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Narm / Final Fantasy

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When you think about it, this image is about an old man who just lost his only reason to live. (His daughter just died.)

"The six-foot bird-steeds known as chocobos are a nice addition to the cuter incarnations of Final Fantasy. However, tradition demands that they be included in every installment, even the angst-suffused grimfests. So you get characters saying things like, 'Who are all of us really? Can you ever know your own soul?' and in the background someone's riding a giant chicken."
Lore Sjoberg, The Book Of Ratings

Sometimes, the high drama in the cheek-hurtingly popular Final Fantasy games doesn't quite come out as intended.

Final Fantasy I

  • Garland's infamous threat, "I Garland, will knock you all down!". 8-Bit Theater, of course, had a field day with this one.
  • It's not in Dissidia Final Fantasy, but Garland says "I'll crush you" in some of his attacks. Hmmm...
  • The odd decision to play the "Plot item/progression get!" theme in the NES version when the King of Western Keep reveals he's really the Dark Elf Astos and wants you dead. Really gets you excited for Astos' Death spam doesn't it? Later versions removed this.

Final Fantasy II

  • While he can be menacing at the best of times, Emperor Mateus is also as pure a Fashion-Victim Villain as you can get with his default outfit featuring gaudy gold armour and a garish purple cape, fabulous purple lipstick and brightly multicoloured lhair that one can only describe as "Cloud Strife's after running into an angry Pikachu" complete with horns! Horns that merge with his hair so well to the point where its impossible to tell where hair ends and horn begins! At least he evolves past said ridiculous look with his Emperor of Hell form...but Dissidia Final Fantasy rendering Mateus' ridiculous default design in full 3D just accentuates it. He has his Final Fantasy Origins look unlockable but that doesn't help much. And if you thought his Heaven Emperor form would rectify things, nope, its now ridiculous angelic overkill complete with huge angel wings, a hugely baggy robe, hair that's hardly any better than his human form and a weird case of Eyes Always Shut.
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  • There's also something silly about the fact that almost every single bit of FF merch featuring him (except the novel which is where the name "Mateus" comes from) only ever calls him by the rather vague title of "The Emperor." Try searching that on Google!

Final Fantasy III

"Light and darkness: one cannot exist without the other, much like the sun and the world."
  • In the DS version, it's a bit hard to see the villains as genuine threats when they're in chibi style, especially for Big Bad Xande. The Cloud of Darkness mostly evades this by being a sphere of light, though.
  • In the DS version's ending: "Thank you for saving the world!"

Final Fantasy IV:

