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These are recommendations made by tropers for Touhou fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. This section has doujins and comics focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.


You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. You can do it by expanding on the synopsis and/or pertinent tags, or linking similar or related fanfics. Reviews are also encouraged, but please make sure to make reviews have substance; if you simply want to recommend a fic without an extensive review, put your troper name in the Recommended by line of the fic in question. Please use the discussion page for conversations about fics.

☢ CAUTION ☢ CAUTION ☢: All links to Danbooru are NSFW due to advertisements.

The 30 series by Wi-Z GARAGE. Translated by Nietz, edited by Arsen and Arrata.

A Bad End by Doyora

  • Recommended by Kalle, Zentillion, Vrock8
  • Synopsis: Following after the events of Imperishable Night, Kaguya goes Ax-Crazy and wages war against Yukari for leadership over Gensokyo. Meanwhile, Marisa eats some crazy mushrooms and accidentally destroys the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

A Bright Future by Uni Mate

  • Recommended by: Ruki Motomiya, Mista Smegheneghan
  • Synopsis: A collection of stories around the world of Gensoukyou, primarily focused upon the cast of The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. It explores the relationships of all the characters; the first one and the one linked deal with Meiling taking Flandre out for a night of fun while Sakuya and Remilia are away. Links to the rest of the series can be found in the link above, though note that A Bright Future 3 may be hard to navigate due to its Choose Your Own Adventure style. You can also find Mountain of Faith-based works in that link, set in the same universe by the same artist.

The Advent Cirno series by One Night Stand (Yoshitaka Ushiki)

  • Recommended by: Gunbazca, Hylarn, Gearframe
  • Synopsis: Ever wonder what would happen if Touhou happened in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children world? Well, this is what would happen.
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  • Pairing(s): None among the main characters, although there is some MariAri later on.

Alice and the City of Puppeteers by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by: Shinji 117
  • ' Synopsis: Alice visits her old teacher's studio after learning he has fallen sick with a deadly disease that needs a puppeteer magician to cure it.

Assassin's Creed 9

  • Recommended by: Chabal 2
  • ' Synopsis: Desiring revenge on the Bad Apple-seeking Templars who killed her friend Daiyousei, Cirno becomes an Assassin. It's as awesome as it sounds.

At The Moriya Shrine by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by: Major Tom
  • Synopsis: A view of the daily life at the Moriya Shrine.

The Beauty of Scarlet by Yokochou

  • Recommended by: Materioptikon
  • Synopsis: Who exactly is Hong Meiling, and how did she come to serve Remilia Scarlet? And what path did they and others take to Embodiment of Scarlet Devil?

Because Cirno-chan is the Strongest by Asatsuki Dou,

  • Recommended by Hylarn, Andyzero, Fawriel, Taker Foxx
  • Synopsis: The story of how Cirno and Daiyousei met, and what came from that

Chirei de by karaagetarou

  • Recommended by: Tacitus, Extraintrovert, Shortcake, Mewseeker, Julyjack 73, Prime32
  • Synopsis: A prequel to Subterranean Animism, concerning the Komeiji sisters and their pets. Witness the light-hearted antics of Rin and Utsuho before they could take human form... as well as Koishi's self-imposed exile and Utsuho being placed on the road to disaster. The rest of the SA crew rounds out the cast, as does a certain pair of meddling goddesses.

Cirno Caught A Cold by Kakushiaji

Days Woven with Illusion ~Tiny, Tiny Daiyousei and Days Woven From Illusion ~The Wind Charmer Shrine Maiden by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by: Shinji 117
  • Synopsis: The first has Daiyousei trying to save a nearly drowned dog and almost drowning herself. Includes one OC and Keine. In the second, events have lead to the development of the electric train. Unfortunately, this means the steam train is no longer needed. Sanae, having grown up with the old train, is torn.

