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  • By @/{{silvercover}}:
  • By Darkholme
  • Lowest Common Denominator
  • Since My Original Review Was Deleted
One of the best book series ever!!!!
Fun game in spite of lousy story
Great game, but very different from the previous ones
  • Chihuahua0's Review
  • Good story, but flawed and rushed
  • Great Start, Flat Ending
  • Great story but with visible flaws (spoilers ahoy)
  • Highly recommended
  • A unique puzzle game.
  • Technologically Impressive, But Not That Fun
insubordinance's review
What...the fuck?
A Piece Of Work Butch Hartman Himself Would Be Proud Of
Dark, but still humorous.
  • Awful bashfic with no redeeming value
  • Interesting
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • A good case study
  • An oddball start to the trends of modern Adventure Games
  • Interesting, hilarious and extremely frustrating.
  • Oddly glorious (Spoilers, natch)
  • If Persona 3 were 'Metal Gear Solid', Fairly English Story would be 'Twin Snakes'
  • Not quality work, but very fun
  • Waste of Time.
  • If Persona 3 was 'Metal Gear Solid', Fairly English Story would be 'Twin Snakes'
  • So am I the first to say it?
  • Waste of Time
  • Explosivo25's review
  • Tropical Snow's review
Comment by Reimalkav
Short and awesome
  • The Best Novel Length Non-crossover SAO Fanfic
  • What if the novels were called ALO instead of SAO?
Major Tom's review
One of the best self-inserts you'll ever read
An ambitious but flawed fic
A resounding 'Meh'
A magical and heartwarming series.
  • ''Guardians of the Galaxy'' of Manga
  • A good ride with a twist of reality
  • A Guilty Pleasure
  • A series for young girls and young boys who don't know a good story, just yet.
  • Don't waste time with it
  • Fairy Tail: First Impressions
  • Full of highs and lows
  • General Review
  • Good but not Great
  • Had potential, but lost its way sometime around the 7-year TimeSkip
  • Initially interesting, then took a nosedive
  • It's Brilliant, 10/10
  • Lives and dies by its characters (mostly dies)
  • Not without flaws, but well worth the read.
  • Pokemon anime Level
  • Quite Likable
  • The Problems With This Series!
Pretty Good for a First Movie
op's review
Marlee Cross' review
An interesting WhatIf scenario, buuuut....
Pavlovas' review
  • .
  • Amazing!
  • Badly written
  • Fallen
  • Fallen - incredible protector of the small fanfic
Comment by Cybertoy0
Comment by Firestorm
Comment by Pheonee
Tastychainsaws here.
Big fan
amazing AU
op's review
  • A Lengthy Irradiated Romp
  • An amazing block of cheese with a bit to much brown on the top
  • Fallout 3 can't quite figure out what it is.
  • Fallout 3: A mess of intentions, mood-wise.
  • Fallout 3: Interesting Ideas that tend to Fallout
  • More refreshing then an ice-cold Nuka Cola Quantum
  • Mothership Zeta - Pretty decent, but could be so much better
  • The Best Damn RPG I've ever played
  • Very Good, Albeit Not As Much As New Vegas
  • A lot's been already said
  • A Mixed Bag
  • Average at best. And has no right to simply be 'Average.'
  • Bethesda's Best Fallout Title Yet
  • Lots of Improvements: Some Missteps
  • One step forward, two steps back
  • Taking the roleplaying out of a post-nuclear roleplaying game
  • The Great, the Annoying, and the Mixed
  • Was it worth $60?
  • Admittedly not for everyone, but worthy of the praise it's garnered. Consider giving it a look.
  • Conditional
  • Good, But Deeply Flawed (Spoilers)
  • Great Story, if Flawed
  • My favorite since Turnabout Storm
  • Never got the appeal.
  • Not Quite a Glowing One
  • Not That Amazing
  • Simply amazing, and worth all the praise.
  • A Great Game
  • A lot better than I thought
  • A Worthy Successor to Fallout
  • An overview
  • Based on my old Steam review
  • DLC #1: Dead Money, or, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (no, not that one)
  • DLC #4: Lonesome Road (SPOILERS)
  • Fallout New Vegas
  • Fallout New Vegas vs Fallout 3
  • Fallout New Vegas....
  • Far superior to fallout 3.
