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Clemont's issues with inventions became such a Running Gag, even Braixen knew what to expect.


  • It seems Bonnie is the new Brock of this season — every time a pretty girl shows up, she gets down on one knee and proposes they marry...her brother.
    • And to mirror Brock getting dragged away by the ear, Bonnie gets dragged away by Clemont's mechanical Aipom arm.
    • This also leads to Bonnie asking Diantha, the champion of Kalos, to marry Clemont.
    • In XY&Z6, the woman Bonnie proposes too actually accepts, while revealing herself to be really a hundred-year-old woman, using a ninja technique to make herself look young.
    • In XY&Z20, a girl finally accepts Bonnie's proposal, only for Bonnie to be jealous about all the attention that Clemont is giving to the girl instead of her.
  • Unsurprisingly, Bonnie also takes on a role similar to Max, May's little brother. In all episodes that involve the older kids being scared witless by certain pokemon, Bonnie generally reacts with an almost gleeful naivete. It reaches its peak when they meet an actual ghost and his Ghost-Type buddies.
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  • It's early days, but it's already been well established that Clemontic Gears rarely last more than a few minutes before blowing up in everyone's faces and giving the human characters afros. The aftermath is always hilarious, but especially with the Sticky Web cannon, which gave all the Pokémon that were currently out afros as well. Including Fletchling. Pikachu even gets one on his tail!
  • Most of Clemontic Gears are dubbed horrible names by Clemont. In one episode where Team Rocket give their own mech an uncannily bad name, Clemont is impressed.



  • #XY1. Serena getting bombarded by Fletchling just like the games. However, unlike the games, this is much funnier.
    • Ash and Pikachu fall off the Prism Tower. Ash then lands on a cushion. As for Pikachu, well...
    Bonnie: I got you PikaCHUUUUUU! (catches Pikachu, they both fall over).
    • And later, Bonnie gives Pikachu an excessively tight hug, causing him to involuntarily shock her.
  • #XY3 Japanese original only, when Viola sends out her Surskit, but instead of Pokémon Speak, it just says “Ah.”
  • #XY9. When the group meet Clemont and Bonnie's dad. He first gushes how he's proud about his son. What really tops it off was him mentioning Clemont as Gym leader, with both siblings really embarrassed. Ash and Serena were not pleased as you expect.
  • #XY10. James's rambling during the Cold Opening gets cut off by the opening theme.
    • The "overuse" of the word Mega during that segment.
    • In the same episode, Bonnie and Serena's imitation of Team Rocket's introduction. Later, Team Rocket says it themselves, only to find Ash and Clemont weren't listening and trying to get Bonnie, Professor Sycamore, and Serena untied the whole time.
    • Jessie and James' angry interruption of the mock motto (Japanese James retorts their acting was weak, while English dub James claims "copyright infringement"), plus Serena's freeze frame expression. She looks exasperated that she didn't get to finish the whole thing.
    • When Jessie and James tie up the girls, Bonnie orders Dedenne, who's crawled into her backpack to take a nap, to attack.
  • How Jessie captures her Pumpkaboo. She literally just flicks a Poké Ball at it and it's caught. It's more like something James or someone playing Pokémon GO would do!
  • When Meowth asks who gets credit for poaching Pikachu and the Kalos starters, a fight breaks out. James says he built the net that caught the Pokémon, Meowth says it was his idea, and Jessie says she gave the signal. James points out that Jessie had the easiest job and is therefore not an accomplishment and states that Inkay was responsible for their escape and being Inkay's trainer, claims that as his second accomplishment. Jessie and James decide to settle things with a Pokémon battle which ends up destroying the balloon.
  • When they're looking for Dedenne, they come across some holes and literally try to catch it (think Whack-A-Mole without the hammer). Pikachu and Bunnelby also get in the holes, followed by screenshots of the heroes searching the holes including one where Clemont grabs Pikachu, gets electrocuted, and Pikachu apologizes with a sheepish grin on its face.
    • At the end of the episode, Clemont uses a machine that generates static electricity to help Dedenne recharge. He pulls on a lever and it works. When Ash and Bonnie ask him to turn it off, he shows that he accidentally broke the lever off while smiling and with his glasses lens white. Cue the machine blowing up.
