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You would think this being a fanfic based off the works of Dakari-King Mykan this wouldn't be possible, right? Well...

Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship

  • Trixie gets quite a few of these in Chapter 3: To quote, she calls out Abra (and indirectly Mykan) on the racism of the Unicornicopians and their claims of being superior despite doing nothing to prove it, subsequently tells Abra to stuff his job (and also getting rid of the Stripperiffic assistant's outfit she was wearing), manages to save several Equestrian and Unicornicopian children from being burned to death and beforehand an initially ungrateful Unicornicopian named Maniak Crush, evades, outsmarts and defeats several boar and griffon soldiers and ultimately manages to rescue her family. Even if Neigh Orleans is left a burning wreck thanks to Dark Conquest, she at least manages to keep the death toll from being much higher.
    • Maniak Crush also gets one when he willingly helps save Trixie's family from their burning house. This also overlaps with Moment Of Heartwarming, as he's willing to help her because she saved his little brother's life minutes before.
  • As horrible as it is, Dark Conquest's way of introducing himself to United Equestria by attacking Neigh Orleans in Chapter 3. Does he do so by sending in a monster to rough up the place like his predecessors? NO. He instead sends in a regiment of his troops to dismantle the shields, slaughter the civilians and ultimately decimate the town. Something which neither Starfleet nor Grand Ruler would have expected.
    • There's also his fight against Lightning Dawn. Dark Conquest may be an asshole of the highest caliber and then some, but it is nice to watch him utterly beat the shit out of Lightning Dawn. Without taking any damage himself. Non-Action Big Bad, this guy is not.
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  • Applejack's fight with the Boar Commander in Chapter 5, all of it. To wit, she takes him on alone, gets her wings ripped off, and then pushes through her pain to stop his charge (Something that is hard to do) and rip off his tusks. The only reason why she stops fighting is because her friends stop her.
  • Fluttershy driving off Dementia... by simply refusing to fight back and trying to convince Dementia that she actually has a heart. It actually freaks Dementia out to the point that she later has to reassure herself that Fluttershy is wrong - and fails.
  • Also in the same chapter as the Elements of Harmony's moments is one for Dementia, Mysterious and Rep-Stallion. In this one, they get reacquainted with Starfleet, which is to say by fighting them. Only this time, the three of them utterly kick the asses of Lightning's team while at the same time giving them "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
    • Building onto that, they also have a moment of savvy by having their fellow soldiers help them. Ultimately, because Dark Conquest doesn't want to kill Starfleet members yet, they choose to let them live.
  • The Elements' fight scenes are pretty much all awesome, as Legendbringer gave each of them a unique fighting style based on their individual personalities and abilities and showcases them to great effect, starting from "The Fall Begins".
    • Rainbow Dash, being the fastest pony alive, knows how to put her speed to good use by dishing out powerful blows faster than most opponents can respond. She also picks up more creative uses of these abilities, ranging from creating after-images to destroying weapons with rapid vibrations to phasing through solid glass, establishing her as an unparalleled Lightning Bruiser who's also deceptively crafty.
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    • Applejack is the "immovable object" to Rainbow's "unstoppable force". Opting for a mundane but effective approach, she uses her Earth Pony strength to best enemies head on. She can easily fight against incredible odds and come out on top through a combination of strength, resilience, and above all else, a stubborn refusal to die, often shrugging off crippling injuries like they're nothing.
    • Rarity (and later Glarity) combines her natural unicorn magic with deadly precision, magically hindering opponents while picking off enemies at long range with a bow. With unflinching focus, she nails enemies in major joints to bring them down with as little bloodshed as possible. Best summed up by her Badass Boast: "I should warn you, dear: I never miss."
    • Pinkie Pie lacks the training and skill of her compatriots, but more than compensates by being Pinkie Pie. Able to quickly think on her feet, Pinkie can easily cobble together makeshift weaponry on the fly, has a Hyperspace Arsenal of party tricks up her sleeves, and can use even the most unlikely implements as weaponry, making her dangerous by virtue of being impossible to predict.
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    • Fluttershy, being the All-Loving Hero she is, never attempts to fight and mostly tends to the wounded. But when push comes to shove, she's borderline untouchable, avoiding attacks with little effort; her enemies might as well be trying to catch water in a sieve. And after her armor is upgraded, she becomes an effective frontline medic. She won't be doing any harm, but neither will her enemies.
