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  • After Gorgon destroys a rover, Karnak points out that the rover could've easily recorded his feet, which would alert the earthling their presence, Gorgon tells him that they wont know it was a hoof, cut back to Earth:
    Louise: Is that a hoof?
  • Karnak launches into a spiel about how meaningless the Terrigenisis ceremony is since ultimately the universe will be swallowed by black holes. Gorgon's response? "See, this is why no one asks you to do their birthday toast."
  • Karnak expresses interest in a servant girl...only to rapidly explain exactly how their relationship would deteriorate in a matter of days. Karnak complains about Karnak completely destroying any romantic relationship.

     Divide and Conquer 
  • Medusa coming across an ATM and asking it to give her money.

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