      • And while everyone freaks out over the machine, Dedenne just leisurely walks away from it like nothing's happening.
  • Ash explaining evolution to Bonnie in XY012.
    Ash: Evolution is when a Pokemon starts to glow super bright and transform like Bam! And that's everyone goes "Wow, that's awesome!" That's about all there is to it.
  • In the episode where Dedenne accidentally switches places with a Pichu, Clemont builds a machine that sends out electric waves to attract Dedenne. As usual, the machine blows up, giving all the humans "afros", even funnier is that Pikachu managed to avoid getting a fur afro despite being caught at the explosion's epicenter.
    • At the end with Dedenne and Pichu reunited with their trainers, Ash ruins the heartfelt moment with his stomach, annoying Serena. But that's not the funny part. Everyone laughs except for Pikachu who has a "some things never change" look on his face.
  • In the Froakie vs Frogadier episode...
    • Clemont invents a pair of boots allowing the wearer to jump higher like a ninja. Surprisingly, the boots don't explode, but malfunction all the same and send Clemont blasting off a la Team Rocket style.
    • For a majority of the episode, Pikachu, Bonnie, and Dedenne play ninja while Ash and Froakie train. Several moments stand out.
      • Bonnie tries hiding in a pile of leaves, sinking down like a scuba diver as Dedenne and Pikachu throw more leaves into the pile.
      • Dedenne and Pikachu are looking for Bonnie, but she's in plain sight. Her disguise? A short hiding mat that doesn't even hide her whole body. Konohamaru would be proud.
  • The princess of Parfum Palace agrees to hand over the Poké Flute to Ash, in exchange for having Clemont as a "guest". At the end of the episode, the protagonists are about to leave when Bonnie interrupts the closing narrator, remembering that Clemont is still at Parfum Palace. At that point, Clemont reunites with his friends and sister and in his underwear (which naturally embarrasses Serena). He tells them that he built a robot and put his jumpsuit on it to take his place and fool the princess. The princess is not amused by this.
  • Professor Sycamore tries to get on the good graces of Diantha's assistant by flirting with her. She smacks him on the nose with a book instead.
  • In Going for the Gold!, when the gang visits Ambrette Aquarium, Bonnie imitating the Wooper is good for a laugh.
  • "The Cave of Mirrors" is a Mirror Universe plot with a few standout gags: Clemont the energetic magic-user, Hawlucha the jobber, and the heroic Team Rocket with a ridiculously manly-voiced Meowth and Wobbuffet.
    • Speaking of that episode, this brilliantly meta insult:
    Ash: Give us back our Pikachu!
    Meowth: Sure, as soon as you grow up!
  • Korrina's family apparently has a tradition where the next gym leader is handed a secret document filled with information on what makes a good gym leader. When Ash and friends help retrieve said document from Team Rocket, Korrina's grandfather agrees to tell them its secrets: as it turns out, it's actually a bunch of rules that could best be described as routine and manners. What's more, Gurkinn himself wrote the document. Needless to say, the party gives the appropriate reaction.
  • In "Day Three Blockbusters!" Sycamore and his assistant have a flashback to an offscreen fishing competition the Pokémon Summer Camp held. Most of the catches are generic water-types, such as Staryu, Tentacool, and Corphish (which chases Clemont). Trevor's catch however? A Wailord. This is made funnier by how short and thin Trevor is.
  • "Origins of Mega Evolution" The group run into Korrina again, and by Ash's consent, get to watch him train...except this particular one involves the 'rhythmic' style he's trying from Tierno (which it turns out Ash can't dance well). Cue Korrina and Lucario with blank looks, somewhere between laughter and 'What am I seeing?':
    "Now I've seen it all...that's Ash's training..."
    • The dance practice in general. It speaks volumes how a flier like Fletchinder is the most graceful of Ash's team. Imagine Hawlucha trying to make his dance look macho.
  • In The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos, some Pokémon have been injured by a wild Salamence. An ambulance brings a Linoone and Bidoof to the Pokemon Center. Bonnie and Serena take Linoone inside while Clemont is about to use his mechanical Aimpom arm to bring Bidoof's gurney inside, complete with the Route 4 music that accompanies whenever Clemont is about to use an invention, but the music ends when Clemont realizes that Ash already took Bidoof inside.
