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Celesto will be tricked into fighting Dark Conquest himself as a Xanatos Gambit.

Let's face it: NO ONE likes him. Celestia or someone else will trick him into fighting Dark Conquest and it's a Heads I Win, Tails You Lose situation: If he wins? He'll be weakened and the rebels or Celestia to overthrow him and can claim he and Conquest killed each other. If he loses (which is more likely)? He's a liability at this point, so his death would be just as good of an outcome, heck it'd cut off a lot of the hate Conquest thrives on just be getting rid of the jerk, on top of the possibility of him weakening or injuring Conquest. And if he loses but Conquest decides not to kill him? There goes his appearance of superiority. It'd honestly work out for the heroes better no matter HOW it ends...which says a lot about the Grand Ruler given his death would be the net benefit.


  • Confirmed in "The Fall Ends Pt.2 "

Twilight Sparkle will come Back from the Dead

It's already implied that Belle Amie and Shining Spark are the result of Twilight Sparkle somehow undergoing a Literal Split Personality, and given the origin of United Equestria and existence of Grand Celestial Ruler (after all, this story takes place in the same continuity as Starfleet Magic) it's not inconceivable that the two halves of Twilight Sparkle could be merged back into the whole.

  • Confirmed as of Return of the Light.

Belle Amie and Shining Spark are not the Literal Split Personality of Twilight Sparkle.

Let's give the author some credit here. Such a reveal as them being two halves of the same whole would be too obvious, to say the least.

  • Partially Confirmed. While Belle Amie is revealed to a part of Twilight's personality, Shining Spark actually is Twilight Sparkle having lost the parts of her personality that manifested into Belle.

Celestia will trick Celesto into forming the Grand Celestial Ruler...and completely take over the fusion, making him a prisoner in their own body.

It exists in the continuity, and it'd be karmic justice given Celesto's habit of mind controlling others: have himself put completely under the control of another.

It also provides Celestia an out of the problem with directly dealing with Celesto (namely the cause a civil war thing): after all, who would know she did it unless she told them since it'd be all internal?

  • Jossed and then sent right to hell for good measure; Conquest confirms the fusion never even existed to begin with. It was merely a twisted event to make Grand Ruler look big and strong.

Celesto will be undone by brainwashing in some form, possibly even by one of the HEROES.

Would be quite the Karmic Death for him, given his heinous acts with it.


The body modifications that gave the Equestrians their humanoid forms will be undone.

To represent that the Equestrians are breaking free from Starfleet's grasp seeing as Starfleet forced them to get their DNA messed with.

  • Confirmed in "The War Ends in the Light". Also extends to the Unicornicopians themselves; they, too, return to their original quadruped forms, complete with cutie marks and becoming either one of the three tribes.

Dark Conquest's real identity.

He's a personification of angsty fanfictions that has grown sentient.

Most of the various past villains actually worked for Celesto in some way and served to justify Starfleet's presence and superiority.

Well, two past villains did work for him already... And would explain why they all followed the same easily defeated pattern.

Emil Kudos actually has Unicorn and/or Pegagus ancestry.

Just for irony's sake.

Rhymey will join the villains as a new general.

Let's face it, there's nothing good about this guy. Conquest could easily make promises to him about what he could gain and he could very well join because of that. Heck, he's only loyal to Starfleet because of the net benefits he can get and from what we see of Dark Conquest, he treats his generals and soldiers far better than Grand Ruler Celesto does.

  • Confirmed in "Requiem for the Wind Star".

He did have necromancer powers way back in G1.

  • Confirmed in "The War Ends in the Light".

Lightning Dawn will fight Grand Ruler Celesto at some point and/or at the very least confront him.

Given all that Lightning Dawn has found out about his "mentor", he's very likely to confront and/or fight the bastard over everything he's done to everyone, himself included.

  • Confirmed in "The Fall Ends", but ultimately subverted as he does not get to land the killing blow. He fights Queen Cocoon, disguised as Grand Ruler, and when Cocoon is exposed, she is left for Thorax to deal with.

Lighting and Starla will Sorta Break Up
By Sorta I mean they'll end their marriage and try to build a actual functioning relationship before either remarrying or splitting off for good.

  • Confirmed.

Grey Son's True Identity

  • He's Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing.

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