  • Honest Hearts; a great add on for a great game
  • Mediocre
  • Not as Good as Fallout 3
  • Old World Blues: the storyline ruins everything
  • Return of the Real Fallout
  • Shortest Review Ever
  • The game Fallout 3 should have been.
  • The Next Best Thing
  • Vault 11: Yes I am reviewing a single sidequest in a 40+hour game
  • Why New Vegas is better than 3
By Rogue 7
im still corcern...
  • A sad and miserable shell of what once it was.
  • An Overrated Show, Annoying Amount of Cutaway Gags
  • End it. Now.
  • Family Guy what happened to you?
  • I might be alone on this one, but...
  • It's loud, obnoxious, terrible, offensive, stupid, cruel...
  • It's only season 9?... it feels much longer.
  • Lower your Expectations.
  • My Review
  • PLEASEEEEE Cancel this show
  • Started off Meh; Currently Everything Wrong with Western Animation Targeted at Adults
  • The show that strives to offend you.
  • What Happened To This Show?!
  • Why "Seahorse Seashell Party" Annoyed Me
Well meaning, but cliche and hypocritical
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymousn
  • Comment by darker_dreamer
  • "Sigmund the Sorceror"--An Aesop Episode
  • A Diamond in the Rough
  • I Don't Like This Show, But I Don't Hate It Either.
  • What happens when you give the Annoying Sidekicks the spotlight.
Definitely give this a read
From comments
Review for Better Left Unsaid
From comments
  • comments
  • From comments
i was given feelings that were never felt before.
From comments
Kalaong's review
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From comments
This story
From comments
  • Eh...
  • From comments
  • No need to give Naruto all that stuff - but he does anyway.
Better than it sounds
Better than It Sounds
From comments
From comments
From comments
From comments
From comments
From comments
  • From comments
  • Sound cliche, but isn't
From comments
From comments
From comments
Why is this here.
  • From comments
  • Good idea, horrible execution.
From comments
Slow but creative
  • Freaking HILARIOUS.
  • Not the Harry Potter you know
From comments
From comments
  • Excellent beginning, tapers off halfway through
  • Heartwarming, but lacking any filling.
  • The Lighter Side of Worm
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Geckogirl191}}
  • Great concept, weak execution
Dragged, then really hit its stride
Amazing Story
  • A pinnacle of animation and art
  • Every One was a Hit (2000)
Not original or very enjoyable
  • A real expansion of the Wizarding World
  • A Two hour Long Short Film
  • Good for worldbuilding, but with some flaws
  • Good, but not Great
  • Loud dumb fun, with a solid emotional core. Eh, could be worse.
  • The Superheroes that Do Nothing
  • A Failure of '''''[[{{Pun}} Fantastic]]''''' Proportions
  • A Rushed, Fantastic Flop
  • How Do You Make A Marvel Movie Boring?
  • Not horrible, but just not good.
  • Worst Superhero/Comic Book Movie of the 21st Century
What a letdown.
Yukari didn't see it coming
Aesthetically beautiful, but impenetrable to those unfamiliar with ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}''.
Comment by {{Tropers/SanaMae}}
  • Comment by da fox22
  • Comment by Sneebs
  • Far Cry 2: not actually that bad
  • Just finished this game.
  • Rambo: The Game
  • Welcome To The Jungle, We Got Fire And 'Nades
So 80s it needs a floppy disc
A Great Open-World FPS...with some story issues
  • Better of the Same
  • One step forward, two steps back
  • Brilliant whether you've seen the film or not
  • Five Episodes in, Still Going Strong
  • Good thing this never happened.
  • Ech
  • Intelligent points but not really fun
  • 1.01 Premiere
  • 1.02 I, E.T.
  • 1.03 Exodus From Genesis
  • 1.04 Throne For A Loss
  • Season 1: Choppy, but Overall Good
  • Season 2: The Human Element
Starts off strong, but quickly loses it.
  • FATAL A Roleplaying Game of Medieval Gangrape
  • Pick up your thesaurus and turn to the entry for 'bad'
  • Unplayable but salvageable.
Where is it now?