  • Tellah's cry of "you spoony bard!" has become beloved by RPG players worldwide. Although the original Japanese meant something completely different, when the game was rereleased in America with a retranslated, far more faithful script, "You spoony bard!" was kept in for nostalgia's sake. Three times! For reference, the insult is part of Tellah attacking Edward because Tellah's daughter Anna is now dead because she ran off with Edward. The "spoony" part refers to how Edward's foolish young love for her caused her death. Clearly, this line is the epitome of serious and moving character drama.
  • The line became famous enough to be parodied many times, both within and outside of the franchise:
    • In Phoenix Wright, the Judge says he's not a spoony bard at one point.
    • Final Fantasy Tactics A2 uses the spoony bit as an insult where one character calls another "A spoony Seeq".
    • An NPC in Final Fantasy X whines: "I asked a warrior monk out to the cafe, but she called me a spoony bard! Unbelievable!"
    • In Dragon Quest IX, there is a Side Quest called Big-headed Bard. And yes, the bard in question is very spoony.
  • Edward himself is full of Narm. In one scene, he needs his dead girlfriend's spirit's support to take down a common Mook. In another, he gets told to stop being a wuss by Rydia, at the time an eight-year-old girl. An eight year old girl who had just lost her entire family, and village, in an act of genocide. Yep, she handles that better than Edward handles the death of his girlfriend.
    • Even better in the DS remake, where you get treated to watching Cecil punch out Edward, honestly better than watching Tellah beat him up with a cane.
    • Worst of all, Edward has a battle move called "Hide", which, you guessed it, allows him to hide during battle, leaving the others (at one point, just Cecil and Yang) to do everything. NONE of the other characters in this game - including an eight-year-old girl, five-year-old twins, the Damsel in Distress, and Tellah, who is far past his prime and dies overdoing it against Golbez - have such a move.
  • While the scene was believable in the 2D versions, the scene in Final Fantasy IV DS where Cecil unintentionally destroys Mist was pushed too far. They actually decided to go with a Skyward Scream, with him yelling "WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!" and then "NOO!". Combined with his armor, it made him seem like Darth Vader. You know what, just take a look yourself.
    • It hardly helps that both Cecil and Kain sound a bit like Psycho Mantis.
    • Speaking of the 3D remakes, there's something adorable about Liam O'Brien's deep husky voice coming out of a super cutesy chibi 3D Kain.
  • After defeating Golbez in the Dwarf Castle's crystal chamber, he manages to steal the crystal turning into a disembodied hand...which crawls around on the floor like a spider. If this sounds creepy at all, it's being described wrong. Tellingly, the 3D remake replaced this with something that looks a lot less silly.
  • The Game Boy Advance port of the game has a new enemy in the Lunar Ruins called the Gil Turtle, coming from its Japanese name, Girugame. However, it was originally translated as "Gilgamesh", despite obviously having no relation to the popular FFV character.
  • Yang's monks are meant to be making Funny Bruce Lee Noises before they get their asses handed to them. Somehow the localization team decided to translate these as, "Achoooo!" Which not only becomes almost nonsensical, but makes it seem like they're suffering from the common cold or just rude with allergies in general.
  • A rare Japanese only example: when the party runs into Fusoya and Golbez battling Zemus, Fusoya tells Golbez "It's nearly done! Give your power to Meteor!". Golbez's response? "Very well." In the original Japanese, however, it's "Iidesutomo!", a very polite way of saying that, something like "Indubitably!" or "Yeah, okay!" (Battle programmer Hiroyuki Ito threw it in as a placeholder line that never actually got replaced.) Hearing a menacing, badass character speak so formally completely killed the scene for many Japanese players, and "Iidesutomo!" quickly became a meme (to the point that in the Japanese version of Dissidia Final Fantasy, it's an unlockable line for Golbez's EX Burst).

Final Fantasy V

  • When Exdeath, the game's Big Bad, meets Ghido, the turtle sage. In the old Super Famicom version, the depicted sprite fight between them has to be seen to be believed. It's a bit "DBZ action turtle." (The scene is similar in the GBA version, but the turtle aspect is lampshaded.) He even declares that he didn't sit in a sewer eating pizza all these years, which in and of itself is narmy. For his part, Exdeath warns Ghido that there'll be "no such tasty diversions in the afterlife!" And then there's Exdeath's hilarious bellow of "TURTLE!"...which Dissidia turned into a hilarious Non Sequitur.
  • Neo Exdeath's nonsensical garble: "I am Neo Exdeath! All memories... dimensions... existence... All that is shall be returned to nothing. Then I, too, can disappear... forever!
  • In the Anthology translation, when the last crystal shatters and the world begins to fall into ruin, Bartz decides to respond with the distinctly underwhelming statement of "Oh, Crap!!". It's an especially great source of Narm when you haven't even played the game and you already know it'd throw you out of the moment.
  • Gilgamesh is made of meta-narm. He's so over-the-top nobody besides himself takes him seriously.
  • The Anthology translation gives Faris a really awful pirate "accent," which ruins every dramatic scene she's in—inevitably she will yell something like "D'garrr" or "T'arrr," even while visiting Stella's grave.
  • One of the monster types in the game is called the Skull Eater, so they should be some kind of scary-looking monster, right? Nope. They just look like big, grey squirrels. Of course, they are Palette Swap of the Nut Eater opponent, which more sensibly are also squirrels, but still.
  • Even if you tried to take this game seriously when it first came out in Japan, you still had Bartz' old default name, which was "Butz." Which sounds exactly like you think it sounds like.

