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     Nanietta Bacco 

As of the conclusion to Star Trek: A Time to..., Bacco serves as President of the United Federation of Planets. She holds that office through the events of Star Trek: Articles of the Federation, Star Trek: Destiny, Star Trek: Typhon Pact and Star Trek: Cold Equations. An elderly human woman, she is charged with guiding the Federation through a period of great instability. She's a bit of an Ensemble Dark Horse: from her introduction as part of a novel's C-plot, she was quickly promoted to a character carrying her own book. Since then, her role only expanded further. She was assassinated part way through her second term.

  • Arch-Enemy: Politically, Bacco and Tholian Ambassador Tezrene were almost certainly Arch Enemies. Their first real political tussle occurs in A Singular Destiny, in which Tezrene came out on top. Bacco won the next round in Star Trek: Typhon Pact - Zero Sum Game, before Tezrene once again triumphed in Paths of Disharmony, when her people succeeded in causing further political chaos in the Federation. Bacco eventually started referring to "that bitch Tezrene."
  • Deadpan Snarker: Pretty much her primary language outside of public speeches or diplomatic meetings.
  • Gondor Calls for Aid: In the Star Trek: Destiny trilogy, Bacco calls for aid from all other major powers in the Alpha and Beta quadrants, but their response is tepid and the combined fleet is annihilated within minutes anyway. All that her efforts really accomplish is to antagonize the Tholians.
  • Gunboat Diplomacy: She resorts to this on occasion, but usually only to scare an "Ass" in Ambassador into negotiating in good faith.
  • I Say What I Say: When Bacco is temporarily duplicated in Star Trek: Department of Temporal Investigations (long story), the two presidents respond to a compliment with a simultaneous (somewhat sarcastic) "oh, please!" Amusingly, they also snark at each other for making the exact sort of grumpy, sarcastic comments that Bacco always makes.
  • Killed Off for Real: As of The Fall
  • Must Have Caffeine
  • Not So Different: There have been a few scenes that compare (and contrast) her with the previous president, Min Zife. A few of them can potentially be read as warnings of how easy it might be for someone of Bacco's integrity to slip nonetheless into less-than-moral conduct. A scene in Zero Sum Game, in which Bacco is confronted by Federation Council members wary of her potentially questionable decisions, announcing their intention to veto a bill only to be outmaneuvered, recalls a scene in ''A Time to Heal'', where President Zife faced a similar confrontation. Where Zife deflected criticism by appealing to humanitarian arguments, while actually up to his neck in illegal activities, Bacco attacks with information on the support she has from other councillors, seemingly convinced that she's on the right side of the moral line. As both novels were written by the same author, the similarities (and contrasts) between the two scenes are likely entirely deliberate.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure
  • Serious Business: Baseball. She even rearranged an entire "whistlestop tour" of the Federation to ensure she would be on Cestus III on Opening Day to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

     Samaritan Bowers 

"Sam" Bowers served on station Deep Space Nine, and later as Ezri Dax's first officer aboard the starship Aventine.

  • Being Personal Isn't Professional: Insisted when he came aboard the Aventine that bridge operations would be spit-and-polish in comparison to the looser style on Deep Space Nine. He does drop ranks when behind closed doors with Ezri.

     Hugh Cambridge 

The (second) counselor aboard the relaunched starship Voyager.

  • The Cynic: He even mentions that the first thing he does when reporting aboard a starship is locate the nearest Escape Pod to his quarters.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Most people find Cambridge to be an insufferable jerk upon first meeting him, but most of those people eventually realize that he's intensely loyal and sympathetic to his friends. It just takes a lot to punch through the facade he puts up.
  • The Shrink: Definitely a type three - the "tough love" subtrope.

     T'Ryssa Chen 

A half-human, half-Vulcan Starfleet officer who tries to distance herself from her Vulcan heritage by acting as distinctly un-Vulcan as possible. Not exactly a model officer, but with lots of potential. Recently joined the crew of the Enterprise as a contact specialist. Captain Picard is now guiding her, as a sort of mentor.

