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"Some things really shouldn't be allowed to happen to a Ruger Mini-14."

The Punisher may be the story of a man broken beyond repair, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't have moments where you'll find yourself laughing.

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Season 1

    Episode 1 - "3: 00 am" 
  • Frank takes out the last of the Kitchen Irish involved with his family's death by choking him to death in an airport toilet stall. Two other travelers by the sinks hear the fighting and think the two are having rough sex, and one of them shouts "Get a room, you dirty bastards!"
  • Curtis has some advice for Frank:
    Curtis Hoyle: Do me a favor, Frank: don't be a wallowing asshole. Before I have to take this fake leg off and beat you to death with it. Just imagine your tombstone: "Frank Castle lost an asskicking contest to a one-legged man." I'll do it. [Frank laughs]
  • Lance and his buddies torment Frank, at one point stepping on his sandwich. The act is cruel, but what makes it funny is that the show's Twitter account put up a memorial to the sandwich.
  • There's something amusing about Paulie walking up to Frank and saying:
    Paulie: Well, look who it is. Captain Batshit.

    Episode 2 - "Two Dead Men" 
  • Micro establishes contact with Frank by calling a diner where Frank is eating. The waitress addresses Frank as a "hipster" when telling Frank that he's got a phone call.
  • Frank does the whole "start running when the truck passes" thing right after Micro first contacts him. But we then see that Micro is watching Frank from the roof of the diner. This means that from Micro's vantage point, the truck does not block his view. He sees Frank standing still, then immediately start running to the side.
    • Which leads to another moment of Fridge Humor: when Frank reaches out to Karen, he tells her that he's scared of this 'Micro' guy basically because he can't put a bullet in a ghost. He can't SEE this guy (Micro), so his running past the truck was self-preservation. He couldn't find Micro. If he'd known the dude was on the roof he wouldn't have done that, obviously. Micro had Frank spooked for a hot minute.
  • How does Frank first make contact with Karen? He does so by dressing up as a hobo and waiting for her to walk by and drop a dollar bill into his can, acting none the wiser.
    • Karen also comments on the hipster beard ("You look well, rocking the whole uh, hipster thing"). Frank asks her if he should try rocking a man-bun.
      • Which makes this a funny Brick Joke off of Jeri Hogarth's remarks when Danny first reaches out to her in Iron Fist (2017) ("Do you have any money for some new clothes? Because this homeless hipster thing isn't working for you").
      • It's also a nice Brick Joke back to a moment in Daredevil season 1 where Foggy and Karen were conversing about being attacked at Elena's building and whether or not to tell Matt about it, only for Matt to show up causing Foggy to say, "How long do you think...I should grow my hair? Matt, what's your take on that? Mullet? Full pony?"
  • Karen's conversation with Ellison as she tries to get information about the Micro story, with her coming off as a bit of a bratty teenage daughter.
    Mitchell Ellison: All right look, I'm sure that I still have that article in my office. So if I give it to you, will you stop looking at me like that?
  • The fight between Frank and Carson Wolf is awesome and badass, but as it drags on, they both start using improvised weapons, bashing at each other with a toaster (our second vigilante to use kitchen appliances as weapons), a wine bottle, and even a framed picture at various points. All the while, Dean Martin's "Ain't that a Kick in the Head" is the background music. Frank even is careful to give Wolf a finishing kick in the head until the climax of the song.

    Episode 3 - "Kandahar" 
  • Frank agrees to work with Micro on a single condition: they kill everyone in The Conspiracy. He doesn't want trials or prison sentences; he wants them all dead. Micro ponders this, then decides "Yeah, I can live with that".
  • After Schoonover and Rawlins do their debriefing on Operation Cerberus, Billy Russo provides an icebreaker by asking, "Sir, does this mean that Ann-Margret's not coming?"
  • Gunner initially plays up his Religious Bruiser credentials, looking like he's an insane redneck Christian fanatic... then drops the act and admits he was just trolling Frank.

