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It's a comedic Chibi retelling of My Hero Academia, which means even more laughs than the original.

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    Running Gags 
  • For anyone who doesn't like Mineta in the original, he gets prime Butt-Monkey status here, getting ragged on by everyone from Bakugo to Endeavor.
  • Iida has a tendency to let compliments go to his head, leading to either a blissed out expression of pure joy or him disciplining himself by carrying heavy buckets to prevent his heart from growing prideful. it's enough that he'll stop in the middle of a villain battle to discipline himself and has learned autohypnosis just to relive the joy of being praised.
  • Because it's Lighter and Softer than the original, the League of Villains is basically just some hooligans who do a bunch of friendship activities.

Volume 1

    Entrance Exam Arc (Chapters 1-4) 
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

  • The All American Dream plan is a bit... different than it was in canon. Namely, instead of a training montage to condition his body to handle One for All, it leads to Midoriya heading west into a desert to become a mustachioed oil baron.
  • Unlike canon, All Might lists alternative ways ingest his DNA until Midoriya demands to eat hair.

Chapter 3

  • Entrance exam is initially presented more like paying tribute to Nezu as if he's a yakuza boss.
  • When the aspiring students are confronted by the zero pointer, they reveal their true character. Not quite by showing how they'd act in a crisis, but by panickily confessing their worst sins. Aizawa declares it like a scene out of Hell itself.
  • We get a bit more information about the zero pointer in one of the strips, namely that it apparently gets lent out to various agencies for national-level emergencies and costs 5% of the nations military expenses. Cue the panel of Midoriya utterly wrecking it to the teachers' horror.

Chapter 4

  • During the written portion of the entrance exam, Iida turns himself in for cheating. Why? The question wanted a sentence containing the word "eraser" translated into English and the test-issued erasers had the English word on them.
    • Not to mention the sentence itself...
    "Bob snuck a sniff of Margaret's eraser. Bob's expression turned to one of unendurable satisfaction. He then fell into a deep sleep."
  • Uraraka's description of Midoriya when she's trying to give him her points goes into a lot more detail than canon, like saying he looks like he probably really likes virtual girls and buys a second copy of each manga to keep in its wrapping.

    Quirk Apprehension Arc (Chapters 5-7) 
Chapter 5
  • Snipe takes warning shots at Bakugo for not inserting his heel into his indoor shoes.
  • Uraraka and Midoriya have a conversation that's almost entirely Innocent Innuendo to bystanders.
    Uraraka: What are you saying it's because you were so amazing, I mean it was so hard!!
    Midoriya: I sh-sh-should be thanking you, it's because of your quirk that I'm still...
    Uraraka: I'm sorry, it must have really hurt!
    Midoriya: No, not at all! That's just what I needed to be able to come!
    Uraraka: Honestly, I was so shocked when I saw that huge thing coming at me from behind. I thought I was gonna die it was so big!
  • Aizawa apparently considers to logical to sleep on the street rather than go home if it saves him time.

Chapter 6

  • Aizawa's explanation of the school motto backfires when the students turn it into a meme.
    Kirishima: Yo, the cone okay over here?
    Offcreen Student: Plus Ultra! (Yet Onward!)
    Kirishima: Got it! [moves the cone a bit farther] Plus Ultra? (Need It More Onward?)
    Uraraka: Little Ultra. (A Little More Onward, Maybe.)
    Hagakure: Just Ultra! (Perfect!)

Chapter 7

  • 1-A reacts to Aizawa's "logical ruse" with utter paranoia that everything else might be a similar trick, like trying to decode stains on the wall from morse code or accusing a stray cat of being a teacher in disguise.
  • Not only does Uraraka pick up "Deku" from Bakugo, she copies every one of his descriptive insults for their classmates instead of remembering their names.
  • Iida responds to being treated by Recovery Girl the only way he thinks would be an honorable response to kissing a woman: drafting a marriage proposal.