  • By Person With Many Aliases
  • By Steve the Corn Muffin
By @/SirRandomUser
  • By @/SirRandomUser
  • By @/{{Electroninja}}
  • By @/SirRandomUser
  • I can't recommend this to anyone
  • By Darkholme
  • By zoner16
By @/SirRandomUser
  • Cpt. Sparkles's review
  • crazyeater's review
  • The Philosopher King's review
  • Canon blending
  • What's It Like
  • What's It Like
By crazyeater
By Shinji117
  • By lordgale
  • By zer0light
  • By Zoner16
  • Viewer Discretion is Advised (and not in the Rule 34 way)
Good Bleach Fanfic, Bad Nasu Fanfic
Fate/False Rebirth
  • Person With Many Aliases's review
  • Riverscryr's review
  • Steve the Corn Muffin's review
By zoner 16
A Perfect Blend
  • An excellent crossing of the two
  • Great story
  • Interesting Progression, Updates on Forums
Moving comments to reviews
The worst type of fic boring.
  • A Review of an Overhyped, yet not-so-great VN
  • Amazing serias
  • Fate Stay Night Anime Review
  • i am the bone of my sword: a review of fate/stay night (the visual novel)
  • Nigh Unreviewable
  • Not particularly well-written, but buoyed up by its great characters and a richly-imaginative premise.
  • Original
  • Pretentious, badly-written... and just plain boring. (VN Review)
  • What could have been...
Surprisingly better than its premise makes you expect
  • A worthy series on its own merits
  • Beautiful
  • Deen's version is far superior
  • Missed opportunities
Fic is now deleted
  • Book 1: A rough start, but it does show promise
  • Highly enjoyable prequel to Fate Stay Night
  • Poster Child for Epic Fails
  • So very, very close, but... (spoilers in comments)
A really funny and enjoyable fanfic, but not without its flaws
  • Gary Stu ahoy - to be forewarned is to be forarmed
  • Gary Stu Ahoy?: Forewarned is forearmed.
  • Terrible story
  • To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
  • When Fate gambled, She hit the jackpot!
Amazing Story
  • Canon defilement and cliches.
  • CodyFett's review
  • Cryptic Mirror's review
  • DKN117's review
  • Not so well-written
  • UltraSonic007's review
  • Willbyr's review
Elemental Beat-'Em-Up Action
  • First Chapter - Little Work Would Go a Long Way
  • First Episode - Shows Potential
This UK brothers fic is arranged in historical order
Animated film noir, with cats
@/TheEvilDrBolty's review
  • Marlee Cross' review
  • Really Really Good, No Double Standards Here!
  • Bleh
  • FF as viewed by a feminist
  • For Better Or Worse, Not Worth So Much Attention
  • Good in concept but problematic in execution
  • Her anti-fans made her famous
  • Much improved from earlier videos.
  • Often fallacius
  • She has a point but so does some of her Critics
  • Simple, but bland
  • Sometimes odd, but hardly worth the backlash
  • Wasted Potential
  • Women as Reward Review - This is "No shit, Sherlock."
  • Wrong on so many levels
If you like Strade or Lawrence as characters read this
feral's review
Great visuals and music, and the regular puzzles are nice, everything else is perplexing (and not in a good way). Reviewer: "I'm not sure whether to favourite this for it's writing or blast it out of my mind for the content."
WhatMeasureIsANonHuman taken from a weird angle
  • 'So Bad, It's Horrible' doesn't begin to cover it.
  • 6.9 /10 poor execution on intriguing premise
  • A failure on almost every level. 3/10
  • A Male Perspective on Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Fifty Shades Darker: The Worst Dulex Colour Scheme
  • I don´t get the appeal
  • I Wanna Burn This
  • Just as horrible as they say
  • Reads Like Bad Fanfiction
  • The plot is full of wasted potential
  • Worse than anything I've ever read
Zaceron's review
Not Just a Spoiler
Crime/Mystery/Suspense Show In A Junior High Setting.
Horror Voyeurism
Stunning Characterisation, Utterly Believable
[[ "Who... Am I?"]]
Wait, this is actually decent?
Favorite game of all time.
Pretty fun even for Wii
Like evicted tennants
Monster Hunter Lite and that's okay
  • An expectation lowerer
  • An Interesting Bit of History
Great game, good experience! But it's not for everyone.
  • A classic RPG
  • Do You Have Prince Edward in a Can?