Diamond In The Rough by Spaztique

  • Recommended by Blue Bird, Feng Lengshun
  • Synopsis: Brolli Diamondback is going to be killed by the rather passionate celestial Tenshi Hinanawi. Flash back to three months ago to learn he is a normal, if shallow and selfish, high school student, interested in the strange noises everyone's been hearing and the numerous disappearances around the school. Brolli gets an up-close look at where the noise is coming from: the border demon Yukari Yakumo, who offers him a trip to the land of Gensokyo so he can unlock limitless power. With nothing to lose (even though he had a decent life back home), he embarks on a quest to become the most powerful being in Gensokyo. Needless to say, it does not end well.
  • Comments: A deconstruction of the usual formula of self-inserting oneself into the world of Gensokyo. It is a good story that this troper thinks should be watched by all Touhou Fanfiction Authors. Despite being presented by the relatively simplistic graphics of Walfas/create.swf, it uses the ability of that program to the limits, though still not on the level of his Love Hina works in terms of technique.
  • Has a trope page: Diamond in the Rough (Touhou)

Elemental 8 by Kemonomichi

  • Recommended by DocAstaroth, TwoGunAngel, Hylarn
  • Synopsis: A beautifully drawn story about Patchouli Knowledge and her familiar, Koakuma, dealing with a literal Bookworm in the Voile Library. Part 1, Part 2 Part 3

The End Of The Maiden's Illusion by Kamereon

Fairy Ring by Sixten

  • Recommended by: Major Tom
  • Synopsis: A children's book story about Cirno and Suwako forging the strongest bond of all: Friendship.

Fantasy Kaleidoscope - The Spring Snow Incidentand "Fantasy Kaleidoscope - The Scarlet Mist incident"

  • Recommended by: Aegeus, Umbra Fractus
  • Synopsis: A fanmade anime adaptation of Perfect Cherry Blossom and The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil.

The Flower that Revolves with the Sun by yokochou

  • Recommended by: Tacitus, Extraintrovert
  • Synopsis: There's another Yuuka about, and not because of a Dual Spark - a youkai that looks for all the world like a child version of Yuuka Kazami has turned up in the Garden of the Sun, to the bafflement of its inhabitant and the rest of Gensoukyou. Everyone quickly takes a liking to this "Youka", but what's really going on here, and how long can it last?

The Flying Dutchman by Chihiro (Kemonomichi)

  • Recommended by TwoGunAngel
  • Synopsis: Another beautifully drawn story about Sakuya being drawn into the old tale of the Flying Dutchman and dealing with its undead crew as only Sakuya can.

Gensoukyou Great Sports Day - 200 Yojana in a flash by nanaroku (fortress47), a.k.a. kuroneko1911a1.

  • Recommended by Andyzero, Selryam, Sparrowhawk
  • Synopsis: It began with an innocent question: "Just how fast is 200 Yojana in one second? (Protip: 2808x10 to the 5th power kilometers per hour, aka really, really, really fast). It leads to an epic quest for Youmu to go from Kid Samurai to Samurai, and there's more than one hand manipulating things to give her that challenge.

Gensoukyou Post-Office by Gensou Koumuten

  • Recommended by Tacitus, Extraintrovert, Deelles, Shinji 117
  • Synopsis: In an Alternate Universe where Gensoukyou wasn't alone in its seal, youkai, humans and many, many other creatures live together in harmony, advancing civilisation to unprecedented levels. Amongst this, an elderly postman makes deliveries to other characters, while life happens around him.

Gensokyo USA by drsunshine

  • Recommended by: Gunbazca
  • Synopsis: Imagine Gensokyo. Then imagine that it's not located in Japan, but in the United States (ostensibly the Pacific Northwest), with all of its implications. Then you have this comic series.

The Girl's Dreams Disappeared In A Flower Field by Wi-Z GARAGE.

  • Recommended by DracMonster
  • Synopsis: Muscle!Marissa and Muscle!Yuka have a musclegirl contest on the Prismrivers' stage. Hilarity and "Men's Beer" ensues.

Girl Of The Dusk by Gensou Koumuten

Hakurei-san's Leisurely Walk by Chamaji

  • Recommended by Tacitus
  • Synopsis: A charming, silent, slice-of-lifey comic centered on everyone's favorite just-north-of-Neutral shrine maiden, with plenty of appearances by other Touhou characters. Noteworthy for its very distinct artstyle, in which every character's eyes are drawn differently.

