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"Power Rangers, go!"

The first instalment of the Power Rangers Redverse written by Mad Red X 12, using suit designs from Himitsu Sentai Goranger. An evil morphological being known as Ivan Ooze has emerged, conquering several galaxies by enslaving their entire populations. He has now set his sights upon the Virgo Supercluster. Searching for a way to protect the various galaxies from the evil tyrant and his brainwashed army, the Eltarian species discover ancient plans known as "Project Power Ranger". The lead scientist and wizard of Eltar, Barza, completes the designs and drafts his son and granddaughter, a mysterious space travelling being, and three people from planets in the Virgo Supercluster to form the very first team of Power Rangers in the universe. Aided by a team of Eltarian scientists, wizards and engineers and operating out of the underwater Eltar Aquabase that also deters the hydrophobic Ivan Ooze from directly attacking the base, the Rangers must bond as a team and stop Ivan Ooze before he can gain complete control of the universe.


The Rangers of Eltar:


Their Allies are:

And they're up against:

  • Ivan Ooze:
  • Oozemen: Ivan's sludge-based Mooks.

Recurring Power Rangers Redverse Tropes:

Tropes specific to Ancient Guardians:

  • Butt-Monkey: Oh, Lerigot...
  • Early Installment Weirdness:
    • The series has a overall much lighter tone than the Darker and Edgier sequels, and is overall the closest in the Redverse in tone to a actual Power Rangers or Super Sentai series.
    • The first season of the series didn't even have Zords - those weren't introduced until the second season, whereas in every other Redverse instalment, the Zords are always introduced within the first 6-12 episodes. The closest things to a Zord featured in the season are the Eltar Battle Tank and Eltar Battle Jet.

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