  • In Pathways to Performance Partnering, the character of the day (Nini) offers to trade one of her Pokémon for Serena's Pancham. Serena and Pancham are surprised by this, while Chespin smiles and begins to push Pancham towards Nini.
  • When Froakie evolves into Frogadier, Ash's friends aren't around to see it thanks to a flock of Golbat separating them. When Ash shows off his new Frogadier, Bonnie is disappointed that she didn't get to see Froakie evolve and asks Frogadier to turn back into a Froakie so she can see the evolution process.
  • The episode where Ash and friends first arrive in Coumarine City seemed to be written specifically to torture Clemont. First, we had Bonnie ask yet another girl to take care of him, while Chespin simultaneously flirts with the girl's Bellossom! All Clemont can do is pull Bonnie back with his Aipom Arm and recall Chespin and walk away. When the gang head up to the ranch, we are reminded once again of how out-of-shape Clemont is when he can't make it up the hill. He unveils his newest invention to help him get up the hill, which are essentially weird rocket scooters that inevitably explode, ala Wile E. Coyote. Clemont ends up crashing through the fence of a ranch and gets attacked by a bunch of Victreebel for it, one of whom tries to eat him the way James' Victreebel used to! And when Ash tells Pikachu to attack the Victreebel with a Thunderbolt to get Clemont out of there, the Victreebel pull back at the last second and Clemont gets hit instead! That was just not his day.
  • In the episode when Tierno returns, Team Rocket's latest mecha captures Tierno's Wartortle and Raichu and Ash's Sligoo. Raichu electrocutes the cage they're in and considering Raichu and Wartortle's types...
    • Also, at first Team Rocket thinks that Ash's Pikachu evolved into Raichu. They only realize that's not what happened after she shocks James, and he realizes that her electric attacks are not very powerful compared to Pikachu's.
  • In "A Relay In The Sky", Meowth's Pelipper mech is exposed and bashes into Jessie and James, blasting themselves off before they've even finished revealing themselves and saying their motto. Ash says his usually outraged reply of "Team Rocket!!" in complete bewilderment.
  • In "A Frenzied Factory Fiasco", Jessie and James accidentally spray paint Pikachu and Meowth. Pikachu is given the Nest, Great, Net, and Repeat ball designs while Meowth is painted with the Safari ball design.
    • Same episode, Pikachu almost catches Meowth in a Luxury Ball. It's Meowth's reaction that really sells it.
    • Team Rocket's Delayed Reaction to coming across Pikachu, who just stares blankly, before realising that means he's not in their Poke Ball. Cue Deranged Animation of the trio shrieking "PIIIKACHUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!".
    • The trio's plan was probably one of their most degrading towards the heroes' naiveté. Not only do they get the heroes to hand over all their Poké Balls in their Paper-Thin Disguise, they get Ash to willingly place Pikachu in their container which definitely doesn't look anything like Team Rocket's electric-proof cases (Pikachu's expression says it all). They are them dimly led into what is meant to be a simulator of the inside of a Poké Ball. It takes them a while to realise that they have been trapped in a storage closet.
    Jessie: Prepare for trouble, we’ve done it again!
    James: And make it double, you're gullible times ten!
  • Watching Serena's second performance on TV, Professor Sycamore was so happy for her that he twirls around and excitedly tries to glomp one of his assistants. The assistant wisely sidesteps out of the way, and Sycamore loses his footing, landing face-first on the floor.
  • Chespin and Bunnelby get sent on an errand. The hilarity kicks in when a wild Fearow steals Chespin's purse, and the amazing insert song gets cut off. Then, to catch Fearow, Chespin decides to throw Bunnelby at it, to the latter's shock.
    • Meanwhile, Pikachu, Luxray and Dedenne have to act as the Center's backup "generators". Halfway through their chore, Dedenne falls asleep, and the other two have to pick up the slack; no one bats an eye. Only when Clemont got the electricity running again did Dedenne wake back up, and it's Pikachu's and Luxray's turn to collapse.
