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YMMV / Fall of Starfleet, Rebirth of Friendship

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  • Anti-Climax Boss:
    • Despite being built up as The Man Behind the Man for Dark Conquest, who gets an epic, drawn-out fight with Twilight, the Necromancer gets taken out like a chump. Somewhat justified in that the Elements are at their absolute peak during their brief encounter and are drawing from the Tree of Harmony directly, but still.
    • King Sombra is built up as a massive, Crystal-Empire-threatening foe that goes all One-Winged Angel to fight the Element bearers and is borderline untouchable with his ability to drain magic. He goes down in roughly two minutes to Belle Amie, of all ponies (wielding one of Meadowbrook's artifacts that's pretty much tailor-made to counter him, but still).
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  • Ass Pull: Titan heading off to deal with Tirek. It has no foreshadowing, doesn't contribute to the plot, doesn't really lead anywhere, and overall feels like a flimsy excuse to keep him out of the story.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Due to the negative response garnered by the graphic sexual content in the early chapters, the author eventually rewrote the beginning of the story to remove most of it, and the later chapters cut the clop entirely, focusing solely on the story and action.
  • Better Than Canon: Compared to Starfleet Magic, given that this fic has both a more engaging plot and fleshed-out characters, making it easier to remain invested in the story.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Belle and Spark look like Twilight Sparkle and have her personality, abilities, and color palette split between them. Them somehow not being Twilight's Literal Split Personality would be one hell of an Ass Pull, although Spark holding onto the Twilight identity might be a bit of a surprise.
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  • Catharsis Factor: Probably the main reason to read this. Seeing Lightning and company getting utterly curb-stomped and Starfleet Magic's changes to canon getting torn apart at the seams can be very satisfying.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: There might as well not be a line as far as Dark Conquest is concerned. This is a major reason why he comes off as being more likable than Celesto: he goes so far with his Card Carrying Villainy that it becomes hard to take him seriously after a while.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In "Adieu Plant Star", Den Mother Zirconia states that the reason why her Diamond Dogs were able to beat Starfleet in spite of their supposed superiority in the original fic was because they were wearing diamond armour that increased their strength ten-fold. A few years later, Mykan would say that the Diamond Dogs indeed had strong armour!
    • In the fight against Raven, Twilight Sparkle actually had the upper hand against her before Celesto had Lightning Dawn unknowingly cost her the fight and her own life. In Death Battle, we see Twilight going up against the actual Raven and even though she lost, she still put up a decent fight magic-wise. Thus making this Raven weaker than DC's own half-demoness, and there's no more question as to who would have won the fight proper in this fic.
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    • Dark Conquest and the Necromancer's plan basically involves forming a villain crew composed of Starfleet's enemies that were defeated in the past. The hilarious part is that the Necromancer is revealed to be Grogar; when Grogar became part of the FiM canon in season 9, his plan was almost exactly the same.
    • A villain from a different time taunting a hero with the line "I am inevitable" shortly before said hero erases him from existence? You almost expect the response "And I... am Shining Armor" (which actually would make sense in this context) even though the fight with the Dark King was written about two years too early to be an Avengers: Endgame reference.
  • Les Yay: A fair bit between Dementia and Starla. It culminates in the two of them sleeping together, and when questioned about Starla by Rep-Stallion, Dementia gives a rather defensive response that reads an awful lot like She Is Not My Girlfriend... Subverted as Dementia is revealed to be Starla's mother, which puts their interactions in a whole new context.
  • Love to Hate: Dark Conquest wouldn't be half as entertaining if he wasn't such a gleefully unrepentant bastard. His thoroughly twisted sense of humor also leads to a lot of amusing moments that don't downplay his evilness at all.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If Dark Conquest didn't cross it by forcibly turning Starla into a Sex Slave, then he probably did with the massacre of countless innocents. And if he didn't cross it with that, there's forcing Starfleet to watch as he disembowels Cookie Dough. Really, Conquest spends most of his time tap-dancing on the MEH. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that he's the Moral Event Horizon personified.
    • Grand Ruler crosses it in chapter 11, when he completely brushes off the Elements' efforts in Fillydelphia - their first major victory - and instead just plots to regain his influence over United Equestria, which was severely shaken by the feat. This moment, more than any other, cements him as a despotic, power-hungry tyrant who barely gives a rat's ass about his own people.
  • My Real Daddy: Legendbringer's portrayals of Mykan's "original" characters are much better received, mainly due to them actually having character.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page now.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Mykan's original cast was full of one-note Flat Characters. Now, they have more traits, actual development, and even moments of sympathy. Even Rhymey and Grand Ruler graduate from generic Scrappies to intentional Hate Sinks, which is still an improvement with regards to characterization.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Given the source material, is it really surprising to want to cheer for the bad guys? Downplayed severely later on when the sympathetic characters in Conquest's ranks have all ditched and the Starfleet cast become more likeable.
  • Take That, Scrappy!: Given how badly disliked he was in the source material, it's hard to interpret Rainbow Dash's verbal and physical smackdown of Rhymey as anything else. Getting thrown out of Fluttershy's house is probably even more cathartic. Then there's chapter 16, which could very easily be renamed "Take That, Rhymey!"
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: A borderline case, as the ending has things turning out just a bit too perfectly; however, there's kind of a decent explanation for it, and the cast went through eleven kinds of hell to get there, so it's not as bad as it could be.
  • Too Cool to Live: Retroactively, Twilight Sparkle. She saw past Grand Ruler's lies before anyone else, demolished Raven in a straight fight (or would have, had Lightning Dawn not been playing the Manchurian Agent), and could quite likely accomplish basically everything the protagonists in the story did had she survived. And while she does eventually come back to life, it's after the plot is mostly wrapped up and her main contribution is to give Dark Conquest and Necromancer the coup de grace.
  • Trapped by Mountain Lions: The subplot with the Equestrian magic drain ultimately doesn't amount to anything in the long run despite Moondancer's scheme potentially being able to tie in with Twilight's resurrection as Belle and Spark. After it's dealt with, the culprit is sent off to the Crystal Empire and that's the last we hear of the whole affair (although, unlike the subplots in the source material, it only takes up one chapter rather than half the story).
  • The Woobie:
    • Considering the hell she goes through at the hands of Dark Conquest, it's hard to not feel sorry for Starla.
    • Lightning Dawn, surprisingly enough. He's portrayed here as an Unwitting Pawn blindly following the ideals of a megalomaniac that he sees as a father, but who does not care for him at all on a personal level. Over time, he becomes increasingly aware of this, even while still trying to be the ideal soldier in a fruitless attempt to make Grand Ruler proud while simultaneously wanting to break free of it. Eventually, he breaks down completely when confronted with just how powerless he really is.
    • Despite hurting over Twilight's death, Pinkie Pie still insists on putting on her usual smile and trying to make others happy. But on occasion, her mask slips, and how fragile she can be is put on full display.
  • Woobie Species: The Equestrians, for their treatment at the hands of Starfleet.

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