Final Fantasy VI

  • Certain dramatic scenes would have been much easier to take seriously had an important character in them not been named Madonna. This was probably meant to draw a Virgin Mary parallel, but if one knows that her Japanese name was the relatively normal "Madeline"... (And if any gamers make parallels with the other Madonna, it's even worse.)
  • The unintentionally funny Bum Rush (changed for the GBA), which sounds like something you'd find in a Slash Fic. Its a slang term for forced entry or assault...which still doesn't help much.
  • The Opera Scene. It's meant to be a beautiful tearjerker, but the "voice acting" was so bad (saying "oh oh oh oh" in time and tune to the music) that it causes one to laugh out loud. It sounds more like a dog barking than a person singing. It doesn't help that we've just seen a fanged, letter-writing octopus lying in wait. Thankfully, later remakes handle things better.
  • Kefka revealing his evil plot of reviving the statues to no one in particular (except the player who is conveniently hiding to hear him reveal his plans).
  • The Remake on the GBA featured a scene where Banon is addressing the Returners in their hideout, and promptly kills the tension when he explains that the Empire is amassing "weapons of Magitek destruction".
  • In the climactic battle between Gestahl and Kefka in the SNES version, Gestahl's fiery spells aren't working. "N... ... nooooo! Why isn't my magic working? Merton!!!" As it turns out, Merton is the most powerful fire spell in the game. At this point, however, the player has yet to see it in use, there is no animation for the spell due to the circumstances of the battle, and the name is sufficiently mistranslated from its original intent ("Meltdown") that it looks like Gestahl just screamed a random geeky-sounding name for no reason. It's even better if you're from the UK, where the 'Merton!' part can conjure up images of an angry Ian Hislop.
  • What was clearly meant to be a comedic moment winds up being funny for all the wrong reasons. After General Leo gives Terra an inspirational speech and the two share a tender moment together, we see Locke coming out of his cabin to throw up (presumably from seasickness since they're on a boat). The "joke" is so convoluted and forced that it winds up being funny just for how badly executed it is.