  • Doesn't hold up, even to its own era
  • DS Remake: Wrecking a Classic
  • Great then, could use work now
  • Forgotten Fantasy
  • Refreshing, Fun, and Underrated
  • The Final Fantasy for people who played Final Fantasy before 7.
  • The overrated underrated game
  • A beginner's RPG, but not one even veterans should overlook
  • Final Fantasy Mystic Quest - really?
  • Final Fantasy Tactics -- save early, save often
  • Final Fantasy Tactics, an exact name.
A Good Game, But Not Always A Step In The Right Direction
  • An excellent tactical RPG
  • Good Graphics and Good Game
  • Super Hitler Simulator
  • The best
  • A rare gem
  • Worth playing through the difficulty
  • Awesome Game
  • Shot For The Stars, Crashed Into The Moon
Final Fantasy V (Advance): There's more to it than Gilgamesh
  • Amazing - the best of the Final Fantasies
  • Average
  • Deeply enjoyable
  • Pure Perfection
  • A doubled-edged Buster Sword.
  • A good game that didn't age very well.
  • A great game? Yes. The Greatest RPG Ever? Ehh...
  • Aged Horrible, And Wasn't That Great To Begin With
  • Excellent for its time, still good today
  • Final Fantasy Light
  • Final Fantasy VII: Overall, a good game if somewhat flawed.
  • In Retrospect, a Mixed Bag
  • Not just a wonderful game, also a wonderful experience (with a few flaws)
  • Surprisingly still good
  • The Greatest RPG Ever? Not for me.
  • Why plenty of people considered Final Fantasy VII to be one of the best game
  • Advent Children: Pure Fanservice
  • Less Than the Sum of Its Parts
  • One of the greatest video game movies of all time
  • Watch it for the fight scenes and nothing else
  • A Different Look at the Junction System
  • A fair and balanced review!
  • Can we all stop parroting Spoony now?
  • Counterintuitive
  • It's Not That Bad
  • Step back and see.
  • The definitive Final Fantasy experience
  • This game's okay and you're okay for liking it
  • Underrated Classic
  • Worst of the main series, hands down.
Season 1: Teething Pains
  • Final Fantasy Squared
  • Good Story But The Characters...
  • Hates XIII, but loves this game. Why yes I have been drinking
  • One flaw and we all know what it is
  • One of the best
  • Polished, but has some of the newer FF games' flaws
  • Ugh...
  • Only J-pop can save us now
  • Why this game is actually pretty good
  • gameplay review
  • Great but Different
  • Not Entirely Bad, But.....
  • Sigh.
  • So close and yet so very, very far.
  • story review
  • Subtle, Restrained, and Understated
  • All Style, No Substance
  • Among My Favorite Final Fantasy Games
  • Better than expected.
  • Better Than It Sounds
  • Definitely a love-it-or-hate-it affair.
  • Does "Fabula Crystal Novalis" translate to "We're Incompetent"?
  • FFXIII is a glass half full, though not half empty.
  • Flawed, but enjoyable.
  • Good news, bad news, and more good news
  • Good, Not Perfect, But Good
  • Innovative & Interesting, but Unlikable Characters & Confusing Story Makes this an Unacceptable Final Fantasy
  • It tried
  • It's quite a mixed bag.
  • Likeable, but pretty tedious
  • Not For Everybody, Obviously
  • Not what I was looking for.
  • Starts Slow, But Really Picks Up!
  • The magic is lost
  • This Game Makes Me Look Back Fondly on FFX
  • Trolls Ruined This Game.
  • Worst Final Fantasy Ever?
  • A welcome improvement
  • Bleah.
  • Forgets it's own strengths
  • Fun and engaging.
  • Interesting
  • Not a masterpiece, but still worth my time
  • A beautiful mess
  • Army of Four
  • Mixed bag
  • Platinum Demo: An Electroplated Elegy of Emptiness
In a Galaxy Not Too Far Away
I cried so hard forever
  • My favorite film of all-time.
  • Pretty damn good, but Finding Nemo is still better
Comment by {{Tropers/Solandra}}
  • A Pixar classic
  • Pixar's Magnum Opus
  • Pretty, but not to my taste
"Final boss" of the video game that is literature-- and so worth it
  • Great potential, great waste.
  • KRSPACET's review
  • Reserving judgement due to Author's skill
  • Awesome Film!