  • In hindsight, Vinyl and Octavia's radio show on K-COLT in Chapter 6 is one for the both of them. In it, they note how Grand Ruler and Starfleet are handling the current crisis incompetently and that the citizens should try to protect themselves and fight back instead of rely on their shields and Starfleet. Given the fascist state that is United Equestria and how just simply disagreeing with Starfleet and Grand Ruler, lest doing so on live air, can result in being sent to re-education or prison camps/planets and other unpleasantries, this most certainly counts. Vinyl, in particular, is practically daring Celesto to silence them.
  • Cadance takes on her brother Fratello in Chapter 7. End result: she manages to hold her own against one of Dark Conquest's most powerful generals. She's also able to restore his mind by removing him from the influence of his armor and return him to normal.
    • Also keep in mind that as stated by Fratello, Cadance lacks "the warrior's edge". Throughout the fight, she shows she more than makes up for it with her skill in magic such as erecting a giant barrier around herself and her brother in order to make sure nopony else gets injured and creating a crystal spire to negate a lightning attack from Fratello.
    • What makes this battle even better is that fact that this is so far the first actual victory against Dark Conquest and his army. Something which the more militaristic Starfleet and Grand Ruler have yet to accomplish. Also a Meta example, given she beat him with The Power of Love, something Starfleet (and the original author) views as completely worthless. Not only did she beat him, she proved Starfleet dead wrong.
  • Another meta moment for the author is giving the Mykan-original characters actual personalities. Now this may not seem like much, but consider that in the source material pretty much every character is as flat as cardboard and shallow as a kiddy pool. And the author is actually trying to give them personalities so that it's possible to care about what happens to them later on in the story. And so far, it's working.
  • In chapter 8, Trixie single-handedly saves the city of Detrot by masking it and projecting its image somewhere else, leading Dementia and Raven's battalion away. To top it off, Raven cannot believe any unicorn could do it, even as Trixie is gloating at what she has just done... And that's before Trixie reveals she has also manipulated their perception of time to make them march for longer than they thought. Oh, and she has also leaked their position to Starfleet, so they'll either have to stay there and fight, try and fail to reach their original target. and be tired when Starfleet arrives and catches up to them, or just run. Too bad their main goal was to pick a fight with Starfleet...
    • When Trixie and her group arrive to rescue Starfleet, Trixie holds Dementia off with something unexpected: an illusion of the devastating Dragon Slave. Poor Dementia was in helpless terror... Before realizing it was a trick.
  • When Belle, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity (or at least her yet to be named homunculus/golem) and Pinkie Pie are all underneath New Canterlot and suffering from extensive feeding courtesy of the Preta ghosts, who comes in to save the day? Fluttershy, who broke out of her and Rhymey's house after the later locked her in. Ultimately, Fluttershy manages to save her friends by sealing away the Preta within a gem Rarity's golem was carrying. Keep in mind, she was also being affected by the Preta feeding off of her as well.
    • Also keep in mind, she outright defied Rhymey in order to do this. Say whatever you will about Fluttershy, but there's one thing you can't deny and that is that her friends bring out the best in her.
  • Also present within Chapter 8 is Pinkie Pie befriending the depression spirit underneath Canterlot. Also a Heartwarming Moment as she promises to visit the spirit every now and then. Goes to show just how Pinkie's cheerfulness is far from useless, contrary to what Mykan thinks.
  • Rainbow Dash's fight against Rhymey in Chapter 10.
  • Chapter 11 is full of these:
    • Belle Amie performs an exhaustive analysis of Conquest's strategy, and manages to determine the location of his next attack: Fillydelphia. Not only that, but she also figures out his tactics and even the time of his attack to a T, giving the Elements of Harmony the information they need to move in and intercept Conquest's forces.
    • Rarity manages to convince the Diamond Dogs to aid United Equestria in the fight, despite their obvious distaste for the Grand Ruler and seeing her as just another of his lackeys.
    • The Diamond Dogs in battle, and Rover's Rousing Speech:
    “Alright you sons and daughters of bitches! We stand here today on the precipice of our finest hour,” said Rover from riding on top of a warg. “We are to give the boars no quarter as we fight them, we are to strike hard and fast to aid our new pony allies! We will strike hard and decimate their forces! Now,” pointing a diamond-tipped sword toward the fallen boars, the little dog in the red vest called out, “Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!!”