  • When Ash tells Tierno that he wants to find out the style of the Anistar Gym for himself, Shauna notes Ash's enthusiasm and quietly asks Serena "That's why you like him, right?" Cue Luminescent Blush and Blank White Eyes from Serena as she nervously babbles her response...this draws Ash's attention and freaks Serena out even more as she insists it was nothing important. Meanwhile, Shauna sighs and gives the traditional "so dense" smile and shrug.
  • In the first episode of season 19, there's a "Who's That Pokémon?" before the first commercial break. The Pokémon in question is the Zygarde Core (or "Squishy", as Bonnie names it, because there's no Pokédex data on it and it doesn't say its name), and when it's revealed, the characters other than Bonnie are completely stumped as to what it is.
  • In "Mending A Broken Spirit", James takes on the mysterious persona Jeeves to tutor Serena. After he ditches the disguise, Serena quickly blasts him off. Afterwards, she questions where Jeeves got to, leaving to mystified gang to assume he made a dramatic exit and vanished into thin air. That's one way of putting it...
  • In XYZ02, a wild Quilladin is attracted to Serena's Eevee. When it gets by Chespin and Pancham and comes up to her, she does Double Team, making multiple copies of herself. Seeing lots and lots of Eevee makes Quilladin overheat and faint. Eevee effectively defeated Quilladin with a status move.
  • Just the fact that Greninja, a fully-evolved ninja frog with a tongue scarf and a battle bond with its Trainer, sounds pretty much identical to Gollum. Cue absolute Narm Charm and dozens upon dozens of LOTR jokes in the comments section of clips from Frogadier's evolution.
  • In "A Windswept Encounter", Clemont expresses surprise at how well Noibat and Floette get along, given their directly opposed types. This causes Dedenne and Squishy to make scolding noises at him. The humour is in the irony for the viewer, since they know (though the cast doesn't) that "Squishy" is in fact Zygarde, a dragon type (Dedenne is a Fairy type, for those keeping score).
  • In XYZ13, after being beaten by the Ash-Greninja form, Sawyer wants to know what it was. Ash answers that he doesn't actually know. Sawyer initially treats this as a useful answer before realising it isn't.
  • In XYZ21, Pancham and Chespin get jealous when Lillia's Buneary has a crush on Bunnelby. But when they try to cut in on him, Buneary knocks them both back with her ears and scoots back over to nuzzle Bunnelby instead.
  • In XYZ22, after training at night, Ash gets a terrible cold, leaving him slightly delirious. Upon seeing Serena, he pushes past Bonnie, and falls on Serena's chest, and, holding her hands, says:
    Ash: Now's our, now...
    (Serena starts blushing)
    Serena: What's wrong?
    Ash: I...
    (background changes to pink, with romantic music playing)
    Serena: I - what?
    Ash: ...
    (Serena squeaks, clearly expecting him to say "I love you", "Ai shite iru" in Japanese)
    Ash: Iron Tail, Pikachu... (He then immediately collapses)
    The rest of the gang: Ash!!!!!
    • Not to mention what happens after that: Serena having to dress like Ash to fend off a crazy Pikachu battler named Jimmy, who is a barrel of laughs himself.
      • Jimmy's Pikachu headbangs! At one point he headbangs so hard he gives himself a concussion.
    • Serena's decision to pose as Ash. The Pokémon's reactions (especially Pikachu's and Pancham's faces) can be summed up as "What is she thinking?!" or "Did she change her outfit in front of Ash inside?"
    • Team Rocket are actually fooled by the charade, at least until they finally get a closer look at "Ash". Oh, the irony…
  • In "Mega Revelatons", we get treated to Pikachu reuniting with his lost love: ketchup.
  • XY014 has the group seeking shelter from a storm in a decaying and seemingly haunted mansion, all of them increasingly giving into panic except for Bonnie. The highlight is when Ash, Serena and Clemont freak out over an old woman appearing (admittedly accompanied by thunder and lightning), with Bonnie calmly dismissing it as just a painting.
  • XYZ27
    • The Snowbelle Gym referee is shivering so much throughout the entire match that he has trouble speaking.