    Battle Trial Arc (Chapters 10-13) 
Chapter 10
  • All Might's description of the battle trials is much more elaborate than canon, coming across more like a summary of an entire series.
  • All Might's "lesson plan" for the battle trials.
    1. Morning greeting
    2. Roll Call
    3. Then I talk about me
    4. Song time
    5. [illegible scribble]
    6. [Heavily crossed out] Autographs
    • When Midnight tries to help him out she either gets drawn into his dramatic description of the battle trial or she's the one who helped him make it so elaborate in the first place.
  • Uraraka used Midoriya's own low self-esteem and questionable math to point out that if he's worthless and Bakugo's hundreds of times better, zero times zero is still zero, meaning Bakugo is equally as pathetic.
  • Because the video feeds don't have audio, Jiro takes it upon herself to give the battling students voices, resulting in Iida being Bakugo's spouse while Bakugo is walking out on him and their child.
  • Midoriya's analysis on Bakugo goes much farther than simply reading his preferred opening attack, listing off how he likes his curry, how he stats washing in the shower, and what he usually does just before going to sleep. Bakugo gets outright scared of it, complete with Unsound Effect.

Chapter 11

  • Iida not only cleared the bomb room of anything Uraraka could float, he neatly arranged it all in the next room Tetris-style.
  • Uraraka asks a heavily in-character Iida what his mother would say if she could see him now, sending him into a tearful breakdown and ending the battle before Midoriya and Bakugo can have their climatic fight.

Chapter 12

  • Mineta and Yaoyorozu loose their match when Mineta gets too distracted staring at her cleavage to hear her ask him to set up traps, instead trying himself in a bondage pose. When he finds them, Tokoyami is at an utter loss to describe what he's seeing to Asui.
  • Ashido and Kaminari both mistake the exercise for a game of hide and seek.
  • All Might learns a simple but important lesson from the battle exercises himself: he needs a drink, no matter what the doctor says.

Chapter 13

  • Apparently Yaoyorozu and Mineta were in the camera's blind spot during their trial, leaving the other wondering what happened. Tokoyami, the only one who saw, remains tight lipped on the topic.
  • All Might attempts to give Bakugo some counseling using ideas from a book on the subject. The problem is he tries to do all of them at once, leading to him offering to play word association games while jogging with a dog and raising a cactus.

    USJ Arc (Chapters 14, 16-19) 
Chapter 14

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

  • The villains got into USJ the easy way: they just bought passes like normal tourists to Universal Studios: Japan.
  • When Kurogiri is warping the students away, all of the girls team up to drag Mineta in and ensure he doesn't get warped to the changing rooms.
  • Mineta's so traumatized he starts hallucinating in the flood zone.
    Mineta: Hey there, mermaids. I hope you're doing well~
    Villain 1: Come down into the dip!
    Villain 2: We'll rip you to pieces!
  • Two villains that get stuck together in Mirodiya and Mineta's joint attack have a Love at First Sight moment and start a wedding right there, leaving Midoriya, Asui, and Mineta staring on in confusion.
    Caption Box: What even.

Chapter 18

  • Kaminari protests that he can't let out a massive shock without hurting Jiro and Yaoyorozu but he can charge phones. That actually ends up saving them when the villains want to charge their phones, to which his greatest concern is that one of them still plays Angry Birds.
  • When a villain takes Kirishima as a hostage, Bakugo blasts both of them before Kirishima can even explain that his hardening quirk makes it safe anyways. After several more strips like that, Kirishima decides he's probably the only person in the class who could survive as Bakugo's partner.

Chapter 19

  • The villains Ojiro confronts end up fighting and defeating each other because he's so plain, none of them remembered him and thus couldn't figure out who was their actual enemy. One strip later, he gets attacked by Bakugo because his classmates don't remember him either and think he's a villain.
  • Iida's escape for help is foiled when he runs smack into the closed doors of the USJ, followed by a panel of his classmates starring at him in absolute silence with blank expressions.

Chapter 20

  • All Might gets distracted fighting Noumu, first because out of concern that Noumu's brain is out in the open, then because he can't get over how weird the feeling of punching a brain is. His descriptions of what it feels like ends up traumatizing the students who can hear.
  • Kurogiri uses his portals to turn the Noumu fight into whack-a-mole, during which All Might accidentally slugs Mineta thinking he's the Noumu.

    Miscellaneous Chapters 
Chapter 8 (Christmas)
  • When the class volunteers at a kindergarten for Christmas, Bakugo is the only one the kids liked so much they requested he stay behind even while everyone else left.

Chapter 9 (New Year's)

  • Both Aizawa and Bakugo spend New Year's Eve waiting in line to buy sleeping bags.