Hang in There, Kogasa-san By Mizuki Hitoshi (Link)

Inquiry about Kazami Yuuka by Potato Pot

  • Recommended by: mysterykcad
  • Synopsis: After Team ⑨ pushes Keine a little bit too far with one of their pranks, she asks Yuuka to tutor the group for a while. What results is a duel between Team ⑨ and one of the most powerful youkai in Gensokyo, as well as a fascinating take on Yuuka's backstory in which she is actually a fairy that has turned into a youkai.

The Immortal Who Saw the Heat Death of the Universe by alison (alison air lines)

The Iron of Yin and Yang's fancomic by Mr. Pavlov. Based on the 46 episode (+extras) video series by hiro.

** Has its own page.

Jenga at the SDM by chado

The King of Moriya by GIGAMEKA

  • Recommended by: Person With Many Aliases
  • Synopsis: An origin story for Suwako and Kanako, set in the far past.

Koishi the Loving Gourmet by Haijindeath

  • Recommended by Hylarn
  • Synopsis: Koishi goes around Gensoukyou eating food without people noticing. A pastiche of the manga The Lonely Gourmet by Jiro Taniguchi.

Kuvalauta / Apokalauta Touhou 4-koma stripsnote  by Setz

  • Recommended by: Dracula On A Bike, Kalle, Umbra Fractus
  • Synopsis: A yonkoma Gag Series originating from Finnish imageboards, featuring puns, references to Internet memes (not only fandom-specific ones), running gags, sight gags, and amusing character interactions.

Life of Maid by Colonel Aki

Mamange by Kogama Shigeru

  • Recommended by: Major Tom, Kryptik, Selryam
  • Synopsis: In an alternate universe of sorts, this is the story of Reisen Inaba (the eponymous "Mamange") raising the Eientei crew as her daughters.

Manga of My Memories of Playing Touhou by Shino

Meiling and Reisen Fight It Out by wasabi shoujo (a.k.a. mo38mo)

  • Recommended by Two Gun Angel
  • Synopsis: Reisen's PTSD from the Lunar Wars drives her over the edge, and Meiling has to stop her before she goes omnicidal.

Miracle China Day by tima

  • Recommended by: Gearframe
  • Synopsis: A comedic day in the life of a humble gate guard after she eats a strange mushroom.

Mistress' Home Party Epic Battle The Young Mistress' Epic Homestay Battle, and Young Mistress' Big Homework Battle by Shino

  • Recommended by: Extraintrovert, Sonic GTR, Brickman, Gearframe, Selryam
  • Synopsis: While there are other stories occurring simultaneously, these three works mostly follow the growing friendship between Flandre and Moko-Moko Onii-chan Mokou and the situations in which they find themselves, from a party at the Scarlet Mansion to a disastrous playdate to Flandre's first day at school.

Moriya Family Cosplay Theater by Adonmaru

  • Recommended by Sparrowhawk
  • This is a series of comics presented as Fan Vids by the mysterious and elusive Adonmaru. (He doesn't even have a Pixiv page.)
  • Caution: No English translation exists. I'd do it myself, but my Japanese is half-baked at best.
  • Rating: YMMV on whether this is SFW. There's no nudity and no overtly sexual situations, but there are a couple of Furo Scenes and characters occasionally wear swimsuits/revealing outfits.
  • Synopsis: The series consists of semi-self-contained comedic Slice of Life stories which usually revolve around the Moriya Shrine gang. Various other characters appear, and occasionally guest-star.
  • Comment: This series is really popular on Nico Nico for a reason. Sanae's thoughtlessness is played for some utterly hilarious moments, usually at Kanako and Suwako's expense - meanwhile, Kanako as depicted here is absolutely, absolutely adorable while never being unrecognizably OOC. But of course, the three of them do genuinely love each other in the end... sort of. (Hint: whenever the series gets too heartwarming, expect a comedic Mood Whiplash.) Oh, and the artwork, while sketchy, is quite lovely.
  • Bonus: Embarrassed Kanako in various cosplay outfits.
  • Adonmaru's Nico Nico mylist can be found here, and contains all the videos.
  • For those without Nico Nico accounts, the first in the series, "The Twilight Of The Gods", can be found on Youtube here.

Myon Myon Typhoon by karaagetarou

  • Recommended by Tacitus
  • Synopsis: Following the events of Ten Desires, Youmu Konpaku realizes that she lost something over the course of her adventure, and must retrace her steps to find it. Features the smash debut of Yuyuko Astral.