  • Entertaining If You Don't Expect Much
  • (Spoilers Included!) My Awakening to the Series
  • A Fire Emblem veteran's opinion.
  • A Personal Favorite
  • FE Grows its Beard
  • Fire Emblem is back, baby!!!
  • Fire Emblem's Greatest Hits
  • Fun and Addictive!
  • Once back into the frey!
  • One of the Best Handheld Games Ever
  • Waifu Simulator Awakening isn't that good.
  • A+ Gameplay
  • As a game, well-made. As a story, workmanlike... but could have been great, had it but courage.
  • Nohr / Conquest Gamplay Review
  • Time for FE to return to consoles
Echoes: the Good, the Bad, and the YMMV
On some of the Genealogy's mechanisms
  • A Bona Fide Celebration of FE
  • A Bona Fide Celebration of FE
Heroes of Light and Shadow: The Forgotten Gem
  • Radiant Dawn: Has its flaws, but also charm.
  • Radiant Dawn: Staring at the sun will cause pain.
  • Fire Emblem 6
  • Sword of Seals: The first GBA FE... and it shows.
Rekka No Ken
This Game Rocks
  • Ariel -2nd best
  • Bushwacked - 12th Best
  • Epic show with epic characters a.k.a., Joss Wheden's Miracle
  • From Serenity to Serenity
  • Heart of Gold - 2nd worst Firefly episode
  • It certainly had potential
  • Jaynestown - 3rd best episode
  • Literally has it all
  • Objects in Space -Unclassified
  • Our Mrs. Reynolds - 10th best
  • Out of Gas - The Best
  • Potential doesn't equal excellence
  • Safe - 8th Best
  • Serenity - 9th best
  • Shindig - 7th best
  • The Message -Sadly the worst Firefly episode
  • Trainjob - 11th best
  • Trash - 6th best
  • Warstories - 4th best
  • What am I not seeing?
  • Broken Dragon is worth a read. Firelight should be avoided at all costs.
  • Good fic, terrible sequel.
My eyes!
Short but sweet
  • If You Go Down to the Woods Today
  • Something special
  • A Truly Underrated Masterpiece
  • F.3.A.R. - Well now. That was a letdown.
  • From horror to shooter
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by katyhalo
  • First Squad
  • Technical mastery can not compensate for a thin plot
Guilty Pleasure
  • Awesome fic, but not without its flaws
  • It'll take more than a case of food poisoning for this to get a passing grade
Fisherman's Knot Review
  • Comment by Tropers/FishCalledWaldo
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Stratagemini}}
A classic deserving of it's praise....mostly
Shaggy Dogs
  • Breathes New Life Into A Dead Genre
  • Horror At Its Base And Best
  • Less Eats More
  • Less is more
  • OverHype kills the Game.
  • Punny Review
  • Seriously, internet? This is the new big thing?
  • Simplicity at its Finest, and a New Style of Horror
  • Youtube Bait
Five Nights at Jumpscares: Electric Boogaloo
  • Interesting Shake-Up, But Loses A Bit of the Challenge.
  • The best out of all of them
  • Unfair and frustrating
  • A Return To Form
  • Back to Basics. Not Necessarily a Bad Thing.
  • Disappointed
  • EDIT: Still flawed, but better now (V1.1)
  • Review of the initial 21.01.2016 release (some details may not be accurate anymore due to updates)
A real tragedy
Pretty good
Your Mileage May Vary…
5zer02 was disappointing
Comment by Anonymous
A fast and nice reading
  • Hope you like cheddar
  • Ridiculous, cheap, poorly acted, over-the-top, nonsense. I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!!!
  • Weak weak weak weak times a million.
Fanwork with Original Flavor
Not much story, but a lot to think about
  • .
  • Gainax Incarnate
  • Legal Drug
  • Short, but sweet.
  • This Is Your Brain On Drugs
  • your head is empty: a review of flcl
Great Doujinshi!!!
Just bonkers. And i mean that as a compliment.
Well done, but nothing special
Excellent story
  • Average...only average
  • Hidden Crossover
It was great until robot Pee-Wee came into the picture
Step one, ask out beautiful girl--err, friend
What the flip flap is Flip Flappers?
Pretty and atmospheric, but it gets boring very fast.
