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Heartwarming / My Hero Academia Smash!!

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It may be a comedic spin-off, but it still has a few heartwarming moments.

Chapter 2

  • One strip has Mount Lady lamenting the property damage she causes and wondering why she even does the whole hero thing. Her doubts immediately end when she comes across a suicide jumper and steps in to save his life, showing that she's not just a hero for the glory.

Chapter 8

  • How does 1-A spend their Christmas day? Cutting down trees and delivering gifts to kids with All Might.
    • All Might does this every year, cutting down nearly a thousand trees in order to bring toys to kindergarteners. His speech to Midoriya about how heroism isn't just flashy villain fights is clearly something he strongly believes in
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  • Despite Bakugo's protests, he followed the group to the forest to help out.
  • While the students are resting All Might brings them some soup while congratulating them on their work. Someone calls him Heaven's brawniest angel, and Iida nearly calls him mom over it.
  • Feeling bad for being unable to help out with cutting the trees due to her Quirk sending her into hibernation, Asui does her best to entertain the kids they're visiting. Considering how stoic she usually is, it's sweet to see her doing her best to make people happy.
  • Besides her, Jirou plays carols on the piano, Uraraka wows the kids with spherical candle flames, and Bakugo (reluctantly) plays horsey. All together, it's nice to see them all come together to make some kids happy for the holidays.

Chapter 9

  • Iida takes the time to hand deliver his holiday cards when he misses the last chance to mail them. A bit excessive, yes, but it shows how much he cares for all of his friends.
  • Midoriya, Uraraka, Kirishima, Iida, Asui, and Mineta all get together to visit a shrine on New Years. It's especially poignant for Uraraka, who was sitting in her apartment fully expecting to spend the holiday alone until she got the invite.
    • At the shrine, Midoriya prays to live up to All Might's expectations and to become a strong man, while Uraraka prays to become a good hero and earn her family the easy life they deserve. It's a subdued, but still touching moment.
    • When the group finds a display of frog talismans they joke that Asui must be 1-A's own guardian angel in a moment of good-natured joking that makes her bashfully flattered.

Chapter 22

  • Faced with Midoriya's genuine enthusiasm and admiration, a trio of heroes who were moments before talking about the financial incentives of their patrol remember what it was like when they first started the job.
  • Midnight finds a paper full of Aizawa's scribbled ideas for motivational slogans and mottos for 1-A. Cynical, withdrawn, and anti-social he may be, but the man still loves his class.

Chapter 29

  • During his fight with Yaoyorozu, Tokoyami treats her with the utmost respect and is courteous when he wins, to a degree that he's nationally praised for it.

Chapter 32

  • Habuko Mongoose, Asui's best friend from middle school, works together with all of 1-A to throw her friend the best birthday party they can think of. It's enough to drive Asui to tears of joy when they spring the surprise on her.

Chapter 54

  • Spending a week with Uraraka, Yaoyorozu is deeply impressed with her character. For her part, Uraraka spends the week looking out for her friend and doesn't judge her for living a fancier lifestyle.
  • By the end of it Yaoyorozu comes to accept that she's not perfect, thanking others for helping her instead of apologizing for inconveniencing them. Given how she's struggled with low self esteem, it's nice to see her overcoming it.

Chapter 60

  • When Bakugo gets the flu, the rest of 1-A gets together to take care of them along with some good natured teasing and pranks. When he recovers and comes for revenge he finds that he ended up infecting them and returns the favor by caring for everyone else until they're better. (Even if he just rationalizes it as wanting them to get better so he can beat them up.)

Chapter 61

  • Mt. Lady, feeling the pressure of having to work constantly to maintain her popularity, doesn't even get to enjoy a trip to a ski resort because her schedule is so packed. However, when she meets some of the 1-A girls, they're all touchingly supportive of her and say that they think she's one of the best new heroes around.

Chapter 63

  • When Bakugo breaks Kirishima's night vision goggles, he doesn't bluster or make excuses but sets about earning the money he needs to pay Kirishima back. Most of the jobs are humiliating or tedious, but it's clear making his friend happy is more important to him.
  • The other 1-A students notice Bakugo taking various jobs and realize he must be short on money. All of them get together to offer him money without asking him what he needs it for, even Uraraka, who doesn't even have the cash to pay for seasonings as restaurants. It's a bit misguided since he was trying to earn money to pay Kirishima, but it's the thought that counts.
  • Even the aftermath of the chapter counts, as Bakugo decided to spend the money that class 1-A raised for them to go to a theme park in the next chapter. Seems the students are becoming his Vitriolic Best Buds, huh?

Chapter 71

  • For the Mom of the Dorms contest, Bakugo makes the miso soup his mother used to make for him. Arrogant and angry he may be, but he still loves his mom.

Chapter 73

  • All Might's "Life or death" challenge is severely neutered, with his original obstacles being plastered up by cheap glue. He did mention that the original challenge was pretty grim and tries to keep the feelings of the students in mind. (This being Smash!!, everything goes wrong, but it's the thought that counts.)

Chapter 76

  • For Mother's Day, Nezu invites the student's mothers to visit the school for the day. For the most part, the displays of parental pride and affection are touching.
  • Overlaps with a funny moment, but Iida (who's mom was not able to attend) giving a bouquet to Endeavor (who didn't get one because Todoroki refused to do so) was a bit touching.

Volume 4 Bonus Chapter

  • They may be villains, but several of the Lo V's tanaba wishes are pretty heartwarming.
    Magne: For the sake of my loved ones
    Kurogiri: I wish for Shigaraki to become a fine leader.
    Toga: I want to be liked by others!
  • The League manages to accidentally start a new tradition for people to blow off steam during the holidays by writing their complains and sticking them to a cactus.

Chapter 83

  • 1-A has to make a Tanabata stand while Midoriya and Bakugo are gone, with the end result being a chaotic mishmash of a dozen different ideas. Things don't get resolved until they realize the crucial role the two play in holding the class together, with Bakugo delivering aggressive but useful criticism while Midoriya finds workable compromises and solutions.
    • Props to Kendo for seeing how 1-A was struggling and trying to help, eventually being the one to point out what was wrong.
  • Monoma's general behavior in this chapter. He's usually pretty vocal about how much better 1-B is, but when he sees how poorly 1-A is doing he shuts up on his own. He might be abrasive and haughty, but he's not one to punch down.

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