Mysterious Seed by Mattari Yufi

  • Reccomended by N Troper
  • Synopsis: A Touhou/Pokémon Crossover. Yuuka is living with a Bulbasaur. Hilarity Ensues. Many other residents of Gensokyo also find themselves with Pokémon partners fitting a personal motif for each of them. A very heartwarming Slice of Life with the usual Touhou hijinks.

Omoito by Mori no Hon

  • Omoito Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier.
  • Recommended by: Double Trouble, Person With Many Aliases, Kwsn, Hylarn
  • Synopsis: Alice's lesser known doll has started to gain some sentience!
    • Eins: Marisa finds out that Hourai isn't just an ordinary doll...
    • Zwei: As winter closes in, a certain anonymous friend struggles to make the best gift for Alice...
    • Drei: Things seem to be normal, until Yuuka sends a certain someone to Alice's household, causing the fragile house of cards to collapse...
    • Vier: In a grand finale, Alice sets out to right things once and for all, and to remember what "Friendship" means...

Osana Reimu By Joyful Translated by ANDT01345 (main series) and jorwil (sequel).

  • Recommended by: Mirage, TracerK, SLthePyro, nitewind
  • Synopsis: A story from when Reimu Hakurei was still small and the flesh-eating youkai Rumia was still big.

The Prismrivers By setz

  • Recommended by: Noxshade
  • Synopsis: From the author of the (very funny) Finnish Touhou 4koma comes a (very sad) story of the origin of the Prismriver sisters.

RAINMAKER By Ameyama Denshin

  • Recommended by: Major Tom
  • Mature content warning
  • Synopsis: In an alternate Gensokyo, the shrine maiden Hakurei Reimu and the demon hunter Kirisame Marisa find themselves embroiled in a tale of epic power struggles and conspiracies between the ruling houses of the land.
    • Seconded by Bep. I actually think this description undersells it, doujinka The Ameyana Telegraph weaves one of the strangest versions of Gensoukyou that this long-time Touhou fan has ever seen. Inspired in equal parts by BLAME! and Japanese mysticism (be prepared to take a number of wiki walks while reading this, some of the dialogue is actually annotated on danbooru), it's a real trip. Features Reimu as a cyborg and Akyuu as an evil cult leader. Its sidequel The World Is Not Enough has an Ikaruga-quoting force of divine order and features Wriggle as a Hitler analogue. If you're into seriously out-there interpretations of the franchise, this is for you.

Road of Recollection By Fuantei

  • Recommended by: Hylarn
  • Synopsis: Koishi sees many sights from Gensoukyou's past, and her own history with her sister.

Sengoku Gensokyo By Coolier

  • Recommended by Mirrinus, Brickman
  • Synopsis: Another well-made fangame, this time a conquest simulator RPG along the lines of Sengoku Rance (except family friendly). Reimu and Marisa are roped into Yukari's mysterious competition between the many factions of Gensokyo.
    • A text-based Let's Play of this game, which more or less includes the game's script in its entirety, can be found here.

So Tonight, I'll Overlook It By Tozawa

  • Recommended by DocAstaroth, Hylarn
  • Synopsis: Something is strange with Sakuya's eyes recently. What could be the reason, and what can the Chief Maid do about it?

Spring Snow and Flowery Winter by Colorful Cube

  • Recommended by Pata Hikari
  • Synopsis: Spring is coming. Sadly, for Cirno, that means Letty must leave.

Suwakoto! (Suwako&!) by Ryusuitei

  • Recommended by DracMonster
  • Synopsis: Touhou meets Yotsuba&!, starring Suwako as Yotsuba, Kanako as Koiwai, and most of the other characters as either direct expies or just generally "Azuma-fied."

Tag Dream by dei shirou

  • Recommended by: Andyzero, Umbra Fractus
  • Synopsis: Yukari discovers the classic wrestling manga Kinnikuman and decides to host a tag-team wrestling tournament. The residents of Gensokyo begin to pair off and train.

The World Is Not Enough By Ameyama Denshin

  • Recommended by: Major Tom
  • Mature content warning
  • Synopsis: Once upon a time, war raged between insect and human in Gensokyo. Now descendants of both sides seem poised to do it again.

