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Film / Fatal Deviation

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"A classic good versus evil action flick, mixed with kicks, guns, motorcycles and a hot babe!"

Fatal Deviation is a 1998 Irish martial arts movie. Ireland's only martial arts movie, and perhaps for a very good reason.

It tells the story of one Jimmy Bennett, a martial artist, returning to his hometown, Trim, after a decade in reform school, to investigate the death of his father. Along the way, he runs into the local drug ring, who are determined to win a local fighting contest, which will supposedly allow them to control the town, who may be connected to his father's death, as well as a mysterious monk, and the beautiful Nicola.

The whole thing can be seen on YouTube, starting here.


  • Failed a Spot Check: Jimmy's father, a trained martial artist, doesn't notice Loughlan, an old man dressed in business clothes, brandishing his katana and slowly raising it to kill him until it's too late.
  • Fan Disservice: One Mook strips naked, barring a cowboy hat and gets into an outdoor bath for no real reason.