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Heartwarming / Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship

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Just because this is a dark deconstruction of the works of Dakari-King Mykan it doesn't mean that the story can't have a few moments that make you want to go "Awwww!"

Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship

  • In the beginning, Buddy and Daphine have an adorable father daughter relationship.
  • Applejack's befriending of Dyno in Chapter 4. While performing her applebucking, Applejack notices Dyno testing out his explosives. What follows afterwards is a conversation where Dyno laments how he and his brother rarely have time to interact with one another, having to work as members in Starfleet even though he and his brother want to do something they like and how the members of Starfleet are more informal teammates than friends. Applejack offers to become his friend without hesitation and invites him in for breakfast. Really goes to show even after all this time Applejack is still willing to offer a hoof of friendship to anyone, even if they're a part of Starfleet.
    • What's also notable is that Granny Smith is said to have given him permission to test his explosives in the abandoned areas of the farm.
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    • During their conversation, Dyno asks Applejack to say something about Rarity that's not part of her job or Element of Harmony. Applejack then proceeds to note that while Rarity can be stuck up she also "puts her all into anything she does, likes bringing out the inner beauty of an object and can be quick on her feet." Applejack is able to say this despite the fact the bond between her friends has slowly been weakening ever since the formation of United Equestria. The friendship between the Mane 5 is much stronger than they give it credit for.
    • Spike and Rarity discovering they're going to become parents. Even though it's also a Tear Jerker considering they're at war and they're considering several horrible things that can happen, they ultimately decide to keep their baby.
  • In Chapter 7, it turns out a Unicornicopian and a Crystal Pony are engaged when Fratello attacks the Crystal Empire. In fact, the crystal pony goes out of her way to save him.
    • Which is followed by Princess Cadance arriving to save them just before Fratello can kill them.
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  • During her battle with Fratello, Cadance reveals that she never lost hope that there was the possibility of redeeming him. Why? As she herself notes it, if Fratello lacked a heart and soul as he (and Mykan) claim he does, he wouldn't be able to feel anything, much less hate and vengeance. Then, using The Power of Love, Cadance frees Fratello from the influence of the armor and restores him to normal.
  • In response to Myte's death, Applejack comforts Dyno and lets him cry on her shoulder, admitting that, while she hasn't cried since her parents' death, she is willing to let him cry. The fact that the other mane 4 join in the group hug despite the fact they don't have a bond with Dyno shows why they are heroines.
  • Dementia comforting Starla, showing more depth to her personality than Mykan ever gave her.
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  • Rainbow Dash telling Belle Amie that the Elements of Harmony don't view her as a Replacement Goldfish for Twilight Sparkle.
  • The friendship between the trio of Dementia, Mysterious, and Rep-Stallion. Although they may not know why or how it came about, it's still sweet to see that the three of them genuinely care for each other.
  • Anytime that Celestia and Luna interact. You can tell the author loves putting in a sister moment or two. Especially poignant is when Celestia says "How did I survive one year without you, much less a thousand."
  • Ace Ray and Skye's reconciliation in chapter 11. They try to out-apologize each other for beating her up and not listening to him respectively until Gilda cuts in and gets them to just forgive each other.
  • Pinkie's desire to extend her hoof to Starfleet in spite of everything. While her friends see them as invaders or worse, Pinkie sees them as party crashers that need an attitude adjustment.
  • The scene with Maude and Pinkie, showing their close bond.
  • The photo scene at the end of chapter 13.
  • The mane six take a blood oath to stand with each other. After the things that have happened to them, they are still willing to die for one another.
  • When Spark talks about how she might leave her team to die, the first pony to prove her wrong is Trixie. Trixie even leaves herself out of the important ponies in her group.
  • Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy finally getting together in chapter 16.
  • Upon learning of what happened to Starla, Rarity sends her a weapon to aid in her escape. Starla, after spending the longest of times treating her badly was moved to the point she promised to take everything she said about Rarity back and make it up to her.
  • In Chapter 17, a pony based on the author's mother makes an appearance. Aww...
  • Lightning confesses to Applejack that he was brainwashed into disabling Twilight's magic, thus aiding in her death. He was willing to die if AJ wanted him to for this. Applejack simply pinned him down, told him to look her in the eyes and answer honestly; had he not been brainwashed, would he have saved Twilight? Lighting says he'd have laid down his life if need be to save her. AJ lets him go with zero grudges.
  • The Unicornicopians finally showing respect to the Mane 5 and Belle after they defeat Titan on national television.
  • While he still keeps his identity a secret from them, Titan expresses how proud he is of his daughters Celestia and Luna and congratulates them for doing a good job at running Equestria in his absence.
  • Dementia punching Lightning Dawn for what he said about her daughter, Starla. Shows how far Dementia has come over the course of the story.
  • Dimentia and Starla's reunion. While it is also a tearjearker, it is heartwarming to see Galaxia become a mother again.
  • Raindrops and Lyra leading the others in a song just before going up to Serpantari.
  • Lightning and Starla agreeing to put their relationship behind them and start over as friends.
  • Trixie using shadow images of her friends as backup singers while she kicks Shaina's ass.
  • Pinkie Pie demonstrating why she is Conquest's opposite by taking notes of who to start throwing welcome parties to.
  • The team banding together to get Lightning to his fight with Grand Ruler. It fully cements how far they've all come as friends.
  • The Umbra Circle's reunion with their friends and family.
  • When Titan reveals himself as their father, Celestia and Luna act like two little girls.
  • Equal parts heartwarming and tear-jerking is Spark appearing in front of Belle and revealing herself to retain Twilight's identity before asking Belle to join with her. Despite knowing that this would effectively destroy her and having a minor freak-out about it, Belle ultimately agrees to do it for her friends.
    Belle: I... was a good friend, right?
    Spark/Twilight: You were beautiful.
    • After that, the reactions to her return. Before her, it was the Darkest Hour... And then, just seeing her, or just her distinctive contrail convinces everyone this is going to end well.
    • After the battle ends, Twilight's reunion with the others, starting with Spike:
      “Rarity, what’s going-” Spike asked, only to stop when he saw the purple mare in the group of ponies. Watching the group break apart, he began to cry, “Mo-mommy?”
      “Spike,” Twilight said, smiling, “You’ve grown.”
      “MOM!” Spike yelled, running to Twilight and giving her a big hug. “We have so much to talk about.”
  • Chapter 22: The war ends in the light: The whole thing is basically a heartwarming chapter in itself. Highlights include: Celestia and Twilight talking to each other, Twilight's interactions with friends, and the starfleet ponies sparring with the mane six.

Fall of Starfleet, Evolution of Friendship

  • Pinkie's refusal to lose her cheerfulness, no matter how many called her a fool for it.
  • Nightwing coming to help Sunset recover after Imperious drove various students to suicide.
    • Nightwing admitting that, after his own failures, he would be cheered up by Batman.

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