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  • In the rewritten Chapter 1, Buddy Rose insists that color of his apron is "lightish-red".
  • Dark Conquest gets his soldiers riled up by repeatedly yelling, "Can you dig it?".
  • Chapter 2 mentions Rocky Kockemoff who drank raw eggs, a reference to Rocky Balboa.
  • Trixie's family is a mix of shoutouts. Her mother is from Twixie Answers, her large family is from Pony POV and her sister is a far kinder version of Checker Monarch.
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  • In Chapter 3, the doctor who takes care of Lighting Dawn is Crusher Bones, a shout out to Beverly Crusher from TNG and Bones from TOS.
  • The team that Luna puts together has the same members of the Elements of Harmony from the Lunaverse.
  • In "The Fall Begins", Gilda tells Rainbow to "Run Dashie run!"
  • Vinyl and Octavia's radio station, K-COLT, makes an appearance.
  • In chapter 8, Cheerilee is reading a book entitled "Our War Game".
  • In chapter 8, Carrot Top uses bags of Killing Joke, a variant of Poison Joke from Neighpon, to take out some mooks. Killing Joke is originally from Fallout: Equestria. (It appears to be a much safer variant here, its only difference from Poison Joke is that it works instantly. The original version is as deadly as the name suggests.)
  • The books that Dash gives to Fluttershy are: Watership Down, Felidae, and apparently a story based off of Kim Possible.
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  • An author's note straight-up claims that Rainbow Dash's Battlecry in chapter 11 was derived from The Immortal Game. Additionally, Applejack's briefing of the Elements before the battle resembles the one Captain America gives in The Avengers.
  • It is mentioned that Celestia and Luna's parents and Rarity's Uncle are respectively Titan, Terra and Esteem from The Immortal Game. Legendbringer even has AthesticB, the author, make a cameo.
  • Chapter 8 features Trixie psyching Dimentia out by using a fake Dragon Slave, with the same incantation for the real one.
  • In chapter 10, Pinkie Pie's story to Pumpkin and Pound Cake is the Digidestined's battle against Apocalymon.
  • In chapter 10, when Rainbow Dash is fighting Rhymey and demonstrates the ability to vibrate one's body to destroy objects, she mentions that she read a book about an Earth Pony with Super Speed who could do the same named "Buried Alien".
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  • Rep-Stallion preforms a superhero landing and even refers to it as such.
  • Titan's monologue about the transience of memory in "Musings of Memories and Hearts" includes a line about how no one can remember how many breads they have eaten in their life.
  • Chapter 12 references:
    • Dimentia's flashback has Luna declaring the Nightmare Moon she and the Equestrians are facing to be an impostor; the only reason she could exist would be if a mad unicorn mixed the blood of the most powerful unicorn with the remnants of her armor.
    • When trying to inspire hope in the slaves of Conquest, Starla tells a story which is the tale of Perseus and Andromeda.
    • A stallion called Blaze Blue asks Starla for more stories, a possible reference to BlazBlue.
    • Rep-Stallion sings the line from Jump in Line, a song from Film/Beetlejuice, while preparing to dance with Inquirius.
    • Among the suggestions that Trixie posits for Luna's secret alliance, some are Trixie and Her Amazing Friends and The Rolling Storms.
    • During Carrot Top's trial, the prosecutor that interrogates her is named Gadot. To further drive home the reference, he is even drinking a cup of coffee.
    • Ditzy suggests 1-2-3-4-5 as the password to the prison database, but Trixie dismisses it by saying that only an idiot would make that their combination. Ditzy's right.
    • Three Jojo references: The warden of the prison planet is named Steel Balls, Titan references Dio Brando's famous line about bread when talking about the fallibility of memories, and the name Sun Star, according to the author, is another reference, probably the Joestar family name and also the art of Hamon, where one harnesses the power of sunlight.
  • Chapter 13 has Fluttershy engaging in a battle of riddles. The one that she uses to finally stump her opponent is "How is a raven like a writing desk?"
  • The Starfleet Red Shirts introduced in Chapter 13 are named Terra, Copy-Cat, and Beast Boy (Beast Boy can even turn into other animals because he's really Thorax, a Changeling). Their codes are also shout-outs via Fun with Acronyms: AT4W (Atop the Fourth Wall), CW4L (The CW For Life), DB4E (Dragon Ball Forever)
  • Beast Boy turns out to be a Changeling. One of the aliases of Garfield Mark Logan (Beast Boy) was Changeling. Doubles as a Stealth Pun.
  • In Chapter 14, Pinkie Pie lampshading the Three-Point Landing.
    Pinkie Pie: Ooooh, superhero landing!
  • In chapter 14, the characters are all appropriately dressed for Nightmare Night: Artie and Pinkie are Luffy and Nami, Rainbow Dash is Barry Allen, Glarity is Lust, Applejack is Kenshin Himura, Rarity and Spike are Emma Peel and John Steed, and the Umbra Circle are Power Rangers.