Though the Wind Cries (first volume) by Iyokan

  • Recommended by the Ace Of Scarabs, matteste
  • Mature content rating warning
  • Synopsis: A very in-depth look at Suwako's backstory, and why Kanako ultimately let her stay in the Moriya Shrine despite her defeat.

Touhou 3D by minusT

  • Recommended by: shade6116
  • Synopsis: Adaptations of the final and Extra boss fights in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Perfect Cherry Blossom, and the final boss of Subterranean Animism solely using Blender. The animation is some of the most amazing this troper's ever seen. Currently, the battle against Koishi's in the works.

Touhou Adventure by pageratta

  • Recommended by: Major Tom, Selryam
  • Synopsis: The sukima monster has come to claim Gensokyo's youth! Will our band of brave heroes rise up to defeat it?

Touhou Battle Royale by pageratta

Touhou Comic by Bomber Grape

Touhou Festival Report Manga Series by Warugaki

  • Recommended by Sonic GTR, Selryam
  • Synopsis: Follow the serendipitous misadventures of Warugaki, one of the Touhou fandom's best artists, on his trips to Touhou doujinshi conventions with his doujin circle, Drill Secret Affair. However, instead of drawing himself, he uses Remilia Scarlet as his avatar and depicts his friends as Yuuka, Aya, Nazrin, Ichirin, and Jagi. Celebrating Making the Daily Ranking is included because it is more or less the same thing but having to do with Pixiv.

Touhou Journal by Sora no Amagumo

  • Recommended by: Tacitus
  • Synopsis: A 4koma series centered around Reimu Hakurei, with a twist - she doesn't have a single line of dialogue. This turns out to work out really well, with this incarnation of Reimu being hailed as one of the most adorable in all the fandom.

Touhou Mahoudan, by mewarrow

  • Recommended by the Ace Of Scarabs.
  • Synopsis: A now-complete Webcomic, it focuses on Utsuho and quite a few of the Subterranean Animism characters, covering the events surrounding Utsuho's acquiring of her Ultimate Power, with a Magical Girl twist to the Incident-resolving Heroine teams.

Touhou Mecha: Hell's Rising by Graph

  • Recommended by the Ace Of Scarabs
  • Synopsis: A retelling of the events before and during Subterranean Animism, with Humongous Mecha, in webcomic form.
    • It's now going to be completed in Visual Novel form. It can be found here.

Touhou Mother by S, translated by vgperson

Touhou Tonari Two by this side, three by the other side by Personal Color (Sakuraba Yuuki)

  • Recommended by: Septette, matteste, Selryam
  • Synopsis: A story focused on Yuyuko, Youmu and Yukari, expanding on the events known from the game Perfect Cherry Blossom and their aftermath.

Touhoumon Nuzlocke Challenge by Leo Modesto

  • Recommended by: raigakuren, Brickman
  • Synopsis: A twist on the (in)famous Nuzlocke Challenge, but with Touhoumon.

Udongein vs. Remilia by Imizu (Nitro Unknown)

  • Recommended by Two Gun Angel, Selryam
  • This doujin comes in three different parts, the first of which is unaccounted for:
  • Synopsis: On the selfish whims of Kaguya, Princess of Eientei, Reisen Udongein Inaba is sent to search for a certain book. Reisen gets her master Eirin involved and heads for the Scarlet Devil Mansion. After infiltrating the mansion, she meets up with Marisa, entrusts her as a guide, and arrives at the Great Library of Voile, where she obtains the book with the permission of Patchouli. Just when she thinks she's completed her mission in secret, however, she is discovered by the mistress of the mansion and her chief maid, and a battle of awesome proportions is about to commence...

White Summer by Nightmare

  • Recommended by Shinji 117
  • This comes in three parts: first, second and third
  • Synopsis: A Yuuka-focused comic that takes a less Axe-Crazy portrayal of her, showing her interactions with an ordinary human.

Yakumo-ke by Mori no Hon

Youmu vs. Udongein by Imizu (Nitro Unknown)

  • Recommended by: Recon 5
  • Synopsis: Youmu gets a day off and decides to go shopping in the Human Village. She runs into Reisen, and they fight over something. That's about all there is to it, but it's more than enough!


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