  • The Atoner: Her motivation for being on the Enterprise in the first place. She hadn't been supposed to be on the landing party from the Rhea that led her to escape the Borg attack, but she swapped places with another officer due to a desire to ditch a very boring duty shift. Fearing she is personally responsible for that officer being killed or worse, she's desperate to stop the Borg and to find and, if possible, save the Rhea and its crew. At the end of the book, it turns out that due to the boring, low-priority nature of the duty she avoided, the officer who took her shift was in one of the last areas of the ship the Borg reached and was never even scratched by them. As her taking the away mission saw her come into contact with the means to save the Rhea in the first place, she realizes that it all worked out in the end.
  • Born Lucky: As of 2380, she's the only known person to have been injected with Borg nanoprobes and escaped assimilation twice. In addition, the first of these incidents saw her come into contact with Picard and get taken under his wing, which resulted in her stalling Starfleet career suddenly turning around.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: After her father finally makes contact after a long absence, looking for information on her mother (specifically, if she survived the Borg invasion):
    "Did you try to contact her after the Odyssey went boom? Did you try to find her any time during the entire Dominion War? No, this is about you. You had a near-death experience when the Borg hit Vulcan, and by some miracle, you lived. You managed to get rescued, fixed up, and flown to a hospital on the other side of the planet, where you got a lot of time to just lie there and think about how close you came to being just more sand piled on the Forge. Now you've got this big second chance, so now you want to reach out to all those you've hurt and make amends for all your wrongs."
  • Ethical Slut: A notorious maneater in her first appearance, but eventually settles down after dealing with her many issues.
  • Eleventh Hour Super Power: Combines with Does Not Know His Own Strength. T'Ryssa inherited her father's Vulcan telepathic abilities, but having done her best to suppress and forget about it all her life, she is as shocked as everyone else to discover she still has those powers and can use them to communicate with an alien species. Picard has to give her a few lessons (inherited from Sarek) so she can use her abilities properly.
  • Foil: To Spock. Like Spock, T'Ryssa has a Vulcan father and a human mother, but where Spock did everything he could to be as Vulcan as possible, T'Ryssa is trying to go the other way.
  • Genki Girl: She's fully aware of it, and is doing it intentionally to be different from the Vulcans.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Being half-human and half-Vulcan qualifies.
  • Human Mom, Non-Human Dad: Her mother is human, while her father is Vulcan.
  • It's Personal: One of the reasons she wants to join Picard on his hunt for the Borg. Her previous ship, the Rhea, was attacked and (seemingly) assimilated, and she only escaped by means of a Deus ex Machina, so T'Ryssa is strongly motivated to fight them for revenge. Picard's own Borg experiences are one of the factors that eventually lead him to take her on board the Enterprise and under his wing.
  • Just for Pun: One of her favorite pastimes.
  • Motor Mouth: On a regular basis.
  • Naked on Arrival: In an opening scene to the first novel she appears in. Turning it into a joke, as she does with nearly everything, she then asks if her old boyfriend lives nearby; Middle-Eastern appearance, name of Adam ...
  • Noodle Incident: In homage to the original Noodle Incident, she has the "Tubegrub Incident".
  • Parental Abandonment: By her father.
  • The Runaway: Ran away at age seven, after learning of the Vulcan kahs-wan survival rite that usually takes place at that point. She signed onto a freighter as ship's cook — the captain didn't particularly care that she was a young child — before being retrieved.
  • Screw You, Elves!: She greatly resents the attitude of those Vulcans who seem to believe that her Vulcan blood requires her to embrace Vulcan stoicism. Notably, this has also led to her doing all she can to ignore her Vulcan telepathic powers, so she is as surprised as everybody else when she's the only one able to communicate with the alien lifeforms at the climax of "Greater than the Sum".

     Jasminder Choudhury 

A spiritual woman from the Deneva colony who embraces Buddhist philosophies. She served as Chief of Security on Picard's Enterprise for several years. She also had a sexual relationship with Worf.

     Nancy Conlon 

Originally a member of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, then Chief Engineer on the USS da Vinci, later Chief Engineer on Voyager during its return to the Delta Quadrant.