Chapter 15 (Valentines Day)

  • Midnight ropes the students into being staff at her charity event under the guise of a field trip. Among other things, she only had twenty outfits equally split among gender, resulting Mineta, Sato, and Midoriya dressing in the maids outfits, as well as Iida, who everyone agrees actually looks pretty good.
  • An anti-valentine's day villain shows up whose power is to give people incredibly thick eyebrows. Sato easily takes him down, as his already gigantic eyebrows make him immune.

Bonus Chapter 1

  • The whole chapter's about a villain who inverts genders. Besides the typical jokes of Attractive Bent-Gender, he also inverts quirks for extra humor.
    • Todoroki has a crisis because he can't decide whether to refuse to use the half of his quirk he inherited from Endeavor or the one that now does fire.
    • Sato's quirk makes him an idiot unless he eats sugar, but sugar makes her weaker. As the description points out, it's a terrible quirk for several reasons.
    • Kirishima's usually costume backfires when he gets affected, not that he really minds.
    • Yaoyorozu's quirk is... nothing. That's it, she just can't create anything.

Volume 2

    Sports Festival Arc (Chapters 22-25, 27-30) 
Chapter 22
  • Jiro tests using her earphone jacks to attack by conducting sound through a nearby pond, only to inadvertently blast Asui who was swimming at the bottom. One strip later, Kaminari does the same thing with his voltage.

Chapter 23

  • Jiro drinks some of Asui's drink thinking it's green tea, only to be told it's pond water.
  • Some of the 1-A students react to stress with jerky movements, hand sweat, or stiffening, but Asui reacts by playing dead.

Chapter 24

  • The first obstacle in the race isn't an army of zero pointers, but robot copies of Aizawa. They can't erase quirks, but they can crush spirits.
    Robot Aizawa: You are hopeless.
    All of 1-A: [collapses in despair]
    • How do they defeat the robo-Aizawas? They take advantage of the fact they're modelled after the original and have Yaoyorozu make a cat, causing them to roll around on the ground in joy. Meanwhile, the real Aizawa is verbally thrashing Present Mic over the robot design.
  • The minefield also replaces the typical explosives with psychological mines tailored to who trips them. The ones that aren't actually pretty sad are rather funny.
    • Mineta is the only one unaffected, as he's already so much of a pervert that explosives literally shouting his inner lusts aren't anything new.

Chapter 25

  • The whole chapter replaces the cavalry battle with baseball. It's exactly as funny as it sounds.
    • Uraraka is for some reason a fan and happily takes over the role of coach. Jiro comments that she sounds like a middle-aged drunk man.

Chapter 27

  • Shoji foils Uraraka's attempts to see his face by eating with mouths formed on his arms.
  • When hearing Uraraka and Yaoyorozu talking about how they need to watch what they eat, a jealous Jiro walks by and pours mayo on their food.
  • Nobody wants to eat with an increasingly desperate Present Mic, so he makes Eraserhead participate in what can only be described as angry spooning.

Chapter 28

  • Before the final round, Present Mic makes the contestants perform folk dance. Why? For his entertainment.
    • Asui keeps messing up the conga line by hopping instead of walking.
    • An errant spin from Ojiro causes his tail to hit Kirishima hard enough to cause Blood from the Mouth. Kirishima complements him on the good attack, then demands he do it again until one of them can't go on.

Chapter 29

  • During Midoriya's fight with Shinso, nothing Shinso says gets him to reply, but a dig that the girls in his class say his hair is weird causes him to forget the fight and look back to his classmates, distraught that it might be true.
  • Bakugo's explosions don't hurt Kirishima, but they do make him shrink. As he refuses to surrender, Bakugo continues to blast him until he disappears entirely. No explanations is given for why this happens or how he recovers.

Chapter 30

  • Midoriya's plan to analyze Todoroki's fighting style is to make a dummy of himself and ask Todoroki to attack it while he films the whole thing.
  • In this version, Todoroki's fire attack actually kills Midoriya, leading to a panicked conversation with an angel.
  • After Todoroki beats Iida in just two panels, some of the other students have a discussion about cloud shapes until Iida reprimands them for making meaningless conversation just because there's still panels left to fill.

