
    • Have a problem with DLC, then the Champion Edition is for you. Unsurprisingly, the update caused a spike in sales as Street Fighter V now sits at 4.7 million in lifetime.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?:
    • Ken's premium costume has been the subject of mockery due to its everyman look of jeans, T-shirt, and a jacket with spiked hair.
    • Alex's alternate costumes haven't fared well. His story costume has its share of fans, but his premium outfit is pretty widely reviled, not just because of its appearance, but because a lot of players were hoping for a classic Alex costume.
    • All of Laura's costumes are a massive case of love-it-or-hate-it. She's intended to be over-the-top sexy and for better or worse, that's what you get.
    • Ryu and Chun-Li's Red Bull sponsored B-Boy and B-Girl outfits. Seeing Ryu wear a hip-hop themed outfit is thoroughly ridiculous, especially with the Flavor Flav-inspired clock necklace. Chun-Li ends up looking like a completely different person, and the outfit also gives her shiny skin that ends up looking really weird, especially with the second color scheme that makes her tomato red like Hakan. You'll either think they're the worst outfits in the game or that they're so bad, they're good.
    • A minor case with Juri's Lilith costume. A lot of fans believe that a Morrigan costume would have suited her better. Specifically, because the Lilith costume somehow makes Juri go from being having a very well-endowed chest, a fact that she actually points out in Abigail's story, to being completely flat-chested. Other crossover costumes usually maintain some aspect of the wearer's original design to make it clear that it's cosplay, such as Nash still having his scars in his Captain Commando costume, and while Juri still maintains her hair color and eyepatch, her becoming completely flat-chested for this costume seems rather odd. Some believe the costume would have been better off in the hands of a character who isn't as well-endowed as her, such as Sakura or Ibuki. Thankfully, the costume code (3P + LK + Up) gives Juri her bosom back.
    • Birdie's CPT 2018 costume, which has Birdie dress as the 2017 CPT champion MenaRD, has been heavily derided as being boring at best and purely self-indulgent on Mena's part at worst. Birdie players were especially disappointed, since the character doesn't have many costumes to choose from compared to some other characters, and the long wait to the costume's reveal only further soured its reception.
    • Menat being the one to receive the Devilotte crossover costume did not go over well. Not only does Menat not look anything like Devilotte or look like the kind of person who would wear a Pimped-Out Dress like Devilotte's, but prior to its reveal, it was seen as being the perfect crossover costume for Karin (even though she'd already gotten Ingrid), considering that the two characters already look a lot alike, have similar haughty personalities, and even share the same trademark Noblewoman's Laugh.
    • Even though there's several electricity-based monsters in Monster Hunter such as the ever-popular Zinogre or the relevant newcomer Tobi-Kodachi, Blanka's crossover costume is, for some strange reason, Nergigante - a monster that is actually weak to thunder.
  • The Woobie:
    • Nash was already a Woobie in the Alpha series due to him dying in almost all of his endings. note  His Story Mode in this game manages to make him an even bigger Woobie than before. His story mode here, fittingly titled "The Man Who Lost It All," confirms that Nash's Alpha 2 ending (the one where he's betrayed and shot by his Air Force comrades and sent careening off a Venezuelan waterfall) is his true canon death (as opposed to his Heroic Sacrifice to destroy Bison and his Psycho Drive in Alpha 3 that was previously assumed to be canon). Combined with his "Franken-Nash" revival and darker personality, you just can't help but feel bad for the guy. To make matters worse, it's implied by several characters that even though he's walking around, his body is physically dead and won't last long. And this gets outright confirmed in the Cinematic Story Mode where Helen tells him that his body will eventually decay—and then he tells her that he knew this already. Still, Charlie gets a Dying Moment of Awesome when he sacrifices himself to weaken Bison so Ryu can have a fighting chance against him.
    • The Cinematic Story Mode ends up making Rashid this. He has spent the entire game searching for his dear friend and attempting to rescue her from Shadaloo's clutches. Tragically, he was far too late. F.A.N.G had already murdered her. Still, like Charlie, he gets a Crowning Moment of Awesome when he avenges his friend by beating the crap out of F.A.N.G and using his friend's final secret code to disable the Black Moons.
    • Poor, poor März. Not only was she the only one of the Dolls to die after their brainwashing was undone, but it's a case of Kill the Cutie, as she was the shyest and most soft-spoken of the Dolls, with the least combat skills. Worse yet, her Heroic Sacrifice may have been All for Nothing, since F.A.N.G clearly survived the fall, and it's unclear if he survived the Shadaloo base's destruction after witnessing Bison's death. There's always the chance that she's just hiding, but it's not looking good for her.
    • Seth's state in this game is truly pitiable. Gone is the cold, calculating mastermind we saw in IV. In V, he is trapped in an Ironic Hell: a body with a pre-existing name that constantly announces itself as "Doll Unit Zero", as if to undermine his own existence. Not only tht, he's currently in the process of a massive Villainous Breakdown, his ego wounded and bleeding from his Humiliation Conga in the previous game. His plans laid to waste, defeated by his "perfect test subject" Ryu, further brought down a peg by his own creator Bison, and finally betrayed and killed by his own creation Juri. Now, with even his ambitions possibly gone with the death of Bison and Shadaloo, Seth has been left with nothing but desperation to assert himself as a powerful, unique being. His Inferiority Superiority Complex that he tried so much to hide has finally bubbled to the surface, rendering him a Psychopathic Manchild throwing a tantrum.

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