     Domenica Corsi 

A tough-as-nails Starfleet officer who served as Chief of Security aboard the USS da Vinci. Became first officer when Captain David Gold retired and Sonya Gomez was promoted to replace him.

  • Break the Cutie: Corsi was a lot more easy-going and fun as a junior officer. But after she was forced to kill her insane lover (who had Christine Vale as a hostage), she became the stoic, by-the-book "Core-Breach" Corsi that serves aboard da Vinci.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: It takes a lot to break through her cold exterior. Her lover Fabian Stevens eventually convinces her to open up to him.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Corsi is nicknamed "Core-Breach" for her temper. We don't see if often, but that's mainly because the crew are extremely careful about setting her off.
  • Survivor's Guilt: Experiences this after the Galvan VI incident, in which many of the da Vinci crew died while she, the security chief, was unconscious and helpless.

     Sarina Douglas 

Genetically enhanced like her eventual lover Dr. Julian Bashir; a Lieutenant Commander in Starfleet, Deputy Chief of Security on Deep Space Nine and a Section 31 operative actually working against the group.

  • The Bus Came Back: A love interest of Bashir in the second of her two television appearances, she joins the main cast of the Deep Space Nine novels in Star Trek: Typhon Pact, resuming her relationship with Bashir.
  • Feed the Mole: Section 31 is well aware that she and Bashir want to bring them down from the inside, so they allow the pair to think they've successfully infiltrated so they can use them for their own purposes.

     David Gold 

Captain of the USS da Vinci, until his retirement. An elderly man of Jewish heritage, he has a massive extended family.

  • The Chains of Commanding: He feels responsible for the deaths of his crew at Galvan VI, and either visits or personally contacts their next of kin to express his condolences.
  • A Father to His Men: Gold often treats his subordinates as he would his children or grandchildren, and when one of them breaks the rules he tends to express quiet disappointment rather than chewing them out.
  • Informed Judaism: Averted. The short story "An Easy Fast" in Tales From The Captain's Table occurs while Gold is observing Yom Kippur, and another involves him and his rabbi wife trying to figure out how to conduct a joint Jewish/Klingon wedding for his granddaughter.
  • Jurisdiction Friction: Though he is commander of the da Vinci, he understands that Commander Gomez reports to the Corps of Engineers and that sometimes his role is as a glorified taxi driver. However, he is not happy when he gets Locked Out of the Loop on one mission when Gomez's orders prevent her from talking to him about the real objective.

     John "Blackjack" Harriman 

The father of Captain John Harriman of Star Trek: Generations (in)fame. An uncompromising and strong willed man, he was a prominent admiral within Starfleet Command in the late 23rd and very early 24th centuries.

  • Pet the Dog: Despite being an awful father and a questionable role model in general, he was apparently largely responsible for promoting the Alonis as potential Federation members; they indeed wind up joining.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: He views his son's command style to be improper at best and is always quick to criticize him for the slightest offense. It's clear that the only reason the younger Harriman listens to him at all is because he's a superior officer.

     Miranda Kadohata 

Replaced Data as second officer and Operations Manager on the Enterprise-E. Happily married, with a husband and two children who live on Cestus III

  • Anti-Mutiny: Led one in Before Dishonor, but eventually changed her mind when she realized she couldn't win. She even stayed aboard (and earned a promotion!) when the other two leaders of the Anti-Mutiny chose to transfer off after the crisis was resolved.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: Picard admits part of the problem that led to the Anti-Mutiny was expecting Kadohata to perform the same responsibilities (Second Officer, Ops Manager and Chief Science Officer) as Data, even though Data could only perform all those tasks because he was an android.
  • Game of Nerds: Follows the Cestus Baseball League, and occasionally makes baseball references.
  • Put on a Bus: She left the Enterprise in Losing the Peace, and hasn't yet returned.

     Gabriel Marshall 

A recurring character in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers stories, who plays the classic role of "pushy Federation diplomat", as established in Star Trek: The Original Series.


     Phillipa Matthias 

A Starfleet councillor aboard Deep Space Nine.

     Esperanza Piñiere 

Former Starfleet Commander, serves as Chief of Staff and best friend to President Nanietta Bacco.