    Field Training Arc (Chapter 31, 33-36) 
Chapter 33
  • When Jiro finds out she didn't get any offers for internships while Kaminari got over two hundred, she doesn't take it well.
    Kaminari: I didn't think choosing would be so hard... Where do you think I should go?
    Jiro: To Hell.
    • When she sees Bakugo and Todoroki, the two with the most offers, arguing about why they got so many she films them and plans to send a suggestively edited version to everyone she knows.
  • Yaoyorozu is thrilled at first to get so many offers despite her poor showing. Then she reads them and realizes they're mostly complimenting her figure. The next panel is a smash cut to her with a blank expression and a pair of scissors as she prepares to cut her hair while yelling about how she hates everything.
  • When Midoriya gets his offer from Gran Torino, the other students who didn't get offers form an actual gang to demand a fine for him escaping the no-offer club.
  • When Midoriya arrives at Gran Torino’s apartment, he briefly considers that he might have a cute granddaughter that he’ll be training with instead.
    • Later it’s shown that he’s fantasizing about the scenario to cope with the stress of dealing with Gran Torino.

Chapter 34

  • While on patrol, Endeavor is desperate to find something to show off his heroism for Todoroki. Sure enough, he finds a major problem... in the form of a gas leak.
  • Asui's internship in this version is with people even harder to read than she is, as their heads are actual shellfish with no facial features.

Chapter 35

  • When Bakugo acts up at Best Jeanist's agency, Best Jeanist reins him in by using his control over clothes to tighten Bakugo's pants in a certain area.
  • Yaoyorozu's idea of makeup for a photoshoot is actual warpaint.

Chapter 36

  • In this version, the infamous Hero Killer Stain is an internet troll who first shows up flaming Endeavor and works at a convenience store.
    • When preparing to kill Native he gives the hero a chance to say some final words, then critiques them and offers improvements. By the end of it they've apparently been at it long enough for his paralysis to wear off and Stain is serving as an acting coach/judge while Native tries out different inflections and tones.
    • When Stain has Iida at his mercy, Stain responds to his anger by giving him a five hour long homemade All Might documentary to watch.
  • Midoriya's rescue is immediately derailed when he mentions All Might and Stain is instantly fascinated about what he's like as a teacher. Things only get more ridiculous when Todoroki shows up and everyone gets roped into reenacting Midoriya's battle training session, with Midoriya playing himself, Stain playing Bakugo, Todoroki playing Iida, and the actual Iida playing Uraraka.

    Miscellaneous Chapters 
Chapter 21 (Hanami Festival)
  • Midoriya gets the position of photographer for their trip, but the only pictures he takes are of All Might.

Chapter 26 (Hero Show)

  • Bakugo gets cast as the villain in 1-A's play and hates it. Not only do they use his chosen hero name, "Baron of Explodo-Kills", as his villain name, but his anger leads to him attacking the students assigned as his minions and inadvertently making the play more interesting.
  • Mineta, who was cast as a backdrop tree, tries to use Bakugo as a distraction to sneak away and steal the show, only to get attacked by Asui, who was cast as a cloud.
  • The whole thing ends in with an Dance Party Ending while the audience praises them for a compelling (and largely improvised) story.

Chapter 32 (Asui's Birthday)

  • In one panel, Mongoose goes from calling Midoriya an Otaku to begging for his number.
  • Most of the chapter is heartwarming as Asui's classmates and her best friend from middle school work together to throw her a big birthday. Thing is, it's June and her birthday is in February.

Bonus Chapter 3

  • The whole chapter is about every student but Midoriya getting de-aged into children. Seeing him try and wrangle a bunch of kid versions of his classmates is quite humorous.
    • Tokoyami becomes a small bird when de-aged, but his cheeps remain just as deep as his usual voice.
    • Todoroki plays tag by freezing everyone else solid in one move. It seems like his match against Sero wasn't just a one time thing.
  • Aizawa ends up getting affected too and apparently he had a bowl cut as a child.
  • The promotional image is pretty funny. Uraraka is making Kirishima float into the sky while Todoroki seems vaguely surprised that he's no longer on the ground, Bakugo's trying to blow up Midoriya's face, and Tokoyami's trying to look cool in the background despite being an adorable toddler.

