Reviews: Forza Motorsport

Forza on XBOX One

If Forza 5 is a celebration of speed and machine then Horizon 2 is the mosh pit after party. One is like the best of Top Gear where the other has the coolest cars and tracks and the hottest women and songs collide.

Both are racing games naturally however they go about it a different way. 5 seems suited more to older, more serious racing or car aficionados who whiled away hours on Gran Turismo getting the perfect car setup for proper race circuits. Horizon might cater more to the younger audience used to the open world of Need for Speed or street races of GTA.

To the game's credit if this was the idea the design for one audience does not exclude the other. Both are something any racing fan can pick up and play with many options provided to make the game easier or harder, from the rewind that only cost a measly 20 credits if used in career to the dreaded option of turning off all driver aids where you watch in horror as your racer spins out on each corner.

This is through no fault of the controls, which are sublime whether you drive a car you or your parents own, the car you would like to own, or a car from film and TV you want to take for a test drive. No, the challenge is much the same as it's spiritual predecessors in becoming a good enough driver and racer in the many different vehicles and ways they can be tuned to complete the challenges ahead.

As said before the presentation of both games is superb. We can dump on the XBONE all we like but these games demonstrate what the eighth generation is capable of, with graphics to use a Clarkson term so good you will want to marry the game disc. The cars and locations are shown in loving detail of which there are hundreds, enough to make even Angel go, "They're all so beautiful." Speaking of which the games are so generous with credits, XP and free cars where you are given Ferraris, Bugattis and numerous other penis extenders simply for playing through a few races. Each can be customized inside and out with your own designs or downloaded from other racers.

There is a multitude of things to do in both games, whether it be tearing up an airport or racing fighter planes, and this is is all done to the orchestra in 5 or popular tunes in Horizon.

Biggest fault is a lack of driver or avatar editor, but that's not really the point of the games. Now if you'll excuse me I have a Turano 86 to tune.