    • The Elements actually hold their own against the enemy, each using their own talents to the fullest - much more than could be said for their Starfleet counterparts.
    • Gilda manages to undo Starfleet's brainwashing of Ace Ray with The Power of Friendship, and they bring reinforcements to the table.
    • The actions of the Elements inspire an Equestrian named Flame Tongue to get out there and fight, and he convinces most of the town's Equestrian population (and even a number of Unicornicopians) to join the fray in direct defiance of Grand Ruler's law. This gives the advantage needed to finally score a major victory for United Equestria, and efforts of the Elements of Harmony in the battle - including Belle - are recognized by Celestia officially dubbing them knights of the realm, putting them on equal standing with Starfleet.
      • To top it off, most of the above completely shatters Starfleet's self-proclaimed superiority, as it was almost entirely an Equestrian effort, and yet they managed to do what Starfleet never could - beat back the invaders. It all comes as a major slap in the face for Celesto, and Celestia wastes no time rubbing it in.
      • And then Celestia proceeds to twist the knife even further by catching Celesto's fist when he tries to punch her before flat-out stating that the only power he has that's greater than hers is purely political.
  • The Mane Six finally getting one over Rhymey and saving Fluttershy. Also, Fluttershy's rant against Rhymey.
  • The Resistance (now officially renamed the Umbra Circle) breaking into Starfleet's central prison planet and getting out with proof that the majority of Starfleet's prisoners are wrongfully convicted. Needless to say, this was a tremendous blow against Starfleet's credibility. And just to top it off, they weren't content to just escape with the incriminating documents; they take the time to break out most of the prisoners as well.
    • The real kicker: the informant who made this all possible? It was Dyno. Clearly, he's not satisfied with just flipping off Starfleet and handing in a resignation, he's going to make damn sure that they get held accountable for their actions.
  • Chapter 13 has the Siege of the Crystal Empire, and more than a few moments:
    • Away from the siege, the Mane 5 defeating Grand Ruler's assassins-and charging to the Crystal Empire immediately after.
    • Shining Armor and Fratello outsmarting Sombra and beating back his army, at least until attrition kicks in.
    • The wrath of the Changelings against Conquest's army. This is Chrysalis' contribution to the war in exchange for becoming the godmother of Cadance's child and a bit of justice, as she's not amused at how an impersonator took her identity and led a group of lost Changelings against United Equestria.
    • Cadance stopping the entire siege for the empire with a song, which blows Mykan's little tortures of her out of the water.
    • Belle Amie earning her spot on the team by saving the day and taking out Sombra with the use of a staff.
  • Artie saving his friends from Cyclopsis and becoming a true hero.
  • Lightning Dawn fighting two Unicornicopians who were bullying a young Equestrian and winning without revealing his identity.
  • Pinkie Pie doing something that Starfleet was never able to do. Actually hurt Conquest and made him run away. Also a meta example since she uses the very quality that made the Unicornicopians and Mykan see her as immature: her desire to spread happiness to others.
  • Spark's one on one duel with the black dragon, showing what a powerhouse she is.
  • Trixie dominates and shows up Abra in front of Dragon Lord Torch, which not only gives them the support of the dragons but the Amulet Of Dragon Companionship. How does she do this? By proving herself to be the better illusionist and magician.
  • In chapter 16, it looked like Rhymey was going to win his battles, thanks to his use of mind control on Fluttershy to force her back under his thumb and on Applejack to make the Unicornicopians lose faith in the Knights and force her to fight the others when they came to rescue Fluttershy... And then Applejack breaks free by remembering why she had her responsibilities (she chose them), the ones that had tired her enough that Rhymey could (barely) control her, and when Fluttershy does the same... Let's just say that Rhymey is down from her Stare, her complete rejection of his most powerful mind control spell, and her "The Reason You Suck" Speech even before he meets his doom. And when Raven arrives to kill Rhymey, she even stops her out of compassion, and tries to talk her into a Heel–Face Turn.
