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Quotes in Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship:

Dimentia: You know, Rhymey, the only thing that stops this from being any more fun is... I don't really know you.
Rhymey: What do you mean? I am all that you've seen!
Dimentia: That's my point. You rhyme, so what? You do it poorly for one, and another, you are flat as cardboard. Do you even care about them?
Rhymey: That accusation is not fair... I do indeed care.
Dimentia: Then why are you fighting me alone?
—Dimentia owning Rhymey both physically and verbally, Chapter 8

Dyno: Pinkie... No, Bearers of the Elements, never lose this. Never lose the bond of friendship that you have. It's stronger than you know.
Applejack: I don't think we ever did.
Chapter 8

Memories are an interesting thing, aren't they? We swear by them, we let them brighten our moods, and they make use who we are. The problem is, though, they are fickle little things. Memories can be manipulated, changed, or taken away. Memories can be lost thanks to time and age. Tell me, do you remember how many breads you ate in your lifetime? Of course you don't, no one can. Scientists have studied for years on the subject of memory and our mind's ability to retain information and what they have come up with is very interesting. Our memories change, that is the truth.

"So, if memories are so fallible... why do we put so much faith in them? Because they give us hope.
Titan, Chapter 12

“I trust this means that you are going to have words with Celesto?”
“You assume I am going to let that bastard talk,”
Luna and Celestia, having discovered that Grand Ruler had used his wife's image to tell Lightning it was Twilight's fault she died. Chapter 12

Mysterious: Interesting...
Brain: Interesting? You have just had your life revealed to be a lie and you can only answer that this is interesting?
Mysterious: If we were just creations of mud and clay and corpses, beings lacking hearts, then what did that make you?
Brain: Precisely my thoughts. Why were we different from you three? Why is it that you were deemed less than equine even if our origins are the same?
Mysterious: Unless we were lied to. More and more, the threads of lies are becoming unraveled.
Chapter 16

Pinkie: Ever since you came here, it feels like I found a missing piece of my heart. You helped me to smile again and you... help to make the others realize what is important. I don't think I could ever thank you enough.
Belle: No, I should be thanking you. You opened up your heart to me when we first met. You let me into your home and treated me like I was your long lost friend.
Pinkie: That's because it feels like it. You are a very good friend, Belle.
Chapter 16

And so it came to pass, a new generation took the place of the old. A new generation with stories of their own to tell, and own adventures grand. Soon, this too will give way to another generation, and then another, each one passing along the stories of their ancestors so long ago. Each generation passing along the tales of the six mares who stood against darkness with the powers of friendship.

But, you know this. You know about how we pass along the stories of each generation, and tell each other tales of heroes past. We are doing this now, by telling of these fanfics and stories, to help remember the generations past.

And it is very easy to start. Allow me to help you with an opening.

This is an imaginary story... aren't they all?
Closing remarks, Next Generation

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