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Awesome / Fall of Liberty

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  • The Lost MC charging at zombie hordes while on their motorbikes and only armed with baseball bats and sawed off shotguns. Sadly this is all off page action.
  • The Hillside Posse saving Niko, Roman, and Jacob from a zombie horde.
    ...the zombie's head exploded and the sharp bang of a high powered rifle echoed across the street. Niko looked around wildly for the shooter and it wasn't until he looked up to the rooftop behind them, as the zombie horde was quickly torn apart by bursts of accurate assault rifle fire, that he saw their saviors, and felt a smile come to his face for what felt like the first time in weeks. Above them, firing a motley collection of AK-47's and hunting rifles, a group of brightly dressed members of the Jamaican Hillside Posse, otherwise known as Yardies, were stood, a cloud of smoke above their heads from both their weapons and the joints in their mouths.
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  • In chapter thirteen, some LCPD officers save Francis from a horde... while on horseback.
    He kept firing, so deafened by the crack of weapons around him that he barely noticed the shimmering steel gates open inwards and, with a clatter of hooves and resounding cry, a platoon of LCPD officers galloped out on horseback, leveling rifles and shotguns as they charged the undead and laid waste to them, a few wielding long bladed machetes and riot shields like medieval knights.
  • In chapter fourteen, Niko and the gang witness an huge convoy of mounted LCPD officers showing that, although they may have been torn up at first, the police have managed to adapt to the streets filled with abandoned cars and zombie hordes quickly and in a spectacular way.
    "Sweet Jesus." He [Niko] muttered to himself as the column of mounted police came into view and clattered past in rows of three. Each of them was armored from head to toe in midnight blue riot gear and gas masks, the clear plastic visors on their helmets up as they panned their gaze over the area, clutching to them heavy batons and shields, M16s and M4s slung over their backs. There must have been at least fifty of them, Niko thought to himself, and they had definitely seen some action, as the faint bloodstains and deep scratches on their armor attested to.
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  • Despite that they are effectively abandoning the rest of the city, the fact that Algonquin manages to build a wall around the entire island, and effectively barricade the bridges leading onto the island, making a safe zone the size of a small city, shows how much of a will to survive and determination that the people of Algonquin have, especially in comparison to the wasteland that the rest of the city descends into. In chapter ten, traffic is still running on the streets, order has been maintained and the island is in a relatively stable state. Even if it didn't last long, it's definitely a Moment of Awesome on the part of Francis McReary and the LCPD.
  • The Algonquin Triads ambushing the convoy set aside for the mask in chapter 18.


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