Disappointing, But Has Its Moments
Flying Swords on Dragon Gate
Fly or Fall- Simply Amazing!
Come for the violence, stay for the characters
  • Comartemis' review
  • Willbyr's review
  • Comment by chibiaries
  • Comment by Naganonamy
Case-fic meets Character Study
  • A mess of awful animation, bad writing and stupid design decisions
  • Have to see it to believe it
  • It's Horrible but...
  • Its bad...but could've been worse.
  • Scary and fascinating
  • Doesn't Even Have an Excuse to be This Bad
  • The Series Begins to Find its Footing
9/10 - Would Recommend
Solid Opening
Sycu's review
Well-written; important; grim; realistic
Challenging But Rewarding: Seven Hours Well Spent
feral's review
Harry is given a dream of what could be and the future changes.
  • Comment by @/ThinksTooMuch
  • Comment by lanky
Comment by 1Angry8Ball
A neat possibility of how Nick and Judy start hanging out
Weaver's review
  • A Long Term Investment that pays off.
  • Very Professional
I Forgot I was There
Amazing Continuation
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by [=DontQuestionIt=]
  • Review
Perfect ten!
A Somehow Underrated Oscar Winner
It's just like Monopoly, sans the charm or the engaging simplicity
Frustrating at times, but impossible to put down
Time Travel Epic and Great Examination of the Lead Characters.
Forza on XBOX One
  • An extremely solid and addictive game, perfect for the budding palaeontologist in you life!
  • More Than the Sum of Its Parts
  • A good seed which grew into a bad flower
  • A mixed bag of funny and frustrating in retrospect.
  • I tried to like this show, really
Sheer madness
Thimble's review
  • Coment by {{@/Eoppen}}
  • Comment by {{@/Dellanotte}}
Wish it was better
  • One of King's better takes on Lovecraftian horror, badly translated to film
  • Straightforward, Generic Horror
Four girls, three sensible moments, two plots too many, one bad movie.
~from the author~
Marlee Cross' review
  • From comments
  • Will of Foxfire: great characters and story-telling
Fox Point Recommendation
  • FoxTrot
  • Not What It Used To Be
Comment by Marlee Cross
Heartwarming story, average game
Gorgeous, Hilarious and Painful.
Another High Recommendation
  • A sick and disgusting manga that I will go on reading
  • Adorably Horrifying
  • All Guts, No Glory
  • Enjoyably disturbing
  • Messed up but good
  • I did not enjoy this book
  • Review of Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus
Revlid's Review
  • A Fantastic Build Up To.... Nothing (Spoiler alert)
Pilot review
Franklyn: It's pretty good.
  • Favorite Episode
  • For a bunch of smart people...
Something That Should Be Read
A great live action cartoon that needs a special edition release.
It's alright
From comments
Fred is Ernest
Makes a BLAM look normal.
  • It's Like the Nostalgia Critic had an Abortion
  • Look at me daddy, am I funny yet?
  • This Film Should Have Been Aborted!
Incredibly Entertaining
Freds Head
  • An excellent action-platformer that shows, and surpasses, its roots as a Sonic fangame
  • What.
  • Hilarious Half-Life Parody
  • If I knew this Freeman, he'd be by far the funniest guy I know.
A real bore of a movie
  • Claymore Lite
  • Idiot plot? Rape fetish?
  • Seriously Flawed, But Entertaining
An Odd Sort of Failiure
Marlee Cross's Review
What you paid for.
Wonderfully Entertaining Book
  • Even better than its predecessor. (Somehow.)
  • Series Overview
Wonderful Show
Well-written and enticing
One of the Best, "Sanest" Fix Fics Out There
Could've been better, but not bad.
Review for Frienship Is The Key
  • Entertaining as Witchcraft
  • From the desk of Princess Twilight Acorna Sparkle:
  • Good... until you watch any other MLP abridged series
  • This is Not An Abridged Series, It is A Youtube Poop
  • Used to be Interesting, then Wasn't
  • 100 Episodes of Sheer Awesomeness
  • One of the few series I enjoy watching now.
  • A Doorstopper so long, the only thing I remember...