Volume 3

    Down Time (Chapters 38-42) 
Chapter 38
  • The chapter is about Endeavor inviting Todoroki for some beach training. Given how that training usually goes Todoroki invites some of the other students along, and it's immensely satisfying to see them torment one of the biggest jerks in the main canon.
    • He tries to hide a melon that he'd brought just for himself and Todoroki to eat later, but Uraraka almost immediately finds him out and he's forced to share it.
    • When he demands that everyone must get the ingredients for their own dinners, Kaminari shocks the ocean to collect fish and ends up electrocuting Endeavor as well.
    • Midoriya is once more nominated as cameraman, and once more only takes pictures of the nearest hero. Endeavor is pissed he didn't take any of Todoroki's "beach training" but Midoriya is just confused and explains that it's rare to get pictures of Endeavor outside of work.
  • Mineta is at peak Butt-Monkey status this chapter.
    • When he starts creeping on Yaororozu, Asui ties him to a pole staked into the beach for the tide to drown.
    • He gets stung by a jellyfish and when Yaoyorozu mentions that heat can reduce its venom's effects, Todoroki, Bakugo, and Endeavor all tear up to fry him to ashes.
    • While trying to hit a watermelon like a piñata, Bakugo clubs him so hard over the head that his eyes bug out.

    Final Exam Arc (Chapters 43-44) 
Chapter 43
  • The characters are all shocked that they're doing a final exam too, especially because they only find out the day of.
  • When picking match-up using darts, Nezu gets offended when Kaminari mentions it's like a game show, then threatens to give him a taste of thai boxing chosen by roulette wheel.
  • Instead of battles, Midoriya and Bakugo have to face off against All Might by unravelling the cat's cradle he makes. All Might's noticeably confused and let down that his incredible power is pointless in this kind of contest, only to then rig the cat's cradle to a bomb that will explode if they do it wrong. Unravelling it is played for just as much drama and with all the major emotional touch stones that their battle was in canon.
  • Yaoyorozu and Todoroki must face off against Aizawa in taming a stray cat. Aizawa is the most excited they've ever seen him at the news.

    Training Camp and Hideout Arcs (Chapters 45-53) 
Chapter 46
  • Shigaraki apparently thinks nothing of calling Kurogiri at three in the morning.
    Kurogiri: Must we discuss it now?
    Shigaraki: Yeah, now's a good time.
  • To induct Toga and Dabi into the League, they all play the king game. It goes about as well as you'd think.
    • Shigaraki's the first king and his first order is to die, forcing Kurogiri to explain why that's not how the game works.
    • To avoid following ann embarrassing command, Shigaraki just disintegrates his stick so no one can see what number he is.
    • After several rounds Kurogiri's been wrecked by absolutely everyone and is wearing a ball gag, an antennae headband, fake wings, nipple tassels, and a penis sheath. Shigaraki actually has to be the one to explain to him that no one is expecting him to actually wear all of that all day.

Chapter 49

  • At the training camp, Aizawa sleeps in his usual sleeping bag, which wouldn't be so strange if he didn't do it under a couch in the lobby.
  • Resident rich girl Yaoyorozu isn't comfortable sleeping on the assigned futons, so she uses her quirk to create her own mattress. That quickly backfires when Uraraka and Ashido brush up against it in their sleep and promptly crawl onto it.

Chapter 51

  • The Case of the Too Violent Bakugo
    • Midoriya creates a user's manual for dealing with Bakugo. The others use it to get Bakugo to make dinner for them.
    • In an attempt to break down the wall between Bakugo and his classmates, Aizawa makes him write them all letters. Unfortunately it turns out he actually keeps such a close eye on all of them that he can give brutally effective criticism, leading everyone to beg him to stay closed off.
  • The Case of Yaoyorozu's Worries
    • Attempting to get Yaoyorozu to reconsider what she wants as well as what she needs sends her into a panic attack as she reconsiders if she really needs to breathe or just wants to, leading to her passing out from lack of oxygen.
    • At the end of it all Aizawa makes her go live with Uraraka for a week to rethink her life.
  • Prosecuting Mineta
    • The whole thing starts with Ashido and Jiro hauling out a massive box of papers as evidence against him, then present him with a pie chart representing his appeal that's almost entirely filled with a piece simply labeled "NO".
    • The one person he manages to win over? Kamui Woods, who find him in the forest trying to work for a better reputation and thinks he's also interested in plants.