    • But where was Rainbow Dash? Dealing with the opponents Rhymey chose for her, three Aerophants-that is, pony-sized flying elephants with wings, ones that had taken care of learning all her known moves before fighting her (and actually respected her for her skills, so they wouldn't act brashly and expose themselves). Rainbow not only won, the last one was in awe before she knocked him out. She then proceeds to save Fluttershy and even Rhymey from Raven, who had fired a Uniforce blast at them at point blank. And then mops the floor with Raven and writes "Loser" on her forehead. Notably, this is the first time that any character has capitalized on the biggest weakness of the Uniforce: leaving the user exhausted after being fired off.
    • Something well deserved: Raven's beat down on Rhymey. Sure, she's simply carrying out her orders to eliminate Starfleet, but unlike her previous victims, Rhymey really, really deserved the asskicking Raven gave him, and it's incredibly satisfying to see karma finally catch up to him.
  • The real battle between Twilight and Raven; granted, Twilight dies, but she went out like a real hero. Twilight starts out trying to talk Raven down while poking massive holes in Raven's backstory and revealing that she's recorded every single slip-up in the Grand Ruler's masquerade. Then, when that fails and push comes to shove, she proceeds to tear Raven to shreds with minimal effort. Unfortunately, Grand Ruler has Lightning intervene by making him trigger a trap that disables Twilight's magic, letting Raven take her down, but even then Twilight just calmly says her goodbyes to her friends before confidently affirming that her death is just the beginning and then casting one last spell despite her magic being disabled before Raven kills her. What the spell did isn't clear, although it likely has something to do with Celesto losing power and/or the creation of Spark and Belle. If she were a villain, Twilight Sparkle would definitely be a Magnificent Bastard.
    • Made clearer, and more awesome, when Twilight, after coming back, explains what happened: in the previous days she had been studying the spells of Mimic, her ancestor and most powerful unicorn ever, including one to transfer a soul out of the body while the latter healed; during the fight, after having her magic disabled, she said her friends' names because thinking of them help her clear her head... And then came up with a plan and put it into motion: first she disabled the block on her magic, having done it on one similar but better applied when she was eleven; but as she had been mortally wounded in the meantime, she could only cast Mimic's spell, preparing herself to come back, but as she hadn't been able to master the spell her heart went back to her body, becoming Belle, while Discord (who had brought her soul back to the land of living) made a new one for her mind and identity to inhabit while they searched for the rest of her, with Belle's birth foiling the Necromancer's plan to resurrect Twilight Sparkle as a minion; and once in the new body, Twilight Sparkle, knowing that she'd be a target for Grand Ruler should she come back, decided to cause a revolution to take him down... And became the Spark to trigger it. Furthermore, Belle's instinct told her to seek out Pinkie Pie, the first pony to greet Twilight in Ponyville, ultimately leading to the Elements reclaiming their bond and the power to fight back. Celesto thought he got the last laugh on Twilight, but she was the one writing the story all along, giving Equestria the strength to stand against both tyrant and conqueror.
  • In Chapter 17, the Mane 5 finally face off against Titan and, boy, is it awesome. In addition to Titan finally showing off his skill in a proper battle that's not against Starfleet, we also see the Mane 5 working together and using their individual skills to combat and eventually defeat him, finally earning the respect of the Unicornicopian population of United Equestria.
  • Also in Chapter 17, Shining Spark gets one by going toe to toe with Titan in a game of Go and coming out on top. Keep in mind, she's one of three to actually manage the feat.
    • Also, you gotta give props to the author Legendbringer for making a game of Go as epic as his other battles.
  • Titan's plan to expose Grand Ruler Celesto as a fraud also deserves a mention here. Sure, it ended with him defeated, but ultimately the truth was revealed at last.
  • Rainbow's defeat of the Black Fire in chapter 18. Not only did she do a Rainboom horizontally, and suck the fireball into a fire tornado, but she did it to her image song "Loyalty" just to amp up the sheer awesome of the moment.
  • Lightning's own plan to assist in the downfall of Grand Ruler. Basically, he decides to die fighting against Dark Conquest in full view of United Equestria. As he's fundamentally the embodiment of Celesto's ideals and authority, this would expose Celesto's talk of superiority as a bunch of lies once and for all. Not to mention, he manages to pull this off without actually dying by taking a page out of Rarity's book and using a golem to make the sacrifice.