    Episode 4 - "Resupply" 
  • Frank hits up Turk Barrett for a stash of guns, only to find out that his shipment was sold to a different supplier, leaving Frank with only a pink Ruger Mini-14 that was meant to be a gift for a crime boss's daughter (hence its name "Sweet Sixteen"). Turk should honestly consider himself lucky that Frank just pistol-whips him unconscious (guaranteeing that Matt and Luke can continue to have fun humiliating him) instead of blowing his brains out.
    • Afterwards, Frank returns to the base and walks up holding the pink Ruger Mini-14. Words cannot describe the hilarity of the Punisher holding such a weapon, so we put a picture of it at the top of this page.
      Frank: NYPD, I don't give a shit about the NYPD. You wanna go up against Agent Orange, with a pink Ruger and no ammo? Is that what you wanna do, Lieberman?
    • The fact that Turk Barrett is so pathetic of a criminal even The Punisher won't just straight-up kill him.
  • While heading to a chop shop for vehicles, Frank and Micro find that it's already being robbed, and the thieves have already killed one hostage, and are about to torture the other one. Frank proceeds to kill the thieves. Once he's done:
    David: There's a, uh... dead man in a wheelbarrow out there.
    Frank: Yeah. I didn't do that.
    David: [pointing to a dead thief slouched over the pinball machine] You do this?
    Frank: Yeah, I did this because they did that.
    • At one point, David looks queasy at the sight of blood and looks like he's about to heave, prompting Frank to admonish him by telling him, "Hey! Do not leave your DNA for the police, all right?" David manages to get down to just dry-heaving.
    • Frank tells David to take what will become the Battle Van, while Frank himself takes a cherry red Ford Mustang.
      David: All this and you take the Mustang?
      Frank: I always buy American.
    • Frank's grenade ends up directly underneath the remaining hostage, who literally pisses himself in fear. The grenade turns out to be a dud.
  • As they prepare to crash the gun sting, David hacks Madani's com line, mutes the audio, and then broadcasts "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer at full blast. You can even hear him singing along to the song as he's watching the feed.

    Episode 5 - "Gunner" 
  • Despite knowing each other for only a few days, Frank and Micro are already bickering like an old married couple. Frank eventually gets annoyed and decides to leave for a while, suggesting Micro can think up new ways to antagonize him.
    Micro: Where are you going?
    Frank: I think I'm going to go see your wife.
    Micro: ... see, now you're just trying to be hurtful. [to himself, as he resumes working on the drone] You don't have to be such a dick...
    • When Frank gets back, he has this to say about Zach:
      Frank: You know, your son is a lot like you.
      Micro: How is that?
      Frank: He's a wall to wall asshole.
    • And then Micro just grunts, sounding like he's proud of Zach for pissing off the Punisher.
  • While driving out west to Kentucky to look for Gunner, David prepares an MRE for Frank, and then takes out a delicious-looking sandwich for himself. A bewildered and pissed-off Frank asks him where he got it from, and David responds matter-of-factly that he made it himself. Frank even asks if David made one for him, and David says he didn't, adding all the ingredients were in the fridge and Frank could have easily made his own if he had bothered to look. You half expect Frank to demand he hand it over, but he just kind of stares dumbfounded straight ahead.note 

    Episode 6 - "The Judas Goat" 
  • There's some deep gallows humor to gain as Micro tries not to vomit watching Curtis pull what's left of the arrowhead out of Frank.
  • Once Madani and Sam confirm Frank's presence at Gunner's cabin through matching blood on the scene to his DNA, Sam asks, "Now, where does one find dead Marines these days? Because he's not on Facebook or Tinder. I checked." It's not only this saying, but the thought it evokes. Frank Castle on Tinder of all places?

    Episode 7 - "Crosshairs"
Hey, the good guys gotta eat too.