Chapter 52

  • Aizawa's attempt to play the role of terrified civilian for their training.
    • His solution to make up for his poor acting skills? Stab himself in the leg so his limp is real. His utter nonchalance about the whole thing compared to his student's horror is a sight to behold.
  • Apparently All Might was meant to come to the training camp too, but Aizawa intentionally left him behind at a rest stop.

Chapter 53 Part 1

  • The League's kidnapping of Bakugo is significantly less dramatic here. They actually drive off with him in a car while Shigaraki makes ridiculous demands based off of a book on negotiation he's reading, all while Kurogiri just sits in the back seat. Why don't his classmates notice? They left behind a plank of wood dressed in his clothes with a wig and a hand-written note saying they took him.
  • Shigaraki complains that smiling doesn't make him better liked, to which Kurogiri points out that no one can see his face.
  • When Bakugo breaks free, the League is more concerned with the fact that he was inconsiderate and spilled the meal Kurogiri made than the fact that he's loose.

Chapter 53 Part 2

  • The imagine spot of Kurogiri winning Twister using his quirk without even having to bend down.
  • How does Bakugo escape the League of Villains? He plays the Game of Life with them and wins. Not only that, he plays as a civil servant and has such normal goals compared to his usual behavior that Shigaraki is convinced he's insane.

    Miscellaneous Chapters 
Chapter 54
  • Yaoyorozu's initially blown away by Uraraka's thrifty lifestyle, but eventually gets so into it that she mimics Uraraka to the point of dropping their wallets at the same time.

Chapter 55

  • All of Mineta's backfiring attempts to make himself popular with the ladies. His attempt at being humorous through comical nudity gets him assaulted, his physical fitness just makes him look deformed given his height, and his lone wolf act just makes people think he's brushing them off.

Chapter 56

  • Uraraka brings Tupperware to a fancy party the class gets invited to so she can steal crabs. When someone tries to stop her, she makes the excuse that its actually an external stomach from her quirk.
  • Best Jeanist compulsively styles and shaves Aizawa fast enough that no one even sees him do it.
  • Midoriya's plan to get a signature from Edgeshot, who typically refuses to leave behind traces of his existence: pretend to be a tourist who doesn't speak Japanese and thus can't understand his excuses until Edgeshot signs it just to make him go away.
  • Uraraka's plan to gorge herself on fancy food falls through when she accidentally fills up on crackers.

Volume 4

    Chapters 58- 76 
Chapter 63
  • Bakugo goes looking for jobs to earn money and pay back Kirishima for breaking his night vision goggles, but is quite unhappy to find the best paying job is as a nude model for an art class. He goes though everything from tutoring to making to literally counting cars as they pass before he caves and does the modelling gig.
    • The job that finally earns him the last of the money he needs? Dressing as a bumblebee and helping kids at a bounce house.
  • Bakugo's refusal to ask for help backfires spectacularly when his classmates notice all the jobs he's taking and realize he's short on money without realizing he's doing it to pay Kirishima, leading to them offering him money.

Chapter 68

  • The League of Villains infiltrates UA by applying for passes online. Kurogiri is so surprised and excited when it works that Shigaraki actually doesn't recognize him and berates him to stay in character.
  • To disguise his distinctive appearance, Kurogiri wears a giant mushroom mask. A very phallic mushroom mask, to the point Shigaraki thinks he should actually be censored.
  • The disguised villains get to take part in mock battle trials like 1-A did, while being partnered up with actual 1-A students.
    • Kurogiri is terrified Bakugo will recognize him, but Bakugo doesn't even give him a second glance before racing off on his own.
    • Shigaraki pretends to be quirkless and is actually touched when Bakugo tries to blow him up anyways.

Chapter 71

  • Bakugo's utter rage at Kamirai and Sero eating his food even as he makes more food for them.

Chapter 76

  • Nezu invites the students' mothers to the dorms for Mothers' Day. This comes as surprise, as the girls were in the middle of hanging Mineta from the celling and beating him with various blunt objects.
  • Endeavor comes as Todoroki's mother and ends up trying to do the class exercise himself to show Todoroki how it's done. Instead he ends up failing the exercise and gets in a fight with All Might about the usefulness of rescue training while Midoriya eagerly takes pictures.
  • Sato's baking is so good, multiple mothers offer to pay his tuition if he teaches them.