Final Fantasy VII

  • The main character's name is Cloud Strife. Could he possibly be confused and a bit edgy? WHO COULD SAY. Some parts of the fandom like to mock him by referring to him with Fan Nicknames based on synonyms of his name - e.g. "Puff Trouble" or "Mist Conflict".
  • The most notorious moment was spoiled by a typo. In the pit of despair, Cloud screams out, begging Sephiroth for a justification, berating him for what he did — all this with no small amount of self-hatred, as he had been possessed previously by Sephiroth to kill Aerith himself and only failed to do so because his True Companions called him back. It's incredibly moving until Jenova answers, "Beacause you are a puppet." Final Fantasy VII had a Good Bad Translation to start with, but the sheer mood of the scene this was in made that tiny 'a' jar more than it should.
  • Aerith's entire death scene is full of narm, except for the music and the part where the two people in your party besides Cloud pay their last respects to Aerith (right after defeating Jenova LIFE). From impossible sword movement to the pathetic animation to Cloud's nonsensical dialogue, it's all narm, all the time. And right after she's stabbed, the materia falls out of her hair and proceeds to bounce around for a good twenty seconds, and its momentum changes for no reason...
    • In that scene, if the player has Vincent in the party in the earliest PC versions, he will do a little dance due to glitchy programming. (The Steam version fixed it.)
    • (Un)intentional hilarity oft occurs when a new player attempts to buttonmash Cloud out of the mind control; this invariably results in a great deal of SD pixel hip-thrusting. When Cloud is holding his sword at groin-level... well. And Vincent sucker-punches Cloud with his metal gauntlet to stop the SD pixel hip-thrusting. After seeing Vincent, Mr. Stoic Angsty-for-a-reason, do that, it's virtually impossible to take Aeris's death seriously with tears of laughter rolling down your cheeks.
    • The Bloodless Carnage note  and gross inconsistency between what does and doesn't kill someone adds to the potential fun and confusion for those who were casually flipping through the story. "So, is she really dead? Are we going on a quest to revive her now? Oh, they just chucked her into the lifestream, and she's not in the party menu screen any more. Guess she's dead." Was probably not the reaction Square was going for.
  • Tifa and Scarlet getting into a slap fight. It's just an utterly silly moment that comes completely out of nowhere and spoils the tension of the scene.
  • For gamers who have been spoiled by all the high end graphics of today and forgotten how crappy old 3D games looked, the scene is likely to leave you with a good chuckle. Hard to feel sympathetic or sad when the characters all look like this.
    • The scene in which Mideel is destroyed and then Tifa and the BSDOD-ing Cloud fall into the Lifestream is depicted similarly. It's just as hilariously awkward to see a tiny Tifa running around and pushing Cloud's wheelchair with the most comical Oh, Crap! face possible.
    • And when they DO use proper character models, if Tifa's there, expect highly distracting Jiggle Physics from her.
  • Super Nova, International version. Sephiroth does destroy the Solar System in the original Japanese version (it's harder to see because the explosion happens so far away); but for the International Version, they not only redid the attack to have much better animation, but they also made the attack incredibly over-the-top, showing the destruction of several planets (with their names in case you don't know what Jupiter looks like), with the Sun being a whopping two feet in front of our heroes before going Super Nova. Oh, and he for some reason decides to spare Mars and Uranus. It's even worse with the knowledge that it is a Percent Damage Attackit will never directly kill the party. And it can MISS. A Supernova can miss, despite being two feet from the faces of the party. Convection Schmonvection at its most Narmful. There is also the fact that Sephiroth can cast it multiple times. Planets reproduce by binary fission in the Final Fantasy VII universe, or so it would seem. Even if you take the destruction of the Solar System as a metaphor, the animation is still way too long for what is effectively an overglorified Demi spell.
  • The Knights of Round summon. It's one of the ultimate Infinity Plus One Swords, doing 13 hits of extreme non-elemental damage with a 70-second animation of each of the 13 Knights damaging all of your enemies. It looks cool the first time. But, like the aforementioned Supernova, it loses its luster on subsequent summons because it's just too freaking long and it's unskippable—you could start the summon, go take a pee, wash your hands, come back, and chances are you'll come back before the animation ends. It gets hilarious if you use it while fighting Safer Sephiroth, in which case get ready for a massive waiting game involving Knights of Round and Supernova.
  • After Cloud comes out of his Heroic BSoD, he gives a speech to his party, and while it's pretty incoherent, the translation pulls itself together for his genuinely inspiring final lines — "I'm... Cloud. The master of my own illusionary world. But I won't live in an illusion any more. I'm going to live my life without pretending." Tifa immediately pipes up — "You're sure messed up, Cloud!" Some friend she is.
  • Right before the climax, Cloud tries to give a rousing speech to his party. What does he tell them? "Let's mosey." Certainly intentional, because Cid makes fun of him for not sounding enough like a man.
  • "Rate hike! Rate hike! Tra, la, la!" accompanied by a kangaroo impersonation does convey that Palmer is an idiot, but we're probably not supposed to laugh in the middle of a tense plot-advancing scene with our heroes in an air vent spying on the enemy's top brass.
  • The burning of Nibelheim is a dramatic scene, that would probably have been a lot more had it not featured a man who looked like Frank Sidebottom. Adding to that, in the previous scene where Cloud confronts Sephiroth in the basement, and Sephiroth gives Cloud a whole "The Reason You Suck" Speech, the impact of what's he's said is rather deadened when Sephiroth says he's going to "see [his] mother", and leaves. Although he's probably meant to be running, Sephiroth's running animation (coupled with the strange camera angle) instead makes him look like he's skipping out of the room.
    • Sephiroth's model in general is all kinds of narm incarnate. It's hard to take him seriously when he has this really fucking stupid face with his mouth perpetually open.
    • During a later scene in that library, Sephiroth incapacitates Cloud by chucking a Materia orb (About the size of a marble) at him hard enough to double him over. Before front-flipping and flying out of the library like Superman.
  • Sephiroth's last action before running from the room in the Shinra mansion. He freakin' chucks a materia at Cloud! The most badass, menacing, threatening character in the game... committing a meaningless act of violence that would fit right in during elementary school recess.
    • Leading up to this scene, the town is filled with cloaked strangers mumbling about a 'reunion'. When the party meets Sephiroth, he asks whether they've come 'to participate in the Reunion'. Cloud finally loses it. 'I don't even know what a reunion is!'.
  • "Finish... Sephiroth... off...". Try saying that three times fast.
  • The infamous cutscene where Sephiroth walks out of a burning Nibelheim is a bit spoiled by his expression looking so blank. In Advent Children, superior graphics made him look much more properly menacing and evil.