  • While not super funny, it's still pretty amusing seeing Frank and Micro going over the plans for infiltrating Colonel Bennett's quarters over a freshly made pasta dinner.
    • David laughs as he assures Frank that Colonel Bennett will be tied up with company when he gets there, knowing exactly what Frank's going to be walking into.
  • Rawlins and Russo discuss how they'll handle Madani to keep her from getting to Frank. Rawlins suggests that Russo should have killed Frank when they had met on the waterfront:
    William Rawlins: No, someone else. A sniper.
  • You might remember that in the ComicCon ad for The Defenders (2017), Frank's contribution was him walking in and saying the line, "Looks like I got here just in time," which sounded like a Badass Boast. How it's used in the actual show is a thousand times funnier. Frank says the line as his entrance cue when, true to David's predictions, he interrupts Colonel Bennett in the midst of being "punished" by a dominatrix.
    Frank Castle: Well shit, Morty. Looks like I got here just in time.
    • Frank throws Bennett around a bit as he stalls waiting for David to finish cloning Bennett's phone. Then he takes his ski mask off.
      Col. Morty Bennett: Oh, dear Lord, God in Heaven!
      Frank Castle: Not exactly.
    • As Billy Russo and his men enter, responding to the signal from the dominatrix:
      Frank Castle: You make a sound, I'll open your head up all over this floor.
      Col. Morty Bennett: [nods and puts his ball gag back into his mouth]
  • The next day, Colonel Bennett isn't too happy at Rawlins and Russo for not warning him that Frank was after him, and the fact that he's been forced to quite a lot of damage control to cover up Frank's intrusion as a "secret training exercise":
    Col. Morty Bennett: You KNEW, you sons-of-bitches! You KNEW he was coming for me, and you said NOTHING!
    William Rawlins: Not true, Morty. As soon as we got the intelligence, we acted on it and saved your life.
    Col. Morty Bennett: He almost killed me! Do you understand what I'm saying to you?!
    Col. Morty Bennett: Oh man, oh man, oh man, do you not understand how much dancing I had to do clean all this shit up? The whole damn base was up in arms!
    William Rawlins: What'd you say?
    Col. Morty Bennett: [points to Russo] What he told me to say! I mean, his lips were moving, but I assume you were the one that was talking! "Secret training exercise, unit readiness" and all that shit. I reamed out the whole damn battalion for their "shitty performance" and letting the intruder get away. Although thank Christ, they didn't catch him! I thought Castle was dead.
    William Rawlins: As did we all.
    Col. Morty Bennett: 'Til you got your intelligence.
    William Rawlins: Exactly.
    Col. Morty Bennett: Oh yeah? Then how come Russo and his team were already on the base without my knowledge? Hmm? And why did that bitch yell "He's here!"? You staked me out like a goat. And you think I'm stupid enough to fall for your shit?
    Billy Russo: You know, without us, Frank Castle would have your balls wired to a car battery by now. You'd probably love that though, would ya?
  • The first thing Colonel Bennett says as Russo is leading him into the motel room to be murdered is, "Y'll better come up with the goods fast, or I'm gonna die from looking at this wallpaper."

    Episode 8 - "Cold Steel"
"They killed him....That's good"
  • After Sarah drunkenly kisses Frank, we get Frank and David's discussion about the latter's endowment, and the former's sexual preferences. Just the fact alone that the Punisher is in a talk about sex is worth a few laughs, but Frank's half-uncomfortable half-amused (and rather tipsy) reaction sells it.
  • Right after, Micro drunkenly decides to try to dial up Madani and give her all the information they have. Frank tells him to stop, slapping the phone out of his hands, setting up what in any other series would be a serious, dragged-out brawl. Micro instead takes a swing at Frank, Frank smacks him once and knocks him out, and then promptly catches him and drops Micro on his bed. And when David finally wakes up, Frank has made what appears to be his signature hangover remedy meal, to help with the booze (and the concussion).
  • There's a brief moment during a serious discussion where David is worried that they may have traced them by David accessing Rawllin's file. Frank assures him that is most likely that they didn't given that the recent incidents with Gunner's murder and Frank's attack on Bennett's army base went unreported. This segues into a quick mood shift that's absolute hilarity, made all the sweeter by the absolutely calm and matter of fact way Frank delivers the line before continuing their serious discussion.
    David Lieberman: Yeah. I mean... the Bulletin ran a piece about Bennett turning up stabbed to death in a motel upstate but... that's it.
    Frank Castle: (looking slightly puzzled) They killed him. (Beat) That's good.

