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A troper who just can't get enough of this site. Very interested in some of the metaphorical articles.

Just started doing Let's Plays of all sorts of games. Youtube channel.

Games LP'd:

"Some say that I am that which lurked in Pandora's doomed charge. Some say that I am the dread herald of Fimbulvitr. Some say I will come with seven heads and ten horns to give power to the lamb who speaks as a dragon. I have been called many things; devil, monster, demon, hunter."

"I have slain the most holy of men, and the most tainted of gods. I am he who blinds those who watch, who binds those who act, and who slays those who flee. I have seen the horizons of a thousand worlds, and never have I failed to venture beyond them. I have slain those without life, and healed those without injury."

"I am the shadow that seeks the light. I am the light that recoils from the dark. I am Lust and Purity; Addiction and Temperance; Avarice and Charity; Lethargy and Diligence; Wrath and Peace; Desire and Satisfaction; Pride and Modesty. I am he who dreams without sleeping. I am the Great Paradox; the one that knows that all things are possible; who turns air to gold, and makes Demons into Angels."

'Rebel 1.'


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