    • Conquest gets one of his own during the battle. He gets Stripped to the Bone by Lightning's Enticorn form and it doesn't even faze him since the Enticorn form is powered by hatred, which Conquest feeds on. He then proceeds to return the favor by thoroughly demolishing Lightning once more and ultimately killing him (or at least appearing to, since the Lightning in the fight is a golem) and restoring his body afterwards.
  • Krysta's transformation into a Flutterpony. Keep in mind, all she had at the time was a wing and a prayer; for a Flutterpony to reveal her true power, she has to undertake a great sacrifice. Krysta's way of going about it is to fly into a swarm of zombie fairies without knowing if it would even work.
  • A flashback reveals that Shining Armor was the one who actually defeated the Dark King. Despite the Dark King’s insistance that Shining Armor will become him no matter what, Shining Armor responds by throwing his sword, and telling him straight up, that he will not let despair and anger get the better of him if Cadance ever dies, and that he will honor her, and his sister’s memory, causing the Dark King to fade away from existence.
  • Tempest Shadow's appearance and fight. Grand Ruler sends a fleet of reinforcements to try and overwhelm the remaining defenders of Equestria? Tempest takes on all of them.
    Grand Ruler: You think you can do that? You need an army!
    Tempest Shadow: I am an army.
  • The Umbra Circle getting the Elements of Fate, purifying them from Celesto's corruption and deactivating Serpentari, and then the subsequent Trixie fight where she utterly humiliates Shaina in song.
  • Lightning finally facing off against Celesto, and proving his Character Development by using the weapons of all his friends to bring the tyrant down.
  • Celestia's final fight with Sombra. The author has said that she is his favorite princess and it shows.
  • Celestia pulling a Wounded Gazelle Gambit to swipe the Orb of Reality from Grand Ruler and casting both him and Conquest several miles away from Canterlot, allowing Conquest to dismantle Celesto at his leisure and getting the despot out of her hair once and for all.
  • Grand Ruler's final downfall at the hands of Dark Conquest. Conquest rips apart every single lie he ever told in front of all of Equestria, while ripping Celesto himself apart; even if it came at the hands of an embodiment of hatred, it's satisfying to see Equestria get closure.
  • After so long being a Smug Snake, curb stomping his opponents, and getting under their skin, it's gratifying to watch Celestia do the one thing that nopony else did: she got Conquest mad at her.
  • The Return of the Light:
    • When Dark Conquest comes back to try to mock Celestia again, she remains completely calm throughout his whole rant, and one ups him again by giving a Rousing Speech along with her sister that galvanizes the Equestrians and Unicornicopians to unite and fight back.
    • After their Rousing Speech, Celestia, along with her sister, and their newly united army reclaim Neigh Orleans in just ten minutes.
    • After their victory in Neigh Orleans, Celestia and Luna go in opposite directions of the planet, and in just two weeks, reclaim almost all of the places Dark Conquest had conquered.
    • They also claim some powerful allies along the way too. The Boar that Applejack fought earlier tells her that he went back to his clan, and fought to become their leader to join forces with them. Gilda had gathered whatever griffon clans were not on Dark Conquest’s payroll, and Zecora is revealed to be the princess of the Zebras. Titan comes back with the Flutterponies, and the Elk Federation has mobilized its powerful space fleet and started freeing Conquest's holdings on other planets. Even the Storm King joins in on the fun.
    • Most of Conquest's army deserting him, which was pretty much anyone who wasn't actually guilty of their crimes, a mercenary, or out for a revolution that didn't hinge on Grand Ruler's death (killed by Dark Conquest himself). Everyone else was still in because they didn't think they could leave and were Trapped in Villainy... Then they saw what Celestia was doing and deserted en-masse.
    • But all of that is nothing compared to the biggest moment of all: TWILIGHT SPARKLE IS BACK!!! And upon her return, she teleports her friends to safety, and in just one shot sends Dark Conquest flying through the Everfree Forest, and into the Castle of the Two Sisters! Hell yes!
  • This exchange about Conquest is one for Pinkie:
    Twilight Sparkle: “Silly? Pinkie, he’s a rapist, monster, world-conquering, demon.”
    Pinkie: “And what did that give him? Nothing but a little army who runs away and a constant need to go back to raping and killing! It’s no fun. It’s like those tiny cakes Rhymey sold once at his cafe. Small, tasteless, and makes you want more. Not like a big cake.”