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core:

  • There's a minor but horrible one when Cloud and Zack are bonding. They reach a facility they're about to infiltrate, and Zack suddenly says, "Cloud, look". If you know why that's horrible, you've been on the internet far too long.
    "They're not the wings of a monster! They're the wings............... of an angel!"
  • Intentionally invoked for effect with Genesis, who was intended to be a ridiculous over-the-top drama queen.
    "No way! He just ate my haaaair!"
  • During the otherwise well-done ending FMV, Cloud's scream was jarringly cliche and pathetically delivered. Luckily, it didn't ruin the scene completely, and most people only cringed slightly before continuing to let the tears stream down their faces.
  • Thankfully averted during Angeal's death scene, which was actually beautifully executed even given the inherent Narminess several similar video game moments seem to share.

Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus

  • Vincent rescuing small children, and then he walking off, flipping his cape with panache. Which he does...every...single...time. Vincent, you're not fucking Batman, cut it out.
  • When he dies, he mutters, "Now... I can finally... rest...".
  • The extreme case of Cutscene Power to the Max the game suffers from, where every shot involves him running around and flipping upside down and shooting things in mid-air, cause his rather awkward in-game actions to seem hilariously stilted. The original game didn't take itself entirely seriously, but Dirge is melodrama from beginning to end.
  • Rosso the Crimson. Try to listen to her speak for more than twelve seconds without cringing, cracking up, or both. Even Vincent is unimpressed.
    Where did she pick up a Russian accent underground!?
  • Oh Nero. Lord of the Narm. "STAY AWAY FROM MY BROTHER!"
  • Special mention should go to the scene towards the climax featuring the main characters from Final Fantasy VII (sans Red XIII). We finally get to see them DO something, and then their entire role in the story from there is channeling the Power Rangers and simultaneously cheering Vincent on in a six-way split screen.
  • Shalua holds a door open with her metal arm, but it gets crushed and she is killed. A yellow liquid seeps under the door. Presumably, it's supposed to be oil, but the scene ends up looking like Shalua wet herself, which does a number on the tension.
  • Azul's joy at finding an opponent worth fighting just before the first boss battle against him. Or rather, Azul starts off with a normally-spoken "Long has it been since I faced..."...only to then bellow out "A WORTHY OPPONENT!!" in an almost operatic tone.
  • Shalua Rui's design in general. The needlessly Fanservicey undergarments straight out of Dead or Alive? With a labcoat lazily draped over her? How about the decision to render her loss of left eye by having it...closed. Without an eyepatch or even a scar texture to signify it had been injured at some point, instead its simply closed so it looks like she's perpetually winking.

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Though It Makes Sense in Context, Squall's outburst when the characters believe Seifer to be dead and try to speak well of him: "I won't have it!" "I won't have anyone talk about me in the past tense!", especially funny when you consider that his entire speech about death and being forgotten was in his head and the aforementioned words are the only ones spoken aloud.
  • Ultimecia's ridiculous Funetik Aksent. Thankfully dropped during the actual battle and Dissidia. Also her outfit if you don't believe that Evil Is Sexy. That plunging neckline!

Final Fantasy IX

  • The dancing scene in Cleyra. Bad celtic folk music + Irish dancing. Dancing anthropomorphic rats no less. Awesome.
  • Kuja's horrifying fashion sense. For God's sake, the man's wearing a thong!