  • Hamon exists in this setting as an Earth Pony magic created before the union of the Three Pony Tribes to give the Earth Ponies an edge over the Pegasi and Unicorns. In this context, the story that Belle mentions of "an earth pony that fought vampires with his hooves" is most likely a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.
  • Lightning Dawn, while in disguise to learn the truth of the treatment of Equestrians, saves a colt named Yellow Arc, most likely a reference to Jaune Arc from RWBY.
  • Eight reindeer enemies named after all of the other reindeer.
  • Chapter 15
  • Chapter 16
  • Serpent-Tyrant/Serpentari's reference to the Power Rangers mecha Serpentera is further reinforced by retconning it into a planet-destroying superweapon. Furthermore, the one who designed it was under the impression that it would be used for mining desolate planets, which also applied to the Death Star in the Legends continuity.
  • Cherry-Lei and Nurse Pony (who is the author's mother) makes an appearance in Chapter 17.
  • The Diamond Dogs give Rarity Mithril so she can complete her friends' new armor.
  • Chapter 17 has Cheerilee reading Starfleet Nemesis.
  • Chapter 18 has Conquest quoting Frieza from Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
    "Oh no. You brought this on yourself."
    • Later on, he counts the heroic quotes GR makes. Again, like Frieza.
  • When Fluttershy stops by at Rainbow Dash's place in Chapter 18, she paraphrases Timmy's Dad:
    "Rainbow Dash, I am respecting your privacy by knocking, but asserting my authority as your marefriend by using the key!"
  • "The Light of the Twelve Stars Shine Anew"
    • One of the survivors that Starla finds in the alternate dimension is a human girl named Casca of the Hawk. Apparently, their world was protected by a group of soldiers and titans until one snapped and picked up a dark item that possessed him and made him destroy the universe, a reference to Griffith's betrayal of the Band of Hawks and ascendance into the God Hand. Though according to the author, Guts and Griffith were killed, and the battle with Conquest replaced the Godhand, so Griffith probably never betrayed his team.
    • Dementia, Rep-stallion and Mysterious' former code names when working for Grand Ruler were AV6N (The Angry Video Game Nerd, RW3Y (RWBY), and AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake.
    • Lightning consults a scientist named Osamu Ishinomori about his Enticorn form. The scientist's name is a two-fold reference: Osamu references legendary mangaka Ozamu Tesuzka and Shotoro Ishimori, creator of Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.
  • In The Fall Ends, Pt. 2, as Derpy fights Bella, she recounts the story of her foalhood, wherein she heard the tale of a world destroyed by a mad clown who represented chaos, only for a group of ponies to rise up from that world's ashes to confront him. This is a nod to Final Fantasy VI.
    • The FF references don't stop there. Cadence has a guard pony by the name of "Lion Heart" a reference to Squall Leonheart.
  • The hypocrite joke is a modified version of the one from Suburban Knights.
  • In chapter 19, the full Team RWBY shows up.
  • Conquest keeps track of hero speeches, much like DBZA Frieza.
  • Discord's love song before he runs off to see Celestia is played by a a plate of meatloaf, as in the singer. Appropriate, since the song is ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’.
  • Discord and Celestia's son is actually Illusion, from the Kilala-verse.
  • Serpentari's main computer, LOKI, is one to WOPR of WarGames fame, sharing the greeting "Would you like to play a game?" Additionally, Cheerilee beats LOKI's tricks by deciding that "the only winning move was not to play".
  • In Return of the Light, Little Pip and friends from Fallout Equestria make their appearance.
  • After telling Raven about her true memories, Conquest starts playing with figures of the Mane Six in a very similar way to Dark Helmet doing the same.
    Necromancer: Conquest! Are you playing with your figures again?!
    Conquest: Yes!
  • Luna and Celestia's blades are the same names from The Immortal Game.
  • Brain makes a mako reactor from FFVII.
  • Members of Discord's wedding party include the God Hand, Kefka, and of course Sephiroth.
  • Chapter 23 mentions the five colors of mana; Red, Blue, Green, White, and Black. With their representations being straight out of Magic: The Gathering.
    • The spell that Twilight Sparkle practices that requires her to combine all five colors of mana is called Ultima. Which is a spell that appears in many Final Fantasy games.
  • When Pinkie Pie is searching for information regarding silver.
  • In Twilight's dream, she has versions of herself in the forms of Ryu, Ken, and Wiz and Boomstick. She also had a dream scenario for the Death Battle.
  • "The War Ends in Light"
  • Epilogue
  • Chapter 1 of Evolution of Friendship mentions the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.
  • Chapter 3 of Evolution of Friendship: Human!Starla describing her mother is almost word for word Yang Xiao Long describing Summer Rose in Burning the Candle.

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