Bonus Chapter

  • The League decides to create an anti-tanabata festival be reinterpreting the story behind it.
    Shigaraki: All right. So the river is supposed to be a barrier between them, btu at the beginning of out tanabata, the battle begins and the river is stained with blood. We'll go from there.
    • Shigaraki initially gets cast as Toga's boyfriend, but quickly gets freaked out by her and dumps the job on Kurogiri.
    • According to the new story, the river that separates the two was placed there by a god, played by Dabi, who just wanted a break from them.

Volume 5

    Chapter 77- 94 
Chapter 82
  • Bakugo and Midoriya's supplementary training with Best Jeanist takes the form of being leashed to each other and a dog that will lead them on a walk. On, and also if they loose too any points by pulling the leashes taut their clothes will fall apart at the seams.
  • When trying to calm babies, Bakugo actually manages to do it better because the screaming children empathize more with him.
  • Best Jeanist finally manages to get rid of Bakugo's ego, only to find that his personality is so dependent on ego that without it he's an Empty Shell sporting blank eyes and an eerily fixed smile.

Chapter 83

  • Kendo actually puts Monoma on a leash and mentions it's the same way 1-A handles Mineta and Bakugo.
  • 1-A couldn't decide what to do for their Tanabata stall, resulting in a hybrid maid café, arm wrestling championship, mochi store, goldfish scooping, and haunted house. Also, Mineta is crucified in the background.
    • Kendo orders "sweat drenched dilemma blended with tears from the underworld" hoping for a drink and instead gets an arm wrestling match with Kirishima. The next strip shows she won and Kirishima is traumatized.
    • 1-A is actually doing so poorly at the festival, Monoma's brain switches from "sarcasm" to "standby" mode.
    • Kendo manages to help 1-A get back on their feet by suggesting someone play the part of the missing Midoriya and Bakugo, which helps them realize where they went wrong. She's happy she helped them up until they bill her for requesting impersonations.
  • Midoriya shows up with Bakugo near the end, who is still in blank slate mode from the previous chapter.

Chapter 85

  • Shigaraki's constant fury at having to climb a mountain for exercise and the expressions it causes him to make.
    • When they get to an observation deck, he declares it the summit and starts arguing with Kurogiri about the true nature of accomplishment.
    • Once they're at the top, he joins forces with Dabi to make Kurogiri take them back down by warp gate.
  • Spinner is fit enough that he's not too bothered with the exercise and that infuriates Shigaraki so much he has Kurogiri send him to climb Mt. Fuji. Shortly after, Toga and Moonfish get in a knife/tooth fight that sees them sent to join him. At the end of the chapter, they all send Shigaraki photos of them hanging out with random tourists, apparently having had a lot of fun wandering around unsupervised.

Chapter 87

  • Todoroki's reaction to Endeavor showing up as a teacher is to viciously pinch himself repeatedly while insisting it doesn't hurt.
  • All Might spies on the class from a distance while hiding behind a telephone pole, and when he wants to talk to Todoroki he uproots the pole to carry with him and continue hiding behind.
  • Todoroki's succession of mocking faces at Endeavor while he holds a prolonged fist bump with All Might.

Chapter 90

  • Someone reaches out to UA asking for them to send some hero chicklets for a work experience, with the indication that chicklets is just referring to heroes-in-training. Nope, it's because they actually wanted to dress some heroes up as chickens.
  • Todoroki actually gets really into the idea of doing a chicken dance for a crowd. When he's told it'll be on the radio show and possibly even television, he only gets more excited because it means he can dirty his father's name with it too.

Chapter 92

  • Bakugo gets hit by a Quirk that not only makes him Bishōnen but randomly makes him more charismatic.
    • He actually takes the time to redesign his costume to make the collar flare wider and the neckline drop much lower.
    • As a hostage in a class exercise, he defiantly tells Kirishima that while his body will be tied, Kirishima can never tie down his heart. Kirishima immediately accepts this as a challenge.
    • One of his charismatic bouts has him dramatically flirt with Yaoyorozo while she's his hostage. The second it passes, he slams his head into a wall and knocks himself out cold, leaving poor Yaoyorozo both flustered and confused.
    • As the hero of the exercise rescuing Midoriya, he sweeps Midirya up into a bridal carry. Then the charisma flare passes and he seamlessly transitions his carry into a Bane-style backbreaker.


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