Final Fantasy X

  • In the ending, the moment when Yuna runs into Tidus arms'... and ridiculously falls onto the floor because she went through him. Considering that Tidus is fading from existence at this point, it's probably supposed to be dramatic.
    • An extra narmy moment comes immediately after, when Yuna is lying on the ground and not moving, then a pyrefly flies out from under her body. As pyreflies were stated to be part of a dead person's soul, it can be easily taken as Yuna's fall caused her to split her head open and instantly die.
  • The scene in Home where Tidus learns what is going to happen to Yuna. Though it is clearly supposed to be a touching and dramatic moment, some people laugh at Tidus' hysterics, particularly the part where he just... squeaks out a cry as the camera shifts upward. Thank you so much, James Arnold Taylor.
  • The Bevelle scene where Yuna's threatening to jump off the extremely high building; while she's saying she can fly and telling Tidus to believe, he goes from shaking his head quickly to nodding super fast, it ruins a potentially dramatic scene.
  • The way Tidus and Yuna have a tendency to say "okay" really fast, like they're trying to fit lip movements.
  • Some of Tidus' comments after using certain spells. Tidus saying "Hey, hey, hey", sounds like Fat Albert.
  • It seems that Tidus tends to move and act like he's buzzed out on caffeine or cocaine, maybe both, such as the first time they defeated Seymour.
  • The scene where Tidus cries, saying "I hate you, Dad," in EXTRA-SPECIAL-SUPER-AMAZING-GRAPHICS. Out of context, it's extra fuel for Tidus's detractors, though considering what he's crying about, it's justified enough for most people.
  • Rikku's Verbal Tic of "you know?" (which was probably added to fit the mouth movements) ruins the Wham Line in Home. "Yunie will die, you know!?"
  • The notoriously bad fake laughter scene. Okay, it was supposed to sound forced, but the scene is still shamelessly narmful.
  • A small one, but Dona's glorious delivery of this line is funnier than it should be. "YOOUUU do what YOOUUU wantBarthellowe'releaving." The overemphasis on the YOU and her rushed exit just make this.
  • "But I wanted to see it... withYunabymyside."

Final Fantasy X-2

  • "I don't like your plan. It sucks", which is an understatement, especially since Yuna then goes on to say that Nooj's plan to sacrifice himself, and potentially Baralai, to kill Shuyin is no different than the way Spira had fought Sin, and that there had to be a way to save the world without sacrificing innocent people.
  • The infamous massage and hot spring scenes.
  • "THE NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRVE!" Apparently, 'nerve' is now a twenty syllable word.
  • It's just impossible not to laugh at Yuna and the Gullwings belief that LA LA LA LA LA LA constitutes a song.
  • Key-Mon? MON-KEY! what makes this scene way more funny than it should be is the close up shot of Rikku's dead-eyed low-resolution poorly-lipsynced face as she says it. The game designers rather obviously mixed up her cutscene model with her in-game one.

Final Fantasy XII

  • Even though the game has succeeded in avoiding Narm in the more serious moments of the game, there's the infamous yelling quest in which the objective is to go around the city shouting things like "I'M CAPTAIN BASCH FON RONSENBURG OF DALMASCA!", "DON'T LISTEN TO ONDORE'S LIES!", "BASCH LIVES!" and so on. It wouldn't be so bad, if you didn't have to that around 50 times to get the quest complete. Viewable here.
  • Basch's outfit. Is that a potholder? And a pink undershirt?