  • The final battle:
    • The first wave of Conquest's minions is defeated by the mere appearance of the Mane 6, with many crapping themselves and others running away in terror.
    • Rarity alone against an army of skeleton soldiers-and the only reason they have a chance and manage to score a few hits is that they have soul gems that make them regenerate. Then Rarity notices the gems-and it's over in one spell.
    • Immediately after that she's assaulted by Melantha armed with the Fear Ring. She's almost destroyed by its effects and suffers grievous wounds at Melantha's hands-and then, thanks to the memories of her friends, she overcomes the Fear Ring and proceeds to defeat Melantha in a swordfight, before blinding her to keep her from seeing her "dollies".
      • During the fight, Rarity slashed a capital "R" and a cursive "b" on Melantha.
    • Fluttershy getting Raven to finally do a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Among Grogar's zombies that attack Equestria there are the fallen members of Lightning's team. They remain in control and rejoin their teammates to fight for Equestria against the horde.
    • Applejack has to face Emil Kudos going One-Winged Angel on her. He calls himself the pinnacle of the Earth Pony race, for he can stand against anything by himself. After some initial trouble, she demolishes him and his ideals.
    • Rainbow Dash finally destroying Rhymey for good, even when he was equipped with the Wings of Lightning that allowed him to tap in the Speedforce to become faster than even her... At least at first.
      • In the battle they became so fast they entered the Speedforce. Then Rainbow Dash outsped him there, Buried Alien, once The Fastest Pony Alive, congratulated her for claiming the title, and explained to her how to come back.
    • The battle between Twilight Sparkle and Dark Conquest. All of it.
      • The final moves: after two fake-outs, we finally got to see the Dragon Slave in all its glory. And Conquest actually blocks it. Then he blocks the Lightning Storm spell - and finds out those were there too keep him in place for Twilight's trump card: Ultima. He survives and starts regenerating, bragging that she'll never beat him-and then finds out the hard way all of that was to put him in position for Pinkie Pie. That melts him.
    • The fight against the Post-Final Boss-Grogar turned into the embodiment of death itself. And they overcome it by recovering the Elements of Harmony.
    • And after the battle, the Elements of Harmony and Fate reverse all the damage - everyone killed by Conquest's war is brought back, everything done by Celesto with the Orb of Reality is brought back to normal, and the Unicornicopians are turned into Equestrian Ponies. Also, Celestro is brought back - as a colt.

Fall of Starfleet, Evolution of Friendship

  • For those who hate Rhymey, Darkonda's utter thrashing of him (or at the very least his human counterpart) counts as one for the latter in Chapter 1.
  • Speaking of which, this version of Darkonda is made of awesome. For starters, this Darkonda managed to succeed at his attempted coup against Dark Specter and defeat the Power Rangers from his universe. Then, when he fights against the humans counterparts of the Elements of Harmony and Starfleet, he proceeds to beat each of them down one by one, de-morph them one by one and then strip them of their Ranger powers. While he does die at the end of the chapter, you can't deny the impact he leaves.
  • Applejack obtaining her new ranger powers in Chapter 1 and kicking the crap out of Darkonda after he spent time kicking the crap out of her friends and Starfleet and at the same time de-powering them.
  • In Chapter 3, Sunset's much deserved beating of Rhymey-followed by defeating Starla when she tries to defend him. And when Rhymey is stupid enough to try and use the "Just Joking" Justification, she beats him up again.
  • Grey Son showing himself to be a Reasonable Authority Figure in Chapter 3. First he keeps Celesto from unjustly expelling Sunset for her fight with Starla and Rhymey, and then, when he observes the human counterparts of Starfleet using their powers while performing exercises, he calls them out on it and forces them to do exercises. Without their powers. Taking Starfleet's superiority crap isn't something this man will do.
    • This moment is made even more awesome in hindsight with The Reveal that Gray Son is actually Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing. His behavior also makes sense: He's faced off against numerous supernatural beings and came out alive, a couple of privileged teenagers aren't even going to faze him.
  • Atem versus Yubel. If Atem wins, Yubel becomes his servant, but if Yubel wins, Atem's partner is forfeit. We don't see it, but...
  • Pinkie coming through the full force of Imperious' depression spell - and gaining her own new Ranger powers.

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