    • Ash calls out Hawlucha into battle first. Hawlucha tries making himself look cool, but he then slips on the ice.
  • XYZ28:
  • XYZ31:
    • Clemont presents the team with a huge Rube Goldberg-esque device, with which he places a ball, which rolls throughout it's cogs and activates it's machinery in a chain set off a hammer to crack an acorn. An unimpressed Serena asks if it wouldn't be easier to just crack it with their hands like usual, setting off an enormous snit fit from Clemont.
    • Later when they confront Team Rocket, they present their newest device, a large Meowth shaped mechanism. The twerps watch confused as Meowth jumps into the machine activating it in a very similar vein as the device before, with which it slowly paces towards Pikachu and hoists Meowth towards him just so he can perform Fury Swipes on him...only to be few inches too far away. Both Jessie and the twerps are exasperated from having to go through all that elaboration for nothing, only to be rebuffed by James and Clemont for not appreciating technology.
    • The Running Gag of Jessie confusing "budget" and "gadget".
  • Almost any time Clemont takes a bit too mutual an interest in Team Rocket's gadgetry, even when it's trying to attack them.
    Clemont: *thoughtfully* Even I have to admit that's pretty good science.
    Bonnie: What is this, the Team Rocket Fan Club???
  • In XY035, Serena finds out that one of the group's Pokémon has stolen the Poképuffs she made and sternly confronts them about it, warning them that even if no one owns up she'll know. "I put in those super-spicy Poképuffs Fennekin loves so much, and right about now, things will start heating up in a big, big way." As she says this, Chespin starts sweating badly, followed by the expected fiery outburst.
  • The second ED is about Pikachu and ketchup. It's just as silly as it sounds.
  • In XYZ37, James finds himself caught up in the heat of the moment and starts rooting for Ash in the finals, much to Jesse and Meowth's annoyance.
  • "So You're Having a Bad Day?"
    • Bonnie starts asking Meowth questions. One of which...
    Bonnie: Hey, how come you can talk?
    Meowth: I'm glad you asked me that! You see kid, the story behind that is long and sad. But what an ending!
    Bonnie: Never mind!
    • When Bonnie gets hit by Spore and falls asleep, Meowth valiantly and dramatically attempts to carry her...and fails. Three times.
    Meowth: I gotta work out more often.
    • The trainers' Pokémon playing Empathy Pet in their absence to another of Clemont's invention demonstrations, his Bunnelby is observing thoughtfully, Ash's Pikachu is geeking out, Serena's Braixen is giving an Aside Glance. It's even the page image!

  • "Lights! Camera! Pika!" is hilarious from start to finish. The episode's sole purpose was to show off Cosplay Pikachu (which wasn't even in X and Y in the first place). Nonetheless, the writing pulled through.
    • Let's just say Frank has a bit of a Pikachu fetish. Of course, this is Played for Laughs.
    • When Clemont volunteers to finish the script, all five Cosplay Pikachu start embracing him. Clemont's reaction is priceless.
    • During an action scene, Frank uses a cluster of Pikachu for the lightning effects. However, they shock Ash in the process.
    • Then there's the movie itself.
    • After the episode ends, we get treated to Hilarious Outtakes. Highlights include...
  • In "Battling With A Clean Slate!" Team Rocket make one final attempt at Pikachu for the series, and get promptly outmatched by the twerps and Alain. As they blast off, the trio sulkily admit they never really stood a chance against two league finalists and aren't seen facing them for the rest of the series. To reiterate, the odds got so uneven by the end of the XY series that Team Rocket of all people essentially rage quit.
  • Serena's goodbye, specifically the kiss. Words just cannot describe the epic Reaction Shot of the rest of the XY gang. Plus Bonnie's fist pump that seems to tell Serena 'good job!'. Another special mention goes to Pikachu, who loves it so much his ears twine together!
  • Cilan meets Clemont and Bonnie. "IT'S FISHING TIME!!!"
    • In Ash's absence, Clemont has to claim that "science is so amazing" himself. Bonnie calls him out on it.
  • In the final episode, Oak laments that he can't see Ash and co through the screen, because Pikachu has smushed himself against the screen and is making adorable faces!

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