    Episode 9 - "Front Toward Enemy"
I don't know what's scarier. The idea that he's proud that he hid more deaths from the police than 37 people or that he killed more than 37 people.

  • When Karen debates Senator Ori on the radio, Ori points out that she had sympathy for Frank Castle, and Frank was charged with killing thirty-seven people.
    Micro: Thirty-seven?
    Frank Castle: (sounding proud) That they know about.
  • When Frank makes the connection that Lewis is the bomber after saying "Sic Semper Tyrannis", he describes Lewis as a white guy around 25 who drives a cab, and asks Micro if he can find him in a database. Cue an extended Beat as Micro looks at Frank, with a "You have no idea how this works, do you?" look on his face.
    • When Micro asks Frank if he's sure he heard this kid say that phrase, Frank's reply is annoyed "How often do you hear Latin?"
  • Ellison regarding the manifesto:
    Mitchell Ellison: God, I don't know if I'm horrified or excited. Maybe a little bit of both. Guess that makes me just half a terrible person.

    Episode 10 - "Virtue of the Vicious" 
  • The most unadulterated bullshit this show could put out: Senator Ori's Blatant Lies about the attempt on his life, where he makes himself look like a hero, whereas Karen's version of the story shows him to be a Dirty Coward.

    Episode 11 - "Danger Close" 
  • Frank almost looks offended when he discovers that Russo isn't part of the team that raids Micro's hideout. Like he's thinking "What, I'm not good enough for you to personally come?"
  • Rawlins tries to pass his torture and illegal black ops on U.S. soil as mishaps to Marion. When she finds out just how deep he is in, he just casually chucks Russo under the bus.

    Episode 12 - "Home" 
  • As Sarah is examining David's scruffier looking beard, he tells Sarah that he's been living in a basement in his bathrobe for a year.
    • When David admits that he allowed Frank to be captured because Frank wanted a chance to kill Russo and Rawlins, Sarah, against all expectations, actually hopes Frank does kill them. For someone who thought she was in a romantic drama for most of the season, Sarah got on the revenge portion of the Conspiracy Thriller really quick.
  • After Homeland finds the van used to take Frank, they also find the tracking device they were going to use to follow Frank. Madani asks David if he knew that Frank was going to screw them over, and David says that Frank doesn't work well with others. He isn't "completely, uh, socialized".
  • When Frank wakes up in Micro's arms, Micro calls him "you scary, beautiful man".

    Episode 13 - "Memento Mori" 
  • Russo visits Curtis, intending to get him to give up Frank.
    • Russo gets Curtis to admit that he'd secretly known all this time that Frank was alive.
    • As Curtis hands Russo a coffee mug, Russo realizes in a matter of milliseconds that he's about to be taken out by Frank with a sniper rifle. Russo dives to the ground as the first bullet flies through the window, gets out his pistol, and shouts, "You peg leg bastard!” as he opens fire on Curtis.
    • Russo then raises his knife to the windowsill just to check if Frank's out of ammo. He lowers his knife as Frank fires another round.
      Billy Russo: I'm gonna be honest, I'm taking this kinda personally. (Curtis's phone rings as Frank calls him) Well I wonder who that could be.
    • Frank asks Curtis to put Russo on the phone.
      Curtis Hoyle: If I give you this phone, are you gonna shoot me?
      Billy Russo: Not right now.
      Curtis Hoyle: Do you promise?