  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: When you work for the Federation President, you have to be or else you won't last long in the job. It helps that Esperanza knows President Bacco's idiosyncrasies, and can think fast on her feet.
  • Killed Off for Real

     Margaret Sinclair-Alexander 

     Fabian Stevens 

Enlisted Starfleet Engineer who served under Chief O'Brien on Deep Space Nine, then transferred to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers detachment aboard the da Vinci. Later transferred to the SCE detachment on the U.S.S. Musgrave.

     Prynn Tenmei 

Daughter of Elias Vaughn and Ruriko Tenmei, Prynn is the primary flight controller of the Defiant.

  • Ace Pilot: Of the Tom Paris "fly by the seat of your pants" style.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: Had a hard time with Vaughn's life as an intelligence officer, and the two have been estranged since Ruriko's death (which Prynn believes was Elias' fault).

     Christine Vale 

A former peace officer from the human colony Izar, Vale joined Starfleet after being inspired by one of its security officers (Domenica Corsi of Starfleet Corps of Engineers). After serving on Picard's Enterprise-E as Security Chief, Vale was offered the position of First Officer aboard Titan when Will Riker was given command. After Riker gets promoted to the Admiralty in The Fall, she takes over as Titan's commanding officer.

  • Rank Up: Starts out a Lieutenant and Chief of Security on the Enterprise-E. Gets promoted to Lieutenant Commander prior to the start of the Titan series, then to full Commander when she takes the First Officer slot. In Sight Unseen she finally gets promoted to Captain after serving as Titan's acting CO for several months.
  • Rousing Speech: She's not very good at them, actually.
    "But let's remember, people, it was our pure exploration that found the Caeliar and saved the whole damn Alpha Quadrant. And...and Beta. You guys from Beta know what I mean".

     Elias Vaughn 

A Starfleet officer with a long history and the deceptively low rank of Commander, Vaughn was introduced in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Relaunch. By this point, he was over a century old, with eighty years experience in Starfleet Intelligence, Special Operations and Tactical. Vaughn was a critical player in several crucial events in Federation history, among them the Tomed Incident, the Betreka Nebula Incident, and the liberation of Betazed from the Dominion. Vaughn was eventually promoted to Captain and given command of the U.S.S. James T. Kirk, suffered catastrophic injuries during the Borg Invasion, and eventually died from them in 2383.

  • The Atoner: For the death of his wife and his failures in raising their daughter.
  • Been There, Shaped History: That well-known but as-yet-unexplored historical event? Vaughn will probably have been involved. Some readers certainly feel this trope got over-used.
  • Deadpan Snarker: An example from ''Demons of Air and Darkness'', after he handles a hostage situation by simply shooting the hostage taker, because he realizes his own phaser will fire with this level of radiation but the hostage-taker's won't:
    Julian Bashir: Why didn't you say that's what you were planning in the first place?
    Vaughn: Because, Doctor, when you become a commander, they take the bone out of your head that makes you explain orders.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He tries one in ''Twilight'', in order to save an extra-dimensional life-form from an eternity of loneliness.
  • It Never Gets Any Easier: Particularly notable at the conclusion to Star Trek: The Battle of Betazed.
  • Killed Off for Real
  • Our Dragons Are Different: His childhood history on Berengaria VII; he was apparently mauled by a dragon at one point. It was established as early as the Original Series of Star Trek that Berengaria VII is home to dragons, and Vaughn had previously been said to originate there. Eventually, the two bits of trivia made an inevitable linkage. Since Vaughn is the sort of character with a highly adventurous background, it's no surprise he apparently had dragon bites where other children had bruised knees.
  • Overranked Soldier: Inverted. Despite being in the service over eight decades Vaughn is still a Commander even though his security clearances are higher than most Admirals. Being a mid-level line officer allows him to keep a lower profile.
  • Papa Wolf: In ''Warpath'', when he believes his adult daughter has been murdered by a rogue colleague.

     Giancarlo Wu 

The hyper-competent aide to Ambassador Worf (and later Ambassador Rozhenko).


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