Final Fantasy XIII

  • Lightning's speech to Orphan. It's a glorious mixture of bad acting and a bad script.
    Lightning: Sure, you think the end of the world is salvation. All you care about is death's release. So take it, and leave the rest of us alone.
    (game holds for applause)
    Lightning: We don't think like that.
    (game holds for applause again)
  • It genuinely gets unintentionally hilarious as the game progresses at just how many times the party uses (or variations of) the sentence We are l'Cie, enemy of Cocoon absolutely every single time they stop and talk about their situation. Snow shouting Serah at least two dozen times throughout the course of the game is a solid gold runner up.
  • Nora's death is played for tragedy, but it's somewhat ruined by the fact that we've only known her for roughly three minutes, her narmy line about being tough, and the melodramatic use of slow motion as she falls to her death.
  • At the end, when Fang betrays the group and turns them into l'Cie, three of them surround her and start smacking her into each other, like the ending of Death Proof. Ruins what should be a dramatic scene.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • The message on a loading screen late in the game loses some dramatic impact by containing a typo:
    ... his new world will be populated only be the ideal humans
  • From the Japan Expo trailer: "One day, the light touched me."
  • The Samurai pre-order armor costume certainly looks awesome on Lightning. Problem is, the fancy way she sheathes her weapon when wearing this suit ends up looking absolutely ridiculous because there is no scabbard. So she's basically sheathing her blade into thin air.
  • The Game Over caused by the end of the world would be actually good if it weren't so anticlimatic. It lasts less than twenty seconds and it is followed by "And so the world ends."
  • The ending of the "Get The Girl" sidequest could have been a real Tear Jerker except that Lackley's voice actor (at least in English) hilariously overacts his anguished reaction to hearing of Philiana's death, complete with a truly cringeworthy Big "NO!" that gives Darth Vader a run for his money.
    • He sounded just shy of falling-down-drunk, though, and especially if you have any personal experience with alcoholic loved ones, then his obvious impairment lends the whole situation an uncomfortable and pitiable, even tragic, light.
  • A lot of the sidequests' conclusions fall into this. The first time the shocking twist in the end is that the person some Plot Coupon belonged to is long dead, it's sad. The fortieth time it happens, it's plain hilarious. Considering that out of over 60 quests, over 50 end this way...
  • Did you pick your default garb by "Will this be good for starting a fight?" instead of "Will this look dignified in cutscenes about the fate of souls?" Did your tactical preferences come in a Stripperiffic wrapper? Then this trope.

Final Fantasy XIV

  • The voice acting in A Realm Reborn is, on average...not very good. Ten years ago it might've got a pass, but in the age of Mass Effect, Uncharted and The Last of Us, it's notably sub-par. Couple that with some frequently overwrought dialogue and you've got plenty of narm on your hands.
    • That beautiful moment in the English version when Minfilia and the other Scions discover that Thancred is with the Ascians.
  • The Realm Reborn Main Scenario Quest "All Good Things" features the player character returning to the Scions' home base to find it sacked by the Empire and nearly everyone dead. We see a flashback of what happened, including Imperial soldiers killing the survivors. It's a serious, horrific moment punctuated in the middle by a comical "g-huh!" sound as someone is stabbed to death.
  • Patch 2.2, at least, generally brought the quality of the voicework up to a much higher bar... in the patch content. It doesn't seem like SE is keen on going back and addressing the already-recorded dialogue.
  • Note that the Japanese isn't immune from this, either, bizarrely enough. The voiced male Lalafells, especially in 2.2 (i.e. Lolorito and Teledji), are shockingly deep, far deeper than their counterparts in other languages. It can be weird as hell to hear voices that deep coming out of dudes barely three feet tall.
  • The end of the Tam-Tara Hard questline, "Corpse Groom". So you've destroyed the Avere monstrosity, cleansed the Deepcroft again, and seen Edda fall to her doom. Paiyo is pretty much ready to hang up his adventuring spurs for good after all that, and then... he glances over to a lighting fixture, and Edda is standing there. The animation for this is insanely creepy in the best way, and ends with "Edda" giving Paiyo an amazing Slasher Smile. It's all fantastically creepy and the highlight of the patch AND THEN!... the narm sets in with Paiyo's reaction. The devs clearly wanted to convey his complete horror, but between Paiyo being a lalafell to start with and Square kind of hitting the limits of what XIV's real-time facial animation tech and their current character models are capable of, his expression is more "ridiculous" than terrified and pulls the viewer out of an otherwise stellar capstone to an excellent questline and dungeon.
  • The developers run into this problem again with the Realm Reborn climax. Teledji, Raubahn and Ilberd all run into some serious expression issues that end up being more goofy than anything and pull you straight out of the action. Teledji is especially bad about this, but all three have some problems. The overdone lighting also doesn't help.
  • The reborn King Thordon I has a filter on his voice that is supposed to give off a Voice of the Legion but due to parts of it being high pitched, it makes him sound a little cartoony.
  • Any class-specific animation, when performed on a class without an explicitly defined version, will default to the Gladiator/Paladin version. Frankly, the weapon-drawn animations for Disciples of the Hand/Land look silly enough before you realize this.
  • The moment in the Stormblood patches where Asahi reveals his true colors to the Warrior of Light and gets close to their face while revealing his hatred of them. With most races, this looks fine, but if you play a Lalafell, he has to hunch over awkwardly to get close to your face, and it just looks goofy with your allies all looking in opposite directions.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