Season 2

     Episode 1 - "Roadhouse Blues" 
  • It's a bit of Black Comedy, but during the bar fight a random patron tries to intervene. Frank casually knocks him out so fast that it's completely hilarious.
  • There's a bit of hilarity when Frank busts into the bathroom to rescue Amy. The leader of the thugs turns around and laughs at Frank, telling him he has no idea who he's dealing with... which is hilariously ironic considering that this is normally the reaction to other people messing with the Punisher.
  • Though Frank's beatdown of the thugs in the bathroom is more awesome than funny, the sheer contempt with which he slams Eddy's head through a sink is a sight to behold. Frank's clearly thinking that he's had enough of their shit.
  • Into a bathroom stall, behind the bar, to keep her safe Frank just keeps casually throws Amy out of the way in middle of fights.

     Episode 2 - "Fight or Flight" 
  • Frank and Amy making a stop at a motel to get some rest and regroup. Amy ask for money to pay for a room and Frank hands her cash... covered in blood. She notes that that won’t draw suspicion at all.
  • Frank took a bullet in the previous episode in... a hard to reach place.
    Rachel: Is this, like, normal behavior for you? Getting shot, I mean?
    • In real life it is said that getting shot in the buttocks is the safest place so Frank actually got really lucky despite how the scene is played.
  • Frank ties Rachel to the bed with zip ties. Then suggests that they both should get some sleep. When she threatens to keep shouting, Frank casually grabs a roll of duct tape, and gags her.
    • Played twice, when Frank has to leave, and is about to do the same procedure, with Rachel seemingly convincing Frank the zip ties and duct tape are unnecessary. Then we see Frank leaving the room, before we cut back to Rachel, who's been tied and gagged again.
  • Frank tells the sheriff of Larksville he didn’t murder anyone. When asked about the bodies Frank says they “died from terminal stupidity”. He’s not wrong either.

     Episode 3 - "Trouble The Water" 
  • Continuing the Running Gag of Frank being referred to like a dog, he repeatedly asks to be "let out" when under attack.
  • As Frank goes to work on Pilgrim's mercenaries, the sheriff's department cheers him on, cracking jokes and sneering at the mercs.
     Episode 5- "One-Eyed Jacks" 
  • The episode begins with Amy playing Three-card Monty with Frank, who is really into it and frustrated he can't get find the queen.
  • Turk gets into his car... and finds Frank is sitting in the back seat.
    Frank: (amused) Oh, hell yeah.
  • Frank comes back after a fight with a group of Russian thugs.
    Amy: So, did that go really good or really bad?
    (Frank turns around, covered in blood, bruises, and cuts, and gives a thumbs up)
    Amy: Well, what does bad look like?
     Episode 8- "My Brother's Keeper" 
  • After confronting Mahoney at gunpoint, Curtis panics about how soon the NYPD will figure out the identity of Castle's one-legged black friend. Castle tells him he has several one-legged black friends.

     Episode 9- "Flustercluck" 

     Episode 11- "The Abyss" 
  • The sheer pileup of formidable women turning up in Frank's hospital room, all while he just wants them to leave him alone to wallow in despair. His attitude goes from agonised seriousness with Karen, to frustration when Amy joins her, to sheer "oh for crying out loud, enough already!" aggrevation when Madani walks in.
    • Even Madani has a confused look for a second as she walks into the room.
  • The audience learns just what lurid price it was Karen had to pay for Creepy Ed's help... when we see him happily strolling around in her high-heeled shoes.
  • After the cop who tried to kill Frank and Amy is knocked out, Amy kicks him and calls him a "motherscratcher".

Meta and unsorted

  • The entire fact that for most of the first season, Sarah's personal story is a romantic drama straight from the Nicholas Sparks playbook as she struggles to raise her kids after her husband's death, accidentally hits a guy with her car, and then starts falling for him as he keeps coming around. The whole thing is practically screaming for the fake trailer treatment.
  • Pre-Frank shaving off the beard and shaggy hair, his "secret identity" as "The Punishipster".


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