Reviews: Four Pirates And A Little Lady

Comment by Dellanotte

Eh, I'll have to contest this one, a bit. While it starts out strong (read: Rachel's Newcomer-naivitee and "sub-aquatic real estate"), Technomad's all but dropped the ball by chapter 6. Not only does Rachel carry way too much of the game plan, the author seems to have a less-than-firm grasp on Roanapur's deeper politics. Points for the idea and early execution, though.

Coment by Eoppen

Rachel, Revy's little sister, has made her way to Roanapur, and promptly starts causing chaos. She starts out by flirting with Rock, and after Revy warns her off in no uncertain terms, goes on to run a fraud that ends up snaring quite a few members of Hotel Moscow. Seeing Revy having to deal with someone that makes her seem fairly reasonable and sane is amusing. And that's without the North Koreans trying to take over Roanapur...