  • This awesome opening to one of the story modes, spoken in deep bass narrator voice:
    The boy is known by the legendary title of...
    "Onion Knight".
    • Later on, Cloud of Darkness even says to Onion Knight that he is not "worthy of his title". Why the heck is everyone acting like being called an Onion Knight is something to be proud of?!
  • Tidus lands one in his story mode where he narrates, stating that he has a sudden urge to yell for no reason. He than suddenly runs ahead of Firion with a scream as if he's dying. And Firion doesn't react at all. He must do this a lot. This is mitigated in Firion's story where this happens and Firion tells him not to just charge on ahead like that.
  • Firion's dream of seeing a world full of roses is a metaphor for his desire to defeat the Emperor and create a peaceful world free of tyranny and injustice. In practice, though... the characters are talking about flowers.
    • Firion and his rose is just a basket full of Narm, every time it comes up. Special mention goes to a scene when Sephiroth confronts Cloud. He mentions that he took 'something special' from Firion in a mocking voice. Yes, that's what it sounds like and it makes it double hilarious with the special thing also referring to a flower.
  • Kefka has several moments; considering he's a Villainous Harlequin, it's justifiable, and possibly invoked as rule of funny.
  • After Zidane confronts Kefka about Bartz being caught in Kuja's warp trap:
    Kefka: I'm afraid the mouse is... [sudden zoom in on Kefka's face] SMACK! Dabinthemiddleofenemyterritory.
    • Duodecim seemed to cotton on to this. It left the scene as is...and titles the FMV "Smack Dab in the Middle of Enemy Territory."
  • Kuja can also be pretty narmtastic, comes with being a large ham, but the scene before Zidane fights him at the end of the destiny odyssey IX has to top it, with both of them spouting off various theater puns (Zidane works in a theater and Kuja loves luxurious things, so it's to be expected); he also ends up stuck with Kefka as his only fair weather ally, which can lead to some amusing moments.
  • Cloud and Sephiroth's rivalry is played up for Fanservice, as expected, but in Dissidia it's so extreme it could even be parody. Notable is a scene where Sephiroth appears - "It's good to see you again, Cloud," - and immediately threatens him with his sword. Cloud rolls his eyes and, when asked why he isn't fighting back, says "fighting you is pointless". Sephiroth gives a heartbroken, jealous expression. Possibly because earlier Cloud was fighting with Firion, who also presented him with a glittery pink rose to represent his inner feelings.
  • Each of the characters in Dissidia goes through a little Character Development quest to unlock their crystal. This leads to a scene where Cloud (lunatic and not real), Cecil (job dissatisfaction and family problems) and Tidus (family problems and not real) are sitting around discussing their issues, and Firion, from Final Fantasy II (before such gimmicks as ridiculous over-the-top Deus Angst Machina backstories were necessary), admits that he doesn't have any huge mental problems. The fact that he has no mental issues is the mental issue he has to overcome in his story.
  • In a classic case of Have a Gay Old Time, the Emperor celebrates Cosmos' death in front of the heroes and states that the warriors of Chaos have begun to follow their "naked desires." Um...phrasing?
  • Garland's winpose in the PSP games is this for sure. He throws his sword into the sky, motions to catch it....and it doesn't come down so he pulls a different pose. It looks more like he accidentally got his sword stuck in the ceiling or straight up sent it into space and is now trying to save face.



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