  • By @/{{AQZT}}
  • By @/{{Zoner16}}
  • By Xynth
  • Mixed feelings
Comment by Chikyuu
From His Excerpts is a definite must-read
Ryan Lohner's review
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Moon_Shadow5973
  • Moving comments to reviews
  • proceed, but beware of seemingly random OC
  • Improvised.Electronic.Device.Review.
  • Tactical Neural Implant Review
...But where's the cereal?
  • 2 Reasons To See It
  • A Classic
  • A cool movie that will warm your hearts
  • A lot of fat to cut off.
  • A potentially deep story straightjacketed by rushed production
  • A stream of conciousness review
  • A subversion of Disney Princess Films
  • An Enjoyable Time...But Not My Favorite Disney Movie
  • Another Great Addition To The Revival Era
  • Brilliant. (spoilers)
  • Certainly Could've Been Done Better
  • Considering all the buzz, I'm glad I saw it
  • Disney Pixar, you won me back.
  • Disney's Frozen: Pros/Cons
  • Disney, producing magic since forever ago
  • Disney, you can do better [but it's still not that bad]
  • Frozen, almost there
  • Good, but not great
  • Hype? Expectations? Better let 'em go!
  • Ignore the Hype
  • It Was OK
  • Movie was great! But can we ditch the snowman?
  • Overrated - The worst entry in the Disney Animated Canon
  • Overrated And Mediocre By Disney Standards
  • People Need To Let This Movie Go
  • Sociopaths Kick Ass
  • The Best Architect In the LAND! (Beware! There Be Crazy Ahead)
  • The epitome of So Cool, It's Awesome
  • The most disappointing film I have ever seen.
  • This really is a return to old Disney
  • Tries Too Hard To Do Too Much
  • least the animation is pretty....
  • Wow. Just... Wow.
A Game of Geographic nonsense and lack of common sense
One of the best strategy games you'll ever play
A great expansion of the Frozen universe
  • Idealism is Inspiration
  • Simply Wonderful
  • Sweet and original, but ultimately a failure
  • The Best of the Best
  • The premise and writing is great... and then it goes downhill.
  • "You were doing quite well, until everyone died."
  • FTL is fun and there's a pretty good chance you'd like it.
Why does this TV trope page exist?
Noxshade's review
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  • 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist
  • A good series that doesn't appeal to me.
  • A near perfect masterpiece
  • An engaging series, even if boringly predictable
  • An intelligent manga worthy of every bookshelf...
  • Equivalent Exchange
  • Equivalent Exchange
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood/manga: A must watch
  • I recommend it, but...
  • I was extremely dissapointed
  • My favorite Anime and Manga of all time.
  • My favorite manga.
  • My Impressions the First Time
  • Outstanding!
  • Pretty damn enjoyable.
  • Read it.
  • Read the Manga; Watch Brotherhood
  • Review of the manga: five stars
  • The entire series...AS A STANDALONE (no movie review sorry)
  • The Human Condition... with Magic!
  • The Truth Behind the Truth...
  • There's A Reason I Love FMA...
  • Very impressive.
  • When the people's favorite falls...
Comment by Kina Kalamari
Comment by eyeheartturtles
  • Amazing. Just Amazing.
  • Entertaining but with Several Problems
I'm in two minds here.
  • Good in parts
  • Surprisingly subpar
  • Big B's review
  • Spirit Tsunami's review
  • [=71TheRoman=]'s review
Decent from a certain perspective
Half-good, half-bad.
  • It is okay
  • It's okay.
  • Exciting, but too dark to be palatable.
  • Treadheads Rejoice; All Others Take Caution
Into Another World
  • A case of sequelitis
  • Surprisingly Awesome
Cute, educating, but...
First Season: Strong Core, But Lacks Polish
A Very Wonderful Fan Series
Don't Judge It By Its Cover
  • "Overclockwise"
  • Bender's Game review
  • Screw the Roche Limit, Futurama's back in business!
  • The Late Philip J. Fry
  • This Show is SO good...
Promotional Video
  • A good series overall, and mostly that it made me like a character I used to hate.
  • A So Bad It's Good addition to the schoolboy god subgenre
  • Come for the Yandere, Stay for the...
  • Good Series but is there Unfortunate Implications?
  • Oh No, Not the Plot!
  • Takes a Left Turn at Retarded Toward The End.
  • when the power or love is disfuncional
Fun, albeit limited